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EFL Confirm Switch to Five Subs
Wednesday, 18th Nov 2020 12:30

The EFL has confirmed that clubs will be able to use five substitutes from this Friday for the remainder of the season.

A statement reads: “Following consultation with clubs, the EFL board has agreed to increase the permitted number of substitutes to five in all Sky Bet EFL fixtures taking place from 12 noon on Friday 20th November for the remainder of the 2020/21 season.

“Regulation 33.4 has been amended to allow Championship Clubs to name up to nine substitutes in their matchday squad, with five permitted to take to the pitch in any fixture.

“League One and League Two clubs to name up to seven substitutes in their matchday squad, again with five permitted to take to the pitch.”

Each team is permitted a maximum of three opportunities, half-time aside, to make substitutions during the match in line with decisions previously made by the International FA Board (IFAB).

Town boss Lambert said a month ago that he was in favour of sticking with five subs, as were permitted when 2019/20 resumed in the summer, when this season got under way.

“Five subs was definitely one to look at,” he said. “Players are in an incredible situation where they’ve been off for six months and are now trying to cram everything in and trying to get games in, and five subs would have been common sense.”

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OwainG1992 added 13:06 - Nov 18
Makes sense.
We could have done with that choice when Dozza was sent off the other week.

chepstowblue added 13:18 - Nov 18
How utterly pathetic. Football has changed beyond all recognition. If I was just now being introduced to the sport I'd have nothing to do with it. The modern day footballers are so weak mentally that physical injuries are dreamt up before the game has started,and all this when the game has outlawed tackling and turned it into a non contact sport.The sort of lettuce leaves that had tummy aches on school sports day. Time to take up train spotting again!

blues1 added 13:19 - Nov 18
Owain g. What difference would having 5 substitutions allowed, have really made when dozzell got sent off? Unless we were going to go totally defensive and bring on another defender, and take a striker off. Better to just move some1 from the front 3 into the midfield, as we did.

OwainG1992 added 13:24 - Nov 18
Exactly that Blues 1.
Take off an attacker for a midfielder.
We lost.
Who knows we might not have done.

scants_itfc_88 added 13:42 - Nov 18
I tend to stay away from Lambert-bashing on here, but he says he is for this yet he tends to make only one sub in the 87th minute in a lot of games . I don't disagree with five subs but I very much doubt we will use the three we had anyway

timkatieadamitfc added 13:50 - Nov 18
With the size and depth of our squad when most are fit there is absolutely no excuse WHATSOEVER for failure now.
Being able to change half our team gives us such an advantage over pretty much all the rest of the teams now that failure to win promotion this year would be an abysmal performance and surely Pl could not stay. Hope it doesn’t come to that and we really start to motor now COYB.

Dennyx4 added 14:25 - Nov 18
Would certainly have helped away at MK Dons when we finished with 10 men due to an injury to Downes - could have still had 11 on the pitch that day.

blues1 added 14:46 - Nov 18
Timkatieadamitfc. Having 5 subs in a game isnt going to have any effect on whether a team goes up or not. So to say theres no excuse for us going up bcse of this, is a totally mute point. And its actually unlikely teams will use all 5 every game unless it becomes necessary due to any injuries during the match. Just will mean that if a manager has made his 3 subs for tactical reasons, as Lambert had at mk, hed have a couple to use should anyone pick up a knock.

blues1 added 14:51 - Nov 18
Owain g. Yes, possibly, but we may still have lost. It was after all only a dodgy penalty that lost us the game.

blues1 added 14:54 - Nov 18
Scants itfc. How many games have u watched this season? Dont thinkbtheres been a single game where hes made only one sub. In fact, he got slagged off after the mk match bcse we ended up with 10 men, when Downes went off injured, bcse hed made all his subs " too early". Guy cant win.

Dissboyitfc added 15:12 - Nov 18
We have a larger squad than most and have more depth in quality at this level than most, should be advantageous for us IMO

Linkboy13 added 16:28 - Nov 18
Five subs to add to our sinking ships. Despite what people are saying this squad is not strong enough to gain promotion even when everybody is fit which is highly unlikely. We need one if not two midfield ball winner's otherwise we will struggle against the good teams in this league. Ah i hear you say Downes is a midfield ball winner afraid not he tends to lose his cool or gets injured much better as a attacking player along with Bishop the rest not good enough.

Bert added 16:58 - Nov 18
A sensible if not belated move which should benefit us. Why the difference between the Championship clubs and the other leagues re named subs ? Perhaps Norwich has a bigger dug out than us.

pegasus added 17:01 - Nov 18
Aw, come on guys. Let's not use this news as another opportunity to slag off the manager. Think about what it really means. A footballer's career is short. This pandemic has affected team training for 9 months. Players lost match fitness during the curtailed season, and the summer, and are playing matches under very different circumstances this season. (There have been some very weird results across the Divisions.) Players' fitness, physical and mental health should take priority. This is the reason for the 5 substitutes opportunity, and surely everyone will benefit.

trulyblue added 17:03 - Nov 18
Does anyone else cringe when Andre Dozzell is referred to as Dozzer?

Westy added 17:19 - Nov 18
Understandable given it will be Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday until the end of the season. Having said that if a player needs a break simply don't name them in the squad. Should favour us as a big club at this level. It shouldn't, but I expect it will be a permanent move - temporary things have a habit of becoming permanent.

BettyBlue added 17:34 - Nov 18
Great news, the Tinkerman will be able to rotate his team during the game.

More weakness and more excuses to follow.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:27 - Nov 18
chepstowblue: While I don’t agree totally I didn’t mean to mark you down. I do agree some of the “contact” that draws free kicks these days isn’t worth the referee’s breath. But the problem mostly stems from the pathetic play-acting that is rife in the game.

bobble added 19:57 - Nov 18
if were allowed 5 goalies we might have a chance of going up

timkatieadamitfc added 20:39 - Nov 18
@blues1 OF COURSE IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IF YOU HAVE A SQUAD AS BIG AS OURS, JUST LOOK AT HOW MANY GOOD MIDFIELDERS WE HAVE TO CHOP AND CHANGE. There’s no one else in this league with as many good options as we have

peaky69 added 22:26 - Nov 18
What is past is past, woulda, coulda, shoulda does not change it.
What I think we might see is Manager's making changes at half time more often now, especially when behind.
Remember they only have 3 opportunities to make a sub outside of half time so making one at half time gives them more flexibility. The 3 opportunities stops Manager's making 5 individual subs in the last 10 minutes of matches and wasting more time than they can we current rules.

cornishblu added 12:19 - Nov 19
....meaning 5 options for a manager lacking creativity and tactics to bluster , fluster and change things around,,,,,imagine being on the pitch and 20 minutes later having 5 completely different faces, changes from the tactical preparation and then being asked to win the game .
.....and then no doubt in our support of this we have conveniently forgotten that we are on Lge1 for reason and that being the rich kids in the block actually holds no credibility with most of the teams in the same position ......and ironically puts even more pressure in an already tight playing budget ....11 on the pitch with 5 subs means 16 first teamers ....with a 2.1m annual salary cap this means if we only paid those in the match day squad they would “only” get £131k ......less subs would mean greater financial flexibility to attract and bring in one or two players on higher salaries ....at this rate we will be asking for first teamsters to be in no more than 1.5k a week to ensure we can pay the rest of the staff ....some championship players have earned more than that in the time it has taken me to write this post

Daniel72 added 20:45 - Nov 19
I haven't read all the comments above... but this seems like a totally ridiculous rule..Perhaps I am a bit too old fashioned... but come on... 11 against 11.. that's football, right? With a man on standby in case of a chopper Harris incident... what is it with the world nowadays?

herfie added 21:53 - Nov 19
New Regulation 33.4(a): any team that plays against ITFC in a League 1 official fixture, may only field a maximum of 9 players. The match will continue until ITFC wins.😂

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