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What about David Baldwin as potential CEO?
at 15:56 9 Apr 2021

Isn’t he due to leave the EFL any day now? Assume he was well regarded at Burnley.
Frank Yallop on the potential takeover
at 07:51 6 Mar 2021

Apologies if already posted somewhere:

Utter garbage... LAMBERT OUT. (n/t)
at 19:05 9 Jan 2021

Can someone please explain to me...
at 18:10 9 Jan 2021

how this isn’t a coaching issue?!

Lambert and his cohorts have added no value to this team. Not a single positive thing.
After 778 days, what’s improved since Paul Lambert arrived?
at 08:53 13 Dec 2020

After 778 days, what’s improved since Paul Lambert arrived?

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Abbey Stadium aficionados...
at 08:04 27 Jul 2019

First time at Cambridge today. Is there much cover on the away end, or are we gonna get wet?

Thanks in advance.
Pompey interested in Harrison
at 18:15 26 May 2019

Apologies if already covered somewhere...

IF we sign Jackson, Nolan, Nsiala, Tilt and Windass...
at 09:25 8 Aug 2018

on top of the business that's already been done this window, Marcus Evans and Paul Hurst (and anyone else involved in our recruitment this summer) need to take a bow.

Whatever the next 10 months brings, in terms of form or league position, that's a cracking effort to try and bolster our squad in precisely the way that people have been crying out for for years. It's a shame we're losing Waghorn, but if that's the business that needs to happen to bring in half a dozen or more players with decent potential, then I'm all for it.

I know it's still a big 'IF', but fair play to the club if it all comes off.
Hurst's Contract
at 12:32 25 May 2018

Do we know what PH's contract situation is? I can't find it mentioned anywhere from when he went to Shrewsbury.

If he's on a rolling contract, or out of contract, surely people could have been talking to him regardless of formal approaches to Shrewsbury for a while now?
Another JR article is anyone hasn't seen it...
at 13:45 17 May 2018

Apologies if this has been posted before, but one of the St Mirren fans posted it onto their forum a little while ago and I hadn't seem it before.

Really good piece of JR from last summer:

Well, how rude...
at 14:02 14 May 2018

“But, for me, they are the type of club that have found their level."


I'm leaving the McCarthy comment well enough alone!
Caretaker/s to be announced at 8am apparently...
at 06:51 11 Apr 2018

If it hasn’t been mentioned already.

Not that I have any reason to doubt Phil.
Love, hate, like or just tolerated McCarthy...
at 19:23 7 Apr 2018

Whatever your opinion of Mick, his football and how he’s been treated in recent months, I see absolutely no positives in him being expected to see his contract out. Not a single one.

For the sake of the (relatively) few quid it would cost to promote someone to be caretaker for a few weeks, just put the poor guy out of his misery, Marcus!

Sure, you could argue it’s *only* five games, but if it’s only going to create more apathy and negativity, from the fans and Mick alike, how does it possibly make sense to let it even go on for one more game?

Just put him on gardening leave, or whatever it needs to be, and let everyone start to move on!
[Post edited 7 Apr 2018 19:54]
If we’re replacing DoF, manager and assistant, how about...
at 08:48 1 Apr 2018

Everyone else is having a bash, so here are my current thoughts...

Step 1 - Just let Mick, TC, Bowman et al go now!
Sorry, I said this a couple of weeks ago too, but no good can possibly come from them staying. Whether we win all of the remaining games or lose them, MM will still use it as a rod to beat the fans and no positives come from that. So Evans needs to bite the financial bullet and get rid now.

Step 2 - The more I consider it, the more I think we could do much worse than getting GB back.
Burley brings the Ipswich connection back and I don’t think many would argue against seeing him back in the club in some capacity, right? But not as a manager, as the new DoF. He could take charge of the last few games, if we can’t get the manager in we want, but then he steps up to be the guiding hand, from a footballing/Ipswich Town perspective, that IM and ME so clearly need, as well as a supporting role for a young management team. Which brings me to...

Step 3 - Darrell Clarke and Marcus Stewart
Reading the article someone posted earlier, these two sound ideal, don’t they?! Another Ipswich connection, but no pressure on the manager himself to protect a club ‘legend’ status (like Mogga might have), merely an incentive to become one. I admit that they’ve not really come into my thoughts before, but they sound like they could bring everything people seem to be asking for. Assuming we can afford them!

I realise I’m just recycling and amalgamating other ideas that have been posted before, but this was the first backroom team to replace MM, TC and DB that made almost perfect sense to me. A young, passionate, tactically astute manager, surrounded by people who know and understand our club, the town, the fans and what it can be like to succeed at Ipswich Town.

Anyway, just a Sunday morning brain dump, probably a stupid idea.
at 18:44 18 Mar 2018

I don’t know why, but I still really like the idea of Steijn, maybe it’s just the idea of renewing the Dutch connection at Town. Either way I know it’s probably silly and entirely baseless.

Anyway, it seems they’re expecting him to leave at the end of the season:


When VVV-Venlo-trainer Maurice Steijn would decide to go to another club after this season, he would be kindly granted by club chairman Hai Berden.

That tells the preses in conversation with FOX Sports.

Very successful
Steijn is working on his fourth season in Venlo. After three years in the Jupiler League, his team is playing well in the premier league this season. Because of the good performances at the highest level and the championship in the Jupiler League last year, the interest in the trainer has grown. "He is officially still under contract with us next year," Berden begins. "But Maurice is in his fourth year now, he is also very successful, other clubs also see that."

Not for free
The interest of other clubs is becoming more and more concrete. "We are sometimes asked about his contract.There are clubs that have informed" It seems therefore a matter of time before the former trainer of ADO Den Haag will try his luck elsewhere. "If it comes to that, I will gladly wish Maurice", says Berden. But Steijn is not going for anything. "A lump sum is part of it."
Maurice Steijn
at 08:33 7 Feb 2018

Not trying to stoke any fires, but thought this was a nice piece on Steijn, if anyone's interested:


Translated (via Google):

For the season relegation candidate number one, at the beginning of February tenth in the Eredivisie. VVV-Venlo scoffed at the logic, as it had already surpassed itself a year ago with the title in the Jupiler League. The success of the North Limburgers also shines on trainer Maurice Steijn. It is no different whether the Haguemer will start working for a larger club after this season. He could have worked at FC Utrecht even now. A dissection of his success in five parts. And two things that can break him up.

The main quality for a trainer is that he is able to get his team to perform. Maurice Steijn has already succeeded for four seasons in a row to exceed the expectations with VVV-Venlo. The club was in a bad mood when he arrived, in the summer of 2014. The selection was unbalanced, the money on and the fire in and around the club quenched. It seemed that thin years appeared. But Steijn provided a new impetus and lifted his team a little higher each season. From seventh to second in the Jupiler League, to a convincing championship in the spring of 2017. In terms of financial possibilities, VVV was at that moment somewhere halfway the rankings. At the top-level competition, the Venlo citizens had a selection without any significant experience in the Eredivisie and the next lowest budget of the competition: 6, 5 million euros. Three times as little as SC Heerenveen, which managed to gain one point for the 21th round (27 to 26).

The great influence of Steijn on the surprising results is unmistakable. His turnouts and tactical conversions were often decisive this season. Last Saturday, visiting NAC Breda, he changed to a 4-4-2 match during the three-game system. Right winger Vito van Crooij dropped a line to neutralize the raging left back Angeliño. Attacking midfielder Ralf Seuntjens had to help in a more withdrawn role to slow down the creative impulses of Rai Vloet and Manu García. VVV got the sting out of the game of the Bredanaars and slowly got a grip on the game. According to Ralf Seuntjens, the 0-1 victory could not be separated from the conversion. "And it was already the sixth or seven times this season that we managed to tilt a match after a coach intervention," says the routine.

Many players praise the enthusiastic talks of Steijn, who for each match sharply crystallizes the pain points at the opponent and everyone points in detail to his duties and responsibilities. Manager football Stan Valckx often listens and is also enthusiastic. "Maurice prepares the team tactically well for every game," says Valckx. 'He sees the game very well and conveys his vision very clearly. And if it does not go well during the race, he can also quickly restore things. ' That VVV is one of the teams this season with the highest return from dead game moments, is also not due to coincidence: Steijn makes smart use of specific weak spots with the opponent.
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