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Ex-Blue McGoldrick Instigated Players Taking a Knee
Friday, 19th Jun 2020 12:14

Former Town striker David McGoldrick initiated Sheffield United and Aston Villa players taking a knee to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement at the start of their game on Wednesday, the first match of the Premier League’s return.

According to the Daily Mail, McGoldrick, 32, was the driving force behind the move which he and Blades skipper Billy Sharp then proposed to Villa keeper Tom Heaton.

The players - including ex-Town defender Tyrone Mings and former midfielder Conor Hourihane, both now with Villa - subs and staff from the two clubs as well as the match officials all knelt for 10 seconds after the whistle at the start of the game. The same then happened at the Manchester City and Arsenal match later that evening.

Kick It Out chairman Sanjay Bhandari said: “It was fantastic. It was so choreographed and so powerful. It is really important we have these gestures of solidarity.”

In addition, all Premier League players have ‘Black Lives Matter’ emblazoned on the back of their shirts for the first 12 matches of the resumed season.

Irish international McGoldrick, who recently signed a new Blades contract keeping him at Bramall Lane until 2022 having joined them after leaving the Blues in the summer of 2018, came on as a 69th minute sub in the 0-0 draw.

Photo: Action Images

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Dozzells_Bobblehat added 22:00 - Jun 19
lonely blue you are so far off the mark it's worse than a Graham Harbey clearance down the line .

Lathers added 22:12 - Jun 19
Lonelyblue - and you’ve proven that whatever is said you will take it the way you want to hear it.

Fat_Boy_Tim added 23:16 - Jun 19
First topic first. The Black Lives Matter movement may have been sparked on another continent and may have its roots deep in the past but it is absolutely and without question a right, just and correct response to the appalling levels of inequality in our country and the wider world. It may in some sense actually be political or at least the solution, which may take generations, will need to be partly political.

Peaceful protest is one of the most effective tools that we have to fight this and shines a light on the lack of progress that is being made towards lancing this particular festering boil. It shames us all that a car will get stopped (as happened recently in Suffolk) simply because the driver is black or a job application will get less attention because the name sounds black and the thousands of less blatant things that happen every day.

Comparing the Royal British Legion and by implication here setting the cause of the RBL against the Black Lives Matter movement is just another example of racism in action. It's finding something we hold dear and suggesting that this is in counterpoint to BLM. It's insidious and the reason it was chosen was calculated to set people to thinking in that way. There is also the underlying suggestion that those for whom the RBL stand are all white which has never been and will never be true.

Cards on the table here, I'm a white middle aged man who has never experience racism and so can never know how it feels to suffer it. I can however, with my experience of the world , see the harm that is caused by inequality.

As for the relatively unimportant matter of David McGoldrick being lazy or in some way not wanting to play, that's utter nonsense. Every time I saw him play he put in 100% effort. He's a footballer and if he was fit he would have played. Any suggestion that he was pretending to be injured is totally baseless and you have to wonder why you would say it? Have any of you made the same accusation of Luciano Civelli? He turned up played 20 mins and was took a year's pay but it was just bad luck. Footballers want to play football.

Tractorboy1985 added 01:23 - Jun 20
Lonelyblue... people like yourself are making this matter worse!! Utter snowflake!! I don’t care if people are black white or bloody rainbow coloured we all have the same chance in life! This is all getting out of hand and someone needs to put a stop to it! Raheem sterling on 300k a week and Anthony Joshua milking a living from Saudi Arabia.. really hard done by those 2 ain’t they! Everyone in life has a chance... Make something of your live whatever race you are!!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 07:02 - Jun 20
Most of us have been " woke " before it became trendy to say. Don't need to make gestures which prove nothing . Just treat everyone the same

grumpyoldman added 07:41 - Jun 20
Lonelyblue you confuse comments about an individual black player with comments about all black players which is racism. If it was said that all black players were lazy it would be racist the same as all Irish are thick, all Scots are tight with money, all Yanks are obese. Do not look for offence when not meant, challenge racism where it occurs call out all racists and discrimination when it happens.

Dissboyitfc added 10:25 - Jun 20
Some of my best friends have been black or mixed race, really dont care about the colour of someones skin if i like someone i like someone, the colour of their skin wont be the deciding factor, it will be what the person is like on the inside!

A massive part of the problem is people will turn a comment, even if true into a racist remark! McGoldrick was lazy, he even said so himself, when admitting that expectation was low(at ipswich) so no need to really bother ( words to that effect ). Such a talent who left a bitter taste because of his attitude. People turning comments around to make them a racist remark is ignorance to the extreme!

All lives matter!

Bluearmy_81 added 10:56 - Jun 20
Saying 'all lives matter' is like screaming at the fire service that have arrived to put out a house fire down the road "what about my house, my house matters!!" It's ignorant in the extreme and misses the point entirely. Of course all lives matter but all lives can't matter until black lives matter

DurhamTownFan added 14:45 - Jun 20
Are people seriously saying there’s no problem because there are some rich black footballers? What proportion of people become footballers?!

Listen to Rajeev Sterling’s recent interview on the BBC about how his background influenced his youth career, and then come back to me.

Wooly74 added 15:42 - Jun 20
I can not believe that I have read on here that BLM is more important than the poppy!!!!

Sorry, are you for real?

If it wasn’t for the fact of those fallen heroes, we wouldn’t even have BLM!!

Get a grip please!

SpruceMoose added 19:31 - Jun 20
Jesus H Christ. There's some half witted, booger eating posting going on here. There's a definite whiff of the cat turd collector about some of you.

The discrimination and intolerance some of you lot are showing is actually making me wonder if all live do in fact matter... Why should I care about yours if you're going around not caring about others? Have to give respect to get it. I'm ashamed to support the same club as some of you.

Sort it out.

ITFCRich added 19:41 - Jun 20
Wooly, the reason I said that BLM is more important right now is because not everyone respects it, as has been shown in some of the comments above. Pretty much everybody respects the poppy, and if they don't they get abuse (and rightly so). Soldiers are probably one of the most respected groups of people. Black people, however, are treated with much less respect than white people by many.

On another note, how can people standing up for equality be called things like 'snowflakes.' All black people want is equal rights, not special treatment. I, just like most of the people on this forum will never be able to understand racism as we do not experience it. Just because you don't see it, just because you're not abusing black people does not mean that you can't be racist. It is racist undertones in society that are the problem, often when you don't even realise what you're saying is wrong. I have done the same thing.

Saying 'all lives matter' is an ignorant statement in itself. If you truly believed that, you would also support BLM. Let me give some examples:

If someone was dying on the floor and you called an ambulance, would you tell the paramedics to treat you as well because 'all lives matter?'

If somebody's house was on fire, would you tell them to put out every house on the street because 'all houses matter?'

Nobody is saying black lives are more important, just that they matter. If you argue against that then you are racist.

jeera added 23:21 - Jun 20
Credit to Rich, COYB11, lonelyblue and Tim. Offering such patience and intelligence in the face of such overwhelming ignorance is really commendable.

Tractorboy1985 added 23:49 - Jun 20
Jeera... explain... why are we ignorant... we’ve all stated we are not racist and have no problem whatever skin colour you maybe!! Get a f’ing grip!! This whole black lives matters is utter bullsh1It does not matter what colour your skin is.. if you deserve the job.. opportunity.. or whatever it is given to you... you as a person has deserved whatever you have been given on merit of your skills for that role! F ya skin colour! Stop playing the card! Everyone in life is given a chance! MAKE SOMETHING OF IT!!!!!

jeera added 00:15 - Jun 21

Someone saying they are not racist doesn't make it so. I'm going to give you some credit and assume you understand that much.

The rest of your post suggests the opposite.

Every one of your words is pig ignorant, vile and mostly downright stupid.

The problem is of course, that if you could see that, there wouldn't be an issue.

"Playing the card" is the most pathetic, scummiest thing you could come out with - well done.

People die because of their colour, they are targeted because of their colour. This is really straightforward and widely reported. It's not something even someone with your disgraceful outlook can avoid. To anyone who is capable of a single independent thought, they will also be aware of the prejudice throughout society.

You should know, you seem to be an expert on showing it who cares to listen.

Tractorboy1985 added 00:32 - Jun 21
Ps... my favourite players in my lifetime have been Bobby Petta... Fabian Wilnis and Marcus Stewart! Make of that what you want!!!

SpruceMoose added 00:50 - Jun 21
Right. Listen up you racist fúck nuggets. I don't often lower myself to the news comments but you crayon eaters have overstepped the mark today.

You done-nothing been-nowhere yokels have a responsibility to educate yourself about this stuff before spouting off. You don't get to be arsey just because you've wasted all the privileges your whiteness has granted you. Until the day you do a little research, do a little reading, nobody wants to hear your thoughts on race... ESPECIALLY if they include the limped knobbed ignorant phrase 'All Lives Matter'. It's time for you to sit down, shut up and listen.

Honestly, is it too much to expect you room temperature IQs to actually attempt to educate yourselves? You're an insult to real men like my grandfather. He didn't get shot in WW2 just so you people, who seemingly can't operate a tube of toothpaste without pictorial instructions, could tap out your brain whoopsies on the internet.

Advice - Whatever 'yeah but...' question next forms in your single brain cell is best dealt with by Googling it, where someone much more thoughtful, intelligent, less bigoted and infinitely less punchable has probably already answered it for you. These 'gotcha' questions you think are clever... They aren't. They're stupid and have been answered countless times before.

So, cut it out you helmets. You're embarrassing our club, and embarrassing this forum. Phil works hard on this site and he doesn't need you Chief Wiggums making his life harder.

Now, don't make me come down here again you tits.

jeera added 01:12 - Jun 21
Tractorboy1985. Which part of people get shot in the US on a regular basis don't you understand? Which part of people of colour get persecuted because of their appearance isn't sinking in? You have been doing your pieces over the BLM movement without making the slightest effort to understand what it is about.

If you did understand, then perhaps you would show some humility.

Repeating over and again that "COLOUR DOES NOT MATTER!!" is missing the point.

Stop saying the same things and ask yourself why people are disagreeing with you.

Then go find the answers.

Ffs, at least try to become a better person.

Do you even know what the movement is about? Because you honestly don't seem to.

Yet you have a lot to say.

ITFCRich added 03:40 - Jun 21
Dear tractorboy, so glad to know that a white privellaged male such as yourself has lived such a comfortable life, unfortunately many are not so lucky.

If you listened to what any single black person, or a person of a minority, said, you would realise that racism is a problem. Just the other day I was speaking to a friend from Hong Kong, and she told me she felt less of a person because she is not white. She receives abuse on the streets in England. Do you think that’s ok? If that was someone you cared about, a daughter perhaps, how would you feel if they told you they felt less of a person because of something they were born with?

I attended a BLM protest yesterday in Felixstowe. It started with speeches from black people who had experienced racism in and around Suffolk. It is there, you just don’t know it. Now do you know what I saw as we marched along the seafront? Hundreds of people supporting the cause peacefully, absolutely no trouble at all. You know what else I saw? A white middle aged man supposedly ‘protecting’ the war memorial from us ‘thugs’ or ‘looters’ doing a nazi salute, and shouting all lives matter. Surely that goes to show that racism exists here?

You mentioned Lee Rigby. What happened to him was an awful, awful thing. However his mother has made a statement specifically telling people like you not to use his name in arguments against BLM, because that is against what Lee Rigby stood for. The reason we didn’t protest ‘white lives matter’ after his death is because firstly, white people do not deal with racism on a daily basis, and secondly, his attackers were instantly arrested and charged. There are many innocent black people killed by police while their murderers still walk free, because the system is screwed.

Many thanks, from a guy trying to be a half decent human being

grumpyoldman added 08:08 - Jun 21
Jeera, why mark me down? I said calling one person lazy is not racist, calling all people of a certain colour or ethnicity is! Anybody who called Fabian Willis lazy would be a racist anybody calling McGoldrick lazy is correct. You cannot defend all people of one colour because of their colour that makes no sense, the same as you cannot justify calling all white police officers as racist there is good and bad in all groups.

Wooly74 added 08:59 - Jun 21
Ok ITFC Rich and SpruceMoose, let’s me give you a summary of my background before I respond...

I joined the Army at 16, serving Queen and country for 12 years in 28 different countries, two conflicts and was selected from a board of 86 officers to serve with the Brigade of Gurkhas (not a position offered to many people who are deemed racist). I’ve served alongside and with humans of different ethnic and diverse groups all of my service and then following this career have held multiple positions within business alongside Caribbean, Indian and Middle Eastern friends and colleagues. I now work for one of the most diverse and respected businesses in the World (so not un Worldly wise or a yokel as you like to put it).

I have no issue with the BLM movement and that’s why it is a movement towards (in the main) tackling racism. That said, the ‘crayon eating’ morons that you like to refer to, who deface the very British leader who led us through WW2 and those that try to climb on the cenotaph to set lite to the flags are clearly the totally uneducated ones. Disrespecting our war dead in this manner is far worse than anything so ITFC Rich, I stand by my original statement to you Sir, if it wasn’t for those that sacrificed their lives in past conflicts, or led us through them, then there wouldn’t be a BLM movement, one might consider reading to understand what it was that the Nazi regime were ultimately planning for all Jews and people of colour? To suggest that BLM is more important than the poppy, what planet are you actually on?

Now rest assured, there are fans who are sickened by racist idiots that remain in our society and together (in the appropriate way) we will stand up and deal with them as a society. We can not and will not ever change history, it has been poor and brutal for sure, but the best form to eradicate it is not to pull down status and throw them in rivers (recovered two days later and provided the very same racist thugs the opportunity to try and pull it out themselves a day earlier and get exposure on several news channels), no it’s to led our lives treating everyone equal and standing by those who are victims (not at any rally that causes destruction), but in our everyday lives!


vapour_trail added 10:54 - Jun 21
JewellintheTown, and everyone who has given positive affirmation to your post, you are an absolute embarrassment to our great football club.

Lightningboy added 11:10 - Jun 21
I’m just astounded that all of this has gone into complete overdrive over the (wrongful) death of a convicted armed robber.

In the words of Morgan Freeman “the best way to stop racism is to stop talking about racism”.

Enough now please.

Dissboyitfc added 11:31 - Jun 21
Tractorboy makes some valid points... people will play the racist card and they do! i went to college with a mixed race guy who would park in designated parking spaces set aside for teachers even though there were normal spaces available, his reaction when asked to move it was. i am being picked on because of my colour, no its because you have parked where you shouldnt was my reply!

On another occasion i had to train a guy in the motor trade who was black, i tried so hard to make him feel welcome, even helped him out financially, the way he repaid me was to deliberately go out of his way to muck jobs up by doing the exact opposite of what he was asked to do, then claim he was being picked on because of colour. The truth was He hated white people when in fact whilst employed at this company he was shown nothing but kindness and respect! People will play the victim card and thats a sad fact!

I can see this BLM increasing the cases of people making false claims and that is really sad because it wont help to fight the real cases of racial abuse!


Dissboyitfc added 11:42 - Jun 21
Well said lightningboy... so true!

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