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Burgess: Our Attacking Players Can Score at Any Time
at 08:32:22

Terrific spirit building, let’s make sure the 20000+ give these guys every encouragement tomorrow and help them build on itW1
Town Expecting More Than 20,000 For Owls Visit
at 11:15:34

Fans were magic against Lincoln, lets be the 12th man again
Warburton Delighted By Bonne's Town Start But Cool on Recall Talk
at 11:40:33

Our capital outlay on players thus far has mostly been covered by the seven figure sums for Downes, Dozzell and (very nearly 1m) for Gibbs.

I just cant see the management team wanting to run any risk of losing MB and I suspect a bid of £2m or thereabouts would be very tempting for QPR who will be looking for more quality in the second half of the season to push the towards the prem. Unless there are wages issues (and yes I agree we will most likely have another clear out in January) its pretty clear the lad wants to be here.

Oh, and Ashton pretty much always gets his man!
Donacien: This League is All About Momentum
at 11:01:47

Great performance from JD Saturday and the lads all gave us a great day out.

Lets all keep our feet on the floor and make sure we do the same things Saturday and next Tuesday in defense, and build that solidity that was so evident at Lincoln.

So proud for the boys and great to see some balance returning to the comments.

Collapsed Lung Leads to Dyer's Departure From Celebrity SAS
at 10:57:47

Exemplifies all the good determined things about our club and I hope with is part of our management team for many years to come.
Cook: Delighted, Now Let's Make Sure We Follow It Up
at 21:57:06

There was a solidity and togetherness today we’d not seen, and it worked.

Ashtons face at the end was a picture of intense relief, I just wish Cookie had joined him. I hope the morons haven’t had the impact on him that I fear. Well done Blue Army, that was special.

And We had one hell of a good party on the ride back.
Cook: Fans Have Been an Absolute Credit
at 12:59:36

And tomorrow, as ive said many times this week, we go again like never before because we love this club and we can help make the difference.

Lincoln, here we come!


Burns: We Can Still Win the League
at 16:00:14


I really do get that, and nobody felt more disillusioned driving away from PR last Saturday than I did but we are 6 games in, we have 40 to go, 120 points to play for and our role, job, responsibility, call it what you want, is to get behind the team and help them fight their way out of this mess.

I get the decade of disappointment, for me its been 30 of the last 35 years after the Robson era, but being in the bottom three in league one with 6 games to go is a disaster, not after 6 with 40 to go. Cook was appointed by Evans but he was Gamechanger's man, they had Evans sack Lambert and had been talking to Evans for 12 months about the takeover. Brett Johnson admitted in the summer he knew that they would only keep 10% of the playing staff. Its not Cook's hatchet job its the whole board.

Im as impatient as anybody but our negativity doesnt help, and we have to try and see the bigger picture for a bit longer. And give everything to lift the team. The atmosphere at times in our four home games has been better than anything I saw in the halcyon days of Robson, light years ahead, and I was amongst it. Recreate that at every game home and away and It will help the boys. If we do our all to make that support undoubted and renowned as the best around we will have done our bit. But the comments on here don't give me any reassurance our supporters are that committed when the chips are down.

If we get thumped in our next three games and have nothing after 9 then I suspect the board will have conversations about their options, but trust them to do their job as we do what we can to give them a lift.
And when it's sh*t like it is at the moment we should keep a bit of understanding of what impact this negativity has on the team.

Im off to Lincoln Saturday with my resolve strengthened about the role i, and the 1800 with me can and will play to give my team that lift. I hope everyone else feels the same way.
Burns: We Can Still Win the League
at 15:00:18

2 more pages of negative drivel with 40 games still to go. Man City lost 5-2 at home to leicester last september and were half way down the league in October yet won the league at a canter.

Why are some people only happy when things are going badly?

Premier League table 2020/21
Pos Team P W D L GD Pts
1 Liverpool 7 5 1 1 2 16
2 Leicester City 7 5 0 2 4 15
3 Tottenham 7 4 2 1 9 14
4 Everton 7 4 1 2 4 13
5 Southampton 7 4 1 2 2 13
6 Wolves 7 4 1 2 0 13
7 Chelsea 7 3 3 1 7 12
8 Aston Villa 6 4 0 2 6 12
9 Arsenal 7 4 0 3 2 12
10 Man City 6 3 2 1 1 11
11 Newcastle 7 3 2 2 -1 11
12 Leeds 7 3 1 3 0 10
13 Crystal Palace 7 3 1 3 -3 10
14 West Ham 7 2 2 3 3 8
15 Man United 6 2 1 3 -4 7
16 Brighton 7 1 2 4 -3 5
17 Fulham 7 1 1 5 -7 4
19 West Brom 7 0 3 4 -10 3
18 Sheffield Utd 7 0 1 6 -7 1
20 Burnley 6 0 1 5 -9 1
Burns: Supporters Need to Stick With Us
at 13:23:12

Well said Jewell!
Two days before a big game Saturday and we have our job to do, let the board and the CEO manage the business.
Too many armchair quarterbacks on here for my liking.
Ive heard so much whingeing i'm depressed, I love my club and will supoort it til I die. Some people obviously think it isnt having an impact on the players and the manager and making it worse, dream on!
Let the professionals do their job and concentrate on doingyours, and sing louder and louder at Lincoln on Saturday, if you are a true fan and going. If not, then keep your negative crap to yourself it wont help us climb the league.
Morsy: Boss is as Focused as I've Ever Seen Him
at 17:03:58

Come on guys, we have a game to win at Lincoln on Saturday, weve got a sell out following of 1800 going and another opportunity to give these guys our full support. Im as pi&&ed off as anybody about whats happened so far but we can only win saturday and get us started, Two more at PR after that and its as if this run never happened.
Trust the CEO to be doing whats right for the club and back them as fervently as we can.
Morsy and Armin Make Debuts as Cook Makes 10 Changes
at 20:45:40

Big Cook fan but just dont get the logic when we have centre backs who desperately need to play together, Saturday we will go in cold again and unless the guy has been given a guarantee until Xmas, saturday looks to me like a game he just has to win....
Cook to Field Strong Side Against West Ham U21s
at 14:07:51

Interesting Norwood isnt in the squad above, chatting with him Sunday he is hoping to get a game, says hes fit and has been waiting for this type of game to get some minutes under his belt....
Cook: One of the Toughest Days I've Had in Management
at 18:56:49

"Today we’ve let our fans down"

Too right! Dreadful and tactically inept, Substitutions in the second half that made little sense other than to bolster the defensive midfield at 5/2 down, leaving Barrie and Pigott on the bench and playing Harper forward in midfield when we all know he comes from deep at his best. Jackson? I thought he'd been discarded.

I listened to his interview on BBC and its obvious he is hurting, and I really hope we turn it round for him but today I dont think many of us had much hope.

I've been a really enthusiastic fan of PC, but I am now worried this just isnt his time....
Morsy: The Immediate Aim is Promotion
at 11:18:33

@Ringwoodblue, magnificent first line :)
Morsy: The Immediate Aim is Promotion
at 09:14:31

So an article about a fella we should be welcoming with open arms and his desire to get us back into the championship provokes a moronic debate about whether highly paid footballers should be able to move house with less stress than others?
Some people on here could pick a fight with the Dali Llama.
Welcome Sam, hope you are happy and successful here and we get promoted as per your goals. Ignore all this other nonsense, you'll soon get used to it.
Morsy Excited to Be Part of the Project
at 07:02:48

Gel or be gone? How about cheer up and support you club or be gone ?
Ashton: Long and Challenging Window But We’ve Come Through It in Decent Shape
at 08:55:30

I wouldnt write anybody off, PC has seen something in Aluko and Hladky is just a little low on confidence.

The common theme here is that its time for us to do our bit, which we can absolutely control, so now its in our hands. Personally I cant wait for Bolton saturday week, lets raise the roof.
Town to Submit Squad to EFL
at 13:55:57

@Help, thanks for restoring the balance :)

Just reading your moan moan moan sequence reminded me of the Spam song and sketch from Monty Python. Perhaps we should adapt it?
Town to Submit Squad to EFL
at 13:07:07

Strong squad !

Struggling with the fact that this post has been up 30 minutes now and no-one has moaned. Perhaps the final day signings have finally shut a few up.

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