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Ipswich Town 2 v 1 Shrewsbury Town
SkyBet League One
Saturday, 21st November 2020 Kick-off 15:00
Lambert: We Kept Knocking and Got the Rewards
Saturday, 21st Nov 2020 18:53

Town boss Paul Lambert felt his side got the rewards for keeping going as they came from behind to beat Shrewsbury 2-1 at Portman Road with Jack Lankester netting the winner in the seventh minute of injury time.

The Blues had gone behind to Oliver Norburn’s fourth-minute penalty before Ethan Ebanks-Landell’s own goal levelled prior to Lankester’s late, late header.

“A hard game, it becomes even harder when a team just sits everybody behind the ball,” Lambert said when asked his assessment of the match.

“But all credit to the guys, we kept on knocking and knocking and knocking and got the rewards.

“There was a lot of time-wasting out there, but all credit to them, they kept going, kept going. Shrewsbury gave us a lot of respect, put everybody behind the ball, they got a goal which gave them something to hang on to.

“But all credit to the guys, they kept on going. They had a lot of the ball and sometimes, I can remember playing in games like that myself, and when you have so much of the ball it becomes tough, but you just keep working on it and keep grinding them down, and that’s what they did.”

Asked whether he believed his team weren’t at their best, Lambert said: “Aye but I spoke at Sunderland, we were excellent. At Lincoln, we were really good, but we won today and we lost those two games when we played really well, so you take it.”

But he conceded that the team weren’t up to the levels of previous matches: “Because of the standard we’ve set, absolutely, because we’ve played that well.

“But a sign of a really good side is when you win and you’ve got to overcome obstacles. Shrewsbury came and sat everybody behind the ball, made it difficult. It was five at the back at times, then they went to four, they got the goal, it gave them something to hang on to.

“Credit to the guys, they kept on going and going and going. I’ve been involved in a million games where that happens, the thing is you have to come out with a win.”

The Blues boss agreed that a sign of a decent side is winning even when not playing particularly well.

“That’s exactly it, but we still deserved to win the game in my opinion,” he insisted. “We didn’t deserve to lose that game because we had so much of the ball.

“They tried to hurt us on the counter a little bit and we should have scored a couple at least anyway. I’m happy how the guys are doing.”

Regarding Lankester’s winning goal, he added: “Really good, a kid that’s not played much football in the last couple of years due to his back injury.

“He scored against Sunderland in the last league game we had and should have scored another one up there.

“But it was a good goal. All credit to them because it’s never easy when a team comes and parks everybody behind the ball.”

Quizzed on whether he felt Town had to win today against the third-bottom Shrews with the games against new leaders Hull City and fifth-placed Charlton up next, Lambert responded: “No, I didn’t wake up this morning and think to myself ‘I need to win a game of football’.

“It’s not one game of football that’s going to decide anything, it’s over the course of the 46 games. I enjoy my life.”

Prior to the game Lambert had said two players had picked up knocks in training and those turned out to be Gwion Edwards and Oli Hawkins, while James Wilson has also suffered an injury.

“Gwion won’t be ready [for Tuesday’s game agains Hull]. Oli, we’ll see how he is, he’s doing OK. James Wilson won’t be available. But that’s due to everything that’s going on.

“James hurt his knee in training on Tuesday, Gwion as well, he hurt his hamstring on Tuesday. Those two will be out definitely.

“Gwion’s done really well but you have to get your head round it that if somebody gets injured, you can’t dwell on it, that’s the way things are working at the minute.

“Oli’s had a little bit of a problem with his knee, but he’s OK. His groin was a little bit of a problem, but that’s cleared up. He’s a lot better, so hopefully he’ll be available for Tuesday.”

And during the game Town lost two more midfielders, Jon Nolan and Teddy Bishop to injuries with both seemingly out of Tuesday’s match.

“That’s football, that’s what happens, we’ll have to wait and see how they are tomorrow,” Lambert said.

“It’s Jon’s groin. As I’ve said before, you’re going to get all this stuff. They’re playing game after game in a short space of time, that’s what’s going happen.

“Bish’s problem is his ankle, it looked like somebody stood on the back of his foot. It looks a bad one. We'll wait and see on him too.”

Better news was that Aaron Drinan, who has been out since the Wigan game in September with a thigh problem, was involved in a workout on the pitch prior to the match. However, Lambert says no one should get too carried away about the Irish U21 international’s return.

“He’s only trained twice, Thursday and Friday and then trained a bit today,” he said. “He’s been out for a number of weeks, so we can’t say to Aaron ‘Come back in’. Aaron’s come from nowhere at the start of the season, no one expected him.

“I don’t want everybody to think that’s going to be the answer. It’s not. The kid’s come in and done really well but people shouldn’t get too carried away, he’s still a kid.”

Asked whether his team need to step up their level from today’s display against the high-flying Tigers on Tuesday, Lambert said: “Aye, great observation that. I wish you were more positive when we do well.

“If you want to go down that road, where are we in the league? We won the game, it’s difficult when a team parks everybody behind the ball. Maybe Hull will come and give us a game, which will be good but tough game.

“They’ve just been relegated, they’re a good side, a tough side, strong side. Charlton’s the same, tough games. But we won a game of football.”

Does he expect other teams to learn a lesson from Shrewsbury and stick everybody behind the ball?

“They might do, but I can’t prepare anyone’s team for them,” he said. “I have to concentrate on one team. The guys have been absolutely brilliant for me since they’ve come back, really good.

“I’m really pleased with how they’re playing with the ball, really happy with how they’re having a lot of the ball, a lot of probing, a lot of endeavour, everything I’m asking them to do.

“At times we won’t play well, at times we’ll lose, but as long as we keep doing those same things I’m happy.”

Questioned on whether he was happy with Brett McGavin’s performance, the 20-year-old having come in for his second league start for the suspended Andre Dozzell, Lambert said: “He must be a favourite of yours because you wax lyrical about him all the time! My standard is maybe a little bit different to yours.

“I think there are good things there, I think there are some things he’s got to get 100 times better with.

“But the kid came in and played a good game. He’s got big shoes to fill to come in, but he’s got a really good range of passing, I think he’s better than he showed today. But that’s what we’ve got in that position behind Dozzell, apart from Cole Skuse who isn’t going to be available for another couple of months. I need a passer in there and, as I said yesterday, Brett’s as close to Dozzell as we’ve got.”

Town have gone from having so many midfielders that half of them are watching games from the stands to the point where it seems likely McGavin, Emyr Huws, Alan Judge and Jack Lankester are the only senior players available for Tuesday. But Lambert says that’s not entirely a surprise to him.

”I said at the time that in this situation where games are coming thick and fast, you need [plenty of] players,” he said.

“The number of injuries that people are getting are more than you’ve seen before. That’s football, that’s part and parcel of the game.”

Shrews manager Sam Ricketts felt his team should have been awarded more penalties than just the early one converned by Norburn.

“We had stonewall penalties dismissed and we were only awarded one," he told his club's official website.

“Ninety-eight per cent of the game was very good but the goals we gave away were very, very poor.

“You can’t give goals away like that, they were poor. I’d also like to see their winning goal to check for offside because I think it was.

“I don’t think an away team has scored a goal here in the league. We got that goal and should have scored more.

“We had some very good opportunities to score and I think Ipswich were very lucky to win the game today.

“The goals came from individual errors today and you can’t legislate for that. No player means to make mistakes but both goals are easily avoidable.

“The performances deserved more. We looked solid and looked dangerous on the break. There was so much good but we’ve undone ourselves with two mistakes.”

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midastouch added 18:54 - Nov 21

grow_our_own added 18:57 - Nov 21
Good interview from Brenner today. Usually he rolls-over and tickles the manager's tummy instead of asking pertinent questions after a performance like that. Lambert had nothing except spikiness, aggression and denial in response. We won't win many playing like that, and he won't keep his job if there are many similar displays. If we fail to challenge for auto-promotion, and ultimately fail to be promoted, he can get lost and take his weird fetish for crap footballers with him (Judge, Sears, Nolan, Nsialaloanee instead of Woolfenden).

Losing Bish and discoving Edwards' injury is a hamstring (month at least) are massive blows. Just a final note: Bish was injured today after being fouled upwards of half a dozen times. If the EFL want talented footballers, they need to remind referees that persistent fouling is a booking. It's not in the rules to kick the opposition off the pitch.

Dolphinblue added 19:00 - Nov 21
Spot on Lambert...deserved win COYB

Suffolkboy added 19:18 - Nov 21
It’s starting to look like Lambert and his team are losing it .from the top down !
Little evidence of true grit and character, short on goal scoring skills , needing to be more perceptive, sharper and quite obviously stronger and more resilient !
PL is looking and sounding worn out , weary , short on enthusiasm and seemingly now totally puzzled how to deal with the conundrums before him !
It’s also a little odd that he and JW are clearly at odds and not on the same coherent plan of action and belief ! Harmony does not reign undisturbed behind the scenes : time for PL to make crucial decisions about his future and whether he can or will hack it here .
Past evidence indicates he has a problem with stamina and doesn’t last the course : we shall see !

htb added 19:23 - Nov 21
Once again after disrespecting cup competitions it is all for nothing as we follow up with a crap performance. I guess by at least resting our first team squad we avoided injuries !!!! I’m glad we won but we were very lucky

LegendofthePhoenix added 19:24 - Nov 21
I don't get the fans on here. Previous 3 games, we played really well, and got nothing but bad luck, and everyone is calling for Lambert's head. Today was the total opposite - we were p155 poor, but got lucky, and came away with all the points. And the same old comments that PL has to go etc. For the younger ones on here, we sometimes squeaked flukey results under Sir Bobby as well. You seem to want silky passing football, outplaying the opposition for 90+ minutes, using all home grown players, and running away with the league, all at the same time. Well guess what, that ain't happening, and it didn't happen under any of our previous managers either. Today, we stole a result, and we walk away with 3 points. Job done, that's football. Be satisfied, enjoy your Saturday night.

cat added 19:28 - Nov 21
No bleating today Lambert cause a limp performance like that didn’t warrant a win. We should be feared in this league, putting our history and fan base aside we are lightweight and clueless. The midfield need to step up as a unit so we can boss the middle but that’s sadly lacking. We have a good squad and this season is third time around for P.L, but we don’t look anywhere near the finished article.

belgablue added 19:31 - Nov 21
Whether we win, lose or draw we are playing dreadfully and will get found out more often than not as the season goes on. Exactly as last year. Anyone that knows anything about football can see McGuiness is a liability but he’s starting ahead of Woolfenden, who isn’t. Anyone who knows anything can see we never look like scoring in games far too often and after two years of the exact same thing how can you not blame Lambert?

runaround added 19:33 - Nov 21
Strange & concerning interview from Lambert. Very confrontational & seems to be really angry to be questioned. Would much rather he had come out & said we didn’t play well against Shrewsbury’s massed defence & got lucky but we will take it. I wonder if he realises that with poor form & injuries it’s likely we will lose the next 2 so is desperately holding onto the positives in the hope it drives the players on to up their games so we get more than we fear from the next 2 games.
It seems an increasing number of fans want him out. I too have no real faith in him to deliver promotion but I am sure that Evans won’t pull the trigger until it’s mathematically certain we can’t go up which, if things continue as they are, might not be until April or May. Those thinking that 2 defeats in the next 7 days will lead to a change are I believe going to be disappointed & I believe it will take a run of results worse than what we had from late January till lockdown for Evans to act, so for that reason only I hope that perhaps the players will perform, probably despite of Lambert rather than because of him, and we get to where we want to get to which is promoted. I want ITFC to succeed whoever manages us!

getawig added 19:37 - Nov 21
Paul you say Nolen's injury is down to the amount of games? He hasn't played for 4 weeks !!

Michael101 added 19:40 - Nov 21
Weather you what Lambert to go or not it ain't going to happen with Ebenezer evans.he's to tight to pay him off so we got to put up with him.I just wish we could get subtitles on the radio cos I cannot understand a word he says. Take the 3points and move on is all we can do at the moment.

RobITFC added 19:42 - Nov 21
Surely a place for Dobra in the squad Tuesday ?

Daleyitfc added 19:42 - Nov 21
Lambert has settled into McCarthy's "I'm in charge ; how dare you question me?" approach to the media ; it will therefore end the same way. Instead of waiting 5 years too long, get rid now.

AntCambs added 19:47 - Nov 21
The man's bonkers. I truly think we're watching different games. Shrewsbury parked the bus? B#ll#cks.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 19:52 - Nov 21
He should have been sacked not rewarded with a contract extension last year!
The worst long-term manager in ITFC history and things are only going to get worse unfortunately. Get shot of him ASAP, we have the players without doubt, we just need a half-decent manager!

algarvefan added 19:55 - Nov 21
We were very lucky to get 3 points today, feel sorry for the Shrews.

My worry is that we continue to play just one way no matter what. Managers of opposing teams will do what our opponents did today, which as Mick Mills said required a change of tactics, not just personnel. Our inability to do anything but pass out from the back and spend as much time as we can going backwards instead of forwards is an immense frustration to me today. We must adapt DURING games to suit the way the opposition play. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like 4-4-2.

TimmyH added 20:07 - Nov 21
And we kept 'knocking' ...our heads against the monitors whilst watching on iFollow.

philwhelansdegree added 20:23 - Nov 21
Decent rusult, poor performance.
One thing that is really pi55ing me off this season, not just with Lambert, but managers in general is blaming the schedule for injuries. Nolan hasn't played for about a month and Bishop haven't played for a couple of weeks. It was also clear that Bishop's injury was caused by a player kicking him. That could happen weather you've played 1 game or 50!

It is what it is this season due to covid so managers at all levels need to stop bleating about it and get on with it in my opinion

Len_Brennan added 20:46 - Nov 21
Excellent posts from @grow_our_own & @belgablue.

BettyBlue added 21:19 - Nov 21
Well done Lamberty, you've taken us from the Championship to stuggling to beat a bottom 3 league one team. And done it in only 3 seasons.

You only learn that type of management from playing at big clubs (and relegating them)

BettyBlue added 21:23 - Nov 21
As for injuries how about getting the squad match fit by actually playing games rather than sitting on benches or at home playing fifa.

BettyBlue added 21:23 - Nov 21
BTW love Lamberty's new look as homeless man at christmas.

dominiciawful added 21:47 - Nov 21
I really do dislike the man a great deal.

Wish he'd fck off, such a sht, deluded fraud of a "manager".

Blue041273 added 21:48 - Nov 21
We can laugh, It truly is comical, But we should be seriously concerned! The guys may be willing but the formation and tactics are bizarre! We had 11 days off with no important international call ups. It should have been an opportunity for intensive training drilling. But for most of the game today we played like strangers. How can this be explained away! And how come we picked up more injuries during this time. Something is profoundly wrong!

TractorRoyNo1 added 22:28 - Nov 21
Did someone give Lambert one of McNasty's old scripts, sh!t if he cant take gentle questions from Radio Suffolk no wonder he folded at Villa.

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