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Sarmiento is the new Gio
at 10:21 23 Jan 2024

Leicester ticket
at 22:22 21 Jan 2024

Very last minute.. but does anyone have a spare

(asking for a friend) and can collect at ground or nearby tomorrow
13 years ago today..
at 09:44 25 Nov 2023

Town signed Rory Fallon on a short term loan.

This was perhaps the start of some obscure signings, of which there have been a few, particularly in the Paul Jewell era
Replica Kit related question
at 19:11 22 Nov 2023

For those who have purchased/own last couple of home shirts.
I took the plunge last summer and bought last seasons home, first time buying a shirt in years.. then in my giddy excitement of how well we’re doing I bought this seasons home shirt as well.

I bought last seasons shirt from the club, but this seasons shirt from eBay (new with tags)
Last seasons shirt sponsor sits slightly raised from the shirt (as you would normally expect) however when inspecting this seasons shirt, the sponsor sits ‘flush’ as if part of the shirt as opposed to printed on.. is that how it is supposed to be? Have I purchased a knock off? (It looks genuine, sponsor looks the same, just that it is sits differently to last seasons shirt)
Anyone want to own up to knowing this lad?..
at 10:45 27 Oct 2023

Apologies for the TikTok link, I hardly use it but stumbled across this specimen from Ipswich

He looks like he’s being interviewed by Phil Foden and I initially thought it was satire, but worryingly it would appear not.

Is this anyone who posts on here I wonder?
Home Shirt
at 18:51 14 Jul 2023

I've been looking to purchase last seasons home shirt, but cannot find it anywhere online. I get why the club have taken it off the club shop to focus on this seasons strip, but is there anywhere you can buy last seasons shirt?
Shirt Sponsorship
at 19:33 5 Jul 2023

May have already been discussed on here, but just how long is Ed Sheeran’s tour?

That’s 3 seasons his tour has adorned our kits now and it’s immeasurably better than Magical Vegas, but will he continue his sponsorship? And if he does (which I think he will) then just what will we have on the front of our shirts next season and beyond??

I did see that Ed has launched a new condiment called ‘Tingly Teds’ could this be on our 3rd kit or our new front of shirt sponsor new season? It has an interesting font & logo at least
at 09:16 12 Apr 2023

In particular Ipswich Town, or League one podcasts..

What is everyone’s take on ITFC podcasts? I’m looking for recommendations of any I’m not familiar with and any decent League one or general Football pods?

This season I have started a few ITFC podcasts, probably off the back of the ‘Andy & Stu react’ videos and discovery Kings of Anglia which I am a big big fan of. Particularly Andy & Stu who do seem to give a balanced and succinct analysis without over talking and generally feels a relaxed but professional production.
I also listen to Blue Monday which again I like, but the number of ‘shout outs’ and plugs for telegram are lost on me (appreciate they are looking to gain income from it so not a criticism as such) and the occasional over talking one another and puffing of cheeks followed by hyperbole can put me off, but generally very good
Talking Town I’ve struggled to get into as much, possibly because I would have already listened to either or both of the above. I also (on couple of occasions) noted people talking too long or over one another so haven’t gone back as much
I’ve also recently started listening to Tractor Social which is a shorter pod and seems pretty decent
Are there any other ITFC pods?
I have listened to the BBC sport and Talksport Daily pods which obviously focus on Premier League, but haven’t found any decent League one pods… if any exist, so thought I’d throw the question out to the group

I know there are some who post on here with vested interests so this question is not intended to plug or criticise any as I am genuinely appreciative of any ITFC content when I can’t get to games etc.
Scary images from Liverpool tonight..
at 23:07 10 Feb 2023

Riots taking place from far right protestors outside hotel housing Asylum seekers

Knowsley: Protesters clash outside Merseyside asylum seeker hotel

Police van ransacked and set ablaze. Would not be surprised to see similar scenes across the country in coming days and weeks
at 17:32 3 Jan 2023

I’ll start off by saying I don’t get to as many games as I used to, but watched us a few times this season and feel Humph is a bit unfortunate to not played last few but clearly needs his game time managed and Evans has certainly earned his place.

I wanted to ask views on his best role currently? He is clearly a talented boy and needs opportunities to develop in his best position in central midfield, however earlier in the season (before his spell alongside Morsy) I thought he would contribute playing in one of the No. 10 roles. Particularly with our injuries there and his ability to play on the turn, pick a pass and drift through lines

He’s clearly earned a role in CM, but I have always thought giving him a bit more freedom higher up the pitch would be interesting to see. He has the attributes
35 minutes of football
at 18:26 8 Oct 2022

We have been behind in League one for only 35 minutes so far this season.

That is out of 1,170 minutes of football… something like 3% of league football we’ve played this season so far with today being first time we’ve conceded first

*crude mathematics that don’t include injury time etc.
Parachute Payments or
at 10:16 11 Jul 2022

Them lot up the road are about to break their transfer record signing a Brazilian lad for £11.5m

Now, there could be a huge number of player leaving which could go some way to fund that fee (if it is to be believed) but they had a huge outlay last summer, which I’m sure they’re staying for so seems a brave move.. or a huge throw of the dice in the hope of landing a double six.. though clearly I don’t know the detailed breakdown of their finances

I also note that Webber flew to Brazil to get the move done.. if it falls through then their fans will have another stick to beat him with
West Brom owner took £4.95m company loan from club
at 09:14 1 Jul 2022

To keep one of his other businesses afloat.

That £4.95m was taken out of the club to supplement the owners hospitality company that was struggling during the pandemic. That money could have been used in the past couple of transfer windows which I’m sure the fans are raging about.

Players you irrationally dislike
at 09:20 13 May 2022

Watching some Prem highlights and realising I have a stronger dislike for certain players, but cannot put my finger on why… Does anyone else have this. Two that come to mind for me are

John McGinn and Højbjerg

anyone in a green and yellow shirt is also an automatic
Playoff Points
at 12:06 28 Mar 2022

There’s (understandably) been a lot of talk of our chances to make the playoffs so I’ve knocked up a quick table to highlight the points needed over last few years… particularly as I’ve seen some posts suggesting that even getting 80+ points not being enough

I would expect that this season might buck the trend and require a higher than average points tally. But no side has got 75 points in league 1 and not made the play offs. That 78 points in the Championship 14/15 season was by ourselves

It would perhaps be classic Ipswich town to get 78 points and miss out this time round
[Post edited 28 Mar 2022 12:19]
Playoff Points
at 12:04 28 Mar 2022

Colonia Dignidad
at 15:20 21 Feb 2022

Just finished a Netflix documentary which was both fascinating and a bit frustrating and wondered if anyone else had seen it?

I happened to see the film ‘Colony’ (with Emma Watson) again recently, which is what reminded me of Colonial Dignidad story, so searched for some more info and found this documentary.

The story itself is one that we’ll probably never know the full facts in terms of human rights offences and ties to fleeing Nazis etc. but documentary does cover some of this to some extent
Songs about Suffolk
at 11:44 7 Jan 2022

My Spotify liked songs threw an old song into my ears on a peaceful dog walk yesterday that got me thinking.. how many songs are about our fair county or the towns, villages, locations within it?

It’s probably been done on here before and there are some obvious ones (Ed Sheehan) but I thought I’d start us off with this, which I’d not heard for a while until Spotify thought I needed to hear it again

Football fixture postponement
at 20:03 19 Dec 2021

Due to Covid. What are we saying about this then? Apologies if already posted somewhere couldn’t see anything

Seems bizarre that Spurs have gone 2 weeks without a fixture, Man United, Brentford etc. Postpone consecutive fixtures due to Covid, but Chelsea were told they had to play today, I’m pretty similar circumstances to those clubs already listed. I’m no fan of Chelsea and do believe clubs have ‘squads’ for a reason, but listening to Tuchel explain why got me thinking…. Will we see a national decision on fixtures being postponed over Christmas?

Added to that.. I’ve heard that they (premier league) assess it by percentage and the amount of vaccinated players in the squad. So basically your at more of an advantage having less players vaccinated. Those that are fully vaccinated cant call game off unless that have had absolutely loads of cases

Premier League are meeting tomorrow morning to discuss it
Bomb squad 2.0
at 21:30 15 Dec 2021


Then are plenty more where the jury is very much out
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