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Ipswich Town 0 v 2 Rotherham United
SkyBet League One
Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 Kick-off 19:45
Cook: We Were Beaten By a Far Better Team All Over the Pitch
Tuesday, 23rd Nov 2021 22:58

Town boss Paul Cook admitted his side was beaten by a far better team all over the pitch as they were defeated 2-0 by new League One leaders Rotherham United at Portman Road.

Ben Wiles and Shane Ferguson scored a goal in each half for the Millers, who never looked in any danger of not claiming all three points.

“I’ve got no problems with the result, no problem with anything, crowd reactions or anything else,” Cook said. “The brutal truth tonight was we were beaten by a far better team all over the pitch.

“That’s just a benchmark to this division, to where we want to be and where we want to go as a club. And tonight we were well off it.

“Credit to Rotherham, I knew it was going to be a difficult game, I’ve known [Rotherham manager] Paul [Warne] for a long time, I know what his team brings and tonight they brought everything to the table that makes them such a formidable team in this division.”

He added: “There’s no excuses from me tonight, there’s absolutely none. Saturday, I was really disappointed because we played well at Sunderland and we deserved to win.

“Tonight we deserved what we got, which was nothing out of the game and sometimes you’ve got to make sure that that’s the motivation to drive you on to get better because everything that was good about Rotherham tonight was lacking in us, and that was really disappointing.”

Regarding Rotherham, he added: “They’re a well-oiled machine, what you see is what you get. Solid, great work ethic, great desire from all the players, clear team play, strategy how they play, and they’re very good at it.

“For us tonight, it just proved a little bit difficult. Listen, you can debate the game. You guys watch Ipswich, you have done for a period of time, tonight’s really disappointing because we have made some good strides, there has been positivity about, but we’ve probably dampened that a lot tonight.”

Things for the players to learn from the match? “We’ll see won’t we? Runs are what they are? For us 19 games into a new campaign where there’s been so much optimism around the club, the ticket sales going into Christmas, the fans turning up as they have done again tonight.

“We appreciate it, it’s no use me saying ‘Well done and thanks’ to them because I understand it. I feel exactly what they feel tonight, which is that I’ve watched an Ipswich Town team be second best all over the pitch.”

Quizzed on whether he believes Rotherham are likely to be the best team in the division this season, Cook said: “Good luck to Paul, he’s put together a very strong team, he’s a good guy. He’s got good staff, good players and they’re a very strong team.

“It’s something we aspire to being, so tonight we hold our hands up, we didn’t at Sunderland on Saturday where we felt we deserved to win the game. Certainly tonight we got what we deserved.”

Town are now 13th, eight points off the play-offs and 13 from the Millers and Wycombe in the automatic spots.

Asked whether every missed opportunity puts pressure on future games, Cook said: “Everyone wants to fast-forward, to be promoted. The reality is when we’re doing what we’re trying to do, there are going to be hiccups, there is no doubt about that.

“We’ve recruited a lot of players, we’ve walked into a team tonight that’s good and we’ve felt the full force of them. We acknowledge that, there’s no problem from me with that.”

Given the 13-point gap between the Blues and the Millers and Chairboys, isn’t the top two now going to be a big ask this season?

“Everything’s a reaction to a result in football,” Cook responded. “If we’re going to hopefully build a solid team that will take us forward, the bigger picture is something you must look at and we can’t have the short-term outlook that after a win that we might think we’re getting there and the defeats make you feel like the world’s about to end.

“The reality is we watch our team perform and that will be the biggest indicator of where we’re at. Where we feel we’re at tonight at 10 o’clock after that game, is not a great place, so we have to manage that.”

Town have now failed to score in their last three league games. Is that a concern? “Three games ago we were the highest scorers in the division. We haven’t said to them to stop shooting, we haven’t said stop crossing it, we haven’t said creating chances.

“It is what it is and on nights like tonight, I like to think I’m experienced now and I think sometimes we just say well done to Rotherham, wish them a safe trip him, they’ve travelled down well today, they’ve played really, really well and they’ve gone home with the thoroughly deserved points.

Cook brought on Joe Pigott to join Macauley Bonne in the second half and Cook was asked whether he might consider starting the pairing.

“I’m not going to debate the team selections and formations,” he said. “It’s just a difficult night tonight, we lost Sone Aluko, whose father passed away, which is a really disappointing one because Wes Burns on that right-hand side is out with his hamstring.

“You can debate your team and what’s gone on, there’s no point now. Let’s just have some manners.”

How long might Burns be out for? “I don’t want to debate the players and where we’re at. It’s a disappointing night tonight and we’ve got to bounce back from it.”

Bailey Clements was subbed in the second half and Cook was asked whether he felt it was a tough night for the youngster, who was making his third league appearance.

“Bailey’s been excellent in his three or four games and you’re always going to get tested,” he said.

“Defensively you’re always going to get challenged and Bailey’s come into the team and done really, really excellent. He can certainly hold his head up high.”

Rotherham boss Warne was delighted with his side's evening's work after a setback prior to kick-off.

“It didn't start great when [keeper] Josh Vickers went down with a sore groin about 10 minutes from the end of the warm-up, but in the end it was a really good performance,” he told the Millers official website.

“I'm really proud of my group. I say how much I love my players all the time, but they're great. They take on information and they work so hard out of possession of the ball.

“We sort of suffocated Ipswich really because of our work ethic and we got two good goals, and on another night we could have had another couple.

“As away performances go, I'm really pleased. They're a really good team and Cooky is a brilliant manager who will have success here no doubt, but tonight he was against a really good Rotherham side who managed the game really well.

“They all mean a bit but I think you always feel more engaged with the fans when you know how much effort has gone into coming to the game.

“The 250 or so that have come down in midweek is some effort and you do want to enjoy those moments. I didn't want to go full Jurgen Klopp but I sort of did!

“It is a big win and Oxford is going to be another good test on Saturday and then we have two cup games.”

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brendenward35 added 23:02 - Nov 23
It's your team Paul you asked for the players you got them. So if they are not good enough and we are miles away from where we need to be then the you only have yourself to blame. Suggest you get a number 2 and pretty fast as your running out of ideas very quickly.

bedsitfc added 23:03 - Nov 23
I think the ball boys could do better managing the team than this one trick pony!

Utter useless manager

MickMillsTash added 23:04 - Nov 23
They were better organised and worked harder from the outset. They looked fitter - I have a problem with that.
If we are going to play with Evans and Morsy we need better full backs- having 6 defensive players on the pitch only works if you've got Harry Kane up front and tonight we didn't appear to have anyone

multiplescoregasms added 23:04 - Nov 23
And beaten by a better manager. Anyone watching tonight could clearly see that Bonne needed help upfront, except you obviously. Don't start being a pigheaded manager, we have had those before. Change the formation at home, play 2 up front, and start attacking teams from the off. Fed up with watching teams control the first quarter of the game before we do anything. Awful performance, and probably worse than the Bolton 5hitshow.

Cookycrew added 23:05 - Nov 23
How refreshing to have a Manager so honest and telling it how it was. He hurts as much as us supporters. Onwards together... Win lose or draw COYBs

churchmans added 23:06 - Nov 23
What the hell is a no2 going to do????
Buy a new defence? Change a formation?
COOK OUT! or does he still need 'time to gel'
He does my head in now! Constant praise for opposing managers and teams before and after games

Bazza8564 added 23:08 - Nov 23
Thats a very fair reflection, outplayed and well of the level we need to be in this division.
Question for me is why? We have the budgets, we've made signings in their numbers, yes we have wide players missing but the pace, direction, penetration and determination all seemed lacking. We are all desperately disappointed and emotions are running very high tonight but the reality is we didnt fight hard enough or want it as much as Rotherham did. And being outplayed at home by Rotherham United with the resources we now have hurts.....

warwickblue added 23:10 - Nov 23
More skillful...ok. But when a manager suggests that the opposition are more up for the game, or show more desire, then that is his fault alone. Great work ethic? Great desire? What are Ipswich Town players supposed to have then Cook?

N2_Blue added 23:11 - Nov 23
Time to go Mr Cook and give someone a go who actually has a plan B and can set up a team based on the opposition.

Selecting a team with 3 10s playing behind Boone against a bullying team like Rotherham was suicide.

Ashton and co, please make the change, don’t dwell, it’s need to be done now!

BossMan added 23:11 - Nov 23
Cook needs 23 points from the next 9 games just to reach the total Lambert had on the day he was sacked.

Churchman added 23:12 - Nov 23
Your players, your team, your mess. That you’ve signed the players, you pick the team. They’re 13th in League One. No goals in three games and found out.

With the resources and choices available to you in the summer Mr Cook, if you think 6 paltry wins and 13th is good enough, maybe it’s time to go and be an assistant elsewhere - maybe to your mate Liam Richardson?

Jugsy added 23:19 - Nov 23
Watched the game, like many. Fair cop by Paul. For those talking about budgets, buying players is fine but success will take time. Paul Warne has one of the best teams in the division, but he’s one of the longest serving in the league and teams take time to build. I remember us playing Rotherham under him and they were whipping boys. They’ve stuck with him and they’ve built a competitive team bouncing between leagues. It’s not Cook’s fault that Ipswich have descended, he’s charged with getting us up but he deserves time. Not even a season with him yet. But there will be plenty of impatient fans who think we should be doing better, quicker. Get real, no one likes losing but this team is improving.

Eddie1985 added 23:25 - Nov 23
He said last season that he and his staff were very disappointed with the calibre of players they inherited??! Well im completely underwhelmed by the manager and staff who make up pahl cooks Ipswich, maybe hes taking the whole, walking towards advercity thing to literally, and he seems stubborn and ignorant to boot, he talks but dosent say much

AlanG296 added 23:28 - Nov 23
No this team is not improving it is going backwards, like the ball regularly does, from Evans to Toto or George then back to the keeper for a good old hoof up the field to the opposition defence.

brendenward35 added 23:28 - Nov 23
Teams improving? 0 goals in last 3 games beaten by very poor Sunderland team low on confidence, totally out played by Rotherham and a nil nil draw against Oxford if we were improving we would be putting the ball in the net and we are not going backwards I think but I could be wrong

PortmanTerrorist added 23:32 - Nov 23
PC promised we would never be outrun
PC promised we would be the fittest
PC promised these performances would never happen with Morsy on the pitch

You get the idea....I could go on, am sure you guys could too.

No other club of our stature would accept tonight's performance without asking questions of the manager. I worry we are accepting failure again, but hope PC can pull it out of the bag but the clock is ticking for me.

itfchorry added 23:33 - Nov 23
Sadly not good enough to hold the reins
of our wonderful Club -

Tried his way - nice guy - Don’t want to
look at yet another change - But not acceptable.

Gforce added 23:36 - Nov 23
Very difficult to achieve promotion when you only have one decent defender.
Still at least we'll have another new ground to visit next season, Forest Green Rovers.

Vanisleblue2 added 00:01 - Nov 24
"Credit to BLANK FC, we lick our wounds, work harder etc. etc."
How can a team, back room staff etc. assembled with such fanfare and money with Celina, Morsy, Edwards, Harper etc. who were all going to rip up League 1 get outplayed, out fought and how are Rotherham "what we aspire to be"?
The players are so much better than last seasons but the results are completely as predictable and frustrating

shakytown added 00:53 - Nov 24
Why cant you see that you are the problem Mr Cook. You are trying to force the players into a system they cannot play when a good manager adapts his system to fit the players. 4231 is fine if you have overlapping wing backs and a fast breaking midfield but we have neither. Tick tock Cooky.

Churchman added 00:54 - Nov 24
Warne deserves a medal for stifling back the latter when he said ‘they’re a really good team and Cooke’s a really good manager’. He had to be having a laugh, surely?

For a team to be, in their own manager’s words outworked, at home, at any level is disgraceful. If I was the Chairman he’d be on the rug in the morning explaining how after all the words a team at this club can be outworked. What on earth have we signed? Yet another bunch of nobodies looking for an easy payday? Looks that way.

Losing to a better team is no disgrace. Being outworked? I don’t see how that can be justified..

Woodbridgian added 01:00 - Nov 24
N2 Blue:I don’t know about needing a plan B, I don’t think Cooks even got a plan A

jayceee added 05:11 - Nov 24
I actually can't listen to Cook anymore - before or after games.

Bert added 06:08 - Nov 24
Not good enough Mr Cook. You may not have any complaints about the outcome but many of us do and expect more from you. Reaching the play offs is doable but only if our manager reflects on his own inability to think outside the box.

pablo123 added 06:27 - Nov 24
Yet another clueless manager at pur club , .................

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