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Lambert: I'm Sure the Fans Will Get Right Behind Us
Friday, 11th Dec 2020 12:02

Portman Road welcomes fans back for the first time in nine months on Saturday for Portsmouth's visit with 2,000 season ticket holders set to watch the game, and manager Paul Lambert says they’ve been missed.

The last time supporters were at Portman Road was on March 7th for the 1-0 defeat by eventual champions Coventry City.

Having played in front of 1,808 Plymouth fans at Home Park last weekend, the Blues will be watched by their own supporters this Saturday, 2,000 season ticket holders having been drawn from the overall total of a little under 9,000.

“The one positive thing the club has got is its fanbase behind it,” Lambert said when asked about their return.

“You’re hoping them coming is going to drive us on again because I saw it at Plymouth, their support was really good.

“They get right behind them, drove them on and even when they went down to 10 men you could still feel the little bit of an atmosphere that was in the stadium.

“But for me the fans coming back is a great thing, albeit it’s going to be 2,000 people there. They’ll certainly help us and that’s what we need, we need the support behind us, and I think it’s a great thing for the fans to get behind us.”

What sort of atmosphere is he anticipating? “I think it’ll be really good. I think everybody is desperate to come back to football. I saw it with Plymouth last week.

“Obviously, you [the media] were at Plymouth as well and you saw the impact it gave them.

“I stood outside when the Plymouth lads came out in the warm-up and the reception they got was great, really, really good.

“You would have thought there was more than 2,000 in the stadium. Even when we were winning, they still drove them on and drove them on, and I think our fans will do the same.

“One massive positive is as a crowd the fanbase the football club has got. Albeit, as I said, 2,000, but it is a start and I’m sure they’ll get right behind the guys.”

Will fans being present change the dynamic of games, perhaps leading to greater urgency on occasion? “That could happen with some individuals. Some individuals might think ‘Oh the crowd is on us again,’ or ‘The crowd are willing us on,’ and might try something.

“The crowd can affect any footballer, it’s an individual’s mindset and how they handle a crowd and how they want to take the ball, how they feel when it’s really tight, and you’ve got people around about you.

“Some guys might just think we’ll kick it on and some might think it’s no problem for me I can comfortable bring it down and manoeuvre it.

“So it’ll affect individuals differently but as a team you’re hoping that everyone gets together with it and hold it together and stick to what you believe in.

“I think that’s important. We don’t have the players to play long ball or anything like that, so we have to try and play the way we want to.

“But the crowd certainly give you that drive to go forward, to go and press, to go and do the other side of the game because it has been tough.”

Lambert feels that the games behind closed doors haven’t felt like proper football.

“As I said before, in my lifetime I’ve never experienced this, nobody has experienced this, playing professional football when there’s nobody there, and [players have got to be] self-motivated because you don’t have that nervy feeling.

“And I think you’ve always got to have a little bit of nerves coming into a game and a little bit of trepidation of what can happen and what might happen and what will happen.

“I think you’ve always got to have that and without it, it’s definitely not the same game, you need that [to be generated] fans without a doubt.”

Fans have been critical of Lambert in recent weeks with many calling for a change of boss. However, if he hears a bit of abuse coming his way or that of the players from the stands, will that feel like an aspect of normality returning?

“Well, that comes from you, so I’m alright with that,” he joked. “I’ve managed massive clubs, I’ve played with big clubs and that’s been my life since I was 15 years old, that’s been my life.

“It doesn’t affect me and it really doesn’t. I don’t think the fans will do that all, I’ve had so many unbelievable well-wishers, an unbelievable number that have written to me and been great, really good.

“The ITFC supporters group [sic] and all that, they’ve been absolutely brilliant and I don’t have a problem.

“I just don’t want it to affect the players, that’s the important thing is the players. And I’m sure the Ipswich fans will come tomorrow and get right behind us.”

Photo: TWTD

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WhoisJimmyJuan added 12:11 - Dec 11
Has Lambo played for big clubs and managed big clubs before then?

Suffolkboy added 12:13 - Dec 11
Envious are we of those who can be there and those that might be there in weeks to come ! Living miles away in a T3 ,right now the prospect of being able to physically support by entering Portman Road remains very distant !
Like all true supporters of ITFC ,however , our commitment remains undimmed and only the best wishes will be with the Team every weekend !
Roar them on everyone lucky enough to be there !

Cookycrew added 12:15 - Dec 11
Very important we keep supporting the lads tomorrow, especially if we go behind at any stage. The team dosn't want hear any Negativity from anyone! COYBs

TractorFrog added 12:16 - Dec 11
To all fans who are attending the match tomorrow, please try to be positive. If you just spend the whole match booing and chanting 'Lambert out' every time anyone makes a mistake, we will lose the match. If you get behind your team, it will give us a greater chance of winning this important match.

martin587 added 12:20 - Dec 11
Suffolkboy same applies to me living in Southend I very much doubt I will get a chance of seeing a match for a while but I will as always be cheering them on to three points tomorrow.🤞

eddiespearitt03 added 12:29 - Dec 11
" We can,t play with two up front" was a previous remark.
Now it is "We don,t have the players to play a long ball or anything like that"
It is easy to become less convinced after every media interview.

Dealblue added 12:45 - Dec 11
Still waiting for an apology from Lambert to Phil and the media and for being a complete childish idiot at press conferences.

PortmanTerrorist added 13:13 - Dec 11
Looking forward to the game tomorrow, nothing but support for the guys out there, and maybe a bit of payback for the Cup game. No booing, just support, and maybe the players will start playing from the get-go. An early goal would help everyone but that requires an attacking mindset which we saw flashes of last week. COYB

PS North Stand shut, and so we are moved to South Stand. Am sure there are logistical reasons, but it is a shame to not be back in the SBR Stand....maybe Boxing Day ?!.

DifferentGravy added 13:22 - Dec 11
Im sure all fans will get behind the team.......if you give them something to cheer about

Tactical flexibility
Men in the box
(and hopefully a goal or two)


DifferentGravy added 13:22 - Dec 11
Im sure all fans will get behind the team.......if you give them something to cheer about

Tactical flexibility
Men in the box
(and hopefully a goal or two)


BettyBlue added 13:22 - Dec 11
Lambert: I'm Not Sure the Fans Can Put Up with Much More of This Guff.

Its the football that does the talking, not playing FIFA manager interviews.

Europablue added 13:43 - Dec 11
WhoisJimmyJuan I'm just disappointed that he didn't mention the great facilities at Ipswich for my cliche bingo card.

WhoisJimmyJuan added 16:00 - Dec 11
Europablue! Excellent. Should be a regular TWTD online bingo game starting at 17:30 every Saturday!

therein61 added 16:33 - Dec 11
To all lucky enough to attend tomorrow the manager is irrelevant, just give the boys as much encouragement as you can and drive them onto a big 3 points and get this poor showing against sides around us off our backs and then we can move onwards and upwards C.O.Y.B.

cat added 17:07 - Dec 11
How much has actually changed since March the 7th cause from someone who usually attends all the home matches Lambert lost the crowd then. Lose or play pony then the wheels will fall off the positivity wagon very quickly and Lambert will get lambasted. Thankfully it’s normally after the match has finished, but he has not helped his cause of late. Hopefully we’ll win but with Lambert in charge losing becomes more bearable if you know what I mean.

markytitfc added 17:16 - Dec 11
Hell, he bores me

muhrensleftfoot added 17:36 - Dec 11
“I’ve managed massive clubs, I’ve played with big clubs" Every time, every interview. Does he have an inferiority complex? Keeps trying to big himself up despite being an utter failure at ITFC. What a tool!

Countryboyblue added 20:37 - Dec 11
The thing is on this occasion, PL didn’t say I played for big clubs, managed big clubs. Again non constructive and manipulation of the true statement this afternoon. Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job.

HalesworthBlue7 added 21:13 - Dec 11
I for one can't wait to get back to Portman Road tomorrow, I will support my team as always , please don't go with a negative attitude, its so so important that we support those boys in our blue shirts and get the win to kick on . We all know not everything Lambert has done has worked and his pig headed rants , but in the cold light of day he has played our youngsters, has 12 players injured, no money , but look at the table we are 3rd . So plead with everyone there tomorrow a fresh start , no Betty Blues , and blast out that support for the Blue Boys. Even though the North Stand , Sir Bobby will be up the other end I know all pulling together we can get the right result . COYB

BlueHarmony added 22:04 - Dec 11
I'm very jealous of those season ticket holders lucky enough to get the chance to go along to Portman Road and support OUR team. Some of us live a little too far away to justify the cost to see a limited amount of games, so please don't let us down and give the lads your all. Whatever your personal feelings towards the Manager or the Owner, the players and the club deserve your unconditional support. The consequences of not getting out of League 1 this season and the effect of the salary cap does not even bear thinking about, so COYB!!

Help added 16:59 - Dec 12
Oh No They wont playing like that

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