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Lazy question..
at 17:30 12 Nov 2019

Lazy because I can’t be bothered to trawl through question and responses on other threads or if Phil has already stated

When are our current cohort of injured employees provisionally booked in for return? In particular these fellows..
Bloc Party
at 22:13 15 Jul 2019

Anyone else seen them on their recent Silent Alarm tour? I know they played a few UK dates last year before a world tour and coming back for a few more UK dates in the last week or so..

I went to see them on Saturday in Birmingham and they were as unbelievably good as I remember.. in fact they were probably better than when I saw them 11 years ago, certainly seemed more comfortable in themselves and although 2 original members down were bang on the money throughout.

Some absolute bangers from that album mixed in with a couple from ‘Weekend in the City’ felt like I was transported to 2008 all over again.
Talking to yourself on an internet forum....
at 14:23 11 Apr 2019

Well, we've all been there haven't we?

I must admit, the amount of threads where I am the last contributor sometimes makes me feel like I chirp up and everyone leaves

I'd like to think that most people would realise the mistake quicker than a year though...
McGoldrick was open to staying?
at 10:41 19 Mar 2019

Does anyone believe this news story? I'm not sure it was as simple as that as I think it was widely accepted view that McG was looking at his options in the summer.

(not a dig) Mick even mentioned it a couple of times so I expect that it was ME's expectation that McG wasn't interested and therefore unwilling to sign a new deal if he was offered one.

Overall another sorry chapter in a series of poor management and leadership from the very top, but not sure this one falls completely at Hurst's door, as ME (if anyone) dropped the ball if these quotes are to be believed
Favourite Song Lyrics?
at 09:34 6 Mar 2019

I must admit I find catchy songs with no lyrical depth incredibly frustrating and quick to become boring. What I do love is good storytelling lyrical content that makes you think, laugh, smile, cry, reminisce etc. and a personal favorite that seems apt in the current climate is this

The Daily Mail says "the enemy's among us
Taking our women and taking our jobs"
All reasonable thought is being drowned out
By the non-stop baying, baying, baying for blood

Bloc Party: Hunting for Witches.

Any other favourite lyrics that stick out to anyone?
Unsavory twist in the Sala tragedy..
at 15:47 6 Feb 2019

Nantes have 'demanded' payment for the player. Cardiff have apparently withheld the first scheduled payment until they are satisfied with the documentation.

I really don't like the wording of it all, but I would have assumed insurance would have been in place to ensure that most of the sum would be covered.
Latitude Festival
at 13:43 24 Jan 2019

Not seen anything on here commenting on the line up, so thought I'd add it for people to have a grumble about.. (nice distraction from grumbling about football & Brexit)

When I saw Snow Patrol I did wonder whether I'd been transported back to 2009 as I'm not sure they would be a big pull anymore..

I've not been in years, but if they still do day tickets I might be tempted once the line up becomes clearer as to who's on day by day etc.
Free Agents
at 11:52 10 Jan 2019

Given the renewed interest in Collins, I was intrigued by who was still out of contract, so had a look. Below are a few that have Championship experience and would possibly be of interest. Though once again wage demands will undoubtedly be too high for us to seriously consider any of them, but interesting to see who is out there still.

Glen Johnson
Robert Huth
Jordon Mutch
Greg Halford
Rohan Ince (Weren't we linked with him last January?)
Steven Caulker
Reykjavík (and Iceland in General)
at 09:34 14 Nov 2018

Planning a visit in December and know there are some incredibly well traveled folk on here.. I've found a couple of relatively inexpensive airbnb's but if anyone has any recommendations of areas to stay (in Reykjavik), places to eat, things to see/avoid etc. then that would be greatly appreciated
at 15:25 1 Nov 2018

Or Southern Portugal in general.. I'm looking for some travel advice from the resident Judith Chalmers on this board..

I'm looking at a long weekend in December and found some disgustingly cheap flights to Faro.. Is it worth staying there for couple of days as a city break or move somewhere else along the south coast?

Any recommendations would be welcome
Police to sue government over budget cuts
at 10:22 31 Oct 2018

Sensationalist headline aside, it's quite a bleak situation when the figures show that police numbers will potentially drop to their lowest since 1974
US Midterms
at 11:36 22 Oct 2018

Has anyone else taken a surprising interest in what is going on over the pond?

I would not consider myself very politically minded and steer clear of most (if not all) politics based threads on here.. But I've become genuinely interested in what is going on in the US and the possible outcomes that could happen in the next few weeks.

This story in Vermont is quite interesting for those who have a passing interest:

A Republican who passed stricter gun controls last year and has called on greater mental health support (taking a gentle swipe at Trump in his speech when passing the bills).. He has been panned by Republican voters but is running to be re elected against an openly transgender Democratic candidate.
A real Death Star?
at 15:55 19 Oct 2018

Couldn't help but let my imagination run away with itself when I was reading this article..

Seems like China are creating their own moon... Whatever next?
Brentford appoint new Manager
at 10:09 17 Oct 2018

and they have promoted from within the club

One of Smith's 2 assistant managers followed him to Villa while the other (Thomas Frank) has been promoted to the role of Head Coach

Will be very interesting to see what happens with both Brentford and Villa as it seems that Brentford are confident in their opinion that Frank was a key reason for Brentford's success over the past couple of years
28 - 0
at 12:23 18 Sep 2018

Following on from the Women's Football thread t'other day, BBC sport have added a video of all 28 (Twenty Eight) goals in a 28-0 win for Benfica Women as they made their debut in the league

I reckon those of us with Grandmothers would expect them to do a better job than their keeper (who I don't think dived to make a save all game)
at 14:06 4 Sep 2018

What are peoples thoughts on the news today of Colin Kaepernick (among others) being used as the face of their new campaign.

Personally I really like/respect the bloke & what he's doing. Though it seems that the backlash in the states has happened already..

I think it's great of them to use Black athletes and Inspirational quotes in the current climate. My absolute favourite is Shaquem Griffin, that guy is a real inspiration.
Site Ads
at 14:41 28 Aug 2018

Is anyone else getting some rather odd pop up ads when on this site?

I am getting used to the silk boxers and ihavans cigar ads.. plus some others that I've been searching recently (Mobile phones, holidays etc.)

but i'm getting an increasing number of attractive women popping up from sites such as 'Ukrainian Charm' & 'Asian Charm' and something about beautiful Latina's etc. with some suggestive titles.

To quickly dispel any thoughts of shenanigans, this is on my work laptop which has never been used for anything unsavory. They filter it to stop anyone from accessing social media, ticket sites, shopping, gambling sites etc.. It sometimes even blocks this site so nothing to do with previous browser history.

Is anyone else seeing these ads? I'm also getting some from Boohoo and Missguided (among others) which I wouldn't pen as being regular retailers the users on here find themselves on...
Horses & Betting etc.
at 15:38 24 Aug 2018

I'm making a rare trip to the ponies this weekend and have noticed various threads on betting on here in the past so wanted to check if anyone had any tips for York tomorrow? Failing that which papers are the best to peruse for info?
at 11:35 10 Aug 2018

England are on it again this morning... Or should that be Anderson is on it?

Unbelievable start with India only registering their first runs in the 4th over after Anderson took a wicket with 5 ball of the day.
46 Goals
at 09:26 10 Aug 2018

That is the number of goals that we need to replace this season with the players we have offloaded this summer (Our 5 Leading goalscorers from last season!)

Waghorn - 16
Garner - 10
McGoldrick - 8
Celina - 8
Connolly - 4

I've been impressed by the transfer activity this summer, but looking at it from a purely numbers perspective, or without bias.. it looks like we are in for a struggle. Personally I don't see it like that myself, but I've seen plenty of people make those sort of comments about other clubs (Norwich an example with Maddison & Murphy leaving)

For what it's worth I think we'll see a lot more goalscorers this season with goals being shared around a lot more than they have in years. Hopefully culminating in more than the 57 we got last season.
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