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Premier League Clubs Vote to Continue VAR
Thursday, 6th Jun 2024 14:06

Premier League clubs voted overwhelmingly to continue to operate VAR at today’s AGM.

It’s understood that 19 teams - including Town - were against the proposal to scrap the controversial video assistant referee protocol with only Wolves, who were behind the motion, voting in favour.

However, the Premier League says there are plans to improve its operation “for the benefit of the game and supporters”.

“As part of thorough discussions at the Annual General Meeting, it was agreed that PGMOL [the referees’ body], the Premier League and clubs all have important roles to play in improving the system and its reputation.

“As part of ongoing work to improve VAR, six key areas were focused on as part of discussions with clubs:

“1) Maintaining a high threshold for VAR intervention to deliver greater consistency and less interruptions to the flow of the game.

“2) Reducing delays to the game, primarily through the introduction of semi-automated offside technology (SAOT) and the maintained high threshold for VAR intervention.

“3) Improving fan experience through a reduction in the delays, in-stadium announcements from referees after a post-VAR change of decision and where possible, an enhanced offering of big screen replays to include all VAR interventions.

“4) Working with PGMOL on the implementation of more robust VAR training to improve consistency, including an emphasis on speed of process while preserving accuracy.

“5) Increasing transparency and communication around VAR – including expanded communications from Premier League Match Centre and through broadcast programming such as Match Officials Mic'd Up.

“6) The delivery of a fan and stakeholder VAR communication campaign, which will seek to further clarify VAR’s role in the game to participants and supporters.

“It was confirmed in April that Semi-Automated Offside Technology will be introduced in the autumn of 2024.

“The technology will provide quicker and consistent placement of the virtual offside line, based on optical player tracking, and will produce high-quality broadcast graphics to ensure an enhanced in-stadium and broadcast experience for supporters. 

“The Premier League and PGMOL will continue to lobby IFAB to allow greater flexibility in the Laws of the Game to allow live video and audio broadcast during VAR reviews.”

Installing the technology required for VAR is among the projects being undertaken at Portman Road this summer.

Elsewhere, former Blues loanee Tyreece John-Jules, 23, has been released by Arsenal having spent last season on loan with Derby County.

Forward John-Jules, who posted a photo wearing a Town shirt during some private training this morning, spent 2022/23 at Portman Road.

Meanwhile, ex-Town striker Jordan Rhodes, 34, has rejoined Blackpool, where he spent last season on loan, on a permanent basis having been released by Huddersfield.

Former Blues midfielder Josh Carson, 31, has moved from Coleraine to fellow Irish League club Ballymena, his hometown side.

Photo: Reuters

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Help added 14:15 - Jun 6
So pretty much what they should have had in place from the outset instead of the mess they have created. I can guarantee that it will still be poor even with these implementations and need further work in the future.

grow_our_own added 14:18 - Jun 6
Good. Scaping it completely would be a overcorrection of sledgehammer proportions. The game shouldn't return to the days offsides being wrong by *multiple yards*, hand of god, etc. Those decisions more often fell in favour of the big clubs. Let's improve VAR instead, starting with faster offside calls and better comms. I'd also like to see higher frames-per-second offsisde cams, or thicker lines to account for the uncertainty over which frame to pick.

BlueCosmic added 14:18 - Jun 6
All these operational 'improvements' are all very well in theory but it will always be the human factor that makes the final decision and therefore the same inconsistency will always remain, no matter what improvements are implemented.

Linkboy13 added 14:18 - Jun 6
Nothing wrong with VAR it's the people running it.

tractorboybig added 14:41 - Jun 6
I am sure the LAST thing they will take into consideration will be the supporters.

runningout added 14:55 - Jun 6
I’m mystified how anybody that chooses a job related to football, can complicate and mess up VAR

blues1 added 15:48 - Jun 6
Running out. Maybexyou should try it then. Dont think you'll find it's as easy as we'll think it should be. Mainly because of the ways the rules of using var are written. If they could simplify thexwayvit is used, it may help. Much to do with not wanting to re-referee the game. For me, if getting the decision right, means the var operatives are rerefereeung the game, then so be it. Pretty much what happens in rugby, with the video ref making decisions, in conjunction with the onfield ref. None of this clearance obvious error stuff. If there's a decision to be given, it gets done. Works there, why not in football.

Europablue added 16:14 - Jun 6
I'm more comfortable with the wrong decision being taken once in a while than having the whole game ruined and all the joy taken out of it. The key issue is for offsides and there should be a clear advantage not a pixel on the screen. If you can't see an advantage with the naked eye then, it's not really ad advantage. if you just gave the managers 3 challenges to decisions that they get to keep if they were correct, than that would be enough.

smithlarr added 16:25 - Jun 6
The right decision. The main issue is the refs not VAR, automated offside will help speed it up, and they can only improve on everything else from here.

If a workman is struggling, you don't take away his tools.

Mark added 16:57 - Jun 6
I am surprised ITFC voted for VAR, given we have to pay to implement it. I doubt it will benefit the club, and or the fans. I want to celebrate goals when the ball hits the net, not a minute or two later after VAR analysis. Anyway, I am grateful to Wolves for raising this and hope some improvements follow.

mickcosh added 17:00 - Jun 6
Good look at all decisions, Went against us last season that we had and you got three penalties with a joke

Fat_Boy_Tim added 18:05 - Jun 6
I'm not to bothered about VAR as long as they keep improving it.

The 6 key areas to focus on though start with 'Maintaining a high threshold for VAR intervention'. That's just carry on as you were!

Point 5 can I suggest instead of 'Match Officials Mic'd Up' just 'Mike Dean Mic'd Up!'

Barty added 18:23 - Jun 6
VAR should be scrapped. Its a joke.

Dissboyitfc added 19:02 - Jun 6
Blues1 what are you saying? you mark down linkboy13 for saying its the people running it, then you say it's the rules behind it, who made the rules? the people running it!

When it came in it was to be used for a clear and obvious error, if it takes 3-4 mins its not obvious, it needs to be simplified!

TimmyH added 20:09 - Jun 6
That's blues1 being blues1 I'm afraid...always correcting posters.

bobble added 21:26 - Jun 6
offside should be and cricket seem to manage video reffing ok

churchmans added 21:47 - Jun 6
Reading a story on here about var and what prem clubs have voted for!!
Because we are premiere leauge!! I say we are premiere leauge! Still have to pinch myself

Bluefish11 added 22:44 - Jun 6
Prem officials should stick with Prem games. There were so many incorrect decisions over the last month of televised Champioship games where Prem officials made mistakes or were afraid to make decisions, simply because they have become de-skilled through the reliance of VAR technology - AND if we'd had VAR last season we would probably have won the championship, certainly would have Norwich at home!

bobble added 01:21 - Jun 7
yes this will benefit us by about 9pts next season those wolverhampton folk are just plain weird...

Steelmonkey added 09:19 - Jun 7
How about introducing the offside rule to the same principle of if the ball is completely over the line then it’s out, draw the line at the last defender but if the attackers whole body isn’t over the line rather then just his fingernail then he’s onside. It would make the game more interesting and entertaining.
Let’s have some consistency in the rules of the game.

Lightningboy added 11:04 - Jun 7
The corruption continues........

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