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Noj's latest relegation, and MoTD indifference
at 19:05 1 May 2022

Not that I'm bothered, but MoTD usually attaches some importance to games where teams get relegated from the PL.

Last night, AV v Noj was I think the 4th or 5th game shown, and it was really a case of, "oh, and Norwich are relegated.....again"

They really have fallen a long way in the footballing worlds eye, and have finally become the pointless, nothing of a team that we have always known they are.

Looking forward to their next 12 months time, hopefully.
Useless thought for the day...
at 16:45 11 Apr 2022

I wonder if Aston Villa will sign Perry Ng from Cardiff at some point.

Then they could have a team with Ng, Ings and Mings in.

Don't worry, I'm already getting my coat...
Wycombe making light work of beating Cambridge
at 21:04 5 Apr 2022

Currently 3-0 up at their place.

I suppose it's comforting (in a way) to know that even if we had beaten Cambridge, we'd still be 5 points away from 6th with only 5 games to play after tonight's games.
at 19:04 22 Mar 2022

Trying to send a message to you on here, but it keeps coming up with an 'internal server error' when I click send.

Can you contact me please, its about a message that came up about an hour ago.
Teamcard points
at 19:23 21 Mar 2022

Possible silly question here, but as a Silver Card holder, I apparently have £10 worth of 'Teamcard points'. can I use these to get £10 off a replica shirt, and if so, how?

Just received an email from Ryanair
at 20:02 16 Mar 2022

Subject title is, "You can't beat the Canaries"

Clearly someone doesn't follow PL football.
RTs been taken off the air then
at 15:53 2 Mar 2022

I was just sitting here, watching RT to get an honest, balanced view of what's going on in the world - especially how innocent civilians have been decapitated by the evil Ukrainian government and how NATO has caused all the problems in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Ukraine, just so they can launch an 'unanswerable' attack on Russia - and suddenly the channel disappears, scrambled or unavailable, apparently.

What is the world coming to? Where am I going to get a fair and balanced view on the current situation now, apart from TWTD of course...
USB wifi dongle for smart TV
at 14:49 27 Feb 2022

Looking for a bit of techie advice, TWTD!

I've got a Toshiba smart TV which has (or had) a wireless adapter built-in, which appears to have stopped working, just over 12 months after buying it, of course.

I've tested the wired connection by plugging it directly into the router, and that works fine, but running a cable to where the TV usually is, isn't an option.

I've searched on Argos, they have plenty of cheap dongles, but everytime I look at the Q&A's, it states that it won't work on a smart TV, just something with an OS...I thought a smart TV would have an OS of sorts?

So, anyone know of a relatively cheap dongle that would work on a smart TV ?
What size army does Russia have?
at 19:59 23 Feb 2022

Just wondering, I mean while there's almost 200k of them ready to go into Ukraine, maybe we should attempt a cheeky raid on Moscow...might give them something else to think about.

The rise of the anti-work movement
at 11:37 11 Feb 2022

One for you, Bankster.

Enjoyable day today
at 21:54 5 Feb 2022

OK, not the best game, but a win is a win, right?

Anyway, my first time in the directors box, hospitality was excellent, met Bryan Hamilton, Micky Stockwell, Mark Ashton, even Olly Murs, everyone doing their upmost to make it a memorable occasion (for my BiL, it was his day, he invited me along as his guest), great view from the 'posh' (and very comfortable!) seats too.

Well done, ITFC.
Just got my first ever speeding ticket...
at 12:15 15 Jan 2022

after more than 30 years of driving....woohoo.

58 in a 50mph, so hopefully I'll be offered one of those speed awareness courses instead of 3 points. Apparently these can be done on-line at the moment, anyone know if that's right?
Ha ha ha ha
at 13:03 8 Jan 2022

Why do they do it?

Goalkeepers, just clear the ball you muppets!
Nissan Juke
at 14:15 31 Dec 2021

Anyone own one of these? Good, bad or indifferent?

I'm thinking of getting one, having just passed on my little old Corsa to my son.

They're a bit quirky looking, not to everyones taste, but I've grown to like them - having never actually owned or driven one!

I've only had Fords and Vauxhalls mainly, all pretty reliable, so just looking for something a bit different, small/medium sized that's reliable and cheap to run (I don't even drive that much).
Hate this football club. (n/t)
at 20:20 15 Dec 2021

L1 quality
at 22:38 18 Sep 2021

Based purely on watching the Quest highlights, so I appreciate that doesn't tell the whole story, but the quality of teams and the football they are playing seems to have gone up several notches in the last couple of seasons.

I remember watching the highlights last seasons, and time after time, team after team, you would see comedy defending leading to goals - not seeing that so much now, just confident, attractive, technical football from most teams.

Just an observation.
Other managers/pundits comments
at 13:07 12 Sep 2021

Just about every manager - after their team has played us (and won!) - heaps praise on Cook and the fantastic set of players we have here.

Now, I get they could be taking the proverbial, but they're right, Cook is the best manager in L1, based on previous achievements at other clubs, so either it's another case of the assistant manager being the key to success, or he just needs time to get it a decent experienced defensive coach.

It's been the worst possible start that any of us could have imagined, but I think the worst thing now would be to get rid of Cook. Get him a defensive coach and by Christmas we will be working our way up the table towards the POs or better - hopefully just as other teams suffer their own mid-season wobble.
I switched off the audio stream once they scored the 5th yesterday....
at 12:19 12 Sep 2021

I honestly thought they would score 10.

Did it get any better at all for the last 20-30 mins?

If there's any positive about yesterday, maybe it's that Bolton fans will finally stop going on about that semi-final game now.
Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League
at 21:08 6 Sep 2021

is on BBC2 now if anyone's interested.
Who's 'Geeday' then?
at 22:33 5 Jul 2021

Watching Kathy Burkes program on CH4, she was talking to this guy who manages a group of Tic Tokers, she asked him if he's ever had a proper job, he replied he was a footballer, had a scholarship at Ipswich.
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