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Lambert: I Thought We Were Really Good, I Couldn't Ask For Any More
at 22:31:58

PLs comments are beyond a joke and insulting to us supporters. At least Chambers gave an honest assessment. Either way, after much deliberation, i have just cancelled my long standing season ticket, as much as it pains me but a stand needs to be taken against the absolute farce of a manager / owner of our once great Club.
Wycombe Game Likely to Be Postponed Due to International Calls
at 17:29:29

Wonderful, from a personal point of view i just changed my flights back from Mexico (at a cost) so i could make the match. From a Town view its complete insanity as we always struggle after a break (i think Micks Mills said 19 without a win but i could be wrong) plus not all of them would be in the matchday squad anyway and we have momentum. Madness ITFC.
Peterborough United 2-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:44:09

Just got back from the game as i live just outside Peterborough.

Reality is we were really poor. Dont remember any real passages of play with the ball on the deck, generally just hoofed down the channels and hoping for the best. For the league we are in, our team is good enough to go up (imo) but we surely have to try and outplay teams, outclass them and today there was no sign of that, no coherancy, no rythm, no patience and no real game plan.

The positives:
- Our support is absolutely amazing, took over the whole of Peterboro.
- Downes was class.
- Skuse was class.
- We got a point when not at our best.
- Woolfeden will be a mainstay Ipswich CB for the next 10 years hopefully.
- We didnt lose.

The negatives:

- Both full backs were poor. Miles had a mare tbf to the lad.
- Need to find composure and patience, get the ball on the floor and play thru teams, way too much long ball huff and puff.

Incredible support. If Peterboro and Sunderland are supposed to be “up there” then we have every chance. On to the next one COYBs
Colchester United 0-5 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:05:57

And to think i ordered my Norwood 10 shirt about an hour before kick-off ☺️ All positive, well done boys!!
Ipswich Town 2-3 Millwall - Match Report
at 18:33:01

Potentially we have the nucleus of a very good squad for league one.

- Players that should leave our wonderful club at the very earliest opportunity: Spence, Knudson. - - Player who should return to the club asap: Josh Emmanuel.
- Critical we do not sell any of our youngsters, as not only are they “our own and full of potential” but for their own careers will be best served instead of being stuck in the U23s of a prem club or being loaned out.
- Addition of 3-4 experienced players and a year in league one for our youngsters to progress and gain experience would see us come back up with a much improved team who would be going into their most promising (and valuable, should we sell any of them) period.
- Imperitive we keep Lambert, guy knows his stuff.

Trying to put a positive spin on a disappointing time for our fantastic club.
McCarthy Denies Aiming Tirade at Fans
at 19:26:42

Putting the game aside, which ofcourse was a devastating blow, MM should be sacked 1st thing in the morning.

I base this on the following facts:

- He is not meeting the stated objectives of the 5 point plan, set out by his boss (give youth a chance and play attractive football)
- He is not meeting the expectations of his boss re league position (nowhere near the play offs)
- He has just told his customers and the people who pay everyones wages, to (very clearly) “f&ck off”
- He is then arrogant enough to deny what is there for all to see.

I have been an Ipswich supporter for the best part of 40 years and never, ever have we witnessed anything like that, on today of all days, Sir Bobbys birthday.

Strongly suggest now we need to take action, either an in-game protest (seasons over so results are irrelevant) or boycott games.

Ipswich Town FC is a Club that is family orientated, has a close connection to the community and Town, plays attractive football and gives youth a chance (amongst many other points)

None of this is currently applicable.

Lucky for MM, his contract is up at the end of the season. As diehard fans, our contract is up when we die.

One very pi55ed of, but loyal supporter
McCarthy: I'd Love to Win Derby For Long-Suffering Fans
at 19:19:38

It sends shivers down my spine when Mick says “if we can get something out the game” which is code for park the bus and hope for either a 0-0 or grab one from a set piece (which history suggests, very rarely works)

The reason we lose half the time is because we dont try to win, we try not to lose.

Controlled attacking and lets actually try and win the game chaps.

Ipswich Town 0-3 Derby County - Match Report
at 22:08:53

That has to be the final straw i think. After a very small step forward against Preston, having been in the very depths against Lincoln and Huddersfield, this should really be the final nail in the coffin (we all know it won't be, ME won't sack MM)

Equally depressing is our complete lack of adventure in the transfer window. Now point in signing the young lad on loan, give our own youth a chance.... most probably they are better anyway.

Also, the lowest gate in 17 years, what depths do we have to go to before a change is made?

Beyond despair at what is happening to our Club.
Preston North End 1-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 21:26:15

It is also worth noting, for the most part, we tried to play the ball on the deck today.
Preston North End 1-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 21:17:27

Just got back from the game. Having been to both Lincoln and Huddersfield, i was absolutely questioning my sanity this morning leaving the house.

The goal from Tom Lawrence was worth the trip all on its own, an absolute cracker.

To the game: Huge improvement from last week, thought the new boy made an instant impact and made 4 or 5, forward passes, on the floor, which sent us on the attack. Something we have desperately been missing with Skuse and Douglas. So a welcome addition.

Once we had gone 1-0 up we didn't quite know what to do, go for a second or sit back but with recent results and low on confidence i guess thats understandable.... but we should of gone for the kill and i think we would of gone on the win the game.

Second half was a different story and we were under the cosh for most of it. Tom made another wonderful solo effort but his shot lacked pace, apart from that i don't think we had any stand out chances (that i remember)

Real kick in the balls to concede with a minute to go but a fair result given Prestons 2nd half dominance.

For all the "Mick Out" brigade (which is most of us) there was a very hushed "Super Mick" chant at one stage......

One swallow doesn't make a summer and by no means do we settle and are happy with a draw at Preston, but given recent performances, was a much improved effort.

Also worth mentioning, a brilliant effort from all the fans that made the trip, its a hell of a long way, freezing cold and pi$$ing it down with rain..... safe journey home everyone.

See you Tuesday.
Town Confirm Diagouraga Loan Signing
at 16:28:28

Welcome to Ipswich Town FC, one of the countries finest Football Clubs.

We wish you all the luck in the world.

Chambers: We're Letting Boss Down
at 09:58:42

As previously mentioned, what about the fans? The ones that made the trek to Lincoln last Tuesday, apart from the performance, result, humiliation infront of the nation and the fact it was flipping freezing too and then hop in the car again and go to Huddersfield for another poor effort? Unfortunately, even due to my better judgement, i did both, along with 694 other extremely loyal supporters.

Throw in the middle Milne saying we need to stick by MM. MM himself saying that we should remember the recent league performances, which lets face it, were hardly setting the world on fire AND the generous (sic) offer of our invizible owner, offering us free coach tickets to the last game of the season....

How many more slaps in the face??

Even the team barely came over and said "thanks" to us on Saturday.... goodness me, that should of minimum thrown their shirts into the crowd or some gesture of thanks.

A Club is nothing without its supporters, keep that in mind ITFC.
McCarthy: Focus on Recent League Performances Not Cup Exit
at 20:39:18

Against every single sensible thought process and my opinion of the current regime, I'm going to go tomorrow..... How many times have i said "one last chance Ipswich"

I am truly losing it.

Lincoln Replay Live on BBC One
at 23:51:56

The money should be re-invested into paying for our fantastic away support to attend the game as some sort of an apology for the absolute embarrassment we are currently being put thru.

Fans attending: Lincolns support put us to shame on Saturday. Lets show them what a great Club we are (or used to be) and sing our hearts out and support the boys. However, if the the performance and result puts us to shame on national TV, i think we are well within our rights to use said voices to call for MMs resignation.

Things are desperate and embarrassing. For it to happen live on TV will send us over the edge.

Berra: We've Got to Get Back to Keeping Clean Sheets
at 08:39:21

This went past "embarrassing" several weeks ago. They are a full time out-fit? Berra earns i would imagine 10 times more than their highest paid player.

The perfect example was Lincoln pushed into a corner, 3 passes (on the floor) later and they we away on a counter-attack. Same happened to us a minute later and Berra just shanked on into the upper tier.

Inept tactics, long balls to no-one, short passing moving the ball too slowly and with no idea where they were going or what they were trying to do.

The only passages of play i liked where when Dozzel, Lawrence and Ward got the ball on the floor and passed it (on the floor) to feet around the box, then we looked more dangerous.

New signings: i don't think it matters if the managers style of play and tactics are like this. I also don't think our team is that bad, 2 or 3 new signings and we have a play-off team BUT and i can't stress this enough, a manager who is up to date with the modern game.

IWe don't need 5 million pound players to pass the ball on the floor. So frustrating.

McCarthy: Win in Cup Could Spark League Form
at 20:02:49

3 Points:

- "a win could spark a good run" and a loss should spark your exit.
- MM bigs up every single team, Lincoln are semi-pro. Who do we have to play against for MM to say "the reality is, we are better than them and should win 3-0?
- I am from Lincoln. A load of my mates are going to the game (supporting Lincoln) If we lose, i will never, ever live it down and my already extremely fragile patience will run out.

Get the job done.

Pitman: We're All Fighting for Boss
at 19:04:29

Dear Ipswich,

I have been a loyal supporter for over 30 years.

I am from Lincoln.

If you f$&k this up, i will never live it down. You are already walking on thin ice with me, this would crack it.

All my love, J
Town Make £6.6m Loss
at 01:03:28

Club will be used to right of taxes from other businesses within the ME Group. Beggars belief tho really, about 6 months ago, i sent an email to the Club offering to help or sponsor the academy in some way and they didnt even reply. Sometimes you just want to give up. COYBs
Manchester United Youngster Linked
at 08:20:05

The only player we need to replace is Murphy, i think we have perfectly capable players BUT they are being told to play a certain way which is ripping the very heart and soul out of every single supporter of the Club.
Knudsen: We Need to Stick Together
at 16:34:29

Why do we have to always "stop the other team playing" first of all? Could we not actually impose ourselves on the match and let them worry about us? At what point, or against who, do we decide "right, we are better than this team, lets attack and wipe the floor with them?"

In all reality, we played for a draw at Derby and got lucky, but we were horrific (i was there) Against Villa we played a bit better, but still were happy with a draw and we were still pretty damn bad (i was there) ZERO entertainment and extremely questionable value for money.

I regularly travel over from Mexico and my first point of call is to see our beloved Blues, sometimes directly to the ground from the airport (Reading 5 Town 1 being a memorable one after 20 hours traveling)

Attendances dropping and time for a change. BUT Mr Evans is using us as a tax diversion (in my opinion) and we won't see any changes for the foreseeable future i don't believe.

Rant over, but a very, very disappointed supporter at present.
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