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Not happy with blue shorts
at 20:36 30 Jun 2020

We wear white shorts as first choice.
Best away form, 11th best home
at 13:15 8 Nov 2019

1.83 pts/game at home so far (11th)
2.44 pts/game away (1st)

Blue = home win, Orange=draw, Red=Away win

[Post edited 8 Nov 2019 13:39]
U16s Town beat Norwich on pens
at 14:39 11 May 2019

2-2 at full time
Free ITFC programmes
at 10:00 5 Dec 2018

Anybody want some free programmes?

I have been having a sort out and have a couple of hundred Town programmes from 2002-2012 that need a good home. I have kept a few from each season so what’s left is most just regular matches.

I do know I could probably trade/sell them but I would rather they went to someone on here who wanted them. Free obviously.

You would need to be able to collect (SE Ipswich) but basically first to say ‘yes’ gets them.
[Post edited 5 Dec 2018 14:58]
Bus passenger into town
at 14:41 18 Aug 2018

You get some characters on buses and that's fine but I don't understand the lack of consideration some people have for others.

Some idiot on the bus into town was watching the live game on his mobile with the sound on fully. I like football but other passengers shouldn't have to put up with his selfishness.

Buy a pair of earphones you cheap bastard.
Highlight of the season
at 18:31 9 May 2018

Aside from MM leaving and the change in mood that brought, what has been the highlight of the season?

For me it has to be Iorfa's comedy of errors in the fa cup game. Amongst the comedy one man show, at one point he was off the pitch after treatment waiting for the ref to beckon him on. Each time the ref did, it was at the moment he looked away. Must have missed the signal about half a dozen times. Ha ha ha
It's such a competent interview it makes you wonder...
at 12:48 25 Apr 2018

...why hasn't he done exactly this, every summer since he arrived?
Would have been more appreciated.
Any reason why the club would turn away over £40?
at 14:26 13 Sep 2017

Today a friend of mine tried to upgrade their 2 season tickets to 2 tickets in block D for Saturday's match. (They go with their brother and as it's his birthday they thought it'd be a nice treat)

They were happy to pay the difference (£44) but the club turned them away because they didn't want to buy a third ticket.

It wasn't because block D only had 3 seats available (I could kind of understand that) Planet Blue just refused to let them pay more to sit in a more expensive area unless they were buying a new ticket also.

Is this club policy? Seems a bit daft to me.
It was my mum's funeral today.
at 16:28 4 Aug 2017

Not the easiest of days.
Security at the O2 recently
at 16:30 11 Jun 2017

Went last night to Take That (as a plus one I might add). Have no gripes about entrance to the arena itself. Everyone went through a body scanner. Good work.

However the system at the main O2 entrance seems ridiculous.

-People with bags have to queue for a bag search and also get a full body scan. The queues for these were huge.

-If you have no bag, as I didn't, you are free to wander in without any search whatsoever.

I'm happy if they search every bag or I'm happy if they search every person.
But to waste security staff giving body scans on some people while letting others just wander in unchecked is daft.

Incidentally, people with bags who come through the 'no bag' entrance get taken straight to the scanners and jump the queue.
Player of the Year
at 14:35 29 Apr 2017

Liz Edwards - as you're not bothering to collect player of the year votes outside the ground today, just so you know I would have voted for Bart.
Why I am renewing my season ticket
at 14:39 30 Mar 2017

I honestly wish I had the guts to walk away and I fully respect those that are doing just that. i know things probably won't change and I know my renewing makes me partly to blame .


Obviously, I don't enjoy the football. McCarthy's style lacks entertainment and I long for the slick passing of the Burley era. Yes every season seemed to end in play off semi-final defeat but we passed teams off the park and it was a joy to witness. I long for proper football back at Town and I don't buy the logic that you can play passing football and lose. Of course you can, but you can also see passing football that wins.

I actually think Mick is a very competent manager. I don't like the hoofball, how he has seemingly made decent players look poor and his questionable tactical decisions. However, I think rightly or wrongly his approach gets more points out of a squad that they are worth on paper. Now though, avoiding relegation is being counted as a decent job.

Yes ME loans us considerable sums to keep us afloat, but it simply is not enough for the modern Championship. Owners have to bankroll a club if they are to compete. That is the game and quite frankly it always has been. Maybe in the Premier League clubs can become self-sustainable, but elsewhere it's always been reliant on owner investment. Having said, that ME doesn't have to put more in if he doesn't want to - it's his money, but if that is his approach, our budget just gets less and less competitive.

ST Fiasco
I don't mind my £8 price rise in one respect. It is reasonable from a purely financial viewpoint. Indeed if we saw progress on the pitch I'm sure most people would renew. However after the season we've had, the dwindling attendances, the lack of replacements for players sold, and the fact they had an major review of prices, to actually put prices up is a fundamentally poor decision. It will clearly drive away more revenue than it will create. This coupled with the way 60-65 year olds have been hit so hard shows a total lack of understanding from the club.

So despite all the above why can't I just walk away? I don't pretend to love the club more than anyone else. I'm not more loyal. In fact I'm probably less strong than those making a stand.

But for me, I can't stop because it's my club, it's our club. I refuse to be pushed away by people who haven't put a lifetime's dedication into following it. Ian Milne did not ask to stay up late to watch Sportsnight to see Mick Mills lift the Uefa Cup. Marcus Evans did not have a panini sticker of Eric Gates stuck to the frame of his bunk bed. No, I'm not going anywhere. We will care about ITFC long after Mick has gone, long after Marcus has sold up.

Put simply I don't think I couId face being somewhere else when my club is playing at Portman Road, even if that means those in charge may misinterpret this as an endorsement.

Sorry folks. Hope to see you all back at PR in happier days.
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