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Rochdale 1 v 2 Bristol Rovers
SkyBet League Two
Saturday, 2nd November 2019 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 3rd November but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

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Your Rochdale v Bristol Rovers Match Reports

8ashblue added 09:44 - Sep 20

Even before the first whistle you knew that Town weernt going to do well. Wolves to a man were taller quicker stronger than any of our players so it was inevitable that they would win.
OK we had chances and maybe on a good day Martin could have had two or three goals. But the difference was that if they had had the same chances they would have taken them.
Chambers stood up well and despite some comments i heard i thought that N'Daw at least competed but he was the same height as most our their players!
Chopra was pants
Smith isnt up to it at this level
Cresswell and Edwards did ok but got musculed out too often, we shoudl have got Halford.
Luongo did his best against giants but needs better players around him and Taylor is much the same
Murphy must play in central roll otherwise his knock-ons are wasted on the wing but again he was too slow.
Scotland showed determination and showed that he can mix it against big defenders. Why he isnt on the teamsheet beats me!!
Drury was lucky he didnt get red carded. He's not good enough at this level, maybe ok when we play weaker sides.
Loach did alright and couldnt do much with goals but he is playing with very poor defence that cant provide much protection!

bluethroughnthrough added 17:07 - Sep 22


northdevonblue added 17:23 - Sep 22

what a joke, league one will be to much for this team!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 17:26 - Sep 22

Well that made Wednesday look good. Poor tactically today and no real fight or confidence. Thought only Scotland and Chambers looked up for it. Cresswell looks a different player, and not in a good way. Luongo shows ashes of what he can do but again gave the ball away for the second goal, Murphy was poor, Martin disappointing and JET dreadful. PJ in trouble I think.

Juanforthemoney added 17:47 - Sep 22

Murphy and JET should offer to forfeit their wages on that performance. Poor Luke Hyam must wonder what he has done wrong.

I know we have a few injuries up front but I thought Scotland was good as was Ellington who at least provided a threat. Defence is still a mess and unless ME doesn't act soon we will be cut adrift from the pack. Jewell is running out of ideas and excuses!

50yearsablue added 17:49 - Sep 22

Three changes of formation in the first half sneaks of a manager under pressure. On Wednesday we should have beaten Wolves but can't say that today despite Charlton being very ordinary. Lack of confidence is manifesting itself in appearing to lack effort. I will exempt Scotland, Chambers, Luongo and Ellington from criticism as they, at least, tried to make things happen, even if it didn't pay off for them. JET was abysmal again, Murphy and Martin ineffective, Cresswell out of sorts, Smith not good enough at this level and too easily beaten for second goal, as was Loach. Even Edwards and Drury, reliable 7 out of 10's, we're under par. It's annoying as we have the players but our set up and tactics are questionable and I think Paul Jewell is treading on thin ice now as we are currently not too good to go down

tractorboybig added 18:09 - Sep 22

Jewel will get it right.
(we may be in the blue square but have faith. COYB)

h32 added 18:11 - Sep 22

........ don't panic, early days, etc; etc; - and reassuringly clueless JEWELL is on the case !!! - should boast the confidence greatly hey.

Knightsy added 18:12 - Sep 22

I agree with 50yearsablue

J.E.T I hope you read this, how dare you criticise the Town Fans, we have every right to express our opinions, as I will against you, again another poor performance, the bloke is over rated.

Jason Scotland was my M.O.M by a long way.

h32 added 18:22 - Sep 22

..... to the pro Jewell people - enjoy your humble pie !

This man never was, and never will be what this Club needs - and I'm not just saying it now - check my first, and every post since his appointment for proof of this statement.

Just thought I'd mention that before anyone starts bleating.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 18:27 - Sep 22

7 more Losses and 1 game less than Keane

Keane P81 W28 D25 L28
Jewel P80 W29 D16 L35

And people still support this incompetent buffoon!!

Get shot of possibly the worst manager in our history!!

siralfstrackie added 18:30 - Sep 22

Too much tinkering in the first half, too many lacklustre performances, too little passion (except Scotland).

Zero points from two home games is not good enough, especially when you look at the fixtures coming up.

Can't be too much longer until we see/hear/read a statement from Evans and Clegg thanking Jewell for all he's done for the club, but...

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 18:32 - Sep 22

h32 - dont start getting all cocky about PJ. If you look back and read the posts you will find that the reason i and many many others gave you stick was not cos we love PJ but because you and others turn every news story into an anti PJ rant. I on numerous occasions said i was undecided about Jewell and that the start of this season would be his acid test, and so far yes its not good. Being anti negative posting for the sake of it isnt the same as being pro PJ.

N4_Blue added 18:36 - Sep 22

Blimey Delias - those are horrible stats. We've been subjected to so much crap for the last few years and the players moan at our moaning.

h32 added 18:43 - Sep 22

Bobblehat - There's a difference between 'getting all cocky' and 'just stating fact'.

Some obviously don't like the truth.

One thing he has done has 'split' support - the sooner he gets out of the Club the better - and support then has a chance of being as one again.

Cannot believe how some have supported him - an abject failure on ALL fronts - but still support remains.
One can only form an opinion as to why ........

delias_cheesy_flaps added 18:46 - Sep 22

I know N4 and I didn't make those stats up either...LOL

Just shows you how poor we really are under PJ when he's surpassed Keane's losses in such spectacular fashion.

I also had to laugh when I noticed that Delaney's has played in all 4 Palace games and they have taken 10 from 12 points, I guess PJ really does know his defenders?

h32 added 18:49 - Sep 22

Bobblehat - meanwhile, enjoy your portion of the pie !

Fatcatevans added 19:02 - Sep 22

PJ doesn't lack consistency. Dahlias figures show he's carried on from his time at Derby where he won 12 out of his 56 games. I'm afraid he is so used to losing its his default position. It doesn't have to be ours tho Paul. Do the right thing and head back to sky and advise others how it should be done

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 19:02 - Sep 22

h32 - as usual just ignore the point i actually made that i have never been "pro PJ" and "the facts" are there in all my previous posts, but hey why worry about that.
Some of us are just reasonable and think that each manager should be given a fair crack of the whip thats all.
No doubt if PJ does go you will expect the new one to turn things around overnight and go back to the "glory days" again. (Hate to tell you but those days have gone, football has changed)
PJ hasnt split the support, lack of common sense and arrogance by some parties has done that. Its very very easy to criticise, and negativity for negativity's sake never ever helps.
But hey why am i bothering cos as you have told me in the past you are a winner and must therefore be right.

buryblue77 added 19:06 - Sep 22

h32, I wouldn't say PJ is an abject failure on all fronts, he did reasonably well to turn things around when he first came in and has been a successful manager in the past.
As you may well know, I was in the PJ camp, that's gone now and I want him out, not sure about Redknapp either though.

h32 added 19:16 - Sep 22

Bobblehat - you sure don't like that Pie do you ? - but being bitter (sorry negative) won't ease the pain.

Perhaps a new Manager will cheer you up - as it will me.

runaround added 20:45 - Sep 22

In many ways this was worse than the previous two matches as we didn't create enough chances to miss the hatfull of chances we did against wolves and boro
Apart from the odd decent move we were poor and for me Chambers was the only player to have a decent game
Edwards Smith Cresswell Jet and Drury were all dire and we really missed Chopra and Taylor's invention and energy upfront
Carlton arr

StochesStotasBlewe added 20:46 - Sep 22

h32. I have to agree, piss poor performance yet again. Heads must roll now before we head into the abyss.

runaround added 20:58 - Sep 22

In many ways this was worse than the previous two matches as we didn't create enough chances to miss the hatfull of chances we did against wolves and boro
Apart from the odd decent move we were poor and for me Chambers was the only player to have a decent game
Edwards Smith Cresswell Jet and Drury were all dire and we really missed Chopra and Taylor's invention and energy upfront
Charlton are a bottom 6 team but were far better than us Drurys corner that hit the first defender in last seconds when Loach had gone up summed up our crapness
The decision to bring in Higginbotham then not play him despite Smith and Cressys lack of form and PJs reluctance to play Hyam despite the results being so much better when he plays defy belief and prove to me its time for PJ to go
Things will only get worse till he goes
Mr Evans please act NOW

dirtydingusmagee added 22:23 - Sep 22

Another shocking yet predictable result .I have thought this season was going to end in disaster for a long time,i have never always agreed with h32, however what he has said earlier in thread is justifiable . Jewell has just totally wasted best part of two years of ITFC ,that with same amount of time totally wasted by Keane, is going to take a major change throughout the club to put right . IF M E is serious about the future of the club he needs to show it NOW more than ever . First by getting shot of Jewell, and getting a manager capable of motivating players and with real desire to succeed , someone who can attract players to the club [clearly Jewell hasnt the x factor .]I dont think we have the grunt to get to or survive in the Prem, but the supporters deserve at least to see a team striving to do so .We are used to seeing pride and loyalty in teams ,sadly both seem to have been lost . You could name the teams of yesteryear in your sleep, now its a struggle to remember who plays for us at times .I thought Keanes era was as bad as it could get and things could only get better, how wrong i was . Come on Marcus show your hand .

NITFC added 22:41 - Sep 22

We are still creating chances (BBC Sport website says we had 22 shots) but dont look like scoring.


RegencyBlue added 22:42 - Sep 22

Scotland was MOM by a mile. Chambers did ok as did Ellington when he came on. The rest should be ashamed to pick up their wages this week.

Jewell clueless once again and to me his body language shows a man who has no idea what to do about the shambles unfolding in front of him.

Just go Jewell, for your own sake as well as ours!

GTRKing added 00:30 - Sep 23

Jewell has to go he has had enough time already. I backed him & gave him time but he has wasted it. We need a young manager who has alot to prove himself

algarvefan added 17:13 - Sep 23

How many more times in Loungo going to give the ball away which leads to us conceding vital goals?

shenfieldblue added 18:27 - Sep 23

Hope that I never see JET put on a town shirt again, Lazy.
Are we in a mess or what. Fans attacking players and players attacking fans. We have sunk so low as a club. I fear for the future.

cornishblu added 09:26 - Sep 24

Not sure how many of these "fans" who have posted on here actually went to the game....but cornishblu and little cornishblu were able to get to their annual game at PR and were faced with a long drive home yesterday with nothing to shout about.
Most has already been said in one form or other but my biggest concern has got to be the statement from PJ that read he knows the players are good enough.....well on Saturdays performance they clearly are not or if they are they are then they are clearly not being managed well enough
A team that was "high on morale" (luke chambers) must have been left in the dressing room and another team made to run out on the pitch....lacklustre, lacking in self belief, prone to making dreadful individual errors and mistakes, lacking in conviction in front of goal and abject in accurate distribution was the town team that we saw on the pitch on Saturday.
Loach....must be wondering whether he has made the right decision albeit could shout louder and IMO was at fault for the first goal
Cresswell.....clearly pre season speculation has affected him...not worth 6quid at the moment let alone 6mill....get your head right and start performing
Smith....always been a fan but have had to change....way below standard needed for his league....should have dealt with fuller for second goal
Chambers ....ok but needs a strong partner alongside to breed confidence
Edwards....full of endeavour but little end product
Lungo.......ok must be wanting to go back to spurs soon though
Martin......ok but a guarantee yellow card when gets stroppy and didn't disappoint again (note to self should be a betting man!!!!)
Murphy.......good at back end of last season needs to chip in a goal or two for others to recognise contribution
Dury.....always runs his heart out but lacks ultimate quality for this level....needs others around him to perform so his work rate can contribute rather than his lack of skill be the main factor much talent but so little application.....should rip this league to pieces but clearly something missing....needs to go into a dark room and get his head sorted one way or other
Scotland......great trier.....can't do it all on his own point in having 22 shots on goal if they either end up in the stand or are at 5 mile an hour so easy for the goalie to collect .
May have been the first and last trip to PR but will continue to support away.....but things must change
PJ PJ sort it out!!!!!!!

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