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Evans Disappointed to See Season End Early, Compensation for Final Five Home Games to Be Addressed
Tuesday, 9th Jun 2020 16:31

Town owner Marcus Evans has expressed his disappointment that the 2019/20 League One campaign has been brought to an early end and says the club will “be addressing the issue of compensation for the five home games” which were due to be played after the season was suspended on March 13th.

The Blues were one of the clubs which voted in favour of 2019/20 being played to its conclusion behind closed doors but “an overwhelming majority” of their fellow League One sides opted to end it now with placings, promotion and relegation decided on unweighted points per game.

“It has always been our desire to see the League One season finished on the pitch, as is now the case with the Championship,” Evans told the club site. “Obviously we are very disappointed that will now not be happening.

“Personally I think there were other safe alternatives to the way things have worked out, certainly with so many clubs in with a chance of finishing in the play-off places if the season had continued.

“A decision had to be made though and while we don’t agree with the outcome, we do fully understand that the cost of finishing the season for many clubs was prohibitive.

“It is a very difficult time for football clubs as it is for a lot of businesses. I’ve read stories that 30 clubs face going out of business and it’s distinctly possible that there will be casualties along the way.

“Perhaps this shock to the system will enable decisions to be reached to address the sustainability of club finances. If it’s not looked at now, when will it be looked at?"

Moving on to the five home matches which weren't played at the end of the season - in addition to the Bury game which also didn't take place due to the Shakers' expulsion from the EFL - Evans says season ticket holders will receive recompense which he hopes will suit both fans and the club.

“With our season now over, we will be addressing the issue of compensation for the five home games lost over the last two months of the campaign," he added.

“We are working through some options for fans which we believe will address both supporters and the club’s needs and will be in touch with season ticket holders over the next few weeks.

“We will also be investigating the financial implications we are now facing as a football club at the moment and await an EFL update on some financial matters outside of our control relating to League sponsor rebates due to matches not being played.

“We will also seek guidance from the EFL as to any recommendations and support relating to lost ticket revenues.

“On a brighter note, football will be back and we are seeing signs of life in other leagues and I look forward to seeing you all at Portman Road - hopefully not in the too distant future.”

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Bluearmy_81 added 16:33 - Jun 9
And I'm disappointed you're still here, leading the club from one abject failure to another! Sell up and move on ffs!!

ITFCsince73 added 16:34 - Jun 9
Maybe a good time to furlough the underperformers Marcus Evans.

BobbyPetta11 added 16:36 - Jun 9
Clinging onto a season that’s been already been abysmal no thanks. Oh well Hopefully Ipswich V Col U derby next campaign.

chrisswailes added 16:36 - Jun 9
I would happily let ME keep any credit due back to me if he can get rid of PL.

blue_boy added 16:36 - Jun 9
Permanently Furlough Lambert, not good enough. Pack your bags Evans, we've had enough of you.

BobbyPetta11 added 16:41 - Jun 9
Lambert out will be the cries ? Who else is honestly going to be attracted to join with a terribly average squad and no money to improve along with a fan base that will never be content at this level. Worrying times ahead.

ITFCsince73 added 16:41 - Jun 9
More chance of pigs flying than our pampered 1st team put on £500 a week from the government.
Although no doubt Evans looked into it...

istanblue added 16:43 - Jun 9
More disappointed in the fact that we have finished below the likes of Fleetwood, Gillingham and Wycombe to be honest, rather than a few poxy home games. Utterly embarrassing and humiliating.

ITFCsince73 added 16:49 - Jun 9
More disappointed that 10 clubs finished above us in the 3rd tier....and little old clubs like Brentford will finish closer to 30 above.

Pencilpete added 16:52 - Jun 9
The only thing you should be disappointed in is that we went from topping the league in January to not even being in with a shout of a play off place at the beginning of march ..... how about you address THAT ??

prebbs007 added 16:52 - Jun 9
Evans you're a joke. Get out of our club and take Lambert with you. In any other business you would both have been sacked a long time ago. You're both abject failures. Evans has the excuse that he still uses our beloved club to hide his tax liabilities but Lambert has no such reason for his total balls up ! Shi£ Owner, Shi£ Manager, Shi£ team, big problems from top to bottom !

SickParrot added 16:59 - Jun 9
Thank goodness that the season that started so well but descended into farce is officially over. Can't say I'm feeling very optimistic about next season but, assuming that Marcus will want to reduce the wage bill, we should at least see more of our promising young players in the team.

ArnieM added 16:59 - Jun 9
Mr Evans, all I can say is "thank you " for saving this Club many moons ago. But its time for you to sell up I think. Please make this happen and lets all move on. I'm fed up of Groundhog Day every bloody season.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 16:59 - Jun 9
Get shot of Lambert for the love of god!

therein61 added 17:13 - Jun 9
So if we sack Lambert who the hell would take this club on? of course the gruesome twosome who have been the biggest contributors to our slide in the last few seasons
God help the club i love.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:14 - Jun 9
Arnie, he didn't 'save us.' And calling him Mr makes me 🤢🤢🤢

jas0999 added 17:27 - Jun 9
This was always about finances. Complete the season - let the fans watch it on TV - no or limited refunds. On the pitch we have been atrocious and were unlikely to make the play offs. This all under Evans terrible tenure at the club. We are sadly a mediocre League One club.

Suffolkboy added 17:33 - Jun 9
It’s really difficult and terribly disappointing to read on our ‘supporters ‘ forum such sadly predictable sour expressions ,which don’t at all speak to positivity and optimism !
It happens : all clubs and businesses go through cycles ,but Town means a lot more to some and I shall hope buoyancy next season will see a brighter picture reflected on this site !
Never ever give up !

TimmyH added 17:56 - Jun 9
Evans should be more disappointed in himself and Lambert and a certain amount of players in our squad (but that's down to the manager)...we've been through a few managers and I here cries of who would want to come here now?....strip it back to the basics, get an Ipswich old boy/s in and get rid of Lambo pronto - I'm talking Burley/McGreal/Holland/Butcher/Kuqi in a combo (any 2 of), what else do we have to lose now we've plummeted to such depths - nothing is a gamble anymore.

What Lambert is here until 2025!! - scrub all the above. This would only happen at Ipswich, at least we won't have to worry with social distancing at PR next season as there won't be anybody in the stadium.

BeattiesBackPocket added 18:13 - Jun 9
@Suffolkboy you make it sound like this hasn’t been happening slowly since Evans came in? This isn’t a cycle it’s been 15 years if we’re all honest even under Mick when we sneaked into the playoffs it was mainly due to a freak season from our striker getting 30 goals a feet he even himself has never achieved in 3 seasons before so make excuses all you want from the owner we are only plummeting further down our form since new year should show you that this is NOT a cycle we look even remotely getting out of. Please for the love of our club take your rose tinted glasses off before we end up in league two!

ITFCsince73 added 18:30 - Jun 9
To many supporters like Suffolkboy. That’s why we’ve ended up here. It wouldn’t have happened at any other club in modern any club I mean former euro great, former FA cup winner, former Champions. And a fan base to back it up. We know in the Premiere league we would sell out.
In the Championship with a competitive side we would easy get 25. Challenging sell out.
Shame it’s mid table league 1, with a poor squad. And next season a strong L1.
And before I get slated, Suffolkboy and any other are entitled to there own opinions on how they see things.

planetblue_2011 added 18:31 - Jun 9
So we finish 11th in the table!! Utter rubbish ITFC a shambles throughout the club.
To be top of the league then slip to 10th in a matter of 4/5 weeks is unheard of really.
💩 way to finish the season but had to be done, fed up of waiting for the final out come.
Oh well move on & surely a clear out for next season!!

Bert added 19:06 - Jun 9
Wouldn’t it be nice to furlough some of the folk on here who cannot get much further than ‘Evans out’. I have no problem with anyone expressing their view about Evans but a bit of intelligence to accompany it would make a change. Some don’t even go to home games so their view of our club is rather weakened.

londontractorboy57 added 19:16 - Jun 9
Prebbs you melt you have to make a profit to claim tax relief I wouldn't think any of Mr Evans companies will make a profit for a few years due to the virus.
Get a new owner! Look what has happened to us since the last time you and your ilk wished for change.

Bluearmy_81 added 19:40 - Jun 9
Bert. Unfortunately town fans like you are too gutless, apathetic or both to call for much needed change. Without change at the top we will continue to slide, it's as plain as day. Fans of other clubs can and do effect change, we see it time and time again. Why not town?! They really do look let themselves (and the club) down...

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