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Its an unusual situation
at 18:19 8 Apr 2021

At Ipswich Town, we have heard more from the new owners face to face in 24 hours than we heard from the previous owner in 13 years.
All we need now is to cull the players who impress when they are not under pressure and collapse if they are put under any pressure when closed down or tackled and get rid of the ball asap, usually backwards
Unbelievable banning Phil Ham
at 18:59 28 Nov 2020

This club is sinking lower than low. The only way to make Lambert a coach is to knock out his teeth and put in seats. I was a season ticket holder for 12 years, then moved abroad and subscribed to ifollow, I have just cancelled my subscription. I am totally fed up by lacklustre performances by management and players, backwards, sideways, backwards is not the way the Ipswich I knew would play.
The more I think about Lamberts comments
at 07:19 26 Oct 2020

The more I think he has a major optical problem
He appears to watch Town's games thru rose coloured testicles

Isnt spell checker wonderful
Really Disappointed by preseason
at 18:44 31 Aug 2020

My impression, thus far, based on team selections in all games is that Lambert after 2 years does not have a clue what his first 11 should be. Fair enough establishing a 4 3 3 formation and playing out from the back...but do we have the ball playing defence to do that? I would rather than "giving everyone a game" that our efforts should be on establishing a settled side, round pegs in round holes, play our best 11, others get in when they can match the first team players performances...not because they need a game.
The one highlight for me was the midfield trio, Downes, Dozzell and Bishop. I have a dread of this year being like last year with rotation being the norm.
Our squad is too big, arguably too expensive, and needs to be reduced. Too many journeymen reducing the chances of our own academy players, too many players whose best days are behind them and I was initially a Lambert fan, but if there is no improvement in the first few months he should be replaced before Christmas no matter what compensation has to be paid. (Honest pre season thoughts)
Our non EU Friends
at 18:33 10 Apr 2020

Just read today that Turkey is sending 2 plane loads of face masks to UK, as they did for Italy and Spain
How can this be true?
at 18:10 10 Apr 2020

Just watched UK update tonight and the use of facemasks was poo pooed. If that is the case why are facemasks an integral part of PPE equipment for NHS staff?
Netflix Season 2 Sunderland 'til I die
at 12:38 2 Apr 2020

Just watched it. It must give some idea of how Evans, O'Neil and Lambert are feeling just now
In the immortal words of Rabbie Burns
at 07:37 17 Mar 2020

Tae a virus 

Twa months ago, we didna ken,  

yer name or ocht aboot ye

But lots of things have changed since then, 

I really must salute ye

Yer spreading rate is quite intense, 

yer feeding like a gannet

Disruption caused, is so immense, 

ye’ve shaken oor wee planet.

Corona used tae be a beer, 

they garnished it wae limes

But noo it’s filled us awe wae fear

These days, are scary times.

Nae shakin hawns, or peckin lips, 

it’s whit they awe advise

But scrub them weel, richt tae the tips, 

that’s how we’ll awe survive

Just stay inside , the hoose, ye bide

Nae sneakin  oot for strolls

Just check the lavvy every hoor

And stock-take, your loo rolls

Our holidays have been pit aff

Noo that’s the Jet2 patter

Pit oan yer thermals, have a laugh

And paddle ‘ doon the waater ‘

Canary isles, no for a while

Nae need for suntan cream

And awe because o this wee bug

We ken tae be..19

The boredom surely will set in,

But have a read, or doodle

Or plan yer menu for the month

Wi 95 pot noodles.

When these run oot, just look about

A change, it would be nice

We’ve beans and pasta By the ton

and twenty stane o rice.

So dinny think yell wipe us oot

Aye true, a few have died

Bubonic, bird flu, and Tb

They came, they left, they tried

Ye might be gallus noo ma freen

As ye jump fae cup tae cup

But when we get oor vaccine

Yer number will be up.

Anyone have connections to Floyd Mayweather?
at 10:17 11 Mar 2020

Just read that he was interested in buying a football club (Toon, unfortunately)
What was today?
at 19:19 7 Mar 2020

What was today?

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If at any stage this season
at 19:34 6 Mar 2020

Coronovirus means games have to be played behind closed doors it would be a gesture of good faith by the club to award ifollow subscriptions to season ticket holders, with live coverage of those matches, as is currently the case for overseas ifollow members now. What do you think?
Our Government
at 08:34 4 Mar 2020

Boris Johnson has the tactical savvy of Ethelread the Unready and Pritti Patel has the tact and diplomacy of Atilla the Hun. I'm just glad that they run the country rather than Ipswich Town......so things could be worse
Everybody is suffering says Lambert
at 23:03 3 Mar 2020

......just form a queue behind me
[Post edited 3 Mar 2020 23:06]
Just to lighten the mood
at 14:44 1 Mar 2020

Whats the funniest thing you have inadvertently overheard?
I was queuing up to board a flight from Heathrow to Dublin and the two women in front of me were having an animated conversation. The first lady said-

- "I am off to see Mary, she has just had a baby boy"
- "That's grand, what is she going to call him?"
- "Sean"
- "SEAN, every Tom, Dick and Harry is called Sean"

Cue laughter from me followed by embarassment as they turned round to see what was so funny...
The Biggest Con this season
at 09:56 1 Mar 2020

That we have "the best squad in the league"
This has been proved to be an utter fallacy. The players do not have the skill, or the commitment (with one or two exceptions) for league one never mind the Championship.
Throughout the course of the season numerous different formations have been tried with numerous different players with the same result...abject failure.
If we have to resort to hoofing the ball up the park we need a big target man, a la Simpson, rather than the vertically challenged forwards we employ.
On the bright side I reckon Town would be top of the league if it was 5 aside...but unfortunately it isn't and you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
Best Football Put Downs
at 06:36 26 Feb 2020

My favourite-
The only way he could be a coach is to knock out his teeth and put in seats
Fnar fnar
Down to 9th
at 22:02 25 Feb 2020

Watched Blackpool v Bolton
Nsiala pretty solid, Murphy won a lot in the air, but missed a good headed chance...straight at keeper
Blackpool not great....but then neither are we, hope tonite tired them out
4 points off 6th place now, Oxford above us
Player Ratings
at 18:47 25 Feb 2020

Phil / Gav
It would be interesting to see a summary of the player ratings so far this season. I think one of the main reasons we are where we are is because of players performance on the pitch. Lambert obviously picks from performance in training and presumably by last performance in play (with the exception of goalkeepers...). I for one cannot see why at this late stage we have seen nothing of Dozzell and Dobra on the pitch as they give us something different and why he persists with Judge, Nolan, Wilson, Chambers, Keane and Skuse who give us zilch going forward. We hzve a squad of 40+ players, this is the time to really go for it rather than field a team who can play at best for 45 minutes and play at worst for 85 minutes.
Which is your favourite
at 16:00 25 Feb 2020

Which is your favourite

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