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Blue Action Plan Organised Protest
Tuesday, 15th Dec 2020 09:52

Independent supporters group Blue Action has announced plans to hold an organised protest prior to the home game against Swindon Town on Saturday 9th January.

Blue Action was formed at the start of the 2018/19 season in order to try to improve the atmosphere at home games via banners, stickers and the introduction of new songs, and more recently have produced a fanzine.

Early on in manager Paul Lambert’s tenure they were invited to the training ground to talk about the atmosphere at Portman Road as the incoming boss sought to improve relations between the club and its fans.

But latterly, with the Blues again appearing to be drifting towards mid-table in League One, they have spoken out about the club’s situation and called for the departure of Lambert on a banner hung on the gates at Playford Road.

They subsequently draped another banner on the perimeter fence at Portman Road reading “Tick-tock Marcus, the future of the club is at stake”.

They announced the planned demonstration in a statement on their social media accounts this morning.

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tractorman9 added 10:03 - Dec 15
Brilliant - thanks for being our voice - A trillion % behind you. Been a supporter for 56 years. Enough is enough. We cannot allow the situation to continue. We are a proud club who have to get out of this league this season. Change needed now today.

slade1 added 10:26 - Dec 15
Stick to doing what you formed your group for, to improve the atmosphere in the stadium. The players need your support on matchdays through the atmosphere you make during a game.
We have no divine right to be top of the league as do no club in any division, stop throwing your toys out of the pram with stupid protests and get on with supporting the team

BettyBlue added 10:32 - Dec 15
Stay away, Boycott.

don't buy season tickets, or Pay per view,

Do not spend money at ITFC shop.

Walk away from the disaster. Let those responsible sort it out or go bust.

MoscowBlueMule added 10:41 - Dec 15
I hope the boys win big that day and you all look like numpties.

This is so short sighted it is laughable. We are lucky to have a club. Fiscally the club is well managed and before I get the debt going up comment, the debt is purely Marcus’s and when he goes, unless he sells for a chunk he will never see that back. He bank rolls us for millions each year, the young assets are being tied down to long expensive contracts, the academy is starting to produce home grown talent and we have a very experienced back room staff including some old Ipswich greats.

Lambert is not a bad manager. He has a terrible injury list. We had 10 possible first team out fielded starters unavailable the other day. Doesn’t matter what division you are in, that will hurt any team.

I assume that this is being led by those who expect multi million pound buys and Roy of the Rovers storylines. Get real. The club needs the fans to get behind the team not some demonstration.

Gathering people in this current period is poor judgment, though would be giving a wide berth with or without Covid.

Farmerpiles added 10:55 - Dec 15
Well done to BA for making the effort. If it goes ahead it will be policed and properly socially distanced, otherwise it's a non starter. See the usual happy clappers are out moaning as usual. At least BA are trying to do something even if it falls on deaf ears. Alternative is to sit behind your keyboard, moan and just except what's continually served up. I'll be there, before or after game. I'll also support my team for the whole game, as always. Never mind injuries, all clubs have those. 2years under Lambert and still going backwards. A better coach would get more out of this squad. And lack of funds is a poor excuse. Poor decision making. Smaller less funded clubs pass us yearly, like Wycombe. So either speak up, or whinge . Each to their own. Ipswich till I die.

trncbluearmy added 11:13 - Dec 15
good I`ll be there

BIuearmy_81 added 11:15 - Dec 15
Don't worry, I'll find a way to moan about this.

BettyBlue added 11:17 - Dec 15
I wish we could put all the the so called "first team" injured back into the team.

so we could see that the injury list is just another hollow excuse.

those players are no better than the team we stuck out against Pompey.

and a lot of them are injured and crocked because their footballing days are over.

how come we haven't got one decent forward in the whole squad, PL knew that all summer and did nothing. Hawkins, nothing.

trncbluearmy added 11:18 - Dec 15
amazing that some are critising a demo

jesus we have suffered 13 years of decline and put up with a manager who's win record is appalling, some people will just do nothing all their lives, some will accept there is a time to make feelings known, hope a good crowd turn out, Ipswich Town Football Club deserve to be protected from the incompetence that afflicts it.

LWNR2013 added 11:26 - Dec 15
Keep it legal

slade1 added 11:31 - Dec 15
MoscowBlueMule excellent post and 100% right.

BigMick66 added 11:48 - Dec 15
MoscowBlueMule excellent post and 99% right, Lambert is not a good manager

Michael101 added 11:55 - Dec 15
Betty,you hit the nail on the head there.5of is used to go to 8-10 home games 2-3 away games every year but that useless fowl mouthed idiot McCarthy knocked any feelings for the club out of us the final straw was the f a cup reply against Southampton.we walked out after 78mins never to return.

slade1 added 11:57 - Dec 15
Honestly people wake up!
Would anyone care to explain to me where the hell this club would be now without Marcus Evans? Without him we would be dead and buried long ago.

masetheace added 11:59 - Dec 15
The last thing any organisation , including a football club , needs when its not having the best if times is constant whinging . We have the EADT pedalling negativity six days a week , which probably influences many , and now so called supporters turning on, not only the club, but the players as well . Get your priorities right at give all the support you can .

Bluearmy_81 added 12:00 - Dec 15
Slade. We'll be dead and buried with him soon enough and go down in British football history as the fans who sat and watched and did nothing. 13 years of failure. Careful what you wish for!!

Michael101 added 12:02 - Dec 15
Slade1 .but under Evans the club IS FINISHED

rickw added 12:05 - Dec 15
Yes we've had lots of injuries but that's just an excuse how many of those would have played?
Norwood over Jackson? 50/50
Downes was left out by Lambert when he was available at the start of the season
Bishop was left out by Lambert most of last season when he was available
Skuse has likely lost his place to Dozzell now
Vincent-Young is an upgrade, but I fear Lambert has praised Chambers at right back so much he'll stick with him! (Like MM did for too long)
Edwards would start on this season's form
Sears probably would start too, however shouldn't based on his form.

Basically our players who've played aren't that much weaker than those that are out, Dobra was our MoM last game and he wouldn't have had a look in if others had been fit.
The injury situation is just the latest excuse - but is also an issue the club should be looking at.

I think this planned protest should be challenge for Lambert - change the form around before then and force BA into cancelling it or looking stupid

Phil1969 added 12:05 - Dec 15
The sheer arrogance of this group who ever they are, firstly that we have a divine right to be successful and secondly that they represent the fan base.
How the hell does getting on the back of the players staff manager and owner inspire success it’s the opposite of a fan!

Bluearmy_81 added 12:08 - Dec 15
Phil. Incredible viewpoint. I'd say sitting and watching like a little timid church mouse as town burns is the opposite of being a fan. Fanatic?! Do me a favour. Get bsck to the opera!! 😂🤣

Bluearmy_81 added 12:09 - Dec 15
Ipswich fans on here, the most extreme "better the devil you knowers" ever!!

Europablue added 12:22 - Dec 15
Sacking the manager is not a plan. If I am to support their plan of action, I will want to see some substance to what they are suggesting. The reason why management appointments have been failures is because ME makes them based on check lists rather than a gut instinct.

Bugs added 12:28 - Dec 15
@Bluearmy_81 sorry for the down vote mouse cock up....or more accurately a cock up from the person using the mouse.

HarleydavidsonBlue added 12:32 - Dec 15
I fully support this action. It's about time the fans of this club took some form of demo to vent there anger at a football club that appears to be going nowhere slowly. We have a squad of 59 +, and we can't field a team of 11 players that can play football (to old, too young, too sick, not good enough, ) then why are we paying them ? And now we have the manager saying "we must get back to basics" Please, someone tell me what they all do each and everyday in training? It's always "jam" tomorrow according to the comments that come out of the club. Enough is enough. P.S. I have been a fan of ITFC since 1966 (What a good year for English football that was!) unless things change for the better, it's no more for me. C O Y B (Rant over)

Bugs added 12:37 - Dec 15
@Europablue Sacking Lambert and getting a good manager that is out of a job ATM, before other teams get them, is a plan. The Cowleys are not going to be available for much longer for instance. Evans needs to be proactive, Lambert isn't the person to get us out of this league and build this club up again, his record here speaks for it's self. Lambert out before it's too late to save this mightily important season.

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