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We even got a mention on BBC Ten O'clock news
at 22:21 1 Apr 2024

Thanks Clive
Jeez, we need a time-out
at 19:10 29 Mar 2024

Someone have an "injury" please
Moore coming off
at 18:55 29 Mar 2024

that worries me a bit.

Come on Ali, get us a 2nd goal.
Lots of quick turnarounds in games at the moment
at 16:24 17 Mar 2024

Liverpool just scored 2 quick goals to go 2-1 up
Us v Cardiff, obviously
Coventry and Wolves yesterday
Bournemouth v Luton last week

Modern football, eh?
Now that was beautiful
at 14:07 17 Mar 2024

Mavididi 2-2
If we're definitely only in the POs with 3 games to go
at 14:05 10 Mar 2024

Losing to Hull and Coventry, to help keep Noj out of the top 6 would make up for missing out on the top 2.

I'm confident we can go there in April and get a point or 3, but don't want the risk of losing to them in the POs.
Right, let's move on...
at 14:46 9 Mar 2024

Come on Hull, come on Rotherham
Well, that will teach me
at 15:34 23 Feb 2024

Watched both the Swansea and Rotherham games back-to-back last night, but just as Rotherham scored the late 'equaliser', I decided to move the video forward a minute or so....and saw all the players celebrating Omari's late winner - so I missed *that* moment. Doh!

It was either tiredness, or I was convinced we had thrown the 2 points away, either way, daft thing to do - it's never quite the same when you miss the 'live' moment a goal is scored, is it?
Interesting read on the BBC website
at 13:42 30 Jan 2024

Apologies if it's already been posted, but saw this article about Pep Guardiola, found it interesting, nothing that we don't already know, I'm sure.

You might even say that a certain other up-and-coming young manager will be talked about in the same way in a few years time.
FA Cup game
at 14:00 24 Jan 2024

It's live on the BBC right?

I know that you can only access the iPlayer from the UK - or a UK VPN connection - but is the BBC Sport website the same, as the game is available there aswell, apparently, and I'm using a free VPN at the moment that has a limited amount of bandwidth available.

Don't want to run out of bandwidth halfway through watching it.
Good win that
at 22:27 17 Jan 2024

Much needed.

OK, I realise I might be a few days late, but only just watched it.
Full Match Replays on TownTV
at 22:20 2 Jan 2024

So, knowing that I was going to miss the game yesterday, I decided to do the next best thing and watch the full match on TownTV.

Managed to avoid hearing/finding out the score, waited until early evening yesterday and loaded up the page for the full match replays.

Nothing there. OK, I thought, it's a Bank Holiday, maybe it will be there later. So I waited.

Then an hour or so later I decided to refresh the page. Big mistake. It doesn't come back onto the 'Full Match Replays' page, oh no...the first thing I saw was 'Stoke 0 Ipswich 0 match highlights'.

Arrrrghh. Lesson learnt - don't try to refresh that page - close it and re-open it if the match you want isn't there yet.

On the plus side, at least I didn't sit through a 90 min 0-0....
Any other day...
at 21:28 16 Dec 2023

Broadhead has a hattrick. That mazy run in the area in the first half, how he didn't score, well only he knows.

Just seen the Leeds highlights, they should have won in in the last seconds of the game, lol.
THE win of the season for me
at 21:43 12 Dec 2023

Haven't been so nervous during a game since Sunderland.

Goal for Morsy, and no booking....yesssssssssss

Bring on the scum
TownTV problems
at 15:04 2 Dec 2023


Anyone else having problems logging in?

Can't login, password reset option not working. No audio for me atm
ITV highlights
at 00:43 30 Nov 2023

Makes you laugh, doesn't it:

Show the team in 1st place
Then show the team in 3rd place
Then show the team in 4th place

Oh, sorry, did we forget someone?

Show the team in 2nd place, finally

Serious, they have to show all 3 relegated prem teams first, don't they. Oh well, keep on ignoring us, it's fine by me.
Question for TWTD runners: anyone wear Hoka Clifton shoes?
at 20:09 20 Nov 2023

I bought a pair of Hoka running shoes on a whim about 3 months ago, after I received a spam email from a company claiming that these were the best shoes for road runners because of their incredible cushioning.

So, bought a pair, cost around £80, so definitely in the budget range, they arrived a couple of days later, so I put them on and went out for my first run.

A few kilometers later, I was in absolute agony, every part of my legs and feet were hurting, but somehow I managed to finish the run, but I was seriously considering putting them back in the box and returning them.

Well, I didn't, and after a couple of months 'breaking-in' I now find them incredibly comfortable and I'm glad I persisted with them, but I've never know a shoe take so long to break-in - if you have a pair you'll know the soles are really thick, which is probably why.

Anyone else got them or thinking of getting them? Have the same problems breaking them in? To be honest, I'm put off buying them again, unless I just wear them around the house for a few months first.
Close game in Nice then
at 21:42 18 Nov 2023

....just the 14 goals against Gibraltar
Racous atmosphere today...
at 23:49 11 Nov 2023

I don't get to many games at PR, but that one of the best, noise-level wise for a while for me. It was a pretty decent atmosphere all around the ground, constant noise/singing from all parts of the ground for most of the game.
Swansea tickets....
at 09:45 9 Nov 2023

What are the chances of V1 section being opened for home fans to book tickets sometime today, anyone 'in the know'?
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