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Frank on Radio Suffok
at 18:26 5 Oct 2019

You are a boring misery - we won, we could have won 10-0 and you'd still moan, get a grip
Steve Evans
at 18:01 21 Sep 2019

Can't think of anyone i hate more.

Cretin, crook, wind up merchant and i'm sure if he were to take a deep breath, a shirt button would take someones eye out.

How he was allowed back in to the football world is nothing short of scandalous.
A big thank you to all of you!!!
at 16:28 18 Sep 2019

Many of you may remember a few months ago I vented about my wife suffering another miscarriage.


We had a scan yesterday...

and there was a heartbeat!

I can't tell you how great we're feeling right now, after everything we've been through there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for your support, it's has been (And will continue to be) greatly appreciated
My mates Norwich Supporting brother
at 07:08 26 Aug 2019

We drew the first half V Chelsea, we'll stay up easily...

Help - i'm trying to find the picture
at 08:35 28 Jul 2019

Of Alun Armstrong wheeling away in celebration of THAT goal in the home tie V Inter Milan, can't seem to find it anywhere - any help appreciated
Things we hate about football
at 20:33 25 Jul 2019

I'll start:

Half and half scarves - no, just no
Best/worst excuse for a member of staff blowing out of work.
at 08:07 25 Jun 2019

Today, I had an officer blow out because and I quote "It's raining"

Quick phone call later and he's on duty.

Anyone heard better?

This probably isn't the best place but I need to vent
at 19:52 6 Jun 2019

My wife has just had her 3rd miscarriage in 5 years.

I'm not angry at her at all so vent is probably not the right word and I don't blame her at all, i know it's not her fault.

The entire family have rallied around her and supported her and it feels like i'm just the afterthought - everyone has asked her how she is feeling which is a ridiculous question.

But that being said, nobody has asked me how i'm feeling or how i am coping with it, it's like a bereavement going from elated and walking on air to come crashing down to the ground again.

Sorry for posting it on here, this is the only football forum where i feel like i'm around friends - i don't post much but i come on here every day for a read and i know what a top bunch of people we have on here.

Again, sorry, i just needed to get it out. X
Bolton Game off
at 22:51 26 Apr 2019

Postponed over unpaid wages - could we finish 23rd after the inevitable points deduction!?!
Bolton struggles
at 00:54 20 Mar 2019

Bolton fan lives a few doors down from me blaming the current struggles on us beating them in the playoffs after the ref "f**king robbed us"

Reckons if they had gone up that season they would have been contenders for the top 8 in the prem.

19 years, 19 years and they still hold a grudge from that night we took them apart - i don't want to see them go out of business but i had to laugh.
Goal music for Sunday
at 18:06 29 Aug 2018

Atmosphere Sunday
at 09:49 27 Aug 2018

Don't shoot the messenger...

Somebody on Saturday floated the idea of inflatables (Beach balls etc) for the Norwich game.

Always seemed tin pot to me but i'm all for an atmosphere to inspire the players.

I'm against it (Sunderland - Liverpool game springs to mind) but what say thee?
Bobby Madley
at 21:43 17 Aug 2018

Just reminds me of this guy:

Man with a van (Bury St. Eds - Newmarket area)
at 22:46 10 Jul 2018

Evening all.

I'm due to move to Newmarket on the 1st weekend of August from Bury St. Edmunds and was wondering if any of you do any man with a van work of know of somebody who does.

Just looking for prices etc at the mo.

Ta in advance
Our blue heaven
at 08:48 11 May 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I have 2 tickets going spare for tonight at face value.

Contact me any which way if interested.

Slaves wanted...
at 18:49 9 May 2018
Back spasms
at 20:40 7 May 2018

As the title suggests.

Went to see the doctor the other day as I've had pain in my back for almost a week, he's told me I have back spasms and has given me co-codamol for the pain and told me to rest up.

Has anybody else had this and what did you do? these tablets haven't really helped.

Thanks in advance
Overheard in a pub
at 19:50 27 Mar 2018

Couple of town fans discussing Malky Mackay.

Almost choked on my yourkshire pud.

However, thoughts?
Pricing V Nottingham Forest
at 17:18 18 Mar 2018

Are Forest one of the clubs who agreed to the £20 ticket price thingy we proposed at the start of the season?

Ta in advance

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