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Cardiff Match on Sky
Thursday, 8th Feb 2024 13:36

Town’s game away against Cardiff City on Saturday 9th March has moved to a 12.30pm kick-off for live coverage on Sky Sports.

The match at the Cardiff City Stadium was originally set to kick-off at 3pm.

The Blues’ next two fixtures, at home to West Brom on Saturday (KO 12.30pm) and at Millwall on Wednesday (KO 8pm), are also live on Sky, as is the game against Bristol City at Portman Road on Tuesday 5th March (KO 8pm).

Photo: Matchday Images

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Chris_ITFC added 13:44 - Feb 8
F### Sky Sports.

ipswichdave added 13:45 - Feb 8
Do we get the same amount of money for home and away games. How much?

Gforce added 13:55 - Feb 8
Here's hoping our 12.30 kick off form improves.

Gforce added 13:56 - Feb 8
Starting Saturday!!

MickMillsTash added 13:56 - Feb 8

chepstowblue added 14:04 - Feb 8
This is scandalous. I'll have to depart Chepstow at 11pm now !!

CookAshtonJohnson added 14:13 - Feb 8
That is criminal from Sky Sports - a company that literally last week were promoting “Green Football Weekend” and then ask Ipswich fans to travel halfway across the country earlier than anticipated, which means fans will have catch trains (if they’re not on strike) and if they are, tons of buses which will leave Portman Road at around 4-5am! But hey, anything for the extra money, right Sky?

Lightningboy added 14:22 - Feb 8
No coincidence that our form has tailed off since Sky started potching around with most of our fixtures since the beginning of December..

Football should be played on a Saturday at 3pm & Tuesdays 7.45.


IpswichT62OldBoy added 14:30 - Feb 8
I bloody hate this, how are you supposed to organise your life around this nonsense

fizzyblue added 14:31 - Feb 8
Another 4 games I can’t watch on TownTV via I live abroad. Subscribing to the TownTV package has been an absolute waste of money. But on the positive side I’m glad we are doing so well and getting the recognition for it via more coverage :)

RaymondovicBlue added 15:14 - Feb 8
Just for some balance ... whilst I agree that football should be played at the same time for all clubs for total fairness in preparation etc ... I also would like to put in a word of thanks for the ability to watch some Ipswich games via Sky Go.

I live away from Ipswich and could never afford a season ticket so cannot get tickets for home matches due to our EXCELLENT home support - then, under the new scheme I cannot get to the one away match per year I used to be able to either due to our, er, EXCELLENT away support

With only Tuesday night games on Town TV I have stopped my subscription and am glad to be able to watch some of the Sky games, and for "free" too.

So - whilst I agree with all the above comments ... I also disagree and at the same time

Up the Town

tractorboybig added 15:49 - Feb 8
but sky is the reason the premier league exists......and you all want to be there

wischip added 16:07 - Feb 8
"You're joking - not another one!"

Michael101 added 16:10 - Feb 8
But wait until the. Greedy big clubs get there super league then sly TV will be paying mega bucks to them and foxtrot Oscar to everyone else

SpiritOfJohn added 16:10 - Feb 8
The Premier League exists because the 'big clubs' wanted to make more money and Sky were willing to fund their greed. Sky have no interest in supporters who attend matches except when they need them to prevent something like the European Super League from taking off and disrupting their cash flows.

JewellintheTown added 16:43 - Feb 8
Just playing devils advocate but I remember a time when some were moaning we didn't get on Sky enough vs other favoured clubs, but now we're doing that considerably more, we still have people upset its on, but others happy because they cant get to the game so can see it. Can't please everyone.

However, the 12.30pm part is inexcusable and should be at the same time as everyone else. I recall we have the Burnley chairman Bob Lord back in the 60's to thank for the TV blackout between 2.45-5.15pm Saturday slot.

I do sympathise with Town TV subscribers though. Needs a sensible balance.

hunty21 added 16:45 - Feb 8
Fizzyblue , you can still watch it on town tv just vpn in the countries you can watch it abroad

carlisleaway added 17:36 - Feb 8
Get that feeling that Sky are doing there best to stop us getting promoted

michaeldownunder added 18:30 - Feb 8
Great, another game I cannot watch live in Australia. I knew when I signed up for TownTV that I might miss a few games due to sky etc but this is over the top. I will not pay for the full package next season. Will they give me a credit for all the missed games or a reduction on next season ?

Europablue added 18:53 - Feb 8
tractorboybig I don't care for the Premier League, I just want Ipswich in the top flight.

ArnieM added 18:57 - Feb 8
Apparently it’s not Sky tv who request these ko times it’s the EFL… still a PITA though snd absolutely no respect for the people that REALLY matter - the fans!!

Europablue added 18:59 - Feb 8
Presumably ITFC get paid more for the matches on Sky. It would be reasonable for them to offer a refund for a little bit of the subscription fee if less than a certain number of matches are actually available to watch on their service. I love TownTV, but I don't know how it would work if we did manage to get promoted.
I would really like to have a shake-up of the football TV model. It should be possible to pay to watch all of your own teams' matches. I don't care about watching Man Utd. vs Liverpool.

Edmundo added 19:19 - Feb 8
Football coverage really is stuck in the 90s still: we need to have live streaming of all games, on the internet. Sky has a strangle hold, but it won't be long before enough clubs decide to go elsewhere: the Premiership is one thing, but the EFL can do better: just too scared to ditch Sky and team up with another provider after it got badly burned by the ITV Digital scandal.

gosblue added 07:21 - Feb 9
Sky doesn’t care about us supporters. As we didn’t have a midweek fixture, I’m sure KMcK will have changed the training schedule this week to get ready for a 12:30 kick off. One spin off from Sky is the quality of player we get to see in the Championship. Some of our lads would be playing in the prem if the PL clubs couldn’t afford the overpriced alternatives from overseas.

dirtydingusmagee added 09:19 - Feb 9
tv doing all they can to jinx us ,

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