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Louie Barrie loan
at 09:21 15 Oct 2021

No doubt he has talent and will very likely be a great player. But this loan was a bit strange to begin with, especially if Cook insists on playing one striker (which he will). No one could argue that he should play ahead of Bonne?
QPR likely to recall Bonne in January?
at 11:01 14 Oct 2021

I think it has been stated he is currently behind the other strikers there, QPR doing pretty well. What would be the point of bringing back a player that clearly wants to play for another club and doing well?
If Bonne is honest about where he wants to be and stands firm I think he will end up here on a permanent contract.
I think Holloway is wrong about this one.
Proper contender
at 18:08 9 Oct 2021

Certainly not the worst of this season, not by a long shot. Don´t remember which game, maybe Wednesday at home, that ref was bloody awful.
I still don’t think we are very good
at 17:40 9 Oct 2021

The potential is there, I agree that we are not great. But today Bonnes header alone would have been worth the entry fee.
So..a loss :O
at 00:35 3 Oct 2021

Any cheese recommendations?
State of the town
at 15:01 30 Sep 2021

Just a personal opinion:
We, as customers, can make a difference by supporting our local shops.
Don´t know if it´s the same in the UK but here in Sweden web shops often offers "free" delivery. The day pressure is put on internet retailers to make costumers pay what is actually costs to ship a shirt/medicine/playstation or whatever it won´t be cheaper than buying it from your local shop. The bad thing is that when people finally realises this might be too late.
Bored and in need of a good scare
at 09:55 23 Sep 2021

A few well known and a few less so.
Dead End
The Shining
House on Haunted Hill
Three extremes
Appleton - 'Everyone in the ground could see it was a push'
at 10:56 20 Sep 2021

Watched on Ifollow and didn´t see anything wrong with the goal at all. Neither did my best friend and he is more neutral than me when it comes to Ipswich.
Mr.Cook an open letter
at 08:35 15 Sep 2021

Sweden fan here.
England played the best football for a very long time, every Swedish fan I talked to was very impressed with them during the Euros.
So calling the football they played tedious is very unfair.
Some fans looking too lightly on firing a manager
at 08:20 15 Sep 2021

We are in the middle of September. Six league games into the season, after a massive overhaul of players. Talking about firing Cook at this stage is just premature.
If we are still not showing signs of improving (including a few wins) after 14-15 games, then ok, the owners will do something.
Sacking Cook now? That could be very risky with several players having stated the main reason they have signed for us was the oppurtunity to work with Cook (and a few of them haven´t got on the pitch yet, or just barely).
Can´t say that I´m not worried or sure that all will work out for Cook, but I am so tired of the short sightedness of some fans. At least do not hit the panic button just yet.
[Post edited 15 Sep 8:21]
My Son's first 4 games at PR
at 09:12 13 Sep 2021

Your son is very wise. The wins will come, I have got no doubt about that.
I just hope that they start to come soon so we at least will have a shot at the playoffs. Wouldn´t enjoy a season in no mans land.
Support Saturday
at 09:08 13 Sep 2021

I was watching the game on my laptop Saturday so the sound quality wasn´t very good.
The support just seemed a little bit flat compared to previous home games, no rallying "Come on Ipswich" when going behind, etc (from what I could make out).
How was the atmosphere live? Of course I understand if it goes flat at 2-4 and 2-5, but it seemed quiet before that.
at 14:08 11 Sep 2021

Good team. Not sure about Aluko, but of course he should be given a chance
Scott Fraser
at 14:58 2 Sep 2021

Thought his debut was fine, a bit hit and miss since then. Not ready to write him off for quite a while yet.
Option to buy
at 09:15 2 Sep 2021

I saw that Sunderland brought in a couple of players on deadline day (loans), but with a deal or option to buy. Do you think we are looking to buy some of the players we have brought in?
Would love it if Walton, Bonne, Celina, Coulson would stay. Don´t mind loans, but sometimes they can feel short sighted, only developing other clubs players. Maybe all depends if we can start winning games and promotion?
New lockdown looming for Scotland
at 13:06 26 Aug 2021

I think people are looking a little bit too much at the numbers for spread and cases. The most important thing is that the columns for deaths and severe cases. And in that regard only one thing will do the trick - people getting vaccinated. Keeping distance, using hand sanitizer and using face masks especially in confined spaces will also help.
Players from abroad
at 12:48 24 Aug 2021

Is it harder for english clubs to recruit foreign players after Brexit? (work permits etc).
I miss the days when we used to have a decent scouting network abroad, for example in Scandinavia (think his name was Simon Hunt, also a player for Wrexham and IK Brage here in Sweden).
There is a lot of talent out there, I do hope scouting is one of the things our new owners want to improve.
Dennis Law has dementia
at 15:14 19 Aug 2021

Such a sad disease (well, several diseases).
My aunt passed away from dementia only 65 years old.
I like the way Dennis Law opens up about it, it must be scary to face. I really hope there is, if not a cure, some form of effective treatment in the future.
Our fan base
at 12:32 18 Aug 2021

I think it´s simply the times we are living in, have a look at other teams forums when it´s not going great, it´s about the same for us. Social media plays a big part. A few negative people drags others with them.
at 10:32 18 Aug 2021

I think the tempo could maybe be a little bit better, but still much better than under Lambert. I think our decision making is more of a problem, but if I try to think positively I hope it will be better when we get more partnerships and understandings all over the pitch.
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