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Preston North End 4 v 0 Ipswich Town
SkyBet Championship
Friday, 19th April 2019 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Saturday 20th April but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Decland Rudd0.0
Joe Rafferty0.0
Jordan Storey0.0
Ben Davies0.0
Darnell Fisher0.0
Ryan Ledson0.0
Daniel Johnson0.0
Paul Gallagher0.0
Sean Maguire0.0
Callum Robinson0.0
Lucas Nmecha0.0
Louis Moult0.0
Josh Ginnelly0.0
Jayden Stockley0.0
0.0Bartosz Bialkowski
0.0Josh Emmanuel
0.0Luke Chambers
0.0Aristote Nsiala
0.0Myles Kenlock
0.0Teddy Bishop
0.0Cole Skuse
0.0Flynn Downes
0.0Idris El Mizouni
0.0Kayden Jackson
0.0Alan Judge
0.0Trevoh Chalobah
0.0Will Keane
0.0James Bree

Match Rating0.0 

Your Preston North End v Ipswich Town Match Reports

Freddies_Ears added 19:06 - Apr 19

Horrible display, not a single player worth applauding. We were second best in every department bar goalkeeper. Judge maybe best of a bad bunch of outfielders. Sadly, Josh and Idris were quite poor. Toto looked like a Conference player.

So sad.

Mullet added 19:23 - Apr 19

The season finished last week officially for Ipswich, destined for Div 3 with a sojourn to Deepdale one of four more stops at the end of the Championship road. Just over 400 navigated bank holiday roads blocked by umpteen crashed and stranded cars to sit on Bill Shankly’s face and look down upon the state of two teams heading to very different places.

Bart had Emmanuel, Chambers, Toto and Kenlock as his defence. Skuse tucked behind Downes and Bishop. El Mizouni started on the right, Judge on the left and Jackson up front. The bench contained notable names in the form of a returning Keane and potential debutant Ndaba. Preston meanwhile opted for a more lucid 4-2-3-1.

Neither team started with any great urgency, knowing that there was nothing more they could do this season to change their fate. Preston moved the ball around in sizzling 25 degree heat like a bead of sweat, Town came ready for a game of headers and volleys and not much more.

Emmanuel brought down the ball well on the touchline turning his man with ease before gifting possession straight back to a home side happy to canter attack, such was there little need to counter what scant resistance pushed up against them.

Chambers gave away a soft and obvious free kick in dangerous territory. Gallagher could not punish us like he did in the reverse fixture earlier this season, the wall doing its job before Bart was called for the first of many saves.

It seemed that Ipswich could get the ball to halfway with ease, but once beyond that line they could not cross, pass or shoot with any belief. Preston came back at us down the left, and regular standout for them Robinson turned Toto and Chambers far too simply. He beat Bart low and hard with a kick straight through the ball after what seemed like barely enough minutes for most to finish their free pie.

Gifts exchanged, and it was again Town who were down on the festivities.

Ipswich looked like a side with potential to explode a game, but it was always limited to self-destruction. Some good movement when the Lilywhites stood off us, meant too often Bishop would skip and turn into a cage of four white bars and still have no option to release the ball.

At the other end on loan Citizen Nmecha looked every bit the winger wanting to play up front. Drifting centrally when the ball came over, he was too quick off the mark and last man to stay on side. When he did get through, he was ushered away like a pigeon unable to sh1t on the statues in his way.

It was a game with very little happening, but a lot of fouls given. This added to the set pieces, which seemed to trouble the Blues far more than Preston. Every time the ball swung across the area, you expected a hammer blow to finish off the pinata of a defence we had in place.

Party time came for North End when Emmanuel’s defensive nod was the cue for Robinson to double his and his side’s tally. A thunderous drive as Toto held his nerve and little else on the line while it whistled past him. Too often this season you’ve known that once Ipswich concede, they are lost. Another nail in when we were long dead felt unnecessary no matter how sharp and true its placement might have been.

A game broken by the need for refreshment only seemed to drag the silent away end under more. Gasping for all the wrong reasons, we had seen little from our team beyond tentative build ups and powederpuff finishing. Rudd saw one good move culminate in a shot over from distance, and a corner drift out before Toto directed back into his arms safely.

It was the blueprint for our best chance to make a mark upon the game. Chambers ran from deep to meet Judge’s corner late. It dropped on the line for a white foot to volley it away from reducing the sheen of embarrassment from both sets of players’ faces.

Nmecha and Bishop seemed to compete for who could catch the eye and ball right as the half closed out. The starlets being given centre stage thanks to hard work already done by Robinson and lack of work done by Skuse and Chambers in gluing the side team together as they have all season.

Either player might have beat their opposing keeper with shots through crowded boxes and past the post. However, Bart had the most to do as always and it was Robinson who sparked the best glance at a third. Another Hollywood shot and the Pole palmed acrobatically, the stage was set for Nmecha who could only find another glove instead of the gear he needed to anticipate a goal going begging.

Ipswich had yet another run down the wings with El Mizouni looking the most promising but least polished of the youths out there in Blue. A touch of near arrogance would be followed up by a lack of anticipation or the Tunisian looking lost; as the step up required more distance or more awareness from those around him to be really effective.

Kenlock down the left again looked going forward, and when he wasn’t left on the back foot by the wandering Judge or inexperienced Idris he did well to push on and find any of the attackers joining him on the wing. It earnt us a corner in the last moment of the game. There was almost relief as Chambers buried his header, only to see it turned wide. The stop meant the referee at least allowed us all to go for a piss, a pint or to peer into social media away from another 45 minutes of reality.

Emmanuel did not return for the second half. Bree warmed up confusingly next Kenlock before trotting off to come on again. Presumably enough had been seen of Josh today to note he had amassed League 1 readiness.

Town kicked off and were immediately swarmed off the ball as Teddy’s powers of slip and slide seemed to have deserted him. Careering into his adversary he came with nothing as Preston mounted another charge without the need to challenge much more.

Maguire had been the leading attacker, but spent the first half very much as a second stringer. When he picked up the ball and ran the length of the half almost he brushed aside every challenger from midfield to defender almost in slow motion. Laying the ball out wide Bart could only parry the shot from Robinson who was again denied only to set up Nmecha. This time the tap in was easy enough and Town were on their third strike to count against them.

There was little reaction from any of the 12,000 in the stadium and even less from the away end who were eerily quiet. Haunted perhaps by the ghosts of old during Evans’ time or looking at the horrors which lie beneath.

Ipswich nearly and comically reduced the difference thanks to Jackson. The striker who had barely stayed centrally all game, no longer had to cross to where he should be. Keane replaced El Mizouni and Lambert tried to form a diamond from the shards of broken glass his team were now. A hoof from Bart caught out Rudd and his defender. Jackson was forced to dance wide and spin like a man with electricity in his boots, before a bolt crashing off the bar with all but one defender on the line of the net to aim for.
You have to laugh, apparently.

Gallagher’s biggest contribution in the second half was allowing Toto to trap the ball and perform a roulade so slow, it almost rolled off the penalty spot and past the veteran midfielder like he expected the ball to land in his lap whilst he instead skidded face first down the turf.

He was replaced by Moult and then Maguire was subbed for a bloke named after a defunct 90’s ice cream. The second change would go on to try and rearrange Kenlock’s kneecaps with a less than surgical lunge. The left back was belatedly shown a tallow card despite the referee not seeing him slap his assailant around the head. Town were lucky not to be down to 10 men and did little to reduce the humiliation they were being made to suffer as it was.

Moult and final sub Stockley made their way towards Bart’s goal with lunges unchecked by their markers. Both failed to connect or control their efforts on goal as crosses looked to inflict more misery on upon a beleaguered Suffolk support.

Nmecha would grab his second goal, and Robinson would have a hand in his fourth. A simple pass across the face slapped home for the final part of a dreadful quadrilogy from an Ipswich perspective. Far post, but far from done the loan man would make a case to gather plenty of interest beyond Preston next season you might wonder.

Lambert did bring on Chalobah who replaced a faded Bishop. The Chelsea standout shaped up to fire over the bar in one of Town’s brighter moves, but it was little to write home about. In the same genre Judge again appeared to want to carry the whole team. Drifting in and determined to score that goal he has attempted several times only to see an angled shot fly wide and over to a ripple of applause rather than net.

As Ipswich write their last few stanzas of dark poetry this season, it’s hard to find rhyme or reason with Lambert’s insistence that motivating his players is not a problem. Clearly the things which are a problem dwarf it so considerably, it is no wonder we are vying for the award of worst side in the Championship over several seasons not just his one.

Town were flat and shapeless all game. The wind knocked out of us early on, we lay flapping and unappealing like a binbag of excrement on the Lancashire turf all afternoon as the loacls merely stepped over us at their leisure. It is rare to leave a game with such little passion but displaced anger and disbelief. Toto jumped in the crowd at the end, he was met by someone he knew and a stranger having some words. Chambers put his shirt into the hands of a child amidst the throng waving the players already heading down the tunnel off.

He has given us so much this season, it is hard to begrudge him much. But in a day where he came up so short, and so did those around him, it is fitting he can finish it half-naked and ashamed. Uncomfortable that all the footballing sins of the club had counted against him already.

Last season it took just twenty minutes and two Mustapha Carayol runs to completely flatten Preston. But that was last season, a long time ago. We look forward and down, with Lambert at the wheel. You can cup your ear and listen for violins all you want, you may even here the soft thuds of deckchairs being rearranged, but whatever depths are coming to engulf us before we resurface, this division will miss us and we it.

Glossopippies added 23:41 - Apr 19

Strange game. The stats do not convey the gulf in quality and threat between the two sides.Preston looked like a side that had a plan, that was familiar with each other's roles and moves, despite their many injuries, and that found dangerous positions. Ipswich, for all their possession, did not get themselves into dangerous positions, and seemed completely uncoordinated down the centre of the defence. Bialkowski for the most part looked disengaged and disinterested, and Chambers and Nsiala individually seemed to need a Collins or a Pennington as a partner, not each other. For me Kenlock was OK, Judge buzzed around and seemed to have ideas, and Skuse had a good game . I always expect things from Jackson, but he's rarely in the right place at the right moment.

harlingblue added 04:35 - Apr 20

I can't add ratings, as I was not at the game, but watched the SKY lowlights.
What I would like to add IMHO, that was a very poor line-up and team formation.
Missing (my player of the year Pennington Injured, and second best Chalobah on the bench), both got
on loan during the Hurst period in charge, we had only Judge, brought in during the Lambert reign,
starting on the pitch today?
How Bart can get such a high rating on here is a mystery, a terrible error for the third goal, and has had a poor season, cost us more than he gained for us.
PL is a great PR man, but I think that I would rather have our U23 team Managers under the guidance of Brian Kluug moved up, allowing them to be in charge of football on the pitch, with a good scouting network in place, and a hard negotiator to get money, at the right time from Marcus Evans?

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