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Accrington tickets
at 12:58 28 Sep 2021

Just wondering if anyone can help with this question. How long has it been taking, this season, for away tickets to arrive by post?

Previous seasons have been pretty quick but am just getting a bit twitchy in case my Accrington tickets, purchased today, don't arrive before I leave home. We are staying with friends so will be leaving on Thursday.

Is there a plan B, where you can get replacement tickets on the day if you can show proof of purchase?
EFL House
at 13:55 4 Mar 2021

Anyone with a good US accent fancy phoning EFL House - (0) 1772 325800?

Act like an impatient American, wondering how long all this paperwork is going to take.
Scattergun Blame
at 09:41 19 Feb 2021

On Tuesday it was all about Evans and structure.

Today, it's senior pros with bad attitudes.

Tomorrow? I'm going for refereeing mistakes. Or he'll throw someone like Kenlock under the bus.

Never Lambert's fault though is it?
Lambert - has anyone met him?
at 13:27 12 Feb 2021

If so, is he as miserable and aloof as he seems?

I can only speak from my own experience - went to a few away games last season, my kids are always keen to get there early to see the players arrive. Without fail, PL was off the coach, eyes down, avoiding the fans and virtually sprinting into the ground. Not even a wave or a smile.

Accrington away springs to mind, the contrast between Lambert and the staff, players and even owner (Andy Holt) of Accrington was marked. An owner who mingled with fans, home and away, was approachable and clearly enjoyed his role.
The scary thing is....
at 12:31 12 Feb 2021

if, by some miracle, we fluke it into the play offs and somehow win them, then Lambert won't be going anywhere.

We will get absolutely destroyed in the Championship.
How about the press boycott the club?
at 08:45 12 Feb 2021

With Phil being banned and Lambert being so arrogant that he thinks that he can pick and choose when he faces the media, perhaps the press could collectively show a strong message back by refusing to interview and report on the club.

Fill the pages concentrating on lower league clubs, emerging local talent and the such.

If they only do it for a couple of weeks, at least it will show some solidarity that the current media relations are not satisfactory.
Team for Tuesday
at 13:40 30 Nov 2020

What it should be:


Chambers Woolf McGuinness Ward

Bennetts Dozzell McGavin Lankester

Drinan Jackson

But we are awful when we play 4-4-2................
Paul Anderson
at 10:20 30 Jun 2020

Really pleased for him. Took a step down, fought off injury and gets his just rewards. Seems like a top bloke too.

Well done fella!
at 14:42 14 Feb 2020

Only manage to get to PR 2 or 3 times per season. I always bring my daughters and find the FanZone great for a pre-match pint as there is stuff going on for the kids to engage with as well.

I see it's closed tomorrow, has anyone got any tips for a pre-match pint/kid friendly location?

Many thanks!!!
Darren Bent
at 09:55 20 Dec 2019

On Twitter saying he has signed for Wycombe? Fake news or not?
Accrington Stanley tickets
at 12:16 12 Dec 2018

I will be going to the game with my kids. As they are still quite little, we are going to want seating tickets, rather than the terrace. Does anyone know if we will be able to choose this option when booking tickets or will it just be random allocation?

Teddy Bishop
at 11:39 12 Nov 2018

Getting ever closer to a return. Travelled with the squad on Saturday and was part of the whole pre-match routine and briefing.
Lambert - he must think he can do a job here
at 16:03 2 Nov 2018

One of the most encouraging themes that I've picked up this week is that Lambert & Co have clearly been doing their homework on us and our opposition for a number of weeks.

Lambert commenting re: the crowd v Boro, Taylor watching Preston and no doubt other games have been assessed prior to him agreeing to join us.

To me, that suggests that he feels there is enough here to work with and that he feels he can do the business. Given his more recent lack of managerial success (some of which was down to factors outside his control), I would be very surprised if he were willing to take a risk on flopping here.
Dunston UTS v Gateshead
at 15:24 19 Oct 2018

on the BBC red button tomorrow - Dunston are the lowest ranked team still in the FA Cup and are managed by Chris Swailes, who was still playing for them last year in his late forties.

Local derby, might be a good watch.

Fantasy Premier League Head to Head
at 11:52 7 Aug 2018


I've created a TWTD 'Head to Head' league in case anyone is interested in joining.

The code is 1506245-651636.

Good luck!
Anyone done their Mod1 motorbike test?
at 12:48 19 Jun 2018

I'm really struggling with the U turn. Just seem to run out of available space - anyone on here successfully done this?
Very pleased with Hurst
at 10:55 29 May 2018

I was all for Ross when the news suggested he was our man but, on reflection, I believe Hurst is the far better prospect.

More experience, more games, in depth knowledge of English football and able to work well within the resources available.

I don't understand why people think his 'brand' of football will be negative and Mickesque. He was working with some relatively technically poor players at Shrewsbury and still got them to a play off final. The players at his disposal at Town are better players - that cannot be disputed. He, I'm sure, will therefore be able to get more out of them than he can from his current players.

Marcus will have assessed all of this. Marcus knows full well that a negative brand of football will not sit well with the fans - that much has been made very clear and he would be a fool to take the risk of that being the case with the new manager.

I think we are in for an exciting time ahead.

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