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Players you irrationally dislike
at 09:20 13 May 2022

Watching some Prem highlights and realising I have a stronger dislike for certain players, but cannot put my finger on why… Does anyone else have this. Two that come to mind for me are

John McGinn and Højbjerg

anyone in a green and yellow shirt is also an automatic
Playoff Points
at 12:06 28 Mar 2022

There’s (understandably) been a lot of talk of our chances to make the playoffs so I’ve knocked up a quick table to highlight the points needed over last few years… particularly as I’ve seen some posts suggesting that even getting 80+ points not being enough

I would expect that this season might buck the trend and require a higher than average points tally. But no side has got 75 points in league 1 and not made the play offs. That 78 points in the Championship 14/15 season was by ourselves

It would perhaps be classic Ipswich town to get 78 points and miss out this time round
[Post edited 28 Mar 12:19]
Playoff Points
at 12:04 28 Mar 2022

Colonia Dignidad
at 15:20 21 Feb 2022

Just finished a Netflix documentary which was both fascinating and a bit frustrating and wondered if anyone else had seen it?

I happened to see the film ‘Colony’ (with Emma Watson) again recently, which is what reminded me of Colonial Dignidad story, so searched for some more info and found this documentary.

The story itself is one that we’ll probably never know the full facts in terms of human rights offences and ties to fleeing Nazis etc. but documentary does cover some of this to some extent
Songs about Suffolk
at 11:44 7 Jan 2022

My Spotify liked songs threw an old song into my ears on a peaceful dog walk yesterday that got me thinking.. how many songs are about our fair county or the towns, villages, locations within it?

It’s probably been done on here before and there are some obvious ones (Ed Sheehan) but I thought I’d start us off with this, which I’d not heard for a while until Spotify thought I needed to hear it again

Football fixture postponement
at 20:03 19 Dec 2021

Due to Covid. What are we saying about this then? Apologies if already posted somewhere couldn’t see anything

Seems bizarre that Spurs have gone 2 weeks without a fixture, Man United, Brentford etc. Postpone consecutive fixtures due to Covid, but Chelsea were told they had to play today, I’m pretty similar circumstances to those clubs already listed. I’m no fan of Chelsea and do believe clubs have ‘squads’ for a reason, but listening to Tuchel explain why got me thinking…. Will we see a national decision on fixtures being postponed over Christmas?

Added to that.. I’ve heard that they (premier league) assess it by percentage and the amount of vaccinated players in the squad. So basically your at more of an advantage having less players vaccinated. Those that are fully vaccinated cant call game off unless that have had absolutely loads of cases

Premier League are meeting tomorrow morning to discuss it
Bomb squad 2.0
at 21:30 15 Dec 2021


Then are plenty more where the jury is very much out
Ryan Mason
at 10:18 15 Dec 2021

No info or intel, just my opinion. If we are to go down the route of a young coach then we could do a lot worse than Ryan Mason. I’d certainly view him higher than MacKenna and John Terry who have been linked.

Perhaps in the ‘too soon for them’ category like many have put Kieran Dyer, but (in my opinion anyway) there are similarities between him and Scott Parker who has so far had a successful start to football management

Lorry Driver shortage solution
at 19:35 21 Oct 2021

Proposed by Dominic Raab
Goal celebrations
at 09:03 20 Oct 2021

It might just be me here being a bit soft, but does anyone else think the finger to the mouth 🤫 celebration is a bit annoying when you see players scoring? The same goes for the cupped hand to the ear.

I understand if that player has been getting dogs abuse from the opposing support, but I’ve seen a few recently where it just seems a bit odd, particularly when that is the first thought after scoring, rather than actual celebrate..

Probably just me though
Wild Wild Country
at 08:42 7 Oct 2021

On the Netflix. Has anyone else watched it?

It was added a year or so ago so not a newly added documentary, but it was the first time I’d heard of the story and the people involved.

I know there are a few on here that live in the USA and may have been in that area or followed the news in the 80s as it seemed to get quite widespread coverage.

It was genuinely interesting as it was covering a perceived ‘cult’ that set up a city of Rajneeshpuram in the wilderness in Oregon and the obvious clashes with local communities and ‘Christian values’ etc.
It felt a bit shallow in terms of depth at times given the huge numbers of people involved it didn’t seem to spend a lot of time on day to day life but having done a bit of reading up since was intrigued if anyone had seen or experienced the Rajneesh
Police planning
at 17:21 15 Jul 2021

I know this gets a lot of air time on here and thought this might be a useful public service announcement

I’ve been made aware that Sunday night / Monday morning there are a number of bars and clubs (clubs that previously couldn’t open) that are throwing open their doors at 00:01 on 19th July in various “Freedom Parties” etc.

I know my local force are very likely operating on their minimum cover I.e nothing different to a Sunday night shift, which seems quite a risk (and a bit of an unnecessary one)

May not apply to all towns and cities but Sunday night (and therefore Monday morning) could be interesting if you’re going into work early in a city centre near to local hotspots..
Hunting Hitler
at 10:42 9 Jul 2021

Something a bit different to the talk and excitement about Engurland

But ‘Hunting Hitler’ On Amazon Prime.. anyone watched it / watching it?

I’ve got to say it is absolutely fascinating TV. As a bit of context it’s off the back of declassified files in 2014 showing the FBI had multiple open investigations into the whereabouts of Hitler long after the war. Sightings, testimonies etc. and a team have been piecing them together to see their credibility.

They also get access to declassified MI6, Stasi etc. files which corroborate a lot of the leads.

Like I say absolutely fascinating stuff and certainly a lot to ponder 🤔
at 18:12 26 Jun 2021

Have we been linked with any yet?

Might have missed some, but it seems to be Keepers, Midfielders and strikers..

Need atleast one (if not two) centre backs and a left back at the bare minimum unless we have some youngsters who are closer to the first team than originally thought
Points Tally
at 17:35 9 May 2021

As terrible as this season has been, when put into context 69 points is a very healthy points tally... for a side as shocking as we’ve been for large parts.

It’s usually 75 points to secure playoffs and 85 to finish top two. It’s not inconceivable that we could have snuck an extra 6 points in this torrid campaign.. not that we would have deserved to

Another positive that as bad as we’ve been, just a little quality next season should see us better this seasons tally and be in the frame to get out of this league
Final points Tally
at 14:11 3 Mar 2021

Looking at past 5 seasons what has it taken to finish inside the top 2. Ive listed the points that the teams in 3rd accumulated and therefore still missed out on automatic (last season is obviously not included)

2019: 88
2018: 87
2017: 82
2016: 84
2015: 89

Playoffs: We know that making the playoffs generally requires 75 points to be secure

We sit on 50 points with 16 left to play. Meaning it would likely require minimum 12 wins to achieve automatic promotion and 8 wins to secure playoffs.

At this stage where we are now, we’ve been amassing 1.66 points per game, which if we continue will put us on 76 points after the final day, so we’re just about on track to be inside the top 6

We will need to up that to 2 points per game in order to seriously challenge the top 2

It’s certainly achievable (automatic promotion) but I would probably say that there are likely to be 2 of Peterborough, Lincoln, Hull and Sunderland that will finish ahead of us, based on there current PPG and our requirement for them to drop more points than us, though there is clearly a lot of football left to play for, 48 points still to play for in our case so hopefully we can stick 80+ points on the board and go up without needing the playoffs
League 1 Fixtures
at 11:02 29 Dec 2020

Having a quick look through the fixture list, there are only 5 of the 12 originally programmed matches taking place today (I appreciate some will be due to the weather)
There are also a handful of early January fixtures already Postponed.

I wonder what odds you would get for this season going the same way as the last and the season is declared finished in the Summer with lots of games not played due to running out of time to get them played..

[Captain obvious speaking] we need to make sure we keep ourselves inside that top 6 if/when fixtures start up again
Transfer Deadline Day
at 09:52 5 Oct 2020

Today? Does that include us, or Is it just for Premier League teams today’s deadline?

I see them budgies have just trousered £30m for Godfrey..
Retro Football management
at 10:16 2 Sep 2020

For those mobile gamers out there.. or for those (like me) who like to have a game to occupy yourself when taking or dump or need a minute or two away from work

It’s probably not for the Football Manager generation as it’s basic to say the least but I was suckered in by our own John Wark in the Fisons home shirt on the ad. It’s simplicity means you can rattle through a season quick time

I’ve pretty much finished season 80-81 with Ipswich and sold McCall to buy Ossie Ardiles and Kevin Keegan.. There are other seasons you can play as well so a few campaigns to be had

I’m an iPhone user but I’m sure it’s on google store as well
Lazy question..
at 17:30 12 Nov 2019

Lazy because I can’t be bothered to trawl through question and responses on other threads or if Phil has already stated

When are our current cohort of injured employees provisionally booked in for return? In particular these fellows..
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