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Portsmouth 2 v 0 Wycombe Wanderers
SkyBet League One
Thursday, 26th December 2019 Kick-off 15:00

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Your Portsmouth v Wycombe Wanderers Match Reports

alexharban added 17:15 - Aug 18

Great performance, just didnt create enough, deserved to win

TractorBeezer added 17:37 - Aug 18

I listened on Ipswich Player. This sounded like a good game and I was delighted to hear that rather than settle for a draw, we were seeking the winner right up to the final whistle. Also pleased to learn that Hyam delivered a top drawer performance today.
Mick Mills observed that JET lacked focus today and could have used some encouragement from the captain and other team members.
Overall a positive result against a strong recent Premier team

TimmyH added 17:45 - Aug 18

I wasn't at the game today but it's strange how different stations report matches differently, according to the Beeb it was 2 points dropped for Blackburn today who were apparently 'strolling' up until the last ten minutes or so and then Town put them under pressure aided and abetted by a crowd that had been quiet up until the equalizer! Not sure how accurate this is? anybody like to shed some neutral light on this? Also they said that Danny Murphy had ran the midfield and for the most part we were misplacing our passes.

algarvefan added 17:52 - Aug 18

I'd have settled for this result before the game, still a few players short but well done to Hyam and the other youngsters a credible draw with a good side!

TimmyH added 17:57 - Aug 18

And let's not forget played on the hottest day of the year, so a credible draw!

Sindre94 added 17:58 - Aug 18

Heard it on the radio and people said it was a great performance.. good to hear were passing the ball around.
3 points on tuesday please... although I can feel a draw coming...

warwickblue added 18:10 - Aug 18

TimmyH - Blacburn were soild but unremarkable. Set their stall out for a draw in the second half and rarely made any sort of attacking headway. Blackburn were rarely 'strolling' in any sense of the word, although their older players legs were going towards the end due, I suspect, to the extraordinary heat. JET was odd today and didn't really have much impact.
The crowd were mainly quiet because we were battered into submission by some ragged drumming from those show-offy Samba people that turn up at just about every event in Ipswich. PLEASE NO NO NO. NO MORE DRUMS!!!! It's like trying to concentrate on football being played next to an ill-maintained steel press.

Ipswich24 added 18:22 - Aug 18

Positive point for me really thought were going get winner at end. Ham impressed me today so did Martin. Chops needs support could see big difference when Scotland came on COYB!

meekreech added 18:35 - Aug 18

If that is the quality of the favourites for automatic promotion then we are in with a good chance of finishing well above them as they are going to struggle to beat sides who show any ambition ! We are playing as if we want to do well and are proud of the shirt !

ITFC4daprem added 18:49 - Aug 18

good performance
same team for Watford

hello66 added 18:56 - Aug 18

Hot day.....JET had a bad day at the office.....we held our own today we did not get over run and we passed the ball at times really well, its good to see Loach balls to out players have thought about them and delivered quickly this can move the game quickly to our advantage.

A lot of young legs, I get a feeling we are getting a team together again.

Like the drums got the crown going couple of time?????? What do you think?

unknownicr added 19:08 - Aug 18

Plus points were the pitch, drums and "My Way." Negative points were the lack of creativity against a very poor side, lack of pace and any sort of class on the ball. Usually I say the defence is the problem but now I think, at least, we've got a settle back four good enough for this division. Whether we score enough will be the difference between relegation and safety.

Rjitfc added 19:11 - Aug 18

Great performance. Hyam was a different class
Hope he is finally given a long run in the side. Blackburn have nothing going forward, Kazim-Richards looks to be a good little signing though.
We desperately need a couple more players though, the bench was terrible other than Scotland & Drury.
Great start though COYB!

dirtydingusmagee added 19:40 - Aug 18

well done lads, a good performance in the heat.Deserved at least a point .Unknownicr, looks like your posts are going to be a real joy .

casanovacrow added 19:44 - Aug 18

loads of possession, looked comfortable.
Lack of height an physical presence are an issue when defending corners and set plays.
Also we should make the most of our youthful speed and acceleration by playing passes in front of players in attacking areas instead of to feet with backs to goal. Was crying out for balls being played down the wing behind their defenders and crossed LOW for all of the second half.
Couple of larger more physical players and we could well do something this season

Blackburn look like a team destined for a double drop on that performance. Poor team.
Cant grumble too much though, were were very comfortable, only danger seemed to be coming from set plays (as usual)

Lanky added 19:46 - Aug 18

The best way to sum the game up was, and it was largely down to the heat, a lot of passing.. not much moving.

Decent result though, and we look a lot more solid all round the pitch compared to the start of last season.

martin12120137 added 19:48 - Aug 18

just got back from the game not often i said this last year but i thought we were really good today passed it well all game our heads didnt drop when we went 1-0 down we kept plugging away was quite impressed only bad points today was JET he was a bit disappoiting today and also our freekicks were terrible, we had about 10 freekicks in dangerous areas and nearly all of them went straight over the bar or out for a throw if we can sort them out and get in a big man upfront we could do quite well this season i think, and we have to play scotland more COYB!!!

DanLyles added 19:55 - Aug 18

It was really encouraging to watch us control the game for long periods today, especially against a side who will probably be in the top 6 or even the top 2 come May. Hyam's work rate and clever use of the ball was extremely encouraging. Ditto Edwards who brought the ball forward on numerous occassions. Luongo didn't impose himself as much as he had done in previous games but still put in a very good shift.

Lee Martin worked tirelessly and was perhaps unlucky not to score. He was the exception in our creative department though I'm afraid. Nothing came off for JET and Carson did not impose himself enough until the end of the game. I felt that when Scotland came on his physical presence stopped us getting bullied as much, while Drury's passing was farm more direct and purposeful.

We were unlucky to concede as apart from theie headed goal Smith and Chambers did a job against Kazim-Richards and Gomes. We stopped Blackburn from getting on the ball by keeping it ourselves. However, we still need a tall powerful front man to give us an extra dimension. And while I'm sure JET will come good, I would like a very direct pacey winger in the Adam Hammill mould to add to our options.

H1960 added 20:30 - Aug 18

Thought the result about right all things cosidered,we passed it about well first half with no end product,looked much better when scotland came on replacing the completely ineffective JET. My afternoons entertainment was spoilt by THOSE BLOODY AWFUL DRUMS!! Is this an attempt by ITFC to get the crowd more involved?,if so accept its a failure and lets hope we dont have to hear them again,everyone around me i bobby robson lower was being driven mad by them!!

budgieplucker added 21:05 - Aug 18

I will try and give an unbiased report.

Murphy didn't boss the midfield, after Blackburn scored they lied deep surrendering possession and allowing Ipswich a lot of the ball. Town tried to keep their passing going and all credit didn't allow themselves to be frustrated into a hoofball game, having said that long balls would have been totally pointless with the lack of height we had in the side.

Hyam was undoubtedly man of the match and shook up the Blackburn midfield. Massimmo grafted and put in another good shift but didn't quite have the influence that he had shown in previous games, having said that an early booking for him may have taken the edge of his sharp tackling game and being substituted was possibly partly a precaution to avoid a red card.

Apart from ball watching for the goal, Smith and Chambers continued to work well together against let's not forget some players with premiership reputations and overall a side that had a big physical presence.

Jet and Josh are both young players and will show signs of inconsistency unfortunately both had off days and failed to make any sort of impact.

Its a shame that Carlos is firstly shackled by his full backs duties, I can't help thinking that if we had had a decent right back on the bench (and perhaps Hewitt will be the answer here when he finally gets fit) then tactically we could have pushed Carlos more forward. He still to me looks as if he could provide the more purposeful option as right midfield/winger at the club leaving Jet and Carson to fight for the other wide slot.

Chopra was shackled and mostly ineffective until he put the defence under pressure for the own goal, in a team with the right balance he will score many goals for us, but for me he struggles to cut it for the lone striker. Jason did make an impact by giving us bit of a physical presence and again I don't doubt he will make some valuable contributions for us this year but again I see him struggling in the loan strikers role.

Having said all the above I thougt the young team acquiited themselves excellently against an experienced and former premiership side. So there is much to be encouraged by. My concern is lack of goal threat and pace in the forward third of the pitch. Whilst Lee Martin caught the eye again in his better position of the main striker I still don't see an end product and he has to be looking to get ten or more goals to be successful in my opinion in that position. I can't help thinking that a Davis and Baldock would give us a great edge of sides in this league,

I do think we will acquit ourselves well with the extra energy and enthusiasm of the young side but need a bit more in the "powerhouse" stakes to push anywhere near a top six side.

Anyway well done lads and let's now see if we can lay the 1atford bogey and see if we can come away with at least a point.

whymark4lazio0 added 21:34 - Aug 18

A promising but slightly nervous first match of the season. We deserved at least a draw despite the fact that JET had a poor game and the home debutants, Louango and Chambers, started nervously. Blackburn Rovers were workmanlike rather than spectacular. We seemed to gain in energy and confidence in the second half and our ability to pass and move bodes well for the rest of the season.

Edwards, Martin and Scotland (sub appearance from about 70 minutes) played with courage and skill but my man of the match was Hyam.

Despite JET's poor performance, I would like us to start with same line-up next time. JET is a confidence player and he will come good. The only change I would consider making is replacing Luongo with Drury, depending on Drury's fitness and whether Jewell thinks Luongo is ready.

I hope we continue to play passing football and the 4-2-3-1 system (4-4-1-1 when Jason Scotland comes on as sub). We need to work on retaining the ball when our centre-halves and goalie have it but this will come with games.

I was really impressed by Hyam today, I hope he has convinced some doubters- especially our coaching and management team!

Loach - 6. Average- couldn't be faulted for the goal and he had little else to do. Looked reasonably confident.
Cresswell - 6. Average- usual energetic self but his distribution and crossing not up to his usual standard.
Chambers - 6. Average. I thought he looked quite nervous on his home debut and was lucky on a couple of occasions not to be caught on the ball.
Edwards - 8. Very good. I like Edwards. He's a very brave player, even when things are not going well he is always available and willing to take on players. Clearly our best defender on the day.
Smith- 7. Good. Looks a lot more confident than this time last season.
Emmanuel-Thomas - 4. Very poor. I'm a great admirer of JET"s skill but he does let his head drop when things are not going well. Imagine what a player he could be if had Edwards's courage. Seemed relieved to be subbed.
Martin- 8. Very good. Full of energy and devilment, sure to be a key player for us this season.
Luongo - 6. Clearly a good footballer but allowed nerves to get the better of him at first. Needs to look to the examples set by Edwards, Martin and.....
Hyam - 9. Excellent. Full of running and strong tackling. Also had the courage to demand the ball, especially when Luongo was looking nervous. Topped his performance with a defence splitting pass that led to our goal. I hope Jewell will give him an extended run.
Carson- 7. Good. Seemed to get better as the match progressed, indicates that he has worked on his fitness. Could be his breakthrough season.
Chopra- 7. Good. Energetic without ever really looking like scoring

Drury - 8. Very Good. Looked impressive and lively as soon as he came on but he may have been helped by the fact that all other players had already been running in extreme heat for 70 minutes.
Scotland - 9. Excellent. Everything you would want from your sub. It's often said that we revert to 4-4-2 when he plays alongside Chopra. I don't see it like that. We seem to play 4-4-1-1 with Scotland very effective at finding space between our midfield and the opposition's defence and then causing mayhem. He was a constant threat in the final 20 minutes and made our goal.

TheMysteryTownFan added 21:48 - Aug 18

Hello everyone, enjoyed the game today and here is my report. Was a bit indifferent to the whole drumming thing outside the ground. Didn't mind it but it got in the way a bit when I went to grab a bite to eat. Anyway that aside, I thought that the buzz around the ground outside and inside was positive and you can tell that the crowd are happier with this younger, fresher side. Felt rather smug after seeing the team picked was exactly (even subs) the the same as my selection on here a few days ago. Thought the Blackburn fans were loud and proud and I find that our fans respond better to more lively crowds often making the game's atmosphere much better. Anyway onto the game...

The first half saw very little penetration from either team really and their goal was probably the only real chance of a pretty dull 45 minutes. Thought that CKR was very good and beat Tommy for pace a bit too often but credit to Smith he always recovered quite well. The heat was obviously a factor but we really lacked a cutting edge. To be fair, Rovers have kept most of their big players and they look a very physical team and just had a bit too much strength for us at times without possessing much real quality. Martin was our biggest threat and we were fairly comfortable apart from sloppy set-piece where we left their biggest, strongest man unmarked. Rookie mistake, but our young squad will hopefully learn and won't give up.

The second half improved dramatically and Ipswich went for it more as our quality started to show through. JET just wouldn't get anything right, he had a bad day, epitomised by his air pass some way into the half which saw him soon pulled off. When we switched to 4-4-2 we seemed more of a threat. Edwards was a bigger threat and Cresswell was more involved also. We started to pass and move more which overcame the issue with Rovers overwhelming physicality and our goal was deserved. The team pushed forward and at this point I saw the most buzz at a Town game for an awful long time. It was just SBR Lower that were singing, all four corners were making noise and it had a massive effect on our performance. For some the touch just wasn't there, for others (Hyam and Martin) they took control and pressed Rovers.

Overall, we fought hard and with a bit more cutting edge brought in I can see a strong season ahead. The defence was sound and apart from the goal which was a set piece they never really let Rovers do much. Hyam was brilliant in midfield while Luongo wasn't his usual self. Carson and JET didn't have much luck against a strong Rovers defence nor was Chopra and it took the introduction of the stronger Scotland and a reshuffle to start causing them real problems. In the end the point was probably fair but a battling performance in tough conditions leaves me hopeful of a good year for Town.

Quick final note, seeing Ogogo try and hide the fact he is a budgie was very amusing, very amusing indeed.

runaround added 21:48 - Aug 18

A draw was the least we deserved. I did fear for us when we conceeded but rather than push further at us, Blackburn decided to sit back and timewaste. They defended well and I really couldn't see us equalising but once we did we looked like we could go on and win it. Both teams passed well at times but scorching temp seemed to effect their stars more as the match went on and the Town players ran themselves into the ground right to the end. We still lack height in the side and are prone to give free headers away at set pieces, until this is sorted we wont get anywhere. The only other thing lacking today was delivery from wide and set pieces with all either under or over hit. Perhaps this could be put down to first match nerves? Best players for us were Hyam and Martin but JET had one of his "panel-beater" performances and went to pot when he fluffed his good chance. Edwards and Cresswell also frustrated me today in going forward, seemingly running in trouble often and not delivering good crosses however both defended well. All i all a reasonable start, now to overcome that Watford hoodoo

EatonBlue added 22:59 - Aug 18

good start in extreme heat
not sure about JET trying to play the Daryl Murphy role
some work needed on the training ground for set pieces
crowd in good voice
don't mind the drums

harlingblue added 00:03 - Aug 19

Drury and Scotland came off the bench to transform the game IMO. We played most of the game with 10 men, as JET had one of his REAL off days. Hyam was excellent, Luongo was comfortable on the ball, but needs to learn to hit the killer pass and overall we were the better side. Blackburn looked a very ordinary, perhaps because we are getting better?

essexccc added 00:51 - Aug 19

Undoubtedly an encouraging and energetic start.

In my opinion there were two MoMs. I agree that Hyam was one but Edwards was his equal. He is underrated by most commentators on this site and if only we had a fit right back who woud enable Carlos to play further forward. He remains a class act, in spite of his relatively advanced years.

I didn't hear any 'Kean Out' chants from Blackburn fans, which was not a bad thing but it is worth recording that PJ got more commitment and desire out of his young squad that Kean did out of his more expensive charges.

Did Blackburn fans really cause trouble in Holland - seems very unlikely given their rather docile performance at PR today and in previous years.

Dare we look forward to Watford.......?

martin12120137 added 08:48 - Aug 19

essexccc were u at the game? one minute they were chanting kean for england and the next kean out! and there thugs aswell when i was walking back to the car a group of them started on me and my mates!

essexccc added 10:15 - Aug 19

I was at the game and very much enjoyed it. I didn't hear the Blackburn fans and am sorry you experienced some thuggish behaviour. Still surprises me. I've been to Blackburn a number of times in the past and always found their fans to be docile.

This hooligan thing for them does seem to be a recent and unwelcome development.

casanovacrow added 15:17 - Aug 19

I sat in front of the Blackburn fans in the second half, was non stop digs at Kean.
Guessing that you essexccc must have been sitting next to one of them drums for far too long lol

hairbear added 19:39 - Aug 19

why would they chant kean for england? is he not scottish?!?
As for the game best weve kept the ball for along while. Hyam appears to have matured by 3/4 years over the summer, just hope PJ noticed it.

blue979 added 20:15 - Aug 19

very good performance,solid first game back. i would say b'burns goal was a little lucky as was our goal.loved the fact we didnt just play out the 1-1 score and went for the win. hyam was man of the match for me,for a youngster hes solid and isnt affraid of getting small thing,our long passes didnt always go to plan and j.e.t. seemed bored from kick off.
fantastic game,great crowd,nutty weather. lets take the positives from this and march forward.

dubblue added 22:50 - Aug 19

Town finished the match very strongly. Very committed, played a neat passing game but created few clear chances. Blackburn goal very soft, they sat back for the second half and allowed town take over. Good to see the fans get behind the team although it got a little quite in the Sir Bobby stand after the Blackburn goal. If we get a couple of more players this season could be promising.

nolanfanips added 17:12 - Aug 20

We matched 'premiership' Blackburn and apart from a pin point set piece Ipswich more than matched 'Premiership' Blackburn. Drury and Scotland turned the match and perhaps another day we might have snatched it but I'm more than happy with the draw and Steve Keans comments after the Game.

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