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Sears: Same Old Story
Sunday, 1st Mar 2020 11:23

Goalscorer Freddie Sears admitted it was the “same old story” as the Blues were beaten 2-1 at Blackpool on Saturday and that the last three or four months haven't been good enough.

Town were on top for the most part but failed to take their chances at one and and conceded twice at the other with Joe Nuttall netting the winner in the final moments, seconds after Sears had missed an opportunity at the other end.

“We played really well again, same old story - chances not taken, balls going in the other net,” Sears said.

“We’ve got to defend better, but at the same time we’ve had chances again, we’ve played really well and it’s just disappointing at the minute.”

From a personal perspective it was a bittersweet afternoon for the 30-year-old, who scored his first goal since January 2019 on his first league start since recovering from his ACL injury.

“Obviously personally I’m really happy, 90 minutes, first goal of the season and the first start and feeling good out there.

“The other side of it, we lost the game so it doesn’t really feel like too much at the minute. But for me personally it’s another one ticked off, first league start, first league goal and now it’s about getting results.”

The former West Ham trainee says the first league start was a major step for him: “It is, I think I’ve been ready for a while now, I’ve been training well and it’s just the opportunity. I’ve been given the opportunity today and taken it.”

But Sears admitted he was gutted not to take his late opportunity for a second just prior to Blackpool’s winner.

“Yes, it was a good chance, obviously it’s the difference between winning and losing and I feel like I could have let the boys down but at the same time we should never have conceded that goal either,” he reflected.

“So a disappointing afternoon, it’s obviously hard to talk now and [find] what you want to say after a defeat but you’ve got to stay positive and we’ve got two more games coming up this week.”

Why does he believe Town aren’t taking their chances? “I’m not sure, keepers are pulling off good saves, we’re not missing the target on purpose or it’s not going miles over the bar. At the end the keeper’s still managed to pull off a good save. You get that bit of luck sometimes but it’s just not happening for us at the minute.”

Asked whether, given that they’re dominating and controlling games, the players feel like they’re a decent team not getting the results their performances deserve at present, Sears responded: “If you’re a decent team you’re top of the league, that’s football. We’re doing alright but it’s not good enough at the minute.”

Town, who are now five points off the play-offs and nine from the top two, have 10 games remaining and Sears says it's obvious what's needed from those fixtures.

“We’ve got to win as many games as we can, I keep hearing ‘play-offs, top two’, but we’ve got to start winning games, that’s the reality. We’ll see from there,” he said.

Having gone from top of the table and talking about winning the title, the Blues are now in great danger of missing out on even the play-offs and Sears admits it’s been a frustrating season.

“It’s tough to talk and say what’s going on and what’s going wrong but I said to you a few weeks ago, in May if we look back we’re not in the play-offs or we’re not where we want to be it’ll be a season wasted, in my opinion,” he added.

“We don’t want to look back and say what could have been and what should have been.

“We had a great start and the last three or four months have not been good enough. I think it’s four wins in 23 and that’s not good enough for any level for Ipswich Town.”

Regarding the mood in the dressing room, he added: “Obviously, losing games you’re not going to be happy. Frustrated, disappointed, deflated today, playing reasonably well and coming away with the same result. But what can you do? We’ve got 10 massive games left and it can change very quickly in a week.”

Sears had praise for 18-year-old Armando Dobra, who made a strong impression when coming off the bench in the second half, and feels the Albanian U19 international is ready for a first league start.

“Every day in training, that’s what he does, he brings something different to the team,” the ex-Colchester striker said.

“He’s been unlucky, he’s probably been knocking at the door to play. I think [league debutant striker] Tyreece [Simpson] was brilliant as well at 18. Those two looked really good when coming on, so positives to take into the next few games.”

Could someone fresh such as those two be the spark the Blues need to turn things around? “Yes, maybe, hopefully. We’ll see. There’s still a long way to go and it’s time to step up now.”

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ArnieM added 11:36 - Mar 1
I thought Freddie’s body language after he scored yesterday was one if looking totally dejected and pissed off. He hardly celebrated did he !

dirtydingusmagee added 11:40 - Mar 1
well done on getting through 90 , and scoring , could and should have had hat trick but still put in a decent shift all things considered. Unfortunately you rejoined sinking ship .Hope you have a good season next year where ever that may be .

Cakeman added 11:46 - Mar 1
Yes Freddie it is the same old story and always will be whilst we have the same old players that although are trying hard are just not good enough. It will be same old story for most of the season.

rgp1 added 11:48 - Mar 1
@ ArnieM those were exactly my thoughts. Surely if you'd been out for the best part of a year you would celebrate your first goal back with venom? I've said for a long time that all is not well in the camp.

raycrawfordswig added 13:15 - Mar 1
New defence needed.Too many sleeping passengers.

Ipswichbusiness added 14:12 - Mar 1
Raycrawfordswig; if we aren’t promoted this year then, unfortunately, a new defence is what we will get. I say “unfortunately” as Garbutt and Woolfenden would be likely to depart without replacements being signed (at least not ones of similar quality).

Suffolkboy added 14:32 - Mar 1
Coded language says players are NOT satisfied with how goals are being not just conceded , but GIVEN away ; whilst we need to score , we also need to defend !It seems the identical syndrome from too many — an inability to consistently focus , a lazy attitude to the fore ,and a weak and often pathetic display of so called regret both on the pitch and off !
Watching regularly ( and I’m afraid we can’t ) must be purgatory and loyalty is NOT being repaid by the performance of some players .Either they can’t , or don’t want to rise to the challenge ; or if we are to be truly brutally objective ,are simply inadequate physically , intellectually or , and I pray not , just too comfortable training and taking the money and need to be shown the door pretty early on .
Most supporters would readily compile a well thought through list of playing personnel who for one reason or another do not measure up !
Can’t think the playing squad wouldn’t have words to offer along much the same lines ! Sadly history has served ITFC badly ,and we must continue to wonder if there’s enough steel for hard decisions to be activated ?
Might now be the moment to put a few on to the transfer list ,declare the hand and start the shake out ?
Action please from ME, o’N,PL ASAP !


ITFCsince73 added 14:48 - Mar 1
New defence needed maybe.
But the king pin of that defence will still be here next season.
The king pins the problem, not just in defence, but the whole team.

therein61 added 15:27 - Mar 1
An honest appraisal Freddie but to make comments like we must defend better means you will not be invited to the 4&8 club for tea, but i feel that wouldn't bother you.

Dissboyitfc added 15:34 - Mar 1
Look at scuse and chambers and their positioning for Blackpool’s second goal. Key stone cops spring to mind!


Michael101 added 15:45 - Mar 1
You feel gutted freddy,well just think what the fans have been feeling the last 12 years.

dirtydingusmagee added 15:51 - Mar 1
you could be excused for believing there is an instruction not to get promoted because it is too costly to play in higher league. We certainly couldnt compete last year ,and certainly arent this year, this is Evans level .

dirtydingusmagee added 15:52 - Mar 1
you could be excused for believing there is an instruction not to get promoted because it is too costly to play in higher league. We certainly couldnt compete last year ,and certainly arent this year, this is Evans level .

GerkensBeard added 16:21 - Mar 1
Not sure I’m liking the spiked up mullet on Searsy

therein61 added 16:25 - Mar 1
You could well be right "dirty" hence my rudderless comment the only problem with that is we could go down a whirlpool instead of finding a life raft!!

jas0999 added 17:22 - Mar 1
Another week and the same old story from the players and manager alike. Cue more spin from the club this week, defending Lamberts contract and Evans ownership - telling us how great we are doing.

ringwoodblue added 17:31 - Mar 1
“There’s still a long way to go and it’s time to step up now.” Sears must have used one of Lambo’s scripts, he just needs to stick Aye! in front of it and do a stupid Scottish accent and we’d never have to hear from Lambo again. Wishful thinking.

No seriously, I like Freddie and think he could do really well for us next season if he stays fit, plays week in week out with the right strike partner and in the right position all of which he hasn’t had for many years now.

BlueInBerks added 20:17 - Mar 1
Arnie/RGP, I disagree. Sears is a seasoned pro and I don't think he needs ('needs' in italics) to celebrate hard. I think the message was 'follow my lead, that's how it's done'

ArnieM added 22:13 - Mar 1
I think Sears is miffed at something. ..... He says ...” I’ve been ready for a while now” - a dig at Lambert for not playing h8m when we are desperate for goals / wins?

...” we shouldn’t be conceding goals like that”...- a dig at the defensive members of the team?

.”’s the same old story “... a dig at the team for their collective inability to take their chances?.... or our inability at making our dominance in games tell? ....tactics used ?

I just get the feeling he’s very frustrated with the teams efforts for the season, and that “ he’s been ready for a while “( but not been picked for the side or given decent time on the grass from the bench) .....” good teams at at the top”...( were not )......

He doesn’t look or sound like a player that is enjoying life at PR right now, and reading between the lines maybe there is a split on the sauD😅

ArnieM added 22:17 - Mar 1
....sorry posted too soon.

Cont. .maybe ther is a split in the squad? I still think back to that Lincoln stuffing when they had yet another meeting post match. Where a few home truths were said. Yes all teams do this . But is there a split between the likes of the older establ8shed player, Chambers , Skuse and the young( who probably won’t say much anyway), and the loanees, or less established players? Something just doesn’t “ feel “ right to me. i cant put my finger on it. But for a senior player to be back in the team after 14 months out, he doesn’t look full of joy.

BlueInBerks added 22:31 - Mar 1
Arnie, I admire yr forensic explanation and think you might have a point (no pun intended)

Edmundo added 22:37 - Mar 1
Totally agree, ArnieM. A conversation I've had a few times recently. Up to PL, like Mr Robson before him, to have the stand up argument or even fist fight, to sort the trouble makers out.
Wonder if Lambo has the stomach for it, travelling separate from the squad after the match.

ArnieM added 23:08 - Mar 1
BlueInBerks , lol yes sorry , did get a bit carried away there didn’t I .

Edmundo it said somewhere that Lambert caught a train back to Scotland ..... but odd given we have another “ must win “ on Tuesday at PR. You’d have thought he would be in Ipswich this weekend/ Monday morning . Not saying that impossible but seems a lot of travelling in short space of time .

...... I’m doing it again aren’t I “ forensic analysis “ lol , sorry !


PortmanTerrorist added 07:25 - Mar 2
Seems like we have missed Freddie on the pitch but off it too. First credible post-match response in ages and a hint of anger as to how complacent we have been with this season from within. I was happy with PL but these results are too much and sense SOME players feel the same too. Can't see PL leaving but major changes this summer and not a shock if he is one.....esp with Butch (who i trust implicitly) being able to observe from the inside !

ArnieM added 08:28 - Mar 2
I’m not sure I understand your last point . Are you saying PL is/ would be using Butch as some kind of informant on the playing staff ? But draconian if so and not something I’d expect from PL. I’m sure Ive totally misunderstood your last sentence .

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