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Our shorts yesterday
at 12:13 20 Sep 2020

Not sure why I care but have we ever worn them before? I thought the shorts for that kit were red!

In the late 90s we wore some really unusual combinations at times - including the orange away kit with the white home shorts on one occasion I think. Might have been away at Blackburn.
England and Town both win on the same day
at 09:03 8 Sep 2020

When was the last time that happened? I seem to remember in the late 90s you could only call your game off during an international week if you had 5 players or more missing, so it must’ve happened back then at some point. Or have I misremembered?

Also not sure which game to watch tonight - I know it’s basically a reserve game for us but it would feel strange to watch England when town are playing.
Balance of the midfield without Downes
at 11:28 4 Sep 2020

I’m gutted about the Downes situation because it means I’m unlikely to ever see him, Dozzell and Bishop play together in a midfield three.

I know some people still aren’t convinced by Dozzer but I think he’d be excellent in there next to two fellow academy products who play the same way - especially two mobile ones that are full of running.

With Downes off the natural replacement would be Huws or Skuse, and neither of them give us the legs we need next to Dozzer, IMO. Nolan can run but he would leave a lot for Dozzer to do defensively.

Anyone got any solutions?
Graham Potter
at 13:18 18 May 2020

Phil, how close did we get with him? Until I read your Redknapp article I didn’t realise he was on our 4 man shortlist - I thought Evans had just overlooked him. He would have been the best of the lot by a long way.
Question about the UEFA Cup semi-final
at 14:25 22 Apr 2020

Just watched the highlights - can anyone tell me why Mick Mills was wearing number 11? At the risk of displaying my ignorance, I thought he only played full back or occasionally centre back.
Richard Wright’s XI is my favourite yet
at 10:04 22 Apr 2020

And this is gold from KD:

“It does make me laugh that Wrighty says in his bit about Warky about how much he helped him with finishing after training with his heading and shooting.

I don’t know how Warky helped Richard because every time I used to sit and watch the shooting and heading sessions after training, all Wrighty used to do was pick the ball out of the back of the net. I am not joking! If there were 100 shots in the session, 99 of them were goals and the other one probably hit the post.

So where Wrighty’s got this thing of ‘Warky helped me on shooting and headers’ I don’t know. The way I looked at it Warky demoralised him.”

To be honest at first I wondered if this series had legs, but KD is perfect for it because he’s so knowledgeable about the club and willing to take the p!ss out of people. Top work Phil - a bright spot in these football-free days.
Stunning town top on Classic Football Shirts
at 14:39 3 Apr 2020


Makes me want to have a kid, just so I have a reason to buy it.

Anyone got anything similar in a medium or large men’s size? Home or away!
This Premier League World Cup thing
at 16:45 30 Mar 2020

Could EFL clubs afford to do it? I doubt it with all the hotels, logistical challenges and testing to pay for. And without any gate receipts as a reward.

Can only see it working if PL clubs shared their TV money with EFL clubs, but how likely is that?
Team for Saturday...
at 15:13 12 Mar 2020

I think some of our best performances (although not results so far) this season have come in a 433. I'd love to see us try this and stick with it. Maybe the midfield is a bit lightweight, but I think they'll keep the ball for us so well that it won't matter as much.

We need to have the balls to play to our strengths. Think if we'd stuck with this kind of thing throughout the season, we'd be in a much better position now.


Donacien Chambers Woolfenden Garbutt

Downes, Dozzell


Jackson Keane Sears
I usually try to avoid criticising team selections
at 09:22 4 Mar 2020

Because the manager sees loads of things we don’t - sports science, performances in training, and (hopefully) the opposition’s last couple of games.

But that was the most ridiculous one I’ve ever seen. As soon as it came out the pre-match tension just disappeared for me. We knew what was going to happen. And it did.

I don’t necessarily mind him picking McGavin for a big game (although it’s a big call), but picking him next to two other CMs in front of a back three, behind a one-paced number 10 and a one-paced striker, was just asking for it.

How were we supposed to score? I see a few people saying the midfield was non-existent but that’s because they had zero options. With no threat in behind Fleetwood were so comfortable it was embarrassing.

Possibly the most frustrating thing is that Lambert corrected his mistake at half time and put Sears in the team. Why couldn’t he see that before the game? Maybe Sears can’t play 90 minutes again so soon - fine. Pick Dobra then. Maybe Dobra’s too young to start such an important game. Ok, so why pick McGavin?

And what’s Edwards done wrong? He has his limitations but every team needs some width and some pace, and last time I saw him he was one of our best players against Peterborough.
Couple of baffling tactical decisions from Lambert on Saturday
at 10:31 2 Mar 2020

1) Bishop playing wide right. We all know he’s a hell of a player but that’s just not his position. We lacked width as a result and got bogged down out there.

If we’d have started Dobra or Edwards instead of Skuse, Bish could have played as a number 10 and we’d have looked more dangerous. Skuse played well but do we really need to be that conservative?

2) Knocking it 70 yards from every free kick. I can just about understand us doing this in open play for the first 10 minutes, but treating every free kick like it’s an opportunity to get the ball in the box seems insane given the players we have available.

The only big player in the forward line is Will Keane, and he’s a small player in a big player’s body. Instead of taking it quickly we give them time to settle before pumping it at their CBs’ heads. It’s ridiculous. Can anyone see any logic in that?
Edwards for Skuse I reckon
at 15:57 29 Feb 2020

And bring Bish into the middle. We’ve played well since their goal but we need some width.
Performance Vs result
at 21:54 22 Feb 2020

I didn’t see the game today, but from the stats and Lambert’s comments about finishing I’d guess we played well enough to win.

In response to the result, everyone goes mental and starts talking about the manager and the owner. I have my own objections to their decision making, but would
at 22:58 10 Feb 2020

Was he injured on Saturday? Haven’t seen this covered anywhere, although I haven’t looked that closely in fairness.
Horrible line up for me
at 14:32 8 Feb 2020

No balance and no pace. I guess we’re just hoping to hold on for a point. Hope I’m wrong and we play a blinder.
Tricky decision for Lambert on Saturday
at 10:13 29 Jan 2020

Does he tinker given our form up until last night? I wonder if it’s Bish time. Maybe him for Judge and Norwood for Keane. Dozzell on the bench to step in if Huws has another shocker.
Player sent off for two yellows in one passage of play
at 11:10 28 Jan 2020

A display of impressive pace and non-impressive composure here. I reckon he thought he had a freebie after the advantage on the first one.


I have a vague memory of this happening at Portman Road in the late 90s. I'm sure David Johnson was fouled, then the fouler pushed him in the face. The ref booked him for the foul, then gave him a second yellow for the face push.

In between the two yellows the ref dramatically reenacted the face push on himself. Does anyone else remember this, or have I dreamed it? I feel like we were playing Huddersfield? It was at the North Stand end, I think.
Keane and Norwood
at 09:35 19 Jan 2020

Keane looked really sharp in the build-up to Downes’s goal - is that a fair reflection of how he played?

That pass from Norwood for Jackson’s goal was sexual. Really encouraging too - I was a bit worried about his vision and decision-making after the second half of the Accrington game.

I don’t think they can play together, but great to have three in form strikers plus Freddie hopefully on his way.
Another quick striker
at 14:50 15 Jan 2020

When Jackson is unavailable we currently look very one-paced - it’s hard to see Norwood and Keane as an effective partnership, especially in a 352 with no wingers to help stretch teams.

On paper, Freddie should be an outstanding replacement for Jackson at this level, but will he be the same after his injury?

If not, I’d love us to sign a quick striker to provide competition for KJ. Trouble is, a pacy striker of the required quality would probably cost too much.

Could Dobra play that role? I understand he’s usually more of an attacking midfielder or winger. I’d give it a go if necessary, just for the sake of balance up top.
Luke Beckenbauer Chambers
at 15:49 11 Jan 2020

Almost comical how good that run and touch was from him. Must have seen him play hundreds of times and I’ve never seen him do anything like that. He deserves it!
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