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Cornell: We Showed a Different Side
Wednesday, 2nd Dec 2020 15:37

Blues keeper Dai Cornell felt Town showed a different side to their game during Tuesday’s 0-0 draw at Oxford.

Cornell kept his first league clean sheet for Town having come into the team for Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Charlton having previously featured in the cups.

“I think we showed a different side of what we have been doing,” he said afterwards. “Sure that we can pass it nicely along the back and through the midfield but tonight was a bit more of an aggressive, bodies-on-the-line kind of defensive game.

“So in the end I think it was a good point and a good clean sheet and we move on to Saturday.”

He added: “If we can set up and keep as many clean sheets as possible, it’s a great start. If we know we’re going to be solid going into games, it’s obviously a lot better.

“Fingers crossed, we can keep that mentality of being solid and being strong and carry on going.”

Reflecting on his first league clean sheet for the Blues, he added: “I’d prefer to win the game, even if it was 2-1. But obviously it’s great for me to keep a clean sheet, but one does nothing.

“Fingers crossed now we can keep a lot more and we can keep climbing up that table and be where we want to be.”

Although chances were rare at both ends, the Welshman made a couple of vital saves in the first half.

“That’s my job, to stop the ball going in the net,” he continued. “I’ll do what I can, put my body on the line when I need to.

“I was happy-ish with my performance tonight. Fingers crossed I can get better as games go on, both with the ball and without the ball, so it was positive.”

Having joined Town in the summer after leaving Northampton, Cornell had to wait a little while before breaking into the league line-up.

“I’ve been working hard to try and force myself in,” he said. “Tommy’s [Tomas Holy] done well but obviously there were a couple of results which didn’t go our way and we looked to change something and fingers crossed I can now change it back.

“I think it was Friday morning I learnt I was in the team as we set up to prepare to watch what Charlton were going to do. That wasn’t a switch in focus so much because I focus every week to be playing even if I’m not playing.

“Obviously it’s great, it’s why I came to the club, to work hard, to get in the team and be successful. Fingers crossed now we can build on tonight and carry that on through the rest of the season.”

Did he feel his chance was coming? “To be honest, I was just trying to keep my head into my work and grafting and just doing everything I could on the pitch and off the pitch to get that opportunity.

“Tomas has played well, Tomas has had some good games but the gaffer decided to change it for whatever reason. But that’s not up to me, I just work hard and fingers crossed it reaps rewards.”

He admitted to one or two nerves ahead of the match, which he believes is positive going into a game.

“I think there’s always nerves, which is a good thing,” he said. “Probably not as much as when I was younger because you’re in a bit more control.

“Of course I want the nerves, it’s good to have them, the butterflies before games because it shows you care.”

Regarding Holy’s reaction to being dropped, Cornell said: “I’m really lucky with Tomas because he’s such a nice guy. I’ve supported him when he’s been playing, when he’s done well. We’re open to conversations in terms of goals, in terms of anything like that.

“We get on well and he’s been the same way as I was with him. He’s been supporting me and he’s been working hard. It’s a battle that I’m enjoying.”

Turning back to last night’s match, Cornell was asked whether he felt it was a game Town needed to take something from after the back-to-back home defeats.

“Of course, sometimes I think after two not great results you almost need a battling performance,” he said.

“Sometimes that’s better than bopping them off the park, not scoring and taking a 0-0 because it’s a fight. You come off knowing you’ve been in a game and you know you can do that side of it, which you’re going to need to do, more often than not.”

Manager Paul Lambert attacked negativity he felt was being stoked by the media at his post-match press conference and Cornell was asked whether the players have been impacted by criticism from outside the club.

“I try not to look at it, to be honest with you,” he said. “We have a very positive group. Obviously we all know Chambo is the most positive guy on earth, that helps!

“We remain focused on our goal, take it game by game and whatever’s out there is out there, I don’t think the boys take any notice.

“We’ll carry on grafting and, fingers crossed, come the end of the season we’ll all be happy together.”

Is that the same for the young players? “It’s part and parcel of football, I think. The quicker you adapt to criticism [the better] because it doesn’t matter who you are, what level you play at, or how the game went, you’re still going to get criticised by someone.

“You take on board what you believe is correct and you try and benefit from it and go again.”

While Tuesday’s draw ended the run of two defeats and was a step in the right direction, Cornell knows the Blues need to get back to winning ways sooner rather than later.

“Ideally at Plymouth on Saturday,” he said. “It’ll be a different type of game because they like to move the ball quite well as well.

“We’ll set-up and see how they go and fingers crossed we’ll put in a good performance, showing the side we showed tonight, the battling, but maybe with a bit more ruthlessness up front and hopefully get the three points.”

Tuesday’s game was, hopefully, the last the Blues will play at an empty stadium with Plymouth having been given the go-ahead to have 1,808 fans present at Home Park on Saturday and 2,000 at Portman Road the following week for the visit of Portsmouth.

“I’ve had a few conversations with people asking me what it’s like [now] and it’s hard to explain what it’s going to be like with 2,000 people back in because you’re going to hear every word that’s said,” Cornell reflected.

“It’s going to be interesting, we’re going to have to adapt to the surroundings yet again. But it will be great to be back at home with the fans, at least some of them will be there.

“I’ve been down here however long and not met or not seen any fans whatsoever. It’ll be nice.

“Even for my family coming down, everything’s closed. There’s not a lot going on.

“Meeting the fans, it’s nice to interact with people before games, after games or whatever. It’s going to be weird but it’s a step in the right direction.”

He added: “It’s going to be a funny situation. even if you’re getting tonked, it’s nice to have people back in.

“When you grow up you’re wanting to play at Wembley in front of 90,000 or whatever. I think this is a step in the right direction for everyone, fingers crossed that everything stays safe and we can do it properly.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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tivo added 15:40 - Dec 2
The main chances for them came from his crap kicking. Yet we keep being told he is 'good with his feet'

DariusBlue added 15:45 - Dec 2
Showed a different side? Well, if that means completely being a non-threat in front of goal and being outplayed by a very poor team then I think I want the old side back.

TrumpLambert added 15:45 - Dec 2
Good with his feet. One of the best.

chepstowblue added 15:48 - Dec 2
Saw little difference.It wasn't as if we were solid.We just got lucky. On most occasions that's a 2-0 defeat.

Bluearmy_81 added 15:56 - Dec 2
One shot on goal in injury time against a poor div 3 side?! Shocking

jayessess added 15:57 - Dec 2
I mean, we conceded more or less as many chances to Oxford as we did Charlton, so I'm not sure we showed much more resilience to be honest.

ThaiBlue added 15:57 - Dec 2
Thought he done well last night unlike the rest to be honest.

BluedanW added 16:09 - Dec 2
“When you grow up you’re wanting to play at Wembley in front of 90,000 or whatever. I think this is a step in the right direction for everyone, fingers crossed that everything stays safe and we can do it properly.”

Be lucky to make the second round of the FA cup playing for Ipswich!

Surco72 added 16:14 - Dec 2
“Sometimes that’s better than bopping them off the park, not scoring and taking a 0-0 because it’s a fight."
FFS utter nonsense - if its alright with you and the rest of the players the fans would prefer bopping them off the park than watch another boring spectacle with no real goal threats against a team letting in goals for fun !!

martin587 added 16:34 - Dec 2
Dai sorry to disagree with you but I watched the Match and I only saw The Dark Side.Enough said.

MonkeyAlan added 16:45 - Dec 2
A different side? Christ, if you mean one shot all night. Then l don't see there was much difference from any other game we have played this season. Same old blah blah blah from the players.

Saxonblue74 added 16:54 - Dec 2
We'll need a lot more clean sheets if we're to pick up any points as we're sure as hell not going to out score anyone! Fingers crossed hey??!!😂

oldbri added 17:05 - Dec 2
It was very unfair of Oxford to press our players , when we had the ball,and make us miss pass to their players. We did not do the same to them, we sat off them. Whereas their players chased the ball, our players did not show the same enthusiasm. It was very exciting ,in the dying minutes , when we had a shot on goal. Looking forward to the next game, lol.I would love to give a more detailed analysis of the most exciting moments of the game but there wasn’t any. Are we really Ipswich town.? Baffled.

oldbri added 17:11 - Dec 2
By the way, how exciting is it that we are interested in a national league striker. We could then have 6 strikers on the bench whilst playing 1 up front. The rest of the league will be beside themselves.

oldbri added 17:12 - Dec 2
I would love to scream , but I do not know haw to do it , on line.

jas0999 added 17:15 - Dec 2
Agreed. Boring, dull with no attacking threat.

Linkboy13 added 17:45 - Dec 2
Oh nothing like a good relegation struggle to liven up the season . Remember the championship when Lambert took us down, he was treated like a hero one win in nineteen games i think, could he do it again its looking promising. Funny things fans.

Skip73 added 17:49 - Dec 2
I can't believe that anyone could be happy with that. What a pathetic shower they really are. Hand your heads in shame you losers.

bluelodgeblue added 17:58 - Dec 2
His comments are a typical example of the state of our club? They think an absolute total inept performance is a step in the right direction? Either he and the squad are being told what to say or they are completely out of touch and comfortable receiving their vastly overstated salary??? I suspect the latter! #notworththeshirt!

DifferentGravy added 17:58 - Dec 2
Fail to understand how this is a different side to our game other than we didnt concede a goal....or is that the actual point??! Looked as though Dai played ok though.

Still starting with one up front though we have a lack of fit midfielders but plenty of fit forwards, still struggling for bodies in the box, still players out of position, still throwing youngsters in at the deep end then blaming everyone else but himself.

Only one person responsible for these baffling decisions. Lambert Out


TimmyH added 18:15 - Dec 2
All the players have obviously been watching Lamberts 'spin' over the last 2 years and feel they can do it too in the post match interviews...

marco5113 added 18:22 - Dec 2
i think he is talking out of backSIDE. watched highlights shocking display.

Help added 18:47 - Dec 2
jas0999 is that the different side to Agreed. no attacking threat, dull and boring, if so it was a different side I agree

Help added 18:48 - Dec 2
ahh so the idea now before kick off is to keep a clean sheet. Like having MM back. At least we now know the approach to the game for Saturday.

BluedanW added 19:13 - Dec 2
Down arrowed for pointing out the obvious that he will be lucky to make the 2nd round of thr FA cup, let alone the Fa cup final. Obviously some fans are as deluded as our manager

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