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We are allowed more than five loanees at the club remember...
at 17:26 17 Dec 2018

We just can’t pick more than 5 for the match day squad. We don’t need to cancel loans to free up spaces, We’ll just leave those out of favour that remain on loan in the stands.

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We need strengthening all over the pitch but...
at 17:46 15 Dec 2018

...I might be tempted to put all the budget into one really good, strong striker. That's by far the biggest area that we're missing and the difference between us being a bottom side and a mid-table one - we have just about enough quality from midfield, and if we can attract a top striker to come and make an immediate impact, that five point difference doesn't seem too far away.

All other parts of the pitch we're either just about ok, have players coming back from fitness, or players on loan who can be recalled and do a job.

If we're going to roll the dice to stay up, maybe it's better to keep the nucleus of the first XI the same and make one big difference, vs another four new players to learn the squad and system.

Jackson, Harrison and Roberts
at 21:46 28 Nov 2018

They're not going to get 3 more goals between them this season are they? Freddie has to be given the main striker position now with Lankester taking his position on the wing, Roberts dropping out.
None of the bottom eight have won any of their last three games
at 20:40 28 Nov 2018

If we can string together even a couple of victories, we can claw ourselves out of this mess.

Did anyone support a team before Ipswich?
at 16:49 27 Nov 2018

I was a Watford fan between 10-12 yrs old, solely because my friend at school was. Then we fell out and I needed to find myself a new club, and decided Ipswich was for me.

Best decision I ever made!
Are there any examples of a Manager coming back from a situation as bad as ours
at 11:58 25 Oct 2018

I'm not sure can think of any, anywhere.

Managers get fired and do a better job elsewhere, but I'd love to know of someone who has managed to turn it around at their club after a fall from grace as swift and spectacular as ours.

Best block Nsiala has made all game...
at 21:30 2 Oct 2018

Edwards' shot was heading for the top corner before he got in the way
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American friends - where's the game being streamed this afternoon?
at 16:52 2 Oct 2018

Anyone know if it's iFollow (I know it isn't there in England) or if it's one of those ESPN digital channels?

Is Harrison injured or just dropped?
at 14:14 29 Sep 2018

From starting place last week to completely omitted.
Pick at team and formation and stick to it
at 17:27 22 Sep 2018

Bart (harsh on Gerken but fine)
Donacien, Chambers, Pennington, Knudsen (harsh on Nsiala but justifiable)
Edwards, Skuse, Edun, Ward
Jackson, Harrison

9 of those players are ours (8, but Donacien will be soon), we have decent championship experience in Bart Chambers, Skuse, Knudsen and Ward, we have pace, we don't have goals(!) but the only way for us to start scoring is to have an established team vs XI strangers not knowing where anyone else is on the pitch.

PH needs accept some of our signings aren't up to it yet - and have Nolan on the bench before easing him back into contention if he steps it up in training.
What're the odds on MM being our next manager
at 17:08 22 Sep 2018

The returning hero coming home to sort everything out!
One bright moment - Downes looked good again
at 20:02 25 Aug 2018

His 15 minute cameo was great, he won everything, was up and down the pitch and looks bigger and more composed than last year. He’s not going to oust Skuse but would like him in the middle with Edun moved out wide against Norwich
Deji Oshilaja left out of Wimbledon’s team this evening
at 00:57 22 Aug 2018

They conceded three without him...
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Ipswich Town v Aston Villa prediction logged
I know I'm being greedy but...
at 19:36 8 Aug 2018

Tilt / Windass. What are the chances of either (or both?!) of those happening now?
Will we sign Kayden Jackson before the transfer window closes
at 21:59 7 Aug 2018

Will we sign Kayden Jackson before the transfer window closes

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My thoughts on each of our new signings
at 17:10 4 Aug 2018

My take on the debutants today:

Harrison: Fastest striker we've had for a while. Worked extremely hard and if given service should get us a decent return of goals. Exposed and alone for long periods, didn't get frustrated and always looking for the ball. Should be pleased with his performance.

Donacien: Played centre back and switched to the right when Spence went off. Was probably our weakest link to be honest, was beaten for Dack's goal and got away with a big mistake that would've made it 3-1 when sending the cross straight back to the striker in the six yard box. If he gets a run at right back he may turn out ok but definitely not centre back.

Chalobah: Looks great, but raw. This was his first game in league football I think and he oozes quality, but maybe tried to do a little too much with the ball at times. Will learn well alongside Skuse and I can see him being a key part of our evolving midfield.

Edun: I was initially disappointed he was brought on and not Dozzell but he made a definite impact. Always looking for the key pass, was fortunate that his cross sneaked in for the goal but definite positive intent from him - a slightly underwhelming announcement when he was signed and not sure what role he'll end up cementing as his own here but if this was his performance after one day with the team we may be pleasantly surprised.

Edwards: A class above everyone else on the pitch. Scored one and assisted the other (albeit without having to do much for Edun's goal). His flick and run in the second half was something I don't remember seeing since Dyer. So exciting to think that he is ours - he looks like an absolute steal and I can see why Peterborough were so sad to lose him. Can't wait to see more of him.

Not new signings but both Woolfenden and Morris can be pleased with their contribution - Woolfenden was clearly carrying an injury at the end but with no other subs battled through, and Morris' twist and shot moments after coming on had everyone on their feet.

If we do end up buying the two from Shrewsbury and Tilt, as well as a much needed striker, I think we're going to be ok - Hurst looks like he's spending our money well
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