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Morsy: The Immediate Aim is Promotion
Saturday, 4th Sep 2021 17:28

Samy Morsy, Town’s 19th and final senior signing of the summer, is in no doubt about the immediate task in hand at Portman Road - winning promotion to the Championship.

Morsy penned a three-year deal with the Blues on Tuesday ahead of the 11pm deadline after the club agreed an undisclosed six-figure fee with Middlesbrough.

“The immediate aim is to get promoted and that’s what I’ve come to the club to do,” the 29-year-old told iFollow Ipswich.

“You can’t dress it up, the aim is promotion given the size of this club, the players and the manager.

“I know the owners want to invest in the squad and want us to be a force in the Championship.

“They’ve backed the manager and the manager has been promoted from this league before so it’s exciting.

“There’s some very good players here. With Kyle Edwards, my good friend, Lee Peltier [Middlesbrough right-back] has had nothing but good things to say about him and about how good he is.

“Obviously, the [Bersant] Celina signing is a big one, Conor Chaplin scored a lot of goals in the Championship.”

Morsy is banned for three games following last week’s red card in Boro’s 1-1 draw with Blackburn with an appeal having been unsuccessful, although he can make his debut in the Papa John’s Trophy game at home to West Ham’s U21s a week on Tuesday.

Quizzed on what fans can expect of him, the Egyptian international said: “I play in midfield. I like to get the ball from the defence and start attacks. I break up play. I try to control and dictate games.

“I don’t want to be banned but it gives me time to find a place to live here and sort out personal things so when I am playing, I’m fully focused on the job. I’ve got to fully adapt to Ipswich now and hopefully have a good season.”

Photo: ITFC

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legoman added 17:49 - Sep 4
Exciting times ahead, obviously a lot of our new arrivals have seen an upheaval of their personal lives yet have still managed to play very exciting football. When everyone is settled so as to focus fully we are in dreamland compared to past seasons.

Eddie1985 added 19:01 - Sep 4
Not sure how much upheaval is involved moving from a town in the UK to another town in the UK?? Es given the wages they are on, what is it they may struggle with? They are paid handsomely to play for us and there should be no excuses anymore, Cook slated our previous players, now he has his own team of quality players at massive cost despite a poor record, time to get us promoted if he doesn't achieve that then we move on, hopefully he does and this Egyptian lad and celina should ensure it

Edmundo added 19:17 - Sep 4
Eddie, they are all humans. Moving house is stressful even if you pay someone to do all the packing and lifting. There's even more when you have a family, as many of these lads do. Work (football) is important, but I'd hope the guys are as committed to their families as their football, otherwise they are the wrong characters. We don't want any Chopras or Bullards at our club nowadays.

JewellintheTown added 19:30 - Sep 4
Was about to say the same thing. Glad someone else doesn't think footballers aren't affected by everything else other than football.

Are you familiar with the concept of empathy? Do you have friends, family, lifestyles, places you visit? If you moved, wouldn't those be affected?

Dissboyitfc added 20:01 - Sep 4
Eddie….. really?

Lukeybluey added 20:20 - Sep 4
I do get the impression that some people can't tell the difference between the Internet and real life.

Welcome Sam, hope you smash it!

Lukeybluey added 20:20 - Sep 4
I do get the impression that some people can't tell the difference between the Internet and real life.

Welcome Sam, hope you smash it!

AlanG296 added 20:28 - Sep 4
Eddie1985 if moving home for a change of club wasn't upheaval, suspect Captain Fistpump and his cronies might not have jumped at the chance to go just 20 miles down the A12. Assuming there were other clubs who would have had them.

Eddie1985 added 23:25 - Sep 4
Uuummm yes really, can't quite understand what you don't understand about my point, for the record I have just moved house packed everything myself and did alot of it my car not a removal van, I have 5 children as well as a wife and yes friends as well, my god how woke are some of you, it didn't effect my work moving house. These players earn a fortune and we really supposed to worry about how they are settling into the area???!! If you have money and can pick a house fit for purpose I'm pretty sure living in one town is very much like living in another, if they were moving from abroad I'd see the point but no your all wrong to offer it as an excuse for potential below par performance

MattinLondon added 00:32 - Sep 5
When you moved house, whilst looking after your five kids, whilst looking after your wife, whilst driving, did you also provide the music? Was it trumpet blowing by any chance?

Eddie1985 added 02:49 - Sep 5
Matt in London.... Very good... Although I was responding to a direct question from jewellin the town, if you read the comments that would be clear, I never said I was looking after my wife though, she was looking after the kids and intermittently I would drive, I'm sure if my driving standards were to slip and I had a crash which I was to blame for the police and insurance company would not take into account the idea that I'm 'still settling into the area,'

Beattiesballbag added 02:52 - Sep 5
Eddie1985: Don't think there was anything woke about anything said by previous posters, they were just being realistic about the time scale & everything involved in a sudden move to an area you know nothing about.
You're "pretty sure living in one town is much like living in another", yep you got that right.....but how long dose it take to look for that house & in what areas plus finding a school for the kids etc?.......your kids give you grief while you were looking for that new home in an area you knew nothing about?
Moving your belongings by what ever means is not an issue & he wasn't making any excuses, he just said the ban would enable him an opportunity to sort things & be able to fully focus on his job.
Your first statement, "Not sure how much upheaval is involved moving from a town in the UK to another town in the UK? " I'll take a stab in the dark, the fact you moved alot of your stuff in your car suggests it wasn't far & yep your not sure how much upheaval is involved , it does look like another case of not engaging the brain before operating the keyboard.

bluesman added 06:08 - Sep 5
It’s probably quite good to move around a lot if nobody likes you

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 07:43 - Sep 5
I’m planning on moving back to UK when I retire next year. You’re getting me worried! Seems as if I’m in for some major upheaval! -:) Can anyone recommend a RELIABLE international mover, by any chance?

Eddie1985 added 07:47 - Sep 5
Beatiesballbag.... Come in please.... If you earn good money then looking for a house is not hard... School applications, just done them myself took around ten minutes a brief look at the ofstead report will tell you if it's any good. I didn't move that far but into a very different environment... Town to village etc but my view from a period of working away alot and spending weeks in various towns was that in the end its all a much of a muchness... Towns all have the same basic stuff in them there is not some sort of new culture to get used to and Google will tell you where all the services are.... I really don't get it... And because I don't get it I get people on here questioning whether I have friends saying nobody likes me lol... Honestly u all need to have a word with yourselves, I just don't believe that settling into the area justifies a drop in performance level when you a highly paid professional

Northstandveteran added 08:12 - Sep 5
Me and my girlfriend just moved into a tree house.

I hope we don't fall out.

rfretwell added 08:31 - Sep 5
Eddie has his his own stresses with 5 kids etc so full Mark's to him for finding moving house pretty easy. What he could have added is that clubs provide alot of help and information to smooth the process for new signings. Ordinary Joes dont get any.

Bazza8564 added 09:14 - Sep 5
So an article about a fella we should be welcoming with open arms and his desire to get us back into the championship provokes a moronic debate about whether highly paid footballers should be able to move house with less stress than others?
Some people on here could pick a fight with the Dali Llama.
Welcome Sam, hope you are happy and successful here and we get promoted as per your goals. Ignore all this other nonsense, you'll soon get used to it.

BlueRuin69 added 09:22 - Sep 5
Welcome Sam! Coyb

Robert_Garrett added 10:03 - Sep 5
Welcome back my friends to the sound that never ends...... Ladies and Gentlemen .........Emerson Lake and Palmer............

Welcome back my friends to the sound that never ends...... Ladies and Gentlemen .........Number 17 Ed Sheeran...........

Eddie1985 added 10:09 - Sep 5
Bazza I actually agree with you and was more responding to the comments on here than to morsey himself, he seems like a good character and having been on holiday to Egypt and Tunisia I know they are really passionate about football and I wish him every success here. My grandfather was in the chindit regiment in world war 2 captured by the japs, tortured, nearly starved to death, when he returned to long Melford his own mother did not recognise him, yet he came back never moaned and got on with it, the problems people experience by simply moving home are laughable compared to the problems our forefathers experienced, we need to get a grip sometimes I feel

ringwoodblue added 10:12 - Sep 5
Have I accidentally joined a relocation forum?

This guy is going to be a massive signing and a great captain for us so like everything else with Town this year, we have to give him time.

Bazza8564 added 11:18 - Sep 5
@Ringwoodblue, magnificent first line :)

Linkboy13 added 11:27 - Sep 5
These players talk about why they have dropped down a league too come and play for their former manager. But let's be honest they are being paid good money that's the reality of it all if you believe otherwise you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Let's hope this guy can show more heart and desire because apart from Bonne, Coulson and Burns we haven't really seen it when the chips have been down.

ChrisR added 12:14 - Sep 5
WelCome Samy .
Talks well , sounds confident has an excellent fitness record .
Just hope he can help us up , but may be next season realistically ?

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