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Glass Safety Barrier Added to Cobbold Stand
Friday, 21st Jun 2024 18:41

Town are to add a glass safety barrier to the front of the upper tier of the Cobbold Stand as part of the ongoing changes being made to the ground this summer.

While many of the modifications are related to the Blues’ promotion to the Premier League and the rules and requirements of the top flight, this move appears to be a result of the Maidstone fan rolling himself down an executive box and onto fans below while sitting in what’s usually a home area during the FA Cup tie in January. A barrier had previously been put in place in the regular away end.

Supporters sitting in Block C received an email outlining that change and a number of others affecting them.

“Everyone at Ipswich Town Football Club would like to thank you for your incredible support and trust you are looking forward to Premier League football in 2024/25,” the email reads.

“As CEO Mark Ashton has previously stated in an interview with TownTV, a significant number of changes are being made at Portman Road ahead of the new season. This includes changes within the Cobbold Stand in order to house the number of away supporters required by Premier League rules.

“This has seen the creation of a new Block V3 in the area which previously housed Block D, as well as the portion of Block C/E which ran behind Block D. This means Block C will now border with away supporters should the visiting team take their full allocation.

“Home and away supporters will be separated by a secure, stewarded, stairwell, enclosed by fencing, while additional segregation measures could also be put in place if required.

“The away section will also include a Safe Standing area, from Row J to the rear of the block, meaning sightlines may potentially be impacted for some supporters situated in Block C.

“Seats in rows A-H of Block V3 will be issued to the away club as seated tickets, with those purchasing in these rows advised to remain seated.

“Additionally, supporters should also be aware that a clear glass safety barrier will be added to the front of the block, following a request from the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA). This will be visible for supporters sitting in rows A and B as they look out over the pitch.

“Supporters should also note a new row of seating (Row J) has been added to Block C, removing the walkway which previously ran in front of Row K.”

Meanwhile, Town have opened the window for fans who renewed their season tickets who want to move seats.

Photo: Matchday Images

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Saxonblue74 added 19:06 - Jun 21
Send the bill to Maidstone

The_Snake added 20:48 - Jun 21
Would be nice if the club reimbursed those from D block who are due refunds having been moved. Nearly 3 weeks now, having been told refunds would be 5-7 days. Was told on Tuesday this week 48 to 72 hours and still nothing. Happy to take the money, would appear less keen to pay it back to those they’ve royally pi$$ed off.

RegencyBlue added 21:11 - Jun 21
All because a moron from Maidstone deliberately threw himself onto the supporters below. He should have been prosecuted by the police and/or the club but got away scot free and now this monstrosity has to be installed.

The club has no option but to follow the instructions of the health & safety police but it’s irritating to say the least. If I now have a restricted view because of this I will not be happy!

chepstowblue added 00:20 - Jun 22
The bell*nds who decided that jumping down onto the pitch against Huddersfield was a good idea didn't help either. Admittedly they were only insignificant dysfunctional degenerates from the hilarious blue action group. But as the amount of idiots attending our games reaches new highs and the standard of the behaviour reaches new lows, it was only a matter of time before these measures were put in place. Having attended games during the 70s and 80s when moronic behaviour was the norm, the modern breed of halfwit and their inability to conduct themselves in a civilised manner mean that fences and screens will soon be going back up. Decent supporters will feel hard done by. It's part of the reason why I can no longer spend 2hrs in the company of entitled a**holes on a game day.

PhuketPete added 05:21 - Jun 22
I always sat in D on visits home (having been unable to get into lower SBR and probably a bit long in the tooth for SBR anyway), so I sympathise with DE season holders and C’s who will have standing away fans blocking their view from row J back.

But really… moaning about a 3’ glass panel? Or about Blue Action? (With 3000 away fans in Cobbold we’re going to need every BA fan to try and offset the away noise).

slade1 added 06:55 - Jun 22
I agree 100% with everything you say.
As for the "insignificant dysfunctional degenerates from the hilarious blue action group" as you describe them, I also agree with you. Whereas it is great to have their noise and support at the games, it's also very disappointing that this club (through its success) has attracted some idiots and morons who think they are some kind of scary mafia type.
Some are true supporters but some are just plain a**holes

Steelmonkey added 09:13 - Jun 22
So, can someone please tell me have they the club removed the seating from that section or is it a case that the stewards will allow them to stand with the seats still in place as in the lower SBR?
It’s interesting to hear that blue action fans are intimidating other fans, I had heard of this happening but didn’t really think there was much truth in it.
For some they just go to watch a game and don’t want to or feel it’s their duty to shout and cheer throughout the game let alone receiving verbal abuse to do so from so called fellow supporters.

RobITFC added 11:44 - Jun 22
Smeary windows when it rains ? Then become restricted view tickets ?

tractorfromongar added 12:35 - Jun 22
Promotion to the Premiership sounds great but the reality might not be such an enjoyable match day for many

Radlett_blue added 12:57 - Jun 22
Probably the same mentality as the morons who've been singing "Ten German bombers" while following England in the Euros.

Edmundo added 13:49 - Jun 22
Extremely disingenuous and infant to associate Blye Action with the behaviour of a tiny minority who may or may not be paid up members of BA. Please watch you own manners when posting: the insults online are not what this club needs. In good times or bad.

blues1 added 14:54 - Jun 22
Edmundo. Mat or may not be paid up to blue action? Really. All the fans un that section are blue action. Ues, their singing is welcome. Unfortunately there's a whole lot more of their behaviour that isn't. And these barriers,are being put up largely due to them running down the rooves in order to get on the pitch last game. Just bcse they couldn't be bothered to go down the stairs and get on the pitch from downstairs. Along with the Maidstone fan of course.

Bluespeed225 added 15:27 - Jun 22
They’ve had these in front of the away fans for two years, no problems, but it’s something to moan about. Some people sound like they’d be better off moving their support to Colchester. They really don’t like change do they! Still missing Mick, the Pauls and 13k crowds with the same seat they’ve had since Beattie had a perm.

ChrisFelix added 15:46 - Jun 22
We sit right next to what was block d. These seats had access to the centre spot facilities inc air con & hot water in the toilets. I assume the posh seats have been removed but in a stand which really is dated are we really going to give visiting games such luxuries as well as centre spot views. This small area should remain for home fans & move away fans to the front of the cobbold

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