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at 15:26 9 Jun 2017

It seems New Zealand are doing their best to be the side that implodes at this International Cricket Tournament.

Unbelievable really when you think back to how entertaining they were to watch when McCullum was still there (and they were runners up in the WC just 2 years ago)

Watching them this time round seems eerily reminiscent of England of 2 or 3 years ago in a lot of ways

at 10:01 9 Jun 2017

How do you pronounce it?




not sure why it irks me so much when I hear it pronounced in the top way.. Tresemme is the biggest culprit for this and I I'm reminded of is Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series
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My Local Constituency.
at 10:44 7 Jun 2017

Apologies for yet another politics thread..

Yesterday the local Conservative MP's literature landed through the letter box, some weeks after the other parties had distributed their paperwork. Perhaps it shows the safety and confidence the tories have in this midlands seat. But I sat and read through all the local political leaflets and was surprised by what I saw.

One small page of the Conservative leaflet was on our actual candidate - the remainder was Theresa May and some Corbyn smear campaign. One thing that irked me was that it was written in the 3rd Person 'Edward this and Edward that' felt very corportate and impersonal (5/10)
The Labour leaflet was written in the 1st person, clear and direct and had some good points, focusing predominantly on local matters which I appreciated. (7/10)
The Lib Dem leaflet was purely focused on local matters, referencing campaigning for protecting Green spaces, infrastructure projects, Schooling and NHS in the area. Well written and the passion from the candidate came through. (9/10)
Green's was simple and to the point although a little too convoluted in listing their local and national messages into one leaflet. (6/10)
Didn't bother with the UKIP or BNP leaflets that came through the door.

Having always had Conservative leanings I am considering voting Lib Dem purely on their local candidate who I feel would serve the area far better.
Radio DJs
at 16:37 26 May 2017

Plenty of commuters on here. I want to know your least favored Radio DJs/Presenters. Rational or irrational dislikes. I'm predicting the outright winner to be Moyles, but I'll kick off with:

Edith Bowman - annoying accent/annoying personality
Fearne Cotton - chatted absolute rubbish (also annoying personality)
Jonny Vaughan - #LADS #BANTER - too much forced laughter for my liking
Deano & Pete (Capital FM east midlands) same as above
Grimmy - Clearly aiming at a very different demographic to me
Ride London
at 15:36 23 May 2017

Anyone got a place through the ballot or charity for the Prudential Ride London 2017.

I missed out on the ballet for the 100 miler, but got an email this morning to say I have a place on the 46 mile route.

Anyone else doing it/done it? My biggest concern is that my bike is currently in bits scattered around my shed after refusing to fix the flat tyre I had over a year ago as it was raining and "I would do it later"..
Shower Beer
at 19:40 15 May 2017

Who else is fond of a beer whilst in the shower? It has to be one of the great indulgences in life (along with taking a crap with the door open)...

Well, there has been a beer created especially

I must admit I've not partaken since my uni days necking down a carling getting ready for a night out after a power nap, but might be worth a purchase
Marley Watkins
at 11:39 10 May 2017

Leaving Barnsley has been made official

No doubt we'll draw this out and he'll end up somewhere else in late August
at 11:48 8 May 2017

Firstly.. I'm still amazed by Reading finishing 3rd.. And even more ridiculous is they did so with a goal difference of +4. Huddersfield in 5th with goal difference of -2 also stands out as a bizarre one. Surely this to be some sort of first?

It does look for all the world like Fulham are the favourites to make it back to the Prem, but the Huddersfield Wendy ties are going to be tasty affairs
Harry Redknapp quote
at 10:27 21 Apr 2017

"I think if we can stay up this year, the potential is here to build a team that next year would be looking at the play-offs,"
"It's not that difficult to put together a good team in the Championship, if you know what you're doing. You can go out and pick up players, you haven't got to spend fortunes."

TV Show help
at 14:41 28 Mar 2017

I was round the other halves family a few weeks ago and a show was about to come on that I was quite excited to watch.. Naturally the tv got changed and some other drivel was put on instead but I haven't been able to find the show I wanted to see.. I've tried all the 'on demand' platforms that I have but nothing.

Anyone watch or know of a show called 'Abandoned Architechture' or something along those lines.. If so 1) was it any good? and 2) what channel was it on?

They don't have sky so won't have been on there and it was a show looking at derelict and abandoned buildings that were once considered great architectural wonders
The Returned (Netflix show)
at 12:44 7 Mar 2017

Anyone watching it?..

I am up to episode 4 and absolutely hooked. It has really cranked up since episode 1 and looks like it could be an absolute belter of a short (10 episode) series

A drama, thriller (supposedly horror according to imdb but not particularly terrifying so far) just a lot of intrigue, suspense and twists to leave you trying to second guess what is happening.
Brett Pitman
at 10:14 6 Mar 2017

Last season I made the bold claim that Pitman was an 'upgrade' or 'better version' of McGoldrick and that we needed to move on from our obsession with McG..
Fast forward to now and I can't think of many reasons as to how I could back that up.

Pitman's injuries have come at bad times as he would have been nailed on to start a good cluster of games but when he has played regularly he hasn't ever really held down a place, even with little to no competition

He is the best finisher in the squad, but can't see him being here next season which would be a shame as for anyone else in this league he'd be worth 10-15 goals a season
With the return of Hyam
at 16:48 23 Feb 2017

Must surely spell the end of Douglas.

His contract expires at the end of the season and I can't see him getting any game time between now and then.. Especially with the promise of some of the youngsters (Nydam, Patterson etc.) getting a couple of games at the end of season.

Might not even make the bench again after Sunday, which must please a few people
When was the last time...
at 15:50 4 Feb 2017

We led at Half Time?

We don't seem to be able to score in the 1st half usually..
What time did you leave..?
at 10:05 1 Feb 2017

I wasn't able to make it last night, or listen to it for that matter.

But not being overly comfortable with the boo and berate approach I would have made my point by leaving very early, which I assume quite a few people did.

How quickly did the sparse crowd thin out? I would imagine it was one man and his dog at the end..
Teams around/below us..
at 09:11 1 Feb 2017

Who has gone and strengthened then?..

Villa - Spent a fortune (not a fair assessment when comparing us)

Bristol City - Strengthened across the board, most notable to us, their Strikers and midfield

Forest - Big Championship signings after losing Lansbury. Definitely stronger at 11pm than there were a week prior

QPR - Lots of attacking options added (Freeman, Lua Lua, Morrison, Smith etc.)

Wigan - Lots of new signings across the board, Bogle being of particular interest to us but some other interesting names that look like good signings at this stage.

Wolves - Spent big and bought in some quality. Looks like a very decent window for them

There are a few below us that have added and frustratingly in areas we have been so desperately lacking.. Potential for us to really slide down the table if new signings have an impact
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