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The Marquee?
at 08:49 20 Oct 2019

Is it at the ground? Not really made clear on the post
Anyone travelling from Manchester tomorrow?
at 13:30 19 Oct 2019

Looking for a travel buddy, Im on the 9:45 from Manchester Victoria
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If Wilson, Norwood, KVY and Downes are out what would your starting line up be?
at 18:09 16 Oct 2019


Woolfenden chambers Nsiala


Judge Nolan Huws Garbett

Jackson Keane

That would be my choice

3-1-4-2 Formation
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Any Manchester based blue going to Accrington?
at 23:30 8 Oct 2019

Just got my ticket and wonder if anyone travelling there. Going alone and could do with a buddy
Big week next week
at 17:22 21 Sep 2019

We are at home to Tranmere, Coventry play Doncaster, good opportunity to widen gap on atleast one if not both of 2 of our early challengers.
THEY’RE top, we’re bottom
at 16:59 3 Nov 2018

Couldn’t get any waorse really coud it.
Blame Evans, You’re right to but WE are as much to blame
at 08:26 27 Oct 2018

What experts we all are ey, a forum full of pundits and pros that know how to get a team promoted by playing Barcelona esk football. Sarcasm over - Yes Evans is a fool but if it wasnt for us lot we would never be where we are now. The facts are simple, evans listened at us moan so much that we got what we wanted, I say we but I and a lot of others never had a problem with Mick 2bh, it was obvious he was doing a good job but I also wanted change. Im big enough and ugly to admit that I was wrong and boy was we wrong. I for one though am not “ashamed” of my club, Im gutted yes and bitterly disappointed but never will I be ashamed. Some of you need to take a good hard look at yourselves and take some responsibility because times are not gonna get better any soon and if we do get relegated, sit back , take it in,admit that you were wrong.
[Post edited 27 Oct 2018 8:28]
So 5M left in the kitty
at 22:34 9 Aug 2018

Imagine £1.5 will be spent on a couple of loan fees. I hope the loans will he with a view to perms with the rest of the budget in mind. Deffo be getting a striker thats for sure. Who can we hope for?
[Post edited 9 Aug 2018 22:36]
at 17:17 8 Aug 2018

This is a place/post for you to copy and paste your opinion on every signing. Please use to your hearts content. No one else will though
[Post edited 8 Aug 2018 17:18]
Bloody trains!!
at 10:20 8 Aug 2018

The one game I can make it to in first few months of season and theres rail replacement buses! Yet they still charge same fair. Bloody farce!
Derby Away
at 09:53 8 Aug 2018

Anyone going that can get hold of a ticket for me please? Would be greatly appreciated.
[Post edited 8 Aug 2018 9:53]
Transfer Mathematics
at 09:11 8 Aug 2018

Money Raised:
Waggy £5M
Webster £3.5M
Knight £1M

Money Spent:
Harrison £750K
Edwards £700k
Donacien £750k
Nsiala/Nolan £2M
Jackson £1.5M

Thats still leaves just about enough to land Tilt and Windass. What do you reckon? Will it happen?
Any other blues in here based in Manchester?
at 10:18 6 Aug 2018

Just wondering
[Post edited 6 Aug 2018 10:19]
So its nearly time and I for one am excited....
at 12:14 3 Aug 2018

Im not expecting anything more than a mid table finish, Im a realist (although dont lack a sense of “could we”) but I will happily take a mid table finish and finish above the budgies if it means exciting football that gives me a sense of a bright future, which I think is what we are going to get. For anyone that has been moaning about lower League Signings then I feel sorry for you, sorry that your pessimism is ruining your love for Town and for the game. To everyone else, which is the majority, lets go out and enjoy it , get Portman Road full and lets back the boys! COYB
[Post edited 3 Aug 2018 12:15]
Skysports this morning reporting on Waghorn to Derby
at 09:11 25 Jul 2018

They usually get it right. Looks like a done deal. Buy Marriott I say
I am furious with the waggy situation.......
at 11:56 22 Jul 2018

Its going to happen though. If it wasnt then he himself woud have come out and said it, Im resigned to losing him now. Lets say he goes for the minimum (prob £7.5M upfront) that takes us to £12M received (waggy, webster, Knight) Surely we will have atleast £9M of that to spend - tye £700k for edwards. With our squad as it stands (with waggy) we aint got a chance of even play offs but if invested correctly then we could have a chance, I get why we would sell him. He is not worth the money we will get because its been one season, if he does it again then yes. I expect if he is sold then we will sign 4 players in next week or so and I trust that Hurst is the best man to spend that money wisely. We will get value for money as he knows the league one players. This could be a blessing. Long and short of it is, we wont have a chance if we dont sell cos we need reinforcements. 16 goals is a replaceable amount
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