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How to stop the super league
at 07:45 19 Apr 2021

What can government do :
- Introduce legislation to ban any professional football match being played in this country that is not sanctioned by FIFA, UEFA, or the FA. FIFA would likely support this so we wouldn't fall foul of their government interference rules. There would need to something to say that the act supersedes restraint of trade rules. Directors of any club flouting this to be criminally liable and face huge fines and/or jail

What can administrators do :
- Ban the teams and players from all FIFA, UEFA and FA sanctioned events
- State that all player registrations for those teams are null, thereby allowing players to move freely to non-super league clubs
- Allow players who move to non-super league clubs to go straight back to national teams in order to incentivise them to do so

What can broadcasters do :
- It's possible that deals have already been made, but if not, broadcasters should refuse to bid for super league rights
- Do not mention anything to do with the super league, starve them of publicity

What can fans do :
- Fans of the clubs can petition them to state that they will cancel their season tickets if they don't back down, stop buying merchandise etc, starve them of revenue
- Fans of all clubs can petition broadcasters and government to do ideas suggested above.

These clubs are relying on inaction to get their greedy way, if people can come together this can be fought
Denmark banning AZ vaccine
at 15:30 15 Apr 2021

But are happy to give them to other countries

Er, its either safe or it isn't surely ???

Bizarre behaviour from some European countries on the AZ vaccine, the blood clot side effect risk is so low
I don't want us to go up this year
at 08:09 6 Apr 2021

This will be controversial, but I don't want us to go up :

- Going up in my view makes the takeover less likely as the value of the club will increase
- We are nowhere near good enough for the championship, and Cook would have to build a team for it from almost scratch, the league is unforgiving and it would be so tough to stay up
- For me you need to feel like a good team to get promoted, we just don't, it is an indictment of the league that we are still in contention
- Promotion will be so much better with fans in the ground
Brexit - Beware of VAT
at 08:07 13 Jan 2021

As we adjust to the new relationship with the EU, it is becoming apparent that one of the big dangers is VAT

Businesses - exporting : If you are exporting to the EU, and you ship on DDP terms, you will be liable for the import VAT of the EU country it goes into. If you don't have a VAT registration in that country it will be very difficult to get the money back. Try to renegotiate your terms with your customers.

Businesses - importing : You will get charged UK VAT on importing from the EU. Expect EU suppliers who ship to you on DDP terms to ask for their terms to change as they have the opposite problem. As long as you are UK VAT registered you will be able to reclaim the VAT incurred on import.

Consumers : If we bought something from an EU country before Brexit, we would have been charged the VAT of that EU country. This should not now happen, so if you do get charged VAT by an EU company you should query it. However, expect to have to pay UK VAT on the import.

I hope this helps avoid some pain !
Trump and the way he has poisoned normal Republicans
at 08:28 7 Jan 2021

I was chatting online with an American friend last night. A normally lovely older lady that I used to work with, the stuff she said was ludicrous :

'Antifa went there to cause riots, we are not accepting stolen elections'

'I'm so glad we're armed and loaded with ammo ! We do not want communism or socialism'

'Teargas tastes like freedom ! I wish i could be there'

'The Democrats control the voting machines'

Unbelievable stuff, all the things that Trump and his cronies have been spouting, the guy needs to be impeached now or have the 25th amendment applied
Lambert out protest
at 11:17 25 Nov 2020

As we can't voice our displeasure in the ground, how about we boycott Ifollow for the Saturday match, and email the club to tell them why.

If nothing happens, we could escalate and say we will cancel our DDs if he doesn't go.

Thoughts ?
VAR - Italians asking for manager challenges
at 12:53 14 Feb 2020


What do we think ? I like the idea, but I think they should have to specify what they are challenging to stop speculative challenges. I would also stop the reviews that currently happen that look for any reason to disallow a goal - if no one on the other team has an issue, why disallow it ?
RWC final
at 18:37 31 Oct 2019

Does anyone know if anywhere is showing the final and serving breakfast on the Ravenswood side of town please ?
The election posturing yesterday
at 05:32 30 Oct 2019

That really was unedifying yesterday in my view which thankfully the speaker stopped. All the parties using 16-17 year olds and EU citizens as pawns for their own political advantage. In my view that sort of issue should be passed to the electoral commission so they can be looked at impartially.

Clearly the date of the election was similar, the parties wanting either date due to perceived advantage from where students will be. I can't see how that could be removed from parliament though !
VAR - What a farce, how to improve it ?
at 05:24 3 Jul 2019

It is just making the game worse at the moment, long delays and crazy marginal decisions.

Time to learn from other sports

Put it in the hands of the captains, only one failed referral per half, and the game only stops when the ball is in the possession of the team calling the referral or dead.

This would stop the marginal calls, players usually know. I don't think the USA would have risked their review on that goal last night, it could be too valuable later in the game on a more significant decision.

Thoughts ?
Suffolk show advice please
at 08:43 29 May 2019

I'm going to the show tomorrow for the first time

We will need to leave at about 3:30

For experienced show goers :

1) Whats the best time to head for the show to avoid too much traffic ?
2) How easy is it to park ?
3) Is the food stupidly expensive ? How much seating is there ?
4) Is there a picnic area ? Is it big ?
5) Any tips on what is best to see ? (Going with two girls, 12 & 10)

The Unfair Football Finances and a Fairer and More Sustainable Alternative
at 18:43 16 May 2019

The Current Revenue Split
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