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Compiling the Premier League fixture list
at 06:27 17 Jun 2024

I guess some junior official is tasked today with laying out 760 little squares of paper, having snipped them all up, and trying to arrange them with the dates for the fixtures. Probably stopping for a slice of toast around 11 am, getting butter on the ends of his/her fingers and getting some of the squares stuck together. Or a tea lady opens the door and a draft blows half the squares across the room. Tough job.
Renato Veiga
at 06:45 8 Jun 2024

Currently at FC Basel. Allegedly AC Milan interested, and other clubs including a Premier League club. Would love to see us get this guy in.

Lewis Travis
at 20:51 4 Jun 2024

There haven't been many comments posted about Lewis. He didn't have a glamorous role. Obviously Sammy was and remains our first choice center/defensive midfielder and rightly so, but with Sammy treading the yellow card tightrope he was gonna miss games, also Mass was needing to manage his minutes. There were many games where we really needed a
strong and dependable championship quality DM. Hats off to Mark Ashton and the recruitment team because in those cold winter months we needed a tough midfielder to shore us up, and Lewis was a superb acquisition that did exactly what it said on the tin, helped us maintain our structure and aggression. Yet another tremendous squad player, without whom we may not have made it to where we are now. Many thanks Lewis.
Huge respect to Michael Dunlop
at 09:27 2 Jun 2024

Equalled the record held by his uncle Joey, with his 26th win at the TT. For anyone who has ever been, you'll know how crazy that place is, and how muck skill and bravery (lunacy?) is required just to go around quickly, let alone win 26TTs. What a man, what a family.
Songs - a suggestion
at 09:29 17 May 2024

No one can have failed to hear what Mark Ashton, Kieran and the players have said about how the support has helped the team on the pitch so much this season.
We have also had quite a few discussions on the board about how to improve the atmosphere at PR. But there seems to be one simple way that TWTD could help with that. Have a songs tab so that anyone that comes on here can see the lyrics and tune of our songs.
There must be huge numbers of fans who don't join in with songs simply because they don't know the words. And there is an underlying haughtiness of "if you were a proper fan, you'd know the words". Well some people find it hard to pick out the words, so why don't we have a heading with sub threads for (i) songs that have been successfully adopted, and (ii) a separate sub thread for song suggestions?
As an aside, I think it was ITFCBlues (correct me if I'm wrong) on here very soon after we signed Jezza who put a suggestion of "Magic" by Pilot - I think I was first to upvote it, and could see how well it scanned. Then at the next game, a few of us in SBRU began singing it. It's a great example of how the board can improve the atmosphere at PR (and away).
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BBC South today
at 19:19 15 Apr 2024

made a point of mentioning that John Mousinho was the L1 manager of the year.

Did Look Norwich mention Kieran by any chance?
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