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McKenna: We Take the Positives From the Performance
at 17:25:17

Sadly people forget this side were playing in league one last season, bar Omari who was playing under 18s and Kieffer wasn't playing at all.
We've done absolutely brilliant this season, competing and dominating for long periods against sides who haven't been as low as L1 for decades. Time for a bit of realism.
This side needs another 2-3 windows before being "finished" for Championship level, and yet here we are on the verge of the PL.
Realism please, it's come way earlier than planned so well done boss!
Downes: Fans Don't Know the Full Story of Town Exit
at 08:54:48

Would have suggested he just kept his thoughts to himself if he wants to put the record straight, comments like this will just make it worse. To be honest Ive long since forgotten about him....
Later Kick-Off at Hull Due to Sky Coverage
at 16:17:04

Oh come on! Seriously, 8PM on a Saturday night FFS!
McKenna: Al-Hamadi Has Earned Our Trust
at 00:21:57

Personally i really like the lad, he will get better and better as he gets older. Yes his first touch on hold up play can bounce a bit, but his raw strength on the turn and his instincts to be in the right zones are excellent. That said we have to be a bit patient with him, hes a long way from the finished article just yet
El Mizouni's Season Over
at 19:12:42

Feel very much like a Kyle Edwards situation, release the lad at renewal time and let Orient pick him up for free.
Industrial Action to Impact Derby Day Trains
at 09:35:32

Bobble strikes again. The railways are privately owned what in Gods name has this got to do with "those in charge"?
Town Announce Season Ticket Prices
at 09:26:36

Bobble, sorry is this some sort of gag?
Do you not understand any of whats been going on with the losses covered by their money and did you not listen to anything that came out last week?
Ashton: Training Ground and Category One Academy Priorities Following New Investment
at 10:35:56

Why does every conversation here seem to feed a paranoid response about Kieran. He has a four year contract, he is only 37 years old and has just seen Rooney Lampard and Gerrard take big jobs too soon. He know, hes under contract here and this club is building a sustainable future for him without him having to take risks.
AND, frankly I can't get my head around the fact that people don't seem to attribute as much value to Ashton, who is the driving force behind this club, and the fantastic investors that he is able to attract.
Strength in a football club starts OFF the pitch not on it. Ashton is an absolute hero in my books as is Schwartz, O'leary and Gamechanger. Kieran will move on one day yes, but ten years from now at 47 he won't have reached his prime so why on earth are people linking him to a departure when he's not even mentioned in the article ??
Town Make £18.17m Loss
at 09:36:44

MK1, sadly not, capital doesn't count towards income, so the impact on the pitch is zero. BUT it can be used to fund all the capital expenditure, Playford Road and Portman Road can probably be fully funded if that money stays in the pot which means true revenue like ticket sales, shirts and commercial revenue can be used to fund players. That in turn may see us go up, and Sky revenue, probably 200m over three years even if we only lasted a season, does also count as income so the plates start to spin more healthily.
On EuropaBlues comments, sadly I disagree, these were budgeted losses covered by investor injections and were planned and necessary. Once you hit the PL, yes you can make money sensibly but the state the club was in 3 years ago the only way was more and more deterioration.
There are also comments here about risks. Well again i beg to differ. GC paid around 40m for the club and have probably now spent a total of 100m owning 90% of the club. Selling 40% for 105m means they are 5m up and still own a controlling interest, debt free. Thats not risk, thats just great business and part of their investment strategy.
I think overall fans need to keep in mind revenue and income drive FFP, any trading losses are always covered by these guys with cash and capital can only help do that and fund off the pitch.
Town Announce New £105m Investment From Bright Path Sports Partners
at 18:14:36

Mark Ashton take a bow! AGAIN !

The comments above reflect it, market capitalisation now somewhere north of £1/4bn for a club you couldn't give away three years ago, and I agree that we should think carefully about slagging Marcus Evans off too much now, yes he presided over a dreadful era in our history, but he at least had the decency to hold on for the right deal for our future.

I have it on good authority he turned down more money to find the right people and he must get some credit for that.

In terms of the future, well it's capital so you can't spend it on players, but you can build stands with it so thats now covered
Player of the Year Voting Gets Under Way
at 18:07:03

Im involved in this and all I would say is that I agree totally with the comments. Sadly tradition determines it's done at the back end of the season in question. The nature of voting schedules and the logistics makes it difficult. Im wondering whether fans would prefer it done on Open day in the summer or at the first game of the season because I don't see an easy answer. I am happy, however, to take any comments forward for next year as Secretary for the OSC and email me with your thoughts
Just for context, the football writers POY are done in March so obviously they have the same issues
Burgess: It's Gruelling, a Lot of Games and They're Intense
at 08:40:21

Praying that he comes back fit, it's no coincidence our run of 7 wins in 8 games started when he got back last time!
Mowbray Takes Leave of Absence Until Pre-Season
at 08:37:48

Clearly Moggas illness and recovery need to be free of the stresses of managing a football club and it's good to see Birmingham have done this. But as Vancouver Blue says above, letting Eustace go was a huge cock up!
No Change to Town Kit Despite Castore Acquiring Umbro Rights
at 14:38:30

Suspect this means the end of the deal next season then. Bit disappointed to be honest, I didnt used to be a fan but these kits last two years have been excellent
Röhl: Big, Big Difference
at 18:17:28

Dissboy you nailed it!

KM is 37 years old and taking the top job too early could be done by 40 like Lampard Gerrard and Rooney.

I keep saying this, but another ten years at 47 he will only then being approaching his prime.
IBC Unveils Plans For Portman Road Aquatics Centre Development
at 15:06:43

I think the piece thats missing from this, given 3-4 years minimum timeline, is the possibility of an interim improvement and an increase in the capacity in the West Stand. Plenty of room that side to make that top tier bigger and the addition of a flatter, translucent roof to help the health of the new pitch would make sense.
The fact that it never been mentioned feels like transfer window, they will suddenly announce something!
Just can't see us waiting 4-5 years to increase capacity at a time we are already full every week and will lose 1000 tickets per game if we go up and have to give th eOppo 3000
Morsy: Every Time We’ve Had a Knock, We’ve Always Come Back Stronger
at 08:34:07

offer me 18 points from 21? Yes please
Offer me this position in the league at Xmas? Yes please
9 games to go, so much will change between now and May, we go again
Broadhead Could Make Trip to Cardiff
at 10:19:51

Really big game this one, a week off before S Weds and then an international break. I think Kieffer in particular will benefit from some rest, hes put a huge shift in since arriving
Manning: The Game Plan Worked For 90 Per Cent of the Match
at 17:55:37

Respectfully WWZ he didnt say they controlled the game he said the game plan worked for 90% of the time, which is a fair reflection. He also said when Wes came on it changed the game, also trues, and that they failed to shift their line to an overload on the front post on the set play. Sorry thats not being soft thats fact.
I quite enjoy listening to other managers' comments, it shows how sides respect us and try to shut us down.
Thats because we are a damned good side and is a complement. I thought BC did well, we are frankly better overall and ended up getting the three points but fair play to them we had to work hard for it
McKenna: A Brilliant Way to Win a Football Match
at 15:44:00

Very spirited fightback and 20% guts yet again. I thought going into the game we would struggle with energy levels and I thought Kieffer looked really knackered. The week off can't come soon enough for him.
Km sums it up really well, Liam Manning is a decent tactician, I think with better players he could go on and do a decent job at a bigger club too, but he will always struggle making a real name for himself at middle of the road clubs.
One thing I do slightly disagree with though was about the atmosphere. Yes, we got nicely fired up in the last 15 minutes but we were really quiet for an hour. Wheres our excuse? The players deserve to be tired but I sometimes think we wait for them to inspire us rather than the other way around.
Nathan and Blue Action apart, the rest of the ground was below par last night, and I count myself in that too.....
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