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Green shoots are visible!
at 12:11 6 May 2021

Seen numerous interviews where he clearly states that he only moves players on if the manager wants the player to go or wants the money to spend elsewhere. Ashton doesn't make the decision. He just negotiates what we will get for the player from what I understand.
at 16:25 29 Apr 2021

Hopefully not and I don't mean it in a personal way.

I think we need outright fresh change from top to bottom and he's included in that.

He's had so much influence in the dressing room over the years and Cook needs to bring in new leaders for the new era.
The Paul Hurst Dream Continues (n/t)
at 11:09 28 Apr 2021

I'm an Ipswich exile living in Cleethorpes.

Paul Hurst is seen as a bit of a hero up here and is completely scot free of any of the blame in GTFC fans eyes. 100% of the blame has been given to Ian Holloway and the owner John Fenty.

They expected the season to be called off so didn't bother having a pre-season and signed a load of cheap non league players on 1 year deals trying to be smart in anticipating that the season would be postponed due to COVID.

Hurst dismantled the entire squad in January and threw a load of loans and freebies together which have formed a solid fighting chance in recent weeks but it was all too little too late.

Apparently Hurst commented that the balls on the training field were not even round anymore when he re-joined as it had been so long since the equipment had been updated!

I should mention that another former blue Giles Coke was one of those Hurst signed in January and he's been absolutely outstanding!
Luke Chambers and Cole Skuse
at 12:33 26 Apr 2021

I can accept players not being great if you know they've tried their best. I don't think anyone can doubt the effort of those three regardless of what you may think of their abilities.

It's not their fault they've been picked and kept by all of the managers that have been here since McCarthy.

I'm not so sure I'd keep Teddy. We need consistently fit players who are capable of 40+ games a season. Why insist on wasting a wage on a player who can only manage 15-20 games? I'm pretty sure no one would care about him if he hadn't come through our academy.
Watching this excuse for a footballer again and again
at 12:27 26 Apr 2021

I think Gwion Edwards has been the one player to frustrate me the most in the regimes since Mick McCarthy left.

He was top class in his first few games under Hurst in the Championship, then he was largely anonymous for the rest of the season.

He then started this season as if he was finally settled and going to be a key player for us and then went back to being poor/anonymous all over again! Very frustrating player.
Luke Chambers and Cole Skuse
at 11:03 26 Apr 2021

Totally agree.

Chambers, Skuse, Bishop and Sears have all been here for a long period of time and been great professionals throughout their time.

I personally wouldn't keep any of them but they've been great servants and I would happily applaud them for their efforts over the years.
Matt Jay - Exeter
at 10:34 23 Apr 2021

If we are adopting a new scouting system based on statistics like was mentioned a month or so ago then you'd expect these will be the types that should pop up on our radar. I think there are some hidden gems in our league and the league below. We just have to unearth them first!
Roy Keane ruined this club...
at 11:01 22 Apr 2021

My long, boring assessment of it all....

George Burley - Did a fantastic job but the club got ahead of themselves by spending money we didn't have after one good season in the Prem. As a team we maybe over invested our efforts in the UEFA Cup and couldn't juggle the league fixtures at the same time as UEFA Cup like the bigger clubs do.

Joe Royle - Did an incredible job on a small budget. No bad words to say about him at all. If he had a slightly bigger budget we would've romped to promotion.

Jim Magilton - Took a while to settle in but with another season he probably would've had us there or thereabouts.

Roy Keane - He is the one that caused the huge decline of the club in my opinion. The squad he ripped apart did not deserve it (unlike our current crop today) and wasted the most millions Evans was prepared to invest in the squad.

Paul Jewell - Constantly trying to put out the fire that Keane left behind. Made some poor signings himself (JET) but also made a couple of good ones (Cresswell, Chambers). Heading towards certain relegation if he hadn't gone when he did.

Mick McCarthy - Did a brilliant job on a very small budget. It was still the right thing to do letting him go. Brought on a lot of the criticism himself by being unnecessarily arrogant at times. The 2014/15 season was the best we've had in 15 years and have great memories of it. With a bit of backing in the January we would've had half a chance of seeing it through.

Paul Hurst - Had a very difficult dressing room to walk into. McCarthy had let Smith and Berra leave in the January, loanees were returning to parent clubs, McGoldrick already released, Waghorn, Webster and Garner all desperately wanted to leave. Just made a mess of handling all of that and didn't have the expertise McCarthy had in finding good replacements on the cheap.

Paul Lambert - Did the right thing trying to get the fans united to begin with. We just wanted to feel appreciated after how it went sour with McCarthy towards the end and the media calling us bad fans (completely incorrect and still winds me up). Unfortunately Lambert is a terrible manager as his CV confirms everywhere he's been except Norwich.

Marcus Evans - It's easier speaking about him now he's wiped the debt owed to him. He took the club on at a time where we could've easily gone bust.

He then got it badly wrong by sacking Jim and hiring Keane. He obviously thought he could throw a few million at it and we'd be in the Premier League.

However, he still made sure the bills were paid during his tenure and could've sold to whoever was interested but made sure he sold us to respectable buyers who sounded like the best option for the club.

It's been a bleak 15 years or so but I hope we can all look to the future with a bit of optimism now!

Bring on the new era. COYB!
Damning statistics - what stands out for you?
at 10:42 22 Apr 2021


That is absolutely damning evidence of how bad we really are.

What makes it quite funny is how terrible this league is that we've been in with a shout of play-offs and in the top 10 pretty much all season despite having relegation fodder statistics.
cook's summer priorities
at 10:36 22 Apr 2021

I think Norwood has proven that he can be our goalscoring striker.

The only concerns are his poor injury record (a summer rest and a full pre-season may help with this) and his attitude of trying to be a joker all the time may irk some people.

He's been absolutely starved of service ever since he joined but his goal stats per minutes played is pretty good.

At least 3 creative/attacking minded players are need in midfield and on the wings this summer otherwise it won't matter who our striker is.
Tomas Holy
at 14:05 21 Apr 2021

Where does he rank in our worst ever goalkeepers list?

He seems a lovely guy but I really do think he's extremely high on the list.

An absolute priority signing this summer.
Play The Kids!
at 10:49 21 Apr 2021

Four games to go. Let's litter this team with youth players and players he wants to keep only for the remainder.

This current crop clearly couldn't care less and have absolutely zero self pride to even attempt to try and win a game of football.

I really hope Cook takes this opportunity to blood some young lads in who he sees potential in. If we're going to lose 3-0 to relegation fodder anyway then at least make it a learning curve for our young lads.

I can't see one reason why the likes of McGuiness and Bennetts are still playing? For a start they're useless and secondly, they're going back to their parent clubs in a couple of weeks anyway.

Do the right thing Paul!
Lets not forget MM had to endure a 0-5 and 0-6 before
at 15:59 17 Mar 2021

Skuse and Chambers need to be moved on this summer.

I'm not using them as scapegoats for our poor performance(s) and I respect them both for their service over the years but they are both quite clearly finished as footballers and their wages should be spent on recruiting better players in the summer.

We don't have room for sentimentality given our restricted budget.
This squad is an embarrassment
at 15:52 17 Mar 2021

My feelings exactly!

If I was Paul Cook I would be absolutely insulted at that performance last night. If that was their levels of how much they care about promotion and wanting to impress their new manager then they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

I'm sure Cook is just biding his time and making an assessment on everybody before dishing out a few home truths if this continues. He didn't have to come out and protect the players last night so they owe him on Saturday.
This squad is an embarrassment
at 10:56 17 Mar 2021

I'm still seething at that display last night and there's genuinely not a single player that I would be bothered about leaving the club.

No spine, no fight, no passion, no quality, no anything!

In my opinion, if we were somehow able to achieve promotion this season then we'd either be humiliated every week (again) next season or in desperate need of an entirely new squad.

The only saving grace is I think Paul Cook comes across really well and I'm confident he can sort this mess out long term.
How come Norwich got Daniel Farke and we got the Marcus Muppet Show?
at 10:46 16 Mar 2021

The best thing Norwich ever did was appoint Stuart Webber. That guy is very highly rated within football.

A proper director of football who knows what he is doing. Something we crave badly!
Would you rather...?
at 10:43 16 Mar 2021

The guy that handed a transfer request in or the chance of a future where we're actually able to compete better than we are now? Not a difficult one for me.
I know its sad news about the takeover but...
at 10:42 16 Mar 2021

Grateful that he's doubled the debt and taken us from a team competing for the Premier League to an average League One side?

He thought it would be easy to buy the club on the cheap, chuck £10m at a new manager who'd ben promoted before and that would be it. Easy peasy.

Then the only manager he didn't properly back was the only manager who actually gave us a genuine chance of promotion!

Therefore I'll pass on the gratitude thanks.
jimmy floyd hasselbaink
at 11:08 15 Mar 2021

He's done an incredible job there.

Hopefully our next assistant manager Leam Richardson at Wigan deserves a huge mention as well. Wigan don't have any coaches, goalkeeping coaches etc and they've put together a side of whatever players would join them on low salaries and they could quite possibly stay up too.
Is the club teasing us?
at 10:17 15 Mar 2021

The goal tender showed great deefense to keep it locked at one zero on Saturday.
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