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Downes: We Should Be Winning Games Like This Easily, It's Not Good Enough
Wednesday, 14th Apr 2021 11:03

A clearly hurting Flynn Downes spoke to the media following last night’s 3-0 defeat at AFC Wimbledon and the midfielder admitted the result and the performance were far from good enough.

Asked to put a tough night into words, Downes said: “Obviously the result stinks, 3-0. It isn’t good enough from us, we know that. We knew their game plan, two big strikers in the box, put balls in, but we didn’t deal with it. That was the story of the game.”

The 22-year-old says he gets why fans are losing heart regarding the play-off push with the Blues now ninth, five points off the top six with only six games left to play.

“That’s understandable,” he said. “We should be winning games like this easily, and we’ve lost 3-0. It’s not good enough. I don’t know what to say really.

“We’re not out of it yet. Obviously it’s harder now but we’re not out of it. We’ve still got that in the back of our heads and we’ve got to put it right.”

Asked why things are going so badly, Downes admitted: “If I knew the problem I’d sort it. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue. I haven’t got a clue.”

Are the players feeling the pressure? “No, I wouldn’t say it’s that. Honestly, I don’t know what to say, it’s not good enough, that’s all I know. The boys are trying but it’s not good enough.”

The Brentwood-born schemer says the players are hurt by the criticism they have been faced as a second successive League One campaign drifts to a mid-table finish.

“Obviously it hurts a lot, you want to be getting praised and winning games and doing all that,” he said.

“But it’s not happening for us at the minute. We’re drawing, obviously losing tonight. It’s not good enough, we should be winning these, we should be winning these comfortably, but it’s not happening. There’s something wrong.”

Downes was very evidently hurting: “Yes, I ain’t sleeping tonight. It is what it is, that’s the industry. But we’ll go again on Saturday.”

He added: “Honestly I’m speechless. We’ve lost 3-0. We knew what they were going to do - two big geezers in the box, put it in there and we didn’t deal with it.

“That’s cost us the game. We’ve got to go back, watch it all back and sort ourselves out really.”

Downes says his team-mates are similarly hurting: “I suppose everyone deals with it in different ways. It’s hurts me a lot. It shouldn’t be happening. It should not be happening.”

Manager Paul Cook was also evidently feeling the same way: “He’s very passionate and we want to play like that. It’s not a fair reflection on him either.”

He added: “Losing 3-0 is not good, it’s going to damage the confidence. But we’ve got to go in tomorrow and try and put it right on Saturday.”

On a more positive note, Downes is pleased to be back on the field after just under a month out with a hamstring problem.

“I’m happy to be back out there but I want to help the team. Losing 3-0 isn’t doing that,” he reflected. “I’m glad I’m back playing, getting my fitness back.”

Looking back at his season as a whole, the former England U19 and U20 international says he has had a frustrating time.

“For me it’s been horrible,” he continued. “Injured, I’ve just been injured basically. I did my knee and that’s basically it. Got back to fitness, then got injured again. Touch wood it doesn’t happen again.”

A plus for the Blues at the weekend was fellow academy alumnus Tristan Nydam making his first senior appearance in two years following his lengthy spell out injured.

Downes was pleased to see Nydam make his return: “Big time. He’s been putting in the work over the last year. It was good to see him back and he did well when he came on, he did really well. He’s a good one to have back.”

He believes the midfielder could have a big season next year: “Definitely. You saw it in the Championship under Mick he was playing week in, week out. He’s got unbelievable quality. Once his fitness comes he’ll be a standout player for definite.”

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juniorblue added 11:18 - Apr 14
Make him captain on Saturday.

Coco added 11:19 - Apr 14
we go again

mdsblue added 11:20 - Apr 14
Flynn in my opinion is the only player out there at the moment with the quality we need to improve things going forward and i just hope with the changes off the pitch that we can keep him. Norwood works hard but commits too many soft fouls and just hasn't got the consistency (or the fitness) we need. Our defence was a disorganised mess last night, no heart / fight / bravery to get to the ball first for crosses, it could have been 5 or 6. Woolfy seems completely out of form and I just don't understand those who think Chambers can't do any wrong, last night was a perfect case for him as Captain to show some fight, get things organised and lead by example, instead his head physically dropped and he carried on making basic errors. Not good enough yet again. Didn't understand the changes PC made but looked like desperation to me to try and get something out of the game, the changes lost any momentum we may have had at that time but don't blame him for trying anything. our players are simply not good enough and roll on the summer for a proper clear out with an experienced well funded management team in place. No doubt I will still be paying my £10 foryet another 2 hours of utter frustration on Saturday but COYB.

arc added 11:21 - Apr 14
"We should be winning games like this easily." There's the problem right there. By what right can any of our team be saying that something should come easy? Why? Because we're better than them? How? Based on what? Go out and earn it—win games like this the hard way, by taking the opposition seriously and putting in a shift. Stop expecting things to be given to you.

truthhurts added 11:25 - Apr 14
Downes is hands down our best player at the moment and you can see why Palace (and no doubt other Prem teams) were sniffing around. I just hope we get to keep him for next season. Make him permanent captain.

His drive sometimes gets him in trouble - either by bookings or injuries - but it's that kind of attitude we need in our team.

Just hope fans frustrations don't drive him away

ghostofescobar added 11:26 - Apr 14
Most good teams have a good spine. Downes is the only player we have in our spine, the rest are...well.....spineless. He’s obviously a very decent player and speaks well, or at least honestly. I hope we can hang onto him next season, but I fear he may be too good for L1 and therefore too good for us.

Nobbysnuts added 11:28 - Apr 14
Nothing new to see here....jog on downes

SuffolkPunch70 added 11:37 - Apr 14
@arc - that was exactly my first thoughts !
Downes is one of the better members of this shambles, but he seems to have also had his ego pumped to the point where they think they can walk over teams just because of the name on the badge. Football - and all sport for that matter - doesn't work like that. If it did there would be no point in even taking the field as we would always know the result before it started !!
Every game, every point, has to be fought for and earned. That's the same at any level of the sport. These really are basic principles that these players should have grown up understanding.
This is something Cook needs to drum into those that he wants to keep, otherwise this attitude will persist into next season and spread to new players that arrive, and we will be no further forward.

IpswichToon added 11:40 - Apr 14
I think it's time to make some major changes to our starting line-up. The season is over, so let's drop our loanees, get some youth on the pitch and make Downes our captain!

Edmundo added 11:50 - Apr 14
Are the players feeling the pressure? “No, I wouldn’t say it’s that." COME ON!!!! If you can't feel the pressure now, playing for the worst ITFC team in its professional era, then stay at home.
Downes, Nydam, Bishop (maybe), very few others come out with any kind of positive comment from this car crash of a season.

TimmyH added 11:56 - Apr 14
Make him captain next season and give him a pay rise so no transfer requests...build the team around him, starting with a decent forward and a box to box midfielder who can score goals.

TractorRoyNo1 added 11:57 - Apr 14
No sh!t Sherlock

cat added 12:07 - Apr 14
Agree with some above, make Downes Captain soon as. It’s now time to work with the players who are considered options for next season, not keep flogging the same old crap. We have developed a losing mentality which has become ingrained in the club. Thank God for the take over otherwise L2 really would be calling and we’d have nothing to cling too.

Karlosfandangal added 12:10 - Apr 14
Maybe Chambers has had enough stick from the so called fans for the last 5 years

CraigEdwards added 12:13 - Apr 14
Over 40 years of supporting and being proud to be blue but I’m now embarrassed to say this squad is the biggest crock of Shute I have ever seen wearing the badge. Players wasting their time saying it’s just not good enough. I have heard that from every play this season it’s just not good enough. No fight not guts no idea shall I go on.
The only plus now is that the new owners will throw a huge amount of money at making us a success
So be prepared for mass clear out but we won’t ever be that family club again. The identity will change for sure and with the financial resources in place we will became the next Chelsea , Man City etc. So all aboard the rollercoaster to finally getting back to cups and European football.

HarleydavidsonBlue added 12:24 - Apr 14
10 out of 10 for stating the bleeding obvious!!

midastouch added 12:26 - Apr 14
"There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent."
― Lao Tzu

wewerefamous added 12:34 - Apr 14
Captain Downes for sure. Totally agree with previous posts over the last few weeks that now is time for focus on the few players Cook intends to keep and drop the dross. That would obviously thin the options but at least that shows some sort of commitment/message to the remaining squad. Bring on next season, just want to forget this one and rebuild.

Sixto6 added 12:38 - Apr 14
We are out of it Luke ! We have been for a while !

Downes is the only player from tonight’s squad that I really want here next season.

runningout added 12:41 - Apr 14
We have no god given right to win any game. Attitude wins games more often than most. Attitude stinks in most of squad now, and players don’t know how to get rid of the smell.

Skip73 added 12:56 - Apr 14
More BS, none of the players are hurting because none of them care, including Downes who couldn't play earlier in the season because his head was turned by Palace. Every player can leave for all I care.

Linkboy13 added 13:09 - Apr 14
Can't see him staying next season why would he want too. If he's got any ambition he should move on. Don't think he's ready for the Premier league yet would be far better off getting games in the championship.

Nobbysnuts added 13:10 - Apr 14
People have short memories....it wasn't that long ago this so called committed ipswich player didn't want to play and spat his dummy out when he didn't get his own way and his move.... just go away.

jdtractor96 added 13:10 - Apr 14
We miss James Wilson so much. If he was fit I’d play the following XI for the rest of the season

KVY, Woolf, Wilson, Kenlock
Downes, Dozzell, Nydam
Lankester, Dobra

Bazza8564 added 13:15 - Apr 14
From the side we started with last night, only Downes, Nsiala, Holy and Norwood would be worth persevering with in my opinion, and the comment above about Norwood's concession of soft free kicks needs sorting.
If I were manager id try this Saturday:
Holy, KVY, Kenlock, Nsiala and Baggott, Downes, Nydam, Lankester and Bennetts, Hawkins and Norwood. Subs, Cornell, Dozzell, Jackson, Bishop, Woolfenden, Simpson.
The likes of Skuse, Huws, Chambers, Donacien, Edwards, Judge, Chambers Sears, Ward can all move on to clear the way for some fresh faces. We deserve better than this, we know it, Cookie knows it, we need to start shaping a side for next season now. And im unconvinced ill bother wasting another tenner Saturday, at least until ive seen the team.

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