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Lambert: 99.9 Per Cent Chance I'll Not Be Here After a Takeover
Saturday, 27th Feb 2021 18:41

Town boss Paul Lambert says it’s 99.9 per cent certain that he won’t be manager of the Blues if the US-backed takeover is confirmed.

News of the £30 million takeover of the Blues by the consortium emerged this week but with the club insisting yesterday that owner Marcus Evans is “not actively looking to sell”. Nevertheless, TWTD understands the deal is close to being done and Town could change hands within a matter of weeks.

Although Brett Johnson, a leading figure at Phoenix Rising and FC Tucson, has entered the spotlight having followed Town’s Twitter account in recent days, the Los Angeles-based business man is not the main driver behind the deal with former West Brom chief executive officer Mike O'Leary believed to be the leading figure. O'Leary is close to Bristol City chief executive Mark Ashton, a former board member at West Brom and one-time goalkeeper with the Baggies.

Former Portsmouth, Wigan and Chesterfield boss Paul Cook has been linked with the Portman Road hotseat currently filled by Lambert.

Asked what he knew about the takeover situation after today’s game, Lambert responded: “I’m aware of it. I have to be careful what I say as I know much as you guys, I guess the best person you have to ask is the owner of this club.

“He’s always said he’ll do the right thing for the football club and try and move it forward and [regarding] investment, it certainly needs it, without a shadow of a doubt. It certainly needs investment and help somewhere, where they’ll get it from I don’t know.

“It’s an incredible club, an incredible fanbase, 20-odd thousand people [coming to games] in this league, and Ipswich fans have been brilliant. It certainly needs that help on that side of it.

“Regarding whether I know much about it, not really, which you’ll probably think is a bit bizarre but I don’t.

“My own position? I’ve been in the game long enough to know the way things happen. What I do know about it is that when a takeover generally comes in, 99.9 per cent I’ll not be here, that’s what happens.

“If that happens, I’ve got no worry, no fear, no nothing. I’d wish everybody all the best and hopefully they can go on and do it.”

Asked whether if anything was imminently set to happen, today might have been his last game in charge, he joked: “When I came in this morning, Paul Cook was in the office up there! No, I’m only kidding.

“Listen, I don’t get involved with all of that. If you ask me if I think I’m going to be here when there’s a takeover, no, I don’t.”

Lambert, who was watched while he spoke to the media by first-team coach Matt Gill, who has been suggested as a potential caretaker boss if the manager were to move on before a new man was confirmed, met with Evans on Thursday in what’s believed to have been a frosty meeting and revealed they spoke again yesterday.

“Marcus is the one who has said he would sell it to somebody better or somebody who can invest,” he said.

“As I said before, 99 per cent of the time when a takeover takes place, I’m not here. But we have to wait and see.

“I’ve spoken to Marcus, I’ve spoken to [general manager of football operations] Lee [O’Neill], we had discussions on Thursday, discussions on Friday night. I’ve not been involved in too many situations where I’m talking on Friday night about other stuff, which I find quite bizarre, but there we go.”

Asked whether he’s got to deal with the here and now, he said: “That’s it, and we win. That’s the most important thing. The football club has got incredible support behind it, it certainly needs help.”

Quizzed later on him wanting to know the lie of the land should the takeover happen, he reiterated: “Ninety-nine per cent I won’t be here. When the takeover comes, it wouldn’t matter if I was sitting at the top of the table, 99 per cent normally the manager’s away. That’s football.”

Would he be disappointed by that? “No, that’s football. I’ve been in the game since I was 15 when I made my debut all those years ago at St Mirren. I’m 51 now.”

Wouldn’t it be a shame not to complete the project here? “You have to ask Marcus.”

Does it sound like anything is imminent? “I don’t know, ask him!”

When it was pointed out that Evans won’t speak to the media, Lambert added: “I wonder why he doesn’t speak to you! I don’t know, I’m going home for a nice beer, I think.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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TractorCam added 18:47 - Feb 27
Cheers for the beers Lambert but it's time at the bar

Gilesy added 18:48 - Feb 27
Fair play - decent reaction. Good luck Paul.

Smithy added 18:48 - Feb 27
doesn't know anything but is 99% certain he won't be here, yep that makes sense as usual Paul

andygizmo added 18:48 - Feb 27
Not a happy bunny!

martin587 added 18:49 - Feb 27
The next few weeks will be very interesting.

Pencilpete added 18:50 - Feb 27
A man who knows his days are numbered. I will say that he has admitted the takeover is needed and it means he loses his job ... ironically this little run might be the best he has done in his time here

Mark added 18:50 - Feb 27
It sounds like the takeover may be happening. A large part of me doesn't want ITFC to be taken over by Americans. We couldn't go on as we were though, and if Paul Cook is appointed and given funds we could have exciting time ahead.

Good result today, ending an excellent week. If only we hadn't had to wait two seasons to start winning against our rivals! We wasted so much time with the crazy squad rotation, one-up-front and passing around at the back.

buzbyblue added 18:51 - Feb 27
Pint of lambert out by any chance Paul?

superdicksy added 18:52 - Feb 27
I think he knows more than his letting on to
Seems a very honest person underneath
Seems to me he already knows his fate
Wish him the best of luck where ever he ends up

heathen66 added 18:53 - Feb 27
It is not because of the takeover, it is because of your poor managerial record in the 3rd tier of English football.
Takeover or no takeover, you are extremely lucky to thill have this job still.
However if like you said you were top of the table the new owners would not upset that.
The fact is we are not, and probably if we were top of the table Evans would not be selling !!!

DoseOfReality added 19:00 - Feb 27
Good interview Lambert .. if you do go call Evans out for what he is & the bullsh1t he promises

Michael101 added 19:00 - Feb 27
At least he sounds ok about it.had to laugh at the Paul cook comment. But if your getting a nice little pay out you can afford to be cheerful😇😁

90z added 19:02 - Feb 27
I feel excited & worried at the same time!

Timefliesbyintheblue added 19:02 - Feb 27
As I have said a few times, all I ask is that town supporters act with humility, respect and dignity, what ever happens with our club. It has been tough being a fan for a few years now but we are not the only club to fall from dizzy heights. I am surprised at our last two performances because it was a 'team' effort on both occasions, something that has been lacking in recent times. Our problem for a couple of years now has been scoring goals and like it or not James Norwood does make a huge difference allied with the work rate and technical ability of Troy Parrott.
It is such a shame that we have to go through all this upheaval with all the uncertainty that it may bring, but hopefully of course for the better. I for one believe we will make the play-offs whichever turn the club may take. Yes Paul Lambert has not adhered himself to supporters these past few months and the club should not be languishing where it currently is.
Let us though move on, stop the name calling, be thankful for small mercies (two wins in succession!) and keep everything crossed that we have perhaps reached rock bottom and it is all onwards and upwards from now on.

raycrawfordswig added 19:03 - Feb 27
IMO I think most supporters wanted you to succeed but this is a results business and no matter how popular you are if it’s not happening on the pitch you’ve got to go .

PSGBlue added 19:04 - Feb 27
Reading between the lines, Thursday’s meeting with Evans was to confirm the takeover and Lambert’s comment seem to imply as such. How ironic that Lambert may have at last found a winning team and some team spirt which could yet take us into the Playoffs. Just look at April’s fixtures, all winnable.

I just hope that Lambert and the team can take this form into the end of the season with the playoffs at least reached. That way all can leave with pride in tact etc and hopefully we can move on with a new ownership and manager.

jas0999 added 19:08 - Feb 27
Thought Lambert handled this well to be fair. sounds like he won’t be at the club for much longer which probably explains the more laid back approach.

it is however time for him to go. Two good results don’t excuse two and a half years of failure. If Evans leaves the club as well then great.PL has nailed it - the squad needs investment. Evans has failed on that front for years.

blueinscotland added 19:09 - Feb 27
Fair play to him, quite a candid interview (for once!). He does sound like a defeated man though. I must admit I do feel a bit sorry for him, but think it’s fair to say he hasn’t shown himself to be a particularly good manager: so-so record prior to his arrival here and questionable tactics these last two seasons.

He did bring a bit of positivity amongst the fans when he joined as captain of a sinking ship, but even then the results didn’t come and still haven’t really met expectations. Wish him all the best but don’t think we’ll particularly be the worse for not having him here.

Suffolkboy added 19:15 - Feb 27
Summats up ! Likely ME is wisely keeping counsel pending the cards falling into place whatever that is !
Crystal Balls can be discarded , proper business will be quietly conducted and in due course any changes will become public ; enough anyway for us to continue to speculate with some optimism about a positive future .
Lookout for a Sale Board on P.L’s house .,

eddiespearitt03 added 19:17 - Feb 27
Suddenly, footballers are starting to play better now and winning games. That is good. Unfortunately for Lambert, it has come too late.

The new take over has to better than Evans miserable failure. I just wish it was more of a local consortium who can connect with the supporters and be more hands on at the club. We all know what a "distant owner" has achieved . .

prebbs007 added 19:17 - Feb 27

PositivelyPortman added 19:17 - Feb 27
All this talk of PL suddenly finding a winning formula and ‘having a good little run” is bowlocks.
It’s hardly a good little run is it? We’ve won two matches. Admittedly that seemed unlikely 2 weeks ago, but that shows how dire we’ve been up until now.

SickParrot added 19:25 - Feb 27
Is it just a coincidence that since the takeover rumour surfaced Lambert and the team have become renergised and refocused? It's as if there's been a collective realisation that with a new owner the club could be successful again and they want to be part of it.

Lambert out, Evans out, Consortium in.

suffolkblueeye added 19:26 - Feb 27
There is a god....maybe

Bert added 19:28 - Feb 27
Spot on timefliesbyintheblue. The last few months have been torturous for Town fans and posts have on occasions been in poor taste. Whatever happens this season we all need to respect the views of others when they are respectfully put.


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