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Town Survey Fans Following Portman Road Opener
Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2022 18:31

Town have sent a survey to supporters quizzing them on their matchday experience during Saturday’s opening fixture against Bolton Wanderers at Portman Road.

Portman Road has undergone a number of changes over the summer with a new PA installed, a big screen and improvements to the concourses and bars among them.

A number of fans received the surveys from the club by email this afternoon.

Earlier in the summer, following the pre-season friendly against West Ham, Town sent out a similar survey regarding the PA.

Matchday Images

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oldbri added 18:51 - Aug 2
It would be nice to have a survey about the abysmal audio coverage for iFollow customers. The audio had two commentaries at the same time, in the early first half which I could not change. The audio stopped completely in the first half and again in the second half. Plus the commentary was voiced by a different person from last year. The home commentater dribbled on but the away commentator gave a decent commentary. Bring back Brenner Woolley and Mick Mills.

Bluefish11 added 19:21 - Aug 2
Lots of improvements achieved and I accept it is work in progress but:

A: Only 2 people serving at half time in Section P bar in west stand with 100+ people huffing and puffing in queues, many of which gave up!

B: Could not read the new screen from Sect P. Too much content packed in using small typeface. (Replays worked OK, otherwise pointless, need to learn from that one)

Lots of other good work has been delivered! Well done!

Robert_Garrett added 19:34 - Aug 2
The two audios was only on the home broadcast on IFollow. the away one was perfect even though the clown was from Bolton! The scottish commentator really knew his stuff and knew which players were on the park etc. Really good even though a NotloB fan? Radio Suffolk was missing throughout the whole broadcast so I feel seriously let down and disappointed !Even Bucks Fizz said it was a soft penalty! Still we made enough chances to win three games. Nice to see Nice to see our loanee kicking off well for Pompey.

DJR added 19:44 - Aug 2
For some of the questions there weren't enough options when it came to answers. For example, I thought the sound level was fine, but it was muffled, but there was not option for this. And I had to answer the catering questions which I hadn't used because there was no N/A option.

SurreyBlueGirl added 20:30 - Aug 2
I agree that the new screen is pretty useless I was in row S in the SBR upper. I could justr about make out the time but the teams were just a blur. The sound wasn;t too bad apart from when he announced the scorer whilst all the celebrations were going on.

itsonlyme added 20:40 - Aug 2
The survey was pathetic! Had to answer questions on catering but didn’t use it. The same with the Fanzone. Also we arrived early because my son wanted to go to the shop to buy a new shirt, but no option to tell them. Also, the ‘big screen’ was a wast of time as I could not make out anything on it from the Sir Bobby upper. The sound system was better however.

terryf added 20:56 - Aug 2
Tricky to pick up the content on the screen from The Sir Alf. Are they putting one up the other end.

When are they going to sort out the hand driers some work for 10 seconds others don't work at all. Most people use the loo and hopefully wash their hands but these existing driers are not fit for 2022.

Also I love music but it was pretty difficult holding a conversation with fellow season ticket holders. Please turn down the volume.

That said the atmosphere was great and it was good to catch up again with friends from last season.

Mark added 21:02 - Aug 2
It is good they are seeking the views of fans, but the survey wasn't well designed. I had to rate the catering I didn't use. The option given for not liking the LED adverts was because the text wasn't clear, when I didn't like the distracting movement / flashing when the match was in play.

BlueWax added 21:26 - Aug 2
Good idea to send a survey out but the like others on here it wasn't the best design!
Best was atmosphere and flags, worst was flimsy paper cups for beer...£5.25 for draught San off...and same price for a can of Carlsberg...shocking.
Well done Town for getting the fans back and keeping prices of tickets fair.
Please don't let our fab fans get ripped off from refreshments.

Cloddyseedbed added 21:33 - Aug 2
No option to say you didn't use catering, so had to answer answers about it which were N/A. Good to have surveys, that is the only way to improve things by listening to supporters.

Gforce added 22:49 - Aug 2
Also need to improve the content on the TV's in the West Stand,nothing on them worth watching at all.
No match highlights at half time ,like we used to get,no half time or full time scores etc etc.
£5.25 for a can of Carlsberg, = Rip Off.
Gripe over.

warwickblue added 23:05 - Aug 2
Sitting on the end of a row between Block B and Block C in the Cobbold the PA was awful. Couldn't hear a thing that was said; but the music was booming. Only clear thing was the emergency announcement.

Paddy39 added 00:33 - Aug 3
The staff in the Bar of the SBR north stand upper were abysmal. New staff who couldn’t even work the till properly or pour a decent pint.

Fat_Boy_Tim added 00:40 - Aug 3
Ifollow was a mess early on but they sorted that out. I’m sure that lesson has been learned. Carlos Edwards doesn’t have a voice for radio but I don’t suppose much can be done about that! God save us from bringing back Brenner Wolley though, Can’t stand his negative spin on everything. The great unwashed will be fine without him.

Marc- I think that ship has sailed, LED ad hordings with moving images are here to stay and are a condition of being in the premier league so I can’t see them being removed.

ImAbeliever added 07:46 - Aug 3
A poorly compiled survey. Results on food, bars and ticketing entry did not apply to many but required answers. Waste of time.

filobiz added 09:32 - Aug 3
we had a great day on saturday and for the sake of progress i'd like to say i had possibly the worst 'coffee' i've ever tasted! i mean it wasn't even coffee, it was like brown foul tasting water. why bother? was all i could think. must add though that the pies were very good! as was everything else. always love a day out at portman road.

Orraman added 11:20 - Aug 3
Have to agree with the extortionate pricing in bars and food outlets. Unfortunately this happens at all forms of entertainment catering, whether it be football stadia, festivals, gigs or indeed anywhere the great British public want refreshment. You are a captive audience - pay our prices or go without. Same principle as motorway service stations. However as people are willing to patronise these fraudsters they will carry on overcharging. I know we are paying for service but £5.25 to pull a ring on top of a can of Carlsberg with a cost price of somewhere around £2.00 is just not on

19781981twtd added 15:35 - Aug 3
Catering has not improved arrived in Beaties bar at 2 o'clock no pies went for a drink at full time no bar staff about 6 bar staff chatting but not interested in serving until called.
Customer service !!!!

coolcat added 09:37 - Aug 6
I agree with the first comment re iFollow. Would have been nice to have had a survey about that for those who listened only on iFollow. In addition to the tech probs, the standard of audio was clearly for a tv commentary. An EADT article 4th Aug on twitter says someone was 'mis-briefed' hence a tv commentary. Also the person who we're supposed to email about such matters is a Scott Paul. However, the response to my email last week re audio just had a 'standard response' from a Marcus Nash, as did many who emailed. Haven't seen anything about the feedback on the ITFC website & not everyone looks at twitter. Hopefully the new audio will be sorted.

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