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The lockdown Australian style...
at 15:07 1 Nov 2020

So - not a single new COVID case in last 24 hours in Australia: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-54768038

In Australia we have benefitted from the first wave being during the tail end of our warm summer, but our various governments have not dicked around.

At the first sign of the R number rising last March there was a national lock down. The numbers were kept low, and bar 2-3 break outs in old people’s homes there were few deaths. But when I say lock down, I mean lock down. The borders were shut, the only people allowed in to the country were returning Aussies, and nobody with an Aussie passport has been allowed to leave the country without a special exemption, and that generally means you are leaving for business and can demonstrate you will not return for at least 12 months.

Aussies returning to Australia have had to quarantine in hotels for two weeks. To start with the government paid, but back in July the government said Aussies had been given enough notice to return, so if they wanted to come back they would have to pay $3,000 (about £1,5000) for the quarantine.

A few people who have breached the lockdown have gone to jail, and thousands have been fined.

Not only that, but most of the states have shut their borders to other states, especially to travellers from Victoria where there was an outbreak over the last few months - caused by lapse security in a couple of the quarantine hotels.

The Victorian shutdown lasted 12 weeks and was incredibly harsh. People allowed to leave once a day to go to the supermarket, no gatherings, all workplaces shut. No one allowed to travel more than 5km from home - with huge fines for those caught (often using number plate recognition).

Professional sport started up after three months, but only by forcing players to relocate to hubs for 100+ days, where the only people they could interact with were other players and officials. Players caught breaching these rules have been given some long suspensions. 2-3 players who really broke the quarantine rules have been sacked.

We go into our summer with less than 0.1% of the population having tested positive (compared to 3-4% in the Uk/US), so until there’s a vaccine we’re not going anywhere and nobody is coming in.

This is not intended to gloat. The majority of my family - including my parents and brother- are in the uk. Some of them on the highly vulnerable list. I can’t come and visit them. They can’t come a visit us.

The UK government has failed its people. Even when it decides to take action, it does so in a half-ar$ed way, with more than enough loopholes for those who don’t want to comply. As such, more people will die and the ‘lockdowns’ will keep on happening.
I voted Tory in 2010...never again
at 05:38 27 May 2020

Having never voted for the Conservatives before I bit the bullet and voted for them in 2010 - simply because I could not stand Labour under Brown anymore.

But, having now lived through a decade of Tory government, I'll happily take well-meaning incompetence over self-serving, myopic greed every time. Just wish I had been a bit older so I could have appreciated just how bad the Tories were under Thatcher - rather than being hoodwinked by Cameron to think the DNA of the party had actually changed.
FFS...Who gives a toss what he did when he was there...
at 16:48 25 May 2020

...the whole issue is the decision to travel in the first place.
Aussie Rules season starting this weekend
at 11:43 18 Mar 2020

After much procrastinating the Australian Rules Football League (AFL) commission has just announced that the season will start this weekend but with no spectators. This despite at least 4-5 teams a week having to fly around the country to play games.

I’m sure the decision has nothing to with the league being mainly funded by the TV deal and the main sponsors being betting companies...
Australia's government just banned all gatherings of more than 500 people
at 04:58 13 Mar 2020

From Monday - expect schools, unis or public transport.

Next Saturday the Aussie Rules and Rugby League seasons are due to start - they are the two biggest sporting competitions in terms of attendances in Australia. Decision imminent on whether the seasons are postponed, cancelled or proceed in empty stadiums.

A prominent Aussie said the other day - "Most Australians are fairly laid back and blase about most things, but deny them the ability to attend their favourite sporting events then you run the risk of creating anarchy".

This sucks - I was so geared up for the start of the new aussie rules season!!!
"We want Evans Out"...
at 07:05 4 Mar 2020

Genuinely curious - what's to stop Evans winding us up as a going concern?

There seems to have been a number of indications over the years that he has tried to sell the club but hasn't found anyone interested.

What's to stop him in May, after 2-3 months of growing protests and vitriol aimed at him (because sadly I'm resigned to a mid-table finish), just thinking f**k it, I'm sick of subsidising this nonsense, the fans don't want me, so I'm out...and just putting us into receivership, selling Playford Road and cashing out??

Not that this should temper our protest, but just thinking about the consequences of a sustained campaign of "Evans out"
Your Top 3 Ipswich kits
at 01:59 31 Jan 2020

Given the couple of threads on retro kits my mind wandered and I started to think about my favourite kits through the years. Made me realise that I closely associate my preference for kits to positive memories.

So here are my Top 3 favourite kits of all time:

1st: 89-92 home kit. Loved it even though the replica kit had a tendency to have small plucks in the fabric (I had two of them because I was 14-17 at the time and grew out of the first one). We got promoted in it and as a 17 year old I think the 91/92 season is perhaps my favourite of all time.

2nd: 99-01 Home Shirt. Again have nothing but great memories of this kit and winning through the play-offs.

3rd: 81-84 away kit. My first ever replica kit as I preferred it to the home kit. Just looks great.

Random things you see...
at 04:40 6 Jan 2020

Driving to work this morning (in Perth, Australia) and at the traffic lights some chap crosses the road wearing an early 00s style Spurs shirt. As he walks past me I notice on the back he has 'Taricco' #3 on the back of the shirt.

F**king love Treacle...one of my top five favourite Ipswich players from the last 40 years.
Another clean sheet despite playing our three whipping boys...
at 21:59 20 Nov 2019

No idea how they played, but a back four with Donacion, Nsiala and Kenlock just kept a clean sheet away from home against another League One team playing a relatively full strength team.

Well done boys.
(Hopefully) A balanced view on Evans' tenure
at 06:40 8 Aug 2019

My two cents worth...feel free to ignore...

I do wonder whether most of the critics of Evans are (let's be generous) under-25 years of age. I can understand their perspective if all they've really known is Town under Evans and a slow inexorable decline in the standard of the football and of Portman Rd. But...

...let's be clear about one thing - Evans is and always will be Town's saviour. We were going under, staff and contracts were going unpaid and the FA/Football League were looking to make an example of a struggling club. You may be cynical about his motivations, but the fact remains he (or the company he is a 100% shareholder of) is the ONLY thing that has kept us from folding in the last 12 years. We have lost money every year since he bought the debt and saved us from EXTINCTION.

I'm pretty certain he would sell us at the drop of the hat if there was anyone clinically insane enough to put in a offer - but from a business perspective we are a completely toxic investment (as are many other clubs).

So he has decided not to throw more money at his bad investment - other than the money which is keeping us solvent. Perhaps we should be more grateful he hasn't pulled the plug and that his other businesses are infinitely more successful than ITFC is.

So, whilst I think he is our saviour, I can't but lament the fact he is not a better football club owner. His ownership is a sad litany of poor decisions, including:

- appointing Simon Clegg as MD, someone with zero industry knowledge and a series of outside interests that distracted him

- taking advice from Harry Redknapp on who to appoint as manager; Redknapp might be a good coach, but his approach to managing a club (as opposed to a team) harks back to the brown envelope days of the 60s/70s

- not realising until it was too late how important the club's relationship with its fans is; otherwise he would never have let Mick's relationship with the fans descend into carnage unchecked

- sanctioning Hurst's wholesale sale of a proven but functional squad to be replaced by a bunch of unprovens

That said, anyone criticising him for the appointment of Keane, Jewell or Hurst is playing a game of hindsight roulette - in all three cases there was limited dissent to the appointments - much less so than the two appointments he would appear to have got right (Mick and PL).

So Marcus Evans, (almost) billionaire, saviour of our club, but poor decision maker...
A little bit of perspective...
at 04:22 22 Aug 2018

I would suggest that about 80% of our fans wanted MM gone by the end of last year. I stuck by him until pretty close to the end; only really coming to the conclusion that he had to move on at about the 3/4 point last season. Since Evans came in we've appointed three managers who had each managed to get teams out of the Championship into Premier League - not one of them succeeded. Evans came out and said we were going to try a different and riskier approach - which most of us agreed was the right way to go.

We're now four (discounting Exeter) games in and some people seem to be ready to jump ship - which is mind boggling!!

We are one of the most financially weak teams in the second tier and have only had five seasons in the top flight in the last 30 years. Yes we have an amazing history, but then so do Huddersfield, Preston and Blackpool. I've been following Town since I was six years old in 1982, but even at that point the Robson era was history. We have no god given right to success and need get some perspective.

We have been in the top two tiers of English Football since 1957. In that time, each of the following 39 teams (who have all played in the Premier League at one time) have spent time in the third tier. This includes seven teams that have won the top league title since we did in 60-61.

This season has to be about change, laying the foundations for our next push to the Premier League and having a club we can be proud of again; not over-reactionary BS and panic. It's tiresome and totally counter-productive. Get down to Portman Rd, sing your heart out and let's get our Ipswich back.

Sheff Utd
Sheff Wed
Nottm Forest
Man City
Aston Villa
Second highest scorers in the league....
at 17:06 2 Dec 2017

...booooo boring Dino Mick!!!

Shame our defence is a shambles.
That was very different...
at 17:12 12 Aug 2017

Loving this ability to live stream games down under."!!

That was nothing like the last few years. Yes we sat back to much once we went ahead, but we were by far the better team today. Our back four were never really troubled and quite unlike any time since Mick came in they had no real responsibility for distribution. Just stop the opposition scoring and then pass it off to someone who knows what to do with the ball. Like last week this style totally suits Skuse and he (and Downes) was very good. Waghorn was a total pain in the bum to the Barnsley back four and if Didsy can keep fit then we've got a top ten team on our hands.

Going to bed with a big smile on my face. COYB
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