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Australia Vs Syria
at 11:43 10 Oct 2017

Currently at 1-1 in the 2nd leg (in Sydney) after a 1-1 draw in the first leg.

Wouldn't be an incredible story if Syria made it? Looks like going to extra time and then penalties
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Ipswich Town v Bristol City prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
Travel Advice
at 09:28 4 Sep 2017

Budapest and Venice in particular..

I am spending 48 in Budapest, followed by 72 hours in Venice and wanted consult the good folk of TWTD for any helpful tips, places to eat, must see's, hidden gems and perhaps most importantly, what to avoid.
"a non-physical Ipswich side.”
at 09:36 16 Aug 2017

When was the last time this has been said about us?

We're usually well known for being the 'physical side' in any match..
Game of Thrones S7 E5 [SPOILERS]
at 20:40 14 Aug 2017

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers


A bit slower than the 'fire & fury' of last week but some really interesting plot developments..

Drogon recognising Jon as a Targayrian & therefore likely to come to his rescue at some point (ala Danny in the amphitheatre scene) probably in a battle with the night king?

Gully mentioning marriage annulment- would lead to the theory of Jon being legitamite heir ahead of Danny

Little finger & Arya watching each other & little finger trying to turn her against Sansa (hopefully failing & Arya killing him)

Cercei still being crazy & clearly making Jamie feel a bit concerned.. not sure what she has planned

Next weeks should be good
Burger and Beyond
at 16:27 7 Aug 2017

A couple of weeks ago I asked the think tank & font of all knowledge that is the TWTD forum for some suggestions of what to do when in Shoreditch at the weekend.

We headed on to 'Dinerama' for something to eat.. Which is where I saw Burger & Beyond and having seen so many burger posts on here thought I'd try it.. BuggẼr me it was expensive. $10 for what I would consider a small burger. Cost aside it was lovely though and draws credit for the bun to burger ratio, but ultimately for £10 i would expect something a lot more.
Dinerama was a great place to eat and drink the evening away, though my favourite food I had (and I had a lot) was the crab meat fries from 'Prawnography' which were absolutely incredible. I'd recommend a visit to 'Dinerama' for anyone in or around the Shoreditch area.. They even have a Vegan Taco stall, which I assumed would cause much debate and excitement to the TWTD world.
Joe Mason
at 16:27 2 Aug 2017

Jumping to Conclusions here but we were linked with him in the last month and has now been made available for loan by Wolves

May not be the permanent signing we would like but would probably be a useful addition to our attacking options.

Also, Wolves signing another striker (Leo Bonatini) who on paper looks very handy and has a decent CV (but I suppose time will tell on him)
London types..
at 15:02 1 Aug 2017

I am down in the big smoke this weekend.. Booked a nice little place in near Shoreditch high street station, having enjoyed it a few years ago when I was last near the area.

I don't have a beard, tattoos or play synth in an all vegan electronica band, but does anyone have any suggestions for the Shoreditch, Hoxton, Bethnal Green area? Places to eat, things see etc. etc.

I will be doing the obvious, like Brick lane market, probably check out box park but if any of you hipster and trendy types can supply some wisdom that would be great
Centre Backs
at 16:18 17 Jul 2017

Looking at who we have, are we all happy with where we're at if we go into the season as we are, with Chambers, Webster, Smith, Knudsen, Spence, Iorfa and Kenlock

Natural Central Defenders:
Chambers / Webster / Smith

Can play centrally:
Knudsen, Spence, Iorfa

Spence, Kenlock, Iorfa, Knudsen

You could argue we are short of natural central defenders, but ultimately we have the numbers and should be able to cope with the inevitable injury or suspension. Though it does perhaps highlight that Mick might not be looking at a back 3 system we used last season...
The Killers
at 09:33 14 Jul 2017

Tickets for their UK tour went on sale at 9am this morning.. Anyone have more luck than me in getting any?

Was online at 9 but they all appeared to be sold out already.. the only tickets left being the £170 vip all the bells and whistles tickets, which I am not willing to pay for. Absolutely ridiculous how some events open for general sale with little to no availability

Getmein and viagogo are obviously still selling at over triple the face value price which annoys the hell out of me, as they've been selling them since Wednesday (2 days before general release)
Travel ideas
at 11:20 12 Jul 2017

I've been pondering what to do for the wife's birthday this year but having suggested a long weekend away (which she seemed keen) I've backed myself into a corner and need to come up with something..

Having done a few (Cologne, Riga, Warsaw) I wanted to take her somewhere nice (but ultimately cheap) and could be considered romantic, I've pushed back on the idea of Venice etc. but flights aren't that expensive. I'd love to go to Croatia but budget would be well & truly stretched.

It is for September time and my Ideas so far are: both Eindhoven & Amsterdam, Verona & Venice, Basel/Switzerland, Vienna, Budapest.

I'm focusing more southern area of Europe (if possible) as she isn't a fan of cold weather.. Any recommendations or further suggestions would be welcomed.
Loan Deals
at 13:56 11 Jul 2017

I've noticed a couple of deals lately where loan deals are for multiple seasons.

For example, Rodriguez has signed for Bayern on a 2 year loan deal (albeit with the option to buy)

Seems bizarre to me that loan deals can legitimately last for longer than a single season
That little Goblin
at 14:56 4 Jul 2017

has gone and got himself another job in the Championship.. We'll have to contend with his incomprehensible post match interviews again next season

Though, would love it if they do the double over Norwich next season... or even finish above them in the league
at 15:26 9 Jun 2017

It seems New Zealand are doing their best to be the side that implodes at this International Cricket Tournament.

Unbelievable really when you think back to how entertaining they were to watch when McCullum was still there (and they were runners up in the WC just 2 years ago)

Watching them this time round seems eerily reminiscent of England of 2 or 3 years ago in a lot of ways

at 10:01 9 Jun 2017

How do you pronounce it?




not sure why it irks me so much when I hear it pronounced in the top way.. Tresemme is the biggest culprit for this and I I'm reminded of is Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series
[Post edited 9 Jun 10:28]
My Local Constituency.
at 10:44 7 Jun 2017

Apologies for yet another politics thread..

Yesterday the local Conservative MP's literature landed through the letter box, some weeks after the other parties had distributed their paperwork. Perhaps it shows the safety and confidence the tories have in this midlands seat. But I sat and read through all the local political leaflets and was surprised by what I saw.

One small page of the Conservative leaflet was on our actual candidate - the remainder was Theresa May and some Corbyn smear campaign. One thing that irked me was that it was written in the 3rd Person 'Edward this and Edward that' felt very corportate and impersonal (5/10)
The Labour leaflet was written in the 1st person, clear and direct and had some good points, focusing predominantly on local matters which I appreciated. (7/10)
The Lib Dem leaflet was purely focused on local matters, referencing campaigning for protecting Green spaces, infrastructure projects, Schooling and NHS in the area. Well written and the passion from the candidate came through. (9/10)
Green's was simple and to the point although a little too convoluted in listing their local and national messages into one leaflet. (6/10)
Didn't bother with the UKIP or BNP leaflets that came through the door.

Having always had Conservative leanings I am considering voting Lib Dem purely on their local candidate who I feel would serve the area far better.
Radio DJs
at 16:37 26 May 2017

Plenty of commuters on here. I want to know your least favored Radio DJs/Presenters. Rational or irrational dislikes. I'm predicting the outright winner to be Moyles, but I'll kick off with:

Edith Bowman - annoying accent/annoying personality
Fearne Cotton - chatted absolute rubbish (also annoying personality)
Jonny Vaughan - #LADS #BANTER - too much forced laughter for my liking
Deano & Pete (Capital FM east midlands) same as above
Grimmy - Clearly aiming at a very different demographic to me
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