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Clubs Threatening Strike Over Costs But Not Town
Monday, 20th Jul 2020 10:20

The start of Leagues One and Two could be under threat with a number of clubs reported to be threatening to strike as they’re unable to afford the cost of the testing and biosecurity measures currently required, however, the Blues are not among them.

According to The Athletic, there is the potential for clubs to go on strike if coronavirus testing measures remain in place.

They report that more than 12 clubs have told the EFL they won’t restart as they’re unable to afford the costs involved.

Town are claimed to be among those sides, however, we understand that that’s not the case with the Blues, who were among the four League One clubs happy to play 2019/20 to its conclusion, in the process of putting Covid safety and testing measures in place ready for the first-team squad to return to training this week despite the significant outlay.

Under the EFL protocols currently in place all players and staff attending training grounds must undergo tests every 48 hours at a cost of £150 each.

At Town that will come to a five-figure sum every week, even before the development squad and academy scholars are back in training with a date still to be confirmed for their return.

It’s said the dissenting clubs could potentially refuse to play unless updated Government advice relaxes the testing rules or the EFL institutes more affordable biosecurity protocols.

As things stand, no start date has yet been set for the start of 2020/21 with discussions set to be held between the clubs and EFL this Friday. The dates currently under discussion are August 29th and September 12th with the latter more likely.

Speaking to TWTD a fortnight ago, general manager of football operations Lee O’Neill expressed his concern that some clubs wouldn’t be able to afford to return to action, citing the cost of testing as one of the factors.

“It’s always been something that’s at the back of my mind, we’re not really in any different situation than we were league-wise when the vote went to cancel the season,” O’Neill said.

“It is changing daily and weekly so it could be that testing is taken off the table and it’s not required in the new season, so that’s then a very different conversation.

“It could be that stadiums are allowed to start opening and fans are allowed to start coming in. Again, that hasn’t been confirmed but it’s on the table.

“Until all of these situations and questions are answered, it’s very, very difficult for a club to understand the operational aspects.

“And every club was struggling before this situation anyway, so to add this layer of complexity on top of it, it’s incredibly difficult.”

Photo: TWTD

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ArnieM added 10:25 - Jul 20
As I’ve said before, the Clubs that can’t afford to play behind closed doors or are unwilling too, should just sit out this coming season. Those that can play, albeit only a few (10?), play a shorted season. Top three go up ( perhaps no play offs), and bottom three not relegated.

ArnieM added 10:28 - Jul 20
.....but for FFS EFL, “grow a pair“, and make a bloody decision!

blueprint added 10:34 - Jul 20
If you can’t afford to play then don’t play just forfeit your games and suffer the consequences.

Chocorange added 10:35 - Jul 20
If they won’t play, kick them out...

Too much of this holding the league to ransom from teams with less than 2-3000 fans , if your business model can’t cope without the costs why should they have a chance of promotions and dictate to the teams that can play?

mojo added 10:50 - Jul 20
We could really do with a threatening striker.

karl1426 added 11:12 - Jul 20
Set the rules and move on...don't have to take ransom from these smaller clubs! Their unreasonable behaviour to call off the season has already spoil the sportsmanship of this game. Now they are threatening to go on strike! kick them out and let the rest who are interested to carry on! We cannot let such majorities determine the fate of the 'so-called' better clubs!

Suffolkboy added 11:19 - Jul 20
Totally foreseeable in a so called business that hasn’t operated to or within sensible businesslike guidelines for ever !
Situation is sad and deplorable but is bound to take much thought to sort out .
Our politicians vacillate ,delay and lack clarity in their thought and actions , which seem frustratingly at times illogical : none of this assists in the planning of business and resumption of everyday activities — so we must be ever more appreciative of all at ITFC who patiently support the organisation and seek to bring football back into our lives !

Michael101 added 11:28 - Jul 20
Call there bluff, ask all league 1+2 club's if they want to play it not.
Those that want to play can be in league 1 those that don't can be in league 2 which will be void. Think they would soon start playing if the elf grow a pair .

blues1 added 11:30 - Jul 20
Arnie m.usual bull from you. What has that got to do with the efl? The protocols in place are a compulsory measure for football to resume. The gal cannot go against those protocols unless the f.a. and the government allow them to.

Michael101 added 11:32 - Jul 20
Sorry EFL calls there bluff


rugbytomc added 11:43 - Jul 20
All clubs should just ignore the testing. Grass roots don't have to do it so why should they? Take temps at the start and end of each day and monitor fluctuations. Then start the season with fans in the ground wearing masks and having temp checks at the gates.

Hipsterectomy added 11:53 - Jul 20
One of the reasons the lower leagues were ended was because most clubs couldn't afford the testing. What exactly has changed in 3-4 months?

TR11BLU added 12:57 - Jul 20
All this call for clubs to be thrown out if they can't afford to play is short sighted. Think about it, with only a dozen teams the income generated will be insufficient. Wait until safe to do so with/without testing and resume only then. Without a pyramid the game will fold. S

TheTrueBlue1878 added 13:02 - Jul 20
Just same as cancelling the season, we have to bend over backwards for the clubs that can't afford to play.

multiplescoregasms added 13:33 - Jul 20
This could cause all sorts of problems for our future football teams. Half a league means half the games, unless you play each other 3 or 4 times. Obviously this could also lead to clubs going under, which none of us want. This could get a lot worse for us all before it gets better. I hope I am very wrong.

Pencilpete added 13:43 - Jul 20
I suppose the 2020/21 season will be null and void and teams will be promoted on alphabetical order - after all teams that held a small lead with 10 games still to play managed to get themselves promoted and the team that was in 8th managed to win the play offs this season so may as well go the whole hog.

BTW - i'm not saying we would have gone up, if anything 11th flattered us on form when we looked like relegation fodder for 3 months BUT if the Championship had been finished like our league was then teams would have been promoted that shouldn't be and teams would have been relegated that shouldn't be ....Peterborough and Tranmere were utterly shafted and nobody should have benefitted from voting to end the season ...Coventry, Rotherham should have been told if you vote not to play then you don't go up simple as that

londontractorboy57 added 14:26 - Jul 20
Football as is the world economy is built on debt this is gradually unravelling the final act of his tragedy is going to be very ugly indeed.

runaround added 14:27 - Jul 20
It’s time for the EFL to make a decision & stick to it. As far as I am aware clubs have to prove to league every season that they have the funds to complete the season hence why Bury were expelled & Bolton almost were. If these clubs cannot provide the proof they get thrown out & replaced by non league teams who ARE willing to play.
I think if it comes down to that these clubs will find the money. It might be hard on some clubs but they will close down for good if there is no football played as they will have no income. Just seems to be that because they managed to shut the leagues down early they think they have the power to restart only when they decide. Which is fine for them but not those teams who WANT to play

TractorRoyNo1 added 14:37 - Jul 20
Its time for capitalism! The first 24 financially secure teams to be in the Championship the rest start when you want on a regional basis.

Dissboyitfc added 15:08 - Jul 20
This again only goes to highlight the disproportionate distribution of wealth within the game!

This is what needs to happen, the season needs to start, those teams pleading poverty should be offered a loan to cover the costs of these kits, repayments could be deferred for 12 months and spread over a period of time, The FA or the football league could provide that loan! The season could have ended properly with such a scheme also.

The greed in our game is killing my love for the beautiful game! The attitude from the top is very much, " I am ok Jack, pull the ladder up"

Sick of the greed!

Bradleyblue89 added 15:41 - Jul 20
@ArnieM that doesn't work. Some clubs will just sit out the season in order to avoid relegation...

ArnieM added 15:43 - Jul 20
blues 1 there’s only one load of bull on this forum and that’s YOU. Second word for your consideration is *** OFF 👍

Bradleyblue89 added 15:43 - Jul 20
@ArnieM sorry misread your post. Still not sure how this works whilst not having relegation. Surely no clubs in League 2 would play then, even if they could afford to?

ArnieM added 15:48 - Jul 20
Bradleyblue89, I accept that’s a possibility but it’s just one season. If these clubs can’t afford to compete behind closed doors then sit it out until fans can return for them . But why my thoughts are should those Clubs that can ( or are prepared to play ) should be denied the chance of promotion by the less well off clubs ? It’s not an easy situation I’ll grant you, but as with the nation as a whole , at some point normal life has to resume or there will be no businesses left !

ArnieM added 15:54 - Jul 20
I think Clubs in League Two are more on an even playing field financially than league one . So if they can’t afford to play this season , sit it out. If there’s no relegation from league One the numbers remain the same for the next season don’t they . With regards to league one , if top 3 that play a mini league go up, this would match those relegated from CC , keeping numbers again the same fit the following season. I can’t see what’s wrong with this possibility for one ( short) season .

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