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Cook: We're Looking For Four, Five or Six More
Tuesday, 3rd Aug 2021 20:34

Town boss Paul Cook says the Blues are still looking for another “four, five or six” further additions this summer and says the club has brought in close to £2 million in fees for the players who have departed, while revealing at least one of his new signings will miss Saturday’s opener against Morecambe.

Cook, speaking to The Totally Football League Show says that while there’s a perception from the outside that Town have spent a lot of money in adding their 10 new recruits, the fees achieved for the players who have moved on have contributed to much of that expenditure.

“When we came in last year, we had a squad of 43 players. Within that, we’ve probably retained not many of them at all,” he said.

“We sold Andre Dozzell to QPR, we let Liam Gibbs go to Norwich, all for good money. We’ve probably brought close to £2 million in.

“So the brutal reality is that a lot of our spending has been funded and a lot of players left the club that have been replaced with new players on wage bills.

“I think that because there isn’t a lot of spending anywhere else in English football, any club like ours that is spending is deemed to be a big spender. The reality is we’re only probably replacing what we’ve lost with new players.”

Cook says the incoming transfers haven’t stopped yet: “Believe it or not, I don’t think we’ve finished bringing players in. We actually feel there are probably another four, five or six to come in. We are, believe it or not, short on numbers.

“And that integration is going to be huge to our success, without a shadow of a doubt. How quickly can we get [players integrated].

“For example, George Edmundson hasn’t trained since he signed from Glasgow Rangers last week, he won’t make Saturday. He hasn’t played in the team.

“Scott Fraser’s had a calf problem. We’ve actually got lads going out to train and play at the minute who have never played with each other before. That integration is going to be huge.”

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ScottCandage added 20:36 - Aug 3
As long as we can afford it, DOOOOO EEEEET!!!!

ruds added 20:55 - Aug 3
The sooner we can get these additional lads through the door the more confident I shall be.

Let’s hope PC can get us as organised as GR had Millwall at the weekend.

It’s a long season but I sure do desire a fast start…


Reuserscurtains added 20:57 - Aug 3
What’s marvellous about league 1 is you can play badly for half a season and still be within a change of winning the league. I have faith that even if we don’t hit if off early doors, we will be more than ok!

ip6blue added 21:01 - Aug 3
Make it 6 :)

brendenward35 added 21:20 - Aug 3
I got marked down for making a comment weeks ago saying I was concerned with a smaller squad of players especially with our luck. Already it doesn't look great new players injuries a concern as we head into a new season. Let's hope me Ashton can make miracles in the transfer market

Blueballs83 added 21:28 - Aug 3
Sort the Downes situation out and that’s one less we need!!

WorcesterBlue added 21:32 - Aug 3
Obviously questioning the wisdom of writing off a whole squad after 4 games, acting like a spoilt child and slagging everyone else off for piss poor performances when a bounce would usually be expected but having the luck to be able to start again from scratch but then blaming lack of new players / need for integration for further piss poor results would be foolish on this site. But then again :). Results will convince me I’m wrong, not words. But I am hopeful I’ll be proved wrong and this project is going to work.

Edmundo added 21:40 - Aug 3
If you want to change the culture at an organization you need to woworwowork from the base up. If Cook had players willing and able to change he would have kept them. So far I think he is working hard, and needs our patience.

ArnieM added 21:50 - Aug 3
Blue balls: Sorry but I’m Not sure what you mean by “ sort the Downes situation out”. There is no situation to sort out. He doesn’t want to stay at our Club and hasn’t done since his head was turned by Palace ( who notably haven’t been back in for him). Grass is not always greener on the other side , and now he’s training with the U23’s because HE doesn’t want to commit to ITFC.

dirtydingusmagee added 21:57 - Aug 3
wish we could get a good striker from somewhere, we really need to score more goals, in past 2/3 seasons we rarely got a handful of shots in a game let alone goals .[PLEASE, dont tell me we have Norwood ] For too long we have had to worry about going a goal down, and having to worry about where a goal will come from to save the day .

Lightningboy added 22:21 - Aug 3
One thing we all need to see the back of are so many injury problems.

bluesteal74 added 22:42 - Aug 3
This is the one season if any that every fan just needs to get behind the club 100% COYB 🚜🔵⚪🔵⚪

TimmyH added 22:57 - Aug 3
Another 4 to 6 players in...jeez! and I thought our starting line up against Millwall looked unrecognisable, Cooks sure got a lot of managing to do this season (said the same thing about Hurst).

ringwoodblue added 23:00 - Aug 3
Some injuries are inevitable during the season but let’s hope they are significantly reduced from previous years.

Still think we need an experienced centre back, another left back plus a bit more cover for those positions we are light on. Also not convinced Holy is good enough back up for Hladky

Europablue added 23:31 - Aug 3
ArnieM I understood the comment about Downes being about shipping him out as supposedly he doesn't want to be here.

Vanisleblue2 added 00:44 - Aug 4
wow...surprised we need that many more!
I would like to see an experienced centre back another left back and an out and out winger.
Then start working on the team shape and constancy.
I wonder if Holy and Nsiala are here to stay?

Kentish_Tractor added 01:13 - Aug 4
While I don't disagree with Cook's comments - I don't think he should be saying this in the press as I feel it significantly weakens our bargaining position to get good deals.

All it does is send a statement to other clubs that we've still got tonnes of money and are desperate to spend more to bring in more players - then the other clubs just put all their fees up and we pay more tahn if we'd played ourselves down a little.

I know it's pretty obvious that we're spending big this summer - but at least try and play it down a little Paul and you might save a few quid!

Oldozblue added 02:24 - Aug 4
Agree with Kentish Blue - any club or agent just put 10% on. In terms of fees in - 1 Million for Dozzell, maybe a 100K or so for a Lankester or a Drinan. Cannot see Cambridge or Orient splashing out more. I suspect Gibbs brought in at least 350K from Norwich as that is what they paid for teenagers Adshead (Rochdale) and Mair (Scotland) last year who then went out on loan. Could be even more as it was reported they paid 3 million plus for older teenager McCallum from Coventry who is now on loan with Dozzell at QPR. But selling Downes one would hope would bring in at least another million. At this minute can you let even him go without some others in?

Monkey_Blue added 02:33 - Aug 4
Cook is about as subtle as a sledgehammer when it comes to player transfers. Devalues those he wants out and forces the price up on anyone we want. What annoys me most is he’s demanded the carpet bombing of the squad and has got what he asked for. It’s like last season where he got his excuses in early. If he’s smart Ashton will tell him to keep it shut.

shakytown added 04:07 - Aug 4
Monkey poo. Perhaps he has got what he wants because unlike you he actually knows about how football is played and how to build a winning attitude and team. Time to forget last seasons losers and wage collectors and look forward not back. If you cant let go of the old past it team it's time to head down the road to Colchester.

Bazza8564 added 07:05 - Aug 4
Watching Sky Sports news yesterday the comment was made that very little Premier or championship transfers done yet and this would create the chains for others to move on.

Suspect we will see that happen, and it probably explains why players like Downes and Jackson etc are still here.

Either way our business so far has been good, if theres more to come, bring it on !!

BobbyBell added 07:09 - Aug 4
PC has said that our squad was poor and worse still their attitude was wrong and that had spread. The choice was to replace all now or just some and wait for January to do more. I personally think this is the right way but it will take time to get everyone together and playing well. PC has also laid down clearly how much commitment each player must have and only those 100% committed to ITFC have been signed. Personally I want to see a first choice 11 playing as many games as possible as rotation has done us no favours in past seasons. Only rest players when they start to struggle not every other week as we need consistency and a team that knows each other inside out.

Nobbysnuts added 07:52 - Aug 4
I'm sick to death of every season our manager saying its a work in progress and will take a season to get sorted...its just like they get thier excuses in early and then say I told you so.....if it carries on like this we will never get anywhere....

tractorboybig added 08:06 - Aug 4
a good manager uses what he has not slagging them off after every game.
You can buy a hundred players and it does not mean success? Time for mr cook to produce?
And lets hope there is some substance to mr ashton and he is not an all things to all men.

bluesteel added 08:19 - Aug 4
is norwood injured again?

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