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Do we even need a single one of these loanees?
at 22:17 16 Feb 2021

Now the injury issues are abating, I don't see the need for a single one of them tbh - certainly not on today's performance.

A team of our own, (currently) fit players:


Donacien (I know, I know)

Downes (Bishop as he's suspended)
Lankester (RW)
Sears (LW) (I was tempted to say Judge here but LW isn't his position)


The only one of the six (six!) of them I'd be tempted to keep would be Bennetts to bring some width into this lot, but other than that, we're just creating a comfortable platform for young players to learn their trade, before going back to playing proper football.
Team full of strangers so far...
at 19:17 16 Feb 2021

Happy for Drinan
at 19:20 30 Jan 2021

Congratulations to Aaron are in order today; it’s been a long road for him but he’s now a goal scorer in English football and that’ll do him the world of good. When he looks confident there’s a definitely a player in there, hope this sets him up.
Doubt we'll see Drinan, Huws or Dobra even on the bench tomorrow
at 19:37 15 Jan 2021

With the injury problems clearing up, I would imagine those three will be banished to the U23s for the foreseeable future.

Feel for Dobra, but the other two really didn't do themselves any favours against Swindon, isolated in their areas of the pitch or not.
We should recall El Mizouni in January
at 22:04 26 Dec 2020

He’s played a decent number of games there and is back to fitness from his injury at the end of last season. With the injury crisis we’re having it makes zero sense having him out there (he was an unused sub today as Hoolahan’s playing in his favoured position), we can then let Gibbs continue to earn his trade in the U23s or even at a national league club.

I’d be disappointed (but probably not surprised) if we left him at Cambs - he may not play as many for us here as he would there but we could really have done with him over the last six weeks or so.

Maybe the injuries will abate and it didn’t turn out to be the best decision for him but we need bodies right now, and he has looked the part every time I’ve seen him in action for us or Cambridge.
The through-ball from Lankester that set Jackson away
at 15:33 6 Dec 2020

Absolutely beautiful.
That’s two matches now where Marcus Stewart has called Judge Stephen Hunt!
at 17:48 5 Dec 2020

Anyone else pick up on that?!
3rd in the table
at 16:56 5 Dec 2020

Tremendous use of the term [sic] in the O'Neill article Phil!
at 17:35 3 Dec 2020

Bang on. Love how professionally Team TWTD is reporting all this - really hope the rot is stopped soon.
Three strikers on the bench
at 18:37 24 Nov 2020

It's like we already know we're going to be 1 goal down in the 85th minute!
I don't see any of this lot anywhere near the 1st team bench this season
at 20:56 10 Nov 2020

Apart from Bennetts / Cornell.

They all look minimum 2 years away... Suppose that was what we were expecting, shame though as was hoping one or two of them would stand out. Siziba probably the pick.
I'd love to see Crowe start today
at 15:56 10 Nov 2020

All that talk about Dortmund, Arsenal et al tracking him, and when he finally signed the contract with us it felt like a huge win, and yet at 19 we've still seen not a glimpse of him at first team level.

I'd love to see what he can do, he's always been one I've been looking out for. What was the deal with the big clubs being after him there must've been some substance to it?
Well that was a half of two halves
at 20:19 3 Nov 2020

The patient patient approach from the back looked to be fruitless but fair play, we didn't resort to long balls and the goal was beautiful (keeper will be disappointed though). Edwards and Bishop look really up for it, Nsiala looks confident and Jackson slowly growing, was a shame when the half time whistle blew.

Looking forward to the second half, something I wasn't expecting to be saying after 25 mins.
I wonder whether Skuse will take on any coaching duties now
at 19:03 9 Oct 2020

He's said before he wants to take up management when he retires. With him facing four months out maybe he'll take up a role with the staff over the coming months - might be a good introduction to the discipline without him having any formal responsibilities.

Baggott has 55K followers on Instagram
at 18:48 6 Oct 2020

How is it that I've never heard of him?
Good to see Josh Emmanuel doing well
at 17:35 5 Oct 2020

Played every minute for Hull since joining and sitting joint top of the league.

Always seemed like he had the right attitude and while it didn't work out for him here and looked like it was going to get worse when he was released by Bolton, he sounds like he's doing really well at Hull. Good for him.
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