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Jackson: My Desire to Win and Perform For My Club Will Never Be Questioned
Wednesday, 17th Feb 2021 19:07

Striker Kayden Jackson has commented on training with the U23s and suggestions he wants out of Town due to transfers not materialising.

Jackson has been training with the U23s, along with Jon Nolan, since his red card against Sunderland, manager Paul Lambert having made his anger at the challenge which led to the 10th-minute dismissal clear after the game.

The 26-year-old frontman, who was the subject of loan interest from Huddersfield on deadline day, commented on suggestions that his situation is due to wanting to move on and potential moves not happening.

“Seen talk of me training with the U23s due to transfers not materialising and me wanting out of Ipswich,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I am a PROFESSIONAL football player and will always carry myself as such. Wherever I am, my desire to win and perform for my club will never be questioned.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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mib added 19:13 - Feb 17
Professional footballer? start playing like one then.

heathen66 added 19:21 - Feb 17
Jackson has been treated very poorly for one mistake
Lamberts man management is poor (if he has any at all) which is evident every week. Look at Woolfenden being dropped because of a comment he made leaving the field...after another loss at home
We need Jackson playing in his proper position as a front 2 with Norwood (or any other striker). He proved this last season where he formed a good partnership, however it seems Lambert know best (one up top all season and giving Norwood less than 20 mins)

jas0999 added 19:24 - Feb 17
Why is Lambert still at the club.

dominiciawful added 19:30 - Feb 17


bluelodgeblue added 19:32 - Feb 17
And so the disaster goes on???

Bazza8564 added 19:56 - Feb 17
A decent player like Jackson will understand to be patient. Mr Lambert has, on so many levels, lost the plot, suggest Mr Jackson remains patient. Even Donald Trump ran out of time eventually and he had better connections that PL

90z added 20:06 - Feb 17
Iv always liked Jackson as a player he does have an aggressive side to his play which is what you need. Clearly shows passion! Last year or so something just hasn't seemed quite right with him. 1 of many issues we don't see behind closed doors.

spanishblue added 20:17 - Feb 17
Just put Sky sports on, guy says not safe being a manager I thought yay he’s gone but no both Bristol managers get sacked one only lost 5 games, see Paul Cook is favourite

Edmundo added 20:18 - Feb 17
Stick with us, Jackson, and the new manager will get the team firing again: you and Nolan have potential, but need someone who can coach you properly and set a team up to WIN.
Your goals last season showed you have more than enough to score 20 a season in this league.

DifferentGravy added 20:20 - Feb 17
Nah, not having this. Not a fan of Jackson but he has been treated very badly. Constantly played out of position, fed to the media by Lambert. He needed to hold his hands up for the red card but his performances are all to do with Lambert.

Jackson....if you happen to read this, not a fan but good luck wherever you end up

Woodbridgian added 20:33 - Feb 17
And so it continues! Where is Evans surely he’s fired Lambert by now

matthewwylds added 21:10 - Feb 17
Don’t believe your own hype Jackson you 2nd touch is always a tackle Enough said

algarvefan added 21:47 - Feb 17
I like Jackson and think with some good coaching he can become a top striker, he has great pace but lacks some primary skills. Played and treated in the right way he can do a good job for us as part of a front 2, and therein lies the problem, the very problematic Lambert, unbending attitude and a poor man manager.

He has to go!

Bluesince92 added 22:00 - Feb 17
It baffles me how after the worst record of any town manager in history that PL is still here!!! wishful thinking but Eddie howe is available so to is Nigel Pearson..... Probably couldn't afford them but we are still a big club just been done over by ME tenure

pistolknight added 22:21 - Feb 17
This fellas is absolute garbage
Epitomises everything that’s wrong with our football club

WhoisJimmyJuan added 22:27 - Feb 17
Methinks Jackson does protest too much.

eddiespearitt03 added 00:55 - Feb 18
The 10th minute ill timed tackle and dismissal was simply ridiculous considering the desperate situation at this club. Obviously a player with potential if only he could have more impact. There again, with the poor service from midfield in a struggling team it is easier said than done. I hope he learns to have more composure with the ball and can run at defenders more. A striker who can master the 1-2 pass that gets him into the box. We are missing a striker who can create the space to fire some goal bound shots. This club needs strong characters right now but there is little sign of team progress at this club , year after year.

hollywoodginge added 01:59 - Feb 18
Someone who highlights PROFESSIONAL in capitals on a Twitter rant, is a contradiction in terms. As someone who has spent hours researching statement analysis immediately identified a distinct lack of denial. Making a broad statement, when the words “this is not true” or “this did not happen” are the only responses necessary, is a red flag for deception. If you are accused of something you have not done, you deny it first! If you say for example “there was no evidence” or I was found “not guilty” you assert that you did it but the accuser failed to prove it.

Dolphinblue added 06:30 - Feb 18
Nothing special as a player....16 goals in league two, poor in championship, 11 goals in league one, very poor this season, awful touch........another problem with this club is players with delusions of grandeur....

shakytown added 07:30 - Feb 18
Like a lot of other players at the club in that he is just not as good as he thinks he is or as good as we need. His first touch is worse than most 7 year olds, Needs to be moved on asap

Michael101 added 08:44 - Feb 18
His ability of lack of is not relivant,will Lambert put downs in the u23s after his actions tue?? Should not be having one rule rule one
One for another

Cheshire_Blue added 10:20 - Feb 18
Kieffer Moore was written off as 'absolute garbage' by the TWTD 'experts'

Razor added 10:21 - Feb 18
Yeah I have questioned you lately Jacko so just go and prove me wrong on Saturday.

Was a good player a few months ago and something has gone badly wrong somewhere----I can guess where it is!!

Marinersnose added 10:26 - Feb 18
Unfortunately Jackson believed the hype created by his greedy agent. He’s not being sought by loads of clubs because he looks poor even in this league. If a professional footballer can’t control a ball then he’s limited even if he has pace. Defenders will play on his first touch and Nick the ball. The lad has a really poor delusional attitude. Yes he did ok last season but not good enough if the club wants to more up through the divisions. That said those aspirations seem miles away atm. We need Didsy type strikers who are clever .

oldbri added 11:27 - Feb 18
heathen66, I totally agree with your post.

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