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Tickets purchased for Bolton
at 11:10 21 Mar 2019

Really looking forward to this one. For some reason
Danny Rowe - anyone seen him playing for Lincoln?
at 16:04 18 Mar 2019

Six goals in 16 games, not bad for a midfielder. I would still like to see more of him in a Town shirt. Only seen him in the flesh at Exeter but he was very direct and caused them problems
So, are we making Bolton a big day out then?
at 17:24 17 Mar 2019

I'm tempted by the £5 tickets and be good to see a couple of thousand there, maybe more
Next season - core squad
at 12:33 15 Mar 2019

Harry Wright (I'd like Bart to stay based on his recent upturn in form but I can see us cashing in)
New senior keeper

Another experienced centre back


A proper No 9, 20-goal-a-season type.

I don't see a future for Grant Ward with the amount of midfielders we have on our books (and that's without any summer transfer activity).

If Collins was fit and would consider dropping to L1 for regular football I'd have him in there too. Defence is clearly where we need to strengthen

I watch a fair bit of League One football and with that core squad I think we'll have some good times next season. Evans should pursue the signatures of Judge and Keane with plenty of enthusiasm though.
Just got back
at 22:41 12 Mar 2019

But then again I live in the same postcode as Ashton Gate

Thoroughly enjoyed that, probably the best I've seen us play as a team for a while. With a proper No 9 we win that, Jackson is pacey but not quite up to the lone frontman role in the Championship. Thought the two young fullbacks did OK. Chambers' mistake nearly let them score a winner at the end but the point was the least we deserved.

Great travelling support. Hope the two young lads who got nicked for the pyro get home safe.
Bolton away
at 19:11 4 Mar 2019

Shall we all go? £5 a ticket is tempting me. Be nice to see a sea of blue there.

In other news, our average crowd this season is 17,820. Not bad given the dross served up since day one (although there have been ticket promotions aplenty)

For context: Last season's average attendance was 16,271
[Post edited 4 Mar 19:16]
Lambert and the future
at 12:52 3 Mar 2019

I don't blame people for questioning Lambert. We're in a terrible position and it hurts. This season - with Norwich possibly going up and us almost certainly down - is scripted from all our worst nightmares. When you're ill, you just want someone to give you a pill that will take the pain away. When you're bottom of the table and have only had three wins all season, you feel similar. Sacking the manager and trying someone else would at least feel like doing SOMETHING

But for me Paul is the man and I'll be renewing my ST as soon as I get the chance. I don't believe anyone could have come in and turned Kayden Jackson into a Championship striker, or resurrected Adeyemi from his sickbed. What he has done, with the signings of Will Keane, Alan Judge and James Collins, is demonstrate to me that he knows the type of player we needed. Let's not forget we were bottom and adrift when he was doing business in the January transfer window - I give him credit for persuading Collins and Judge in particular to be honest. The same people I saw questioning the Will Keane signing ('why are we shopping in the bargain basement, Hull reject etc) are now mourning the fact he has a lengthy injury spell.

Behind the scenes, Lambert is putting into place the changes that this club needs to go forward, changes a lot of us have wanted -such as a better link up between our (successful) youth teams and the first team, something Mick never managed, or wanted to do.

By the way, those of us who see the potential in Lambert are also suffering. It's not like we're sitting here with big smiles on our faces. This season makes me sick.

Injured or unable to play regularly: Huws, Adeyemi, Lankester, Ward, Sears, Keane, Walters, Folami, Morrison, Collins, Harrison, Nydam
Confidence shot to bits: Bart, Gerken
Not living up to hype or price tag: Edwards, Nolan, Nsiala, Jackson

Also, with everything that's gone wrong, it's easy to forget that two of our most promising Academy players (Ben Knight and Marcelo Flores), were poached by Man City and Arsenal in the summer. I see Charlie Brown, who Chelsea picked up from our Academy, is getting a lot of attention too for his scoring record in their youth team.

Everything that could go wrong this season, has. From Walters pulling up injured against 10 men v Bolton (twice at home this season we've drawn when playing 11 v 10) to Will Keane hitting form, then pulling his hamstring, we've been cursed. I've been watching ITFC since 1987 and I've never known a season like it.

But. With the deadwood cleared out in the summer, the loans returned and hopefully players like Judge signed to longer term deals, I can see reasons to believe we could prosper next season. If a side can be built around the likes of Downes, Bishop, Dozzell and Woolfenden with attacking players like Edwards, Nolan and Rowe (who I've always thought could do a good job for us) blended with the experience of the likes of Chambers and Skuse, it could be an enjoyable campaign.

Football wisdom dictates that you give a manager at least two transfer windows before you can say it's really his team. With Lambert, I discount the one we've just had because he was in an almost impossible position, trying to sign players who knew that if they joined us permanently they would almost certainly be playing in League One next year.
The caveat is that if we are bottom ten in League One in November/December next season I would expect more dissent to surface.

If I was Marcus Evans, I would move heaven and earth to sign Alan Judge now, not later. If he wants a decent season ticket sales figure, he needs to act now, and send a signal that backs up his big talk of his last interview.

PS: Credit to Blue Action for what they're doing for the Portman Road atmosphere. Plenty have tried to address the issue, they are the first to succeed for more than a couple of games. More power to them.

Tomorrow - show of unity
at 12:48 9 Feb 2019

How about we all post pictures on Twitter from where we are watching the game in the morning? The more far flung the better. The knowledge we are suffering together with fellow Town fans around the world might help.

What's our hashtag since anewera got binned?
at 11:25 22 Jan 2019
Let's give Evans some credit
at 12:32 18 Jan 2019

Without brushing previous mistakes under the carpet, he's actually been a good chairman since this time last year. Recognised Mick's time was up, listened to fans when we said we wanted change and went for change.
That revolution didn't work out but instead of withdrawing and letting us drift with a caretaker boss or a low-level money saving appointment he got Lambert, and has obviously told him enough to give him confidence to pledge his future to the club.

It's not just what Lambert says in public that gives me confidence, its his transfer dealings and the backroom team he is assembling. Feels like he's building something which will be exciting to be a part of.

Credit has to go to all the people who created such a good atmosphere at the Rotherham game. There have been times in the past couple of years when playing at home must have been an unrewarding slog for some of the players. Certainly wasn't like that on Saturday
Someone saying we should boycott Carrow Road
at 20:16 13 Jan 2019

Another approach would be if we ALL went. A big day out in Norwich, like Cologne fans did at Arsenal in the UEFA Cup. Take picnic baskets and frisbees. I hear it's a lovely city

Paul Lambert doesn't like Norwich. They don't much like him
at 09:59 26 Oct 2018

He not only walked out on them, he then sued them. They were actually given a B*llocking for slagging him off - see link at bottom of post.

He took his (misfiring) Villa team to Carrow Road in a League Cup quarter final and stuffed them 4-1, the closest they've come to silverware for ages.

Plus we're bottom, hapless, with a very unappealing and inexperienced squad.

If as an Ipswich fan you still see the need to bring up his Norwich connection, I'd humbly suggest you're not fully grasping the predicament we are in.
"Club not doing enough for next generation"
at 13:00 17 Oct 2018

Under 12s can go for £1 under the season ticket promotion v QPR this Saturday.

Just think - QPR match
at 17:18 7 Oct 2018

If all our season ticket holders took advantage of the 4 tickets they can buy for a tenner we wouldn't have enough space in the ground.

I might do my usual buy four and give them away to fans who need some persuading to go to Portman Road these days. Just don't tell my wife as she will slit my throat.
Just got back to Bristol
at 19:32 2 Sep 2018

Annoying not to have killed them off in the ten minutes after we scored and they were all over the place. Overall an enjoyable game and a great atmosphere.

Not sure why people were picking on Spence, thought he was quite good today.

Shame the game ended with Knudsen floating the last set piece of the day straight into Krul's arms, summed up his distribution at the moment. And Ward, my oh my. Cannot believe it's the same player who scored a hat-trick on his debut.What on earth was that scuffed shot about? he was in acres of space.

Edwards impressed me, as did Walters and the new lad from Everton. Like a lot of people I'm waiting to see more from Nolan, but think it will come.

Norwich fans pretty poor today, perhaps indicative of the way a lot of them feel towards their manager. Rhodes looks slower and less effective every time I see him.
People excited about the derby again?
at 18:33 24 Aug 2018

Crowds and atmosphere have been a bit uninspiring against Norwich in the last few seasons, wonder if we're heading towards a 'proper' crowd next week.I know a fair few people returning for this one.

Prior to the recent malaise (and since Portman Road was redeveloped)...

2011 v Norwich - att 29,258
2009 v Norwich - 28,274
2008 v Norwich - 29,656
2006 v Norwich - 27,276 (biggest home crowd that season was v Colchester tho - 28,385)
2005 v Norwich - 29,184
2003 v Norwich - 30,152
2002 v Norwich - 29,112

Average derby attendance at Portman Road over these seasons - 29,026. Can't remember if they were all on Sky though. Our average attendance was much higher than it is now of course.
[Post edited 24 Aug 2018 18:36]
Frustrated by current progress?
at 11:12 22 Aug 2018

Buy a ticket for the Norwich game, or persuade someone else to. If Evans sees the tills are busy it might help persuade him to dig deeper in the loan market.

Actually buy a ticket for the Norwich game anyway. It's not on Sky and you should be there anyway.
This is ALL about the Rotherham game isn't it?
at 10:32 18 Aug 2018

Puzzled as to how we've gone from a wave of optimism around new era and lots of signings to people fretting in the space of three games.

It essentially comes down to the Rotherham match, a game we dominated and probably should have won but lost to a late sucker punch. Win that one and we'd be on four points, unbeaten in the league and just annoyed about the cup exit. We'd be somewhere between 6th-8th in the table.

We're in danger of talking ourselves into a crisis.
I actually heard one fan say
at 09:23 15 Aug 2018

"Well, be careful what you wish for" at the end last night.

I also heard......nothing but moaning from some others. Why would you drive all that way to not applaud a single good move, tackle or any other decent play, but moan at any mistake, like the man in front of me did.

Will never understand people like that.
Norwich update
at 20:53 13 Aug 2018

1 seat left in entire lower North Stand.

Yes, I know some will become available when ST holders don't use them however, still promising.
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