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Cook will get it right (n/t)
at 12:54 16 Sep 2021

Totally agree.

There's only so much a manager can do. It's very easy to think of individual errors (Bonne miss v Cheltenham, Fraser penalty miss v Burton, Woolfenden v Morecambe etc) to add at least 8+ more points which would see us sat in 8-10th place and none of us would be too disheartened with that.

As fans we've endured some dire times in the past 20 years and this is one time I really believe we should hold fire for a short while and be patient.

Who remembers Norwich taking a whooping at home to Colchester? They then went on to be champions.
Terry as Cook's assistant anyone ?
at 12:49 16 Sep 2021

He left Aston Villa as assistant manager to become a manager so why would he drop to League One to do the same job?
A lot of ITFC fans would do well to watch this Ashton interview again
at 10:08 15 Sep 2021

I think we were all quite happy to be patient as we need time to gel etc but being third bottom was not part of the script and shouldn't be deemed acceptable with the squad we have and the money we have spent.

I also won't accept the gelling excuse from Cook after last nights team selection. Everyone who played Saturday should've played last night.
do any of you think cook should go right now?
at 14:06 14 Sep 2021


I'd give him 10-15 games and see if there's an up-turn in fortunes. At that point there can be no excuses if players aren't fully fit or 'gelled' yet.

I am however worried that Cook may have been heavily reliant on Leam Richardson and his other backroom staff at Wigan who have all gone on to new jobs at a higher level than him/us and replaced them with complete newbies in Roberts, Jeffers etc.
[Post edited 14 Sep 14:07]
Without wanting to open the can of worms again that is Bristol fans forum…
at 11:52 7 Sep 2021

I agree with most of the comments on this thread.

I couldn't care less about Bristol City and I would hope that any errors Ashton may have made there will mean he's learned from them and won't replicate them again here.

I will judge him in a year or two rather than right now but so far I can only praise the job he's done.
at 11:47 7 Sep 2021

Can't see him being included in the matchday squad but I can see him being brought out with Morsy to receive a welcoming reception from the crowd.
Think about the bench!!!!
at 15:35 1 Sep 2021

Ahh I didn't see your post sorry!

I'd be perfectly happy with any of the starting line ups mentioned in this thread which goes to show just how good our business has been this summer.

I'd say most players who find themselves on our bench would be starters for the majority of clubs in this division.
Best XI When Everyone Is Fit?
at 12:03 1 Sep 2021

In my opinion it would be as below.

Having the likes of Lee Evans, Joe Pigott, Scott Fraser, Conor Chaplin etc who are all equally as good is incredible strength in depth for this division which will benefit us massively compared to the rest of the league over the winter months. COYB!


KVY Edumundson Burgess Coulson

Harper Morsy

Burns Celina Edwards

Positives & Negatives
at 10:54 18 Aug 2021

That's a fair comment and It was certainly Wolf's best performance of the season so far in defensive terms (which is ultimately what he's there for). lt was just frustrating that he could've played an easy 5 yard pass to a midfielder but clattered it to nobody regularly and gave possession away. That could also be down to a lack of confidence or Cook telling him to stop trying to play out from the back after being caught out against Morecambe.

The other negative I forgot to include was Lee Evans' lack of discipline. He's been steaming into challenges even when he's on a yellow card. Could've easily been sent off twice already this season.
Positives & Negatives
at 10:43 18 Aug 2021


- Burgess impressed me at the back. Looked assured and won everything in the air. Bailed Hladky out many times with the long throws when he came out flapping thin air.

- Kyle Edwards looks absolutely class. I haven't seen us have a wide player who can run at defenders the way he did last night in years. He was clearly tired after 65 mins though so I'm surprised he lasted the full 90.

- Pigott looked good and held the ball up well. I think he really needs a goal to give him some added confidence and he'll come good.


- As earlier mentioned, Hladky looked pretty awful last night in my opinion. Set the tone with a misplaced pass which put us under pressure in the first minute and they nearly scored from the long throw. He came no where close to gathering one of those long throws all night and heavily depended on Burgess to head it away.

- Woolfenden's lack of composure on the ball. I lost count of how many times he stopped looking for a pass and aimlessly hoofed it up the park to nobody.

- Scott Fraser was supposed to be one of the best number 10s in the league and he's being dumped out wide even though we have about 10 wide players in the squad who could be more effective there. He has to play centrally and looked lost last night.

- One of my biggest negatives from last night and the previous few games is Paul Cook purely because he seems to leave it far too late before making any substitutions. After 60-65 minutes we were crying out for some fresh legs and we looked so flat but still never changed things until it was too late.
Carroll - 1 year deal
at 09:06 17 Aug 2021

As good a player as he is when he's fit, he's only averaged 10 games a season for the past four years so it would be silly to offer him anything more than a year.

If it works out the way we'd hope then I'm sure he'd be happy to stay if offered a new deal next year (hopefully in the Championship).
Flynn opens up a bit here about Ipswich exit
at 10:16 16 Aug 2021

He seems like a bit of an idiot to me. Glad he's gone.
I really hope Downes does well at Swans
at 16:16 9 Aug 2021

My thoughts exactly.

I don't particularly wish him well after the club spent 15 years developing him and then threw his toys out the pram first chance he got resulting in us selling him for five or six times less than he's worth. We got the same fee for Liam Gibbs who hasn't even played in the first team.

It sounds bitter but I hope he finds that the grass isn't always greener.
CM and LB priority this week surely
at 10:40 3 Aug 2021

Fully agree.

An experienced leader like Sonny Bradley would've been is a key ingredient which seems to be missing.

Both Edmundson and Woolf are still young and need to play alongside an experienced head and I personally see Toto as a bit of a liability.

I'm very happy with the business we've done so far and I'm adamant we'll be in the top 6 but anyone who thinks we are going to win the league by 20 points is deluded in my opinion.
CM and LB priority this week surely
at 09:28 3 Aug 2021

I'm starting to get frustrated with the lack of movement on new signings since Edmundson and Chaplin arrived. We still look way short for what is required.

We still need another centre back, left back, defensive midfielder and a winger/attacking midfielder in my opinion.

I don't like how the Coulsen deal has dragged this long and I'm surprised we haven't moved on to new targets yet.
Some of the awful chants I heard coming from S6 today
at 11:38 2 Aug 2021

Totally agree. I still cringe when I think of that Norwich game.

I honestly hate it when fans start chanting about the oppositions rivals in general. Would we care if fans started singing about Norwich?

I don't care about Millwall and I remember West Ham beating us in multiple play-off games so I really don't particularly like them either.

I don't understand why we can't just sing our own songs and get behind the actual team that we're there to support.
17k-18k for Saturday seems disappointing....
at 11:31 2 Aug 2021

I think the fact we're playing Morecambe may also factor into the attendance figures.

If we were playing Sheffield Wedneday you know they'd be bringing 2,000+ supporters. However, I doubt Morecambe will sell more than 500+.
Russell Martin going to Swansea
at 22:40 30 Jul 2021

I would’ve had them top 6 if he’d stayed.

Quite ironic that Martin had a pop at us when we signed Scott Fraser saying players/clubs have had all summer to sort their business out and now he’s going to leave his club in the lurch a week before the season starts!
Ashton not interested in a Cat 1 academy....
at 11:43 30 Jul 2021

If Mark Ashton doesn't care about it then that's good enough for me.

I really don't understand peoples obsessions with the youth team anyway. If we can develop some of our own then great but if not who cares. I just want the best players playing for ITFC and whoever developed them or where they are born is irrelevant to me.
We are not all bitter
at 14:57 28 Jul 2021

I think there's a lot of similarities between our two clubs.

I've always admired how the Pompey fans have continued to pack out Fratton Park even after the fall from grace down to League Two.

All the best for the season. I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if you joined us in promotion.
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