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Shocking half from Toto but...
at 13:01 20 Oct 2019

Garbutt hasn’t helped him at all. You’d never know he started his career as a left back.

In fairness to Accrington they’ve exposed those weak points well.
Going to my first England away game against Bulgaria on Monday night
at 12:01 11 Oct 2019

Has anyone got any tips for Sofia, and for following England away in general? Quite keen to have fun while avoiding getting my head kicked in.
Mixed messages from Stuart Taylor on Norwood’s injury
at 23:09 8 Oct 2019

“Everything’s fantastic, everything’s really good, it’s all positive, everything’s really, really good on that side of things.”

Just wish he could be a bit more optimistic about things.
at 21:54 17 Sep 2019

First time I’ve seen him play. To be honest, I’ve been a bit sceptical of him just because his CV isn’t that impressive, but he was excellent tonight.

Made interceptions, won headers, made the right decisions with the ball, was composed throughout. MOM for me.
FAO season ticket holders of kind nature
at 12:27 11 Sep 2019

This is a cheeky one, but if anyone could help I’d really appreciate it.

Two of my mates want to come with me to Southend away, but we only have two ST customer numbers between us. Would anyone who’s not planning on going be happy to lend me theirs?

In return you can expect eternal gratitude.
at 22:23 3 Sep 2019

Any reason he didn’t play tonight? Feel like I must have missed something.
I see a little silhouetto of a man
at 17:37 2 Sep 2019

Alan Judge Alan Judge can you beat the first man though?
Jackson is lightning very very frightening TEAMS
Danny Rowe (Danny Rowe) Danny Rowe (Danny Rowe) Danny Rowe Magnificooo

It really helps if you do the voices. I regret that the Judge line is a bit negative but not many things rhyme with ‘Can you do the fandango?’
What direction are we heading in?
at 23:14 17 Aug 2019

Look - we drew away against the team with the third (?) biggest budget in the league today. And it’s not that I think we have some divine right to turn them over. Before the game, I told my mate that I’d be happy with a draw. We’re away after all, and they’ve spent a fair bit.

But what the fck was that? We looked so clueless - especially towards the end of the game. You could actually see players shifting the blame into each other with their body language. And the only gameplan I could perceive was the lack of one.

I really hope that Lambert is waiting until Huws, Judge and Nolan are fit to turn us into a team. Skuse was excellent and so was El Miz. Our full backs looked poor but I think that was due to a lack of passing options rather than a lack of ability. Why do we look like we have no idea what the plan is?
A question for someone who’s there...
at 15:25 3 Aug 2019

Is it a flat 442, a diamond or a 433?

Team of the Evans era
at 16:37 19 May 2019

With our current lot not up to much (until next year), I’ve been thinking about the best team of the Evans era, and would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts. Yes, I do need to get out more. Mine goes...


D Wright, McAuley, Berra, Cresswell

Legwinski, Bishop

Gio, McGoldrick, Wickham


It’s a bit harsh on Mings, but Cresswell edges it for me because of his quality on the ball. Who have I missed out?
Judge up front today then?
at 15:00 2 Mar 2019

Or Bishop?

Or more of a 3421?
Sleep is the Cousin of Life
at 18:44 19 Feb 2019

A friend of mine can only drift off with the vacuum on. Old wives recommend counting sheep. And people who are unkind to themselves wrestle with tiny embarrassments from ten years ago.
3 spare tickets for the England game tonight
at 11:59 15 Nov 2018

I paid £45 but I'd accept £30 ono to be honest.

Meant to buy tickets for Sunday's game and messed up. Only realised yesterday - my friends are not happy. It happens to the best of us, right?
I know you're all still wondering whether you're awake or not but...
at 15:50 6 Oct 2018

Can someone describe the goals for those of us who can't see them?
Viewing options tomorrow night
at 14:10 17 Sep 2018

I know this is a tedious subject but I'm (still) not sure what my options are.

I was pretty sure you couldn't watch it on Now TV last time but then I saw someone say Sky were advertising it.

Did anyone manage to watch it that way? And has anyone seen similar advertising this time?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Does anyone have...
at 12:34 6 Aug 2018

that McGoldrick gif? The one where he makes two Norwich players run into each other.

I want to use it to illustrate a point at work.

Thanks in advance!
One incentive to join Ipswich that I haven't seen mentioned yet...
at 11:03 22 May 2018

We've got the best collection of young players outside the premiership at the moment.

Or is that wishful thinking?
Listened to the game on talksport tonight
at 00:44 29 Nov 2017

Had forgotten how nerve-wracking listening on the radio is. Every time the commentator raised his voice I cr@pped myself.

Would be interesting to get a view from someone who was there on a couple of these points:

- It sounded like every time we tried to go forward, they ended up making a chance. Did Celina give the ball away as much as it sounded like he did?

- The co-commentator, whose name I've forgotten, was raving about Skuse. Said he was 'like a magnet in midfield', that he was 'magnificent with a capital M', and gave him 9.5 out of 10. Great to hear, and possibly a reminder that some of us take what he does for granted.

- From the highlights it looks like Chambers got the players in a huddle after our goal - did he? I've never seen that before. Looks like a great bit of leadership now.

Has anyone got a spare ticket?
at 13:21 9 Sep 2017

No harm in trying one last time. PM me if so - thanks.
Anyone going to the ticket office in the next 15 minutes?
at 11:46 8 Sep 2017

I've just freed myself up for tomorrow! I'm going to have to sit with the home fans, aren't I.
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