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McCarthy Denies Aiming Tirade at Fans
Sunday, 18th Feb 2018 15:26

Town boss Mick McCarthy denied that he told the Blues’ travelling support to "f*** off" when celebrating skipper Luke Chambers’s goal during the 1-1 derby draw against Norwich City at Carrow Road.

TV footage appeared to show McCarthy gesture and shout towards the away fans in the Jarrold Stand after Chambers had given the Blues the lead in the 89th minute. Timm Klose equalised for the home side in the fifth minute of injury time.

Earlier fans had been chanting, "Mick McCarthy, your football is s***" following a 79th minute substitution.

Asked whether his reaction was aimed towards supporters, he dismissed the suggestion: “Just celebrating the goal.”

Pressed further on it looking like he was telling fans to ‘f*** off’, he added: “You’re putting words in my mouth. No, just the game, celebrating the [goal].”

So it wasn’t a reaction to fans’ earlier chants aimed towards him? “A reaction to the game, I want to win the game and we didn’t.”

Was he frustrated by the fans’ chants when he swapped Dominic Iorfa for Jordan Spence rather than making a more attacking change?

“Jordan Spence came on because Dominic Iorfa was cramping up,” he said. “That’s my tactical substitution and making the subs we have to make, I do my job as I see fit.”

Does he think fans didn’t appreciate the situation of needing a defensive replacement at that point?

“Well, it’s funny that I’m answering questions like that. If we’d come off and we’d won instead of them equalising it would have been so different, wouldn’t it? It’s sad that you’re having to ask me those questions. I’m not bothered, I do my job as I see fit I think and I do it particularly well actually.”

Asked whether he is concerned that his relationship with supporters is permanently fractured, he added: “Not really, no. I keep doing my job and doing it as best as I possibly can.”

But once a rift of that type appears it’s difficult to turn around, isn’t it? “Winning games overcomes it, so we’ll see what Wednesday [and the home game with Cardiff] brings, shall we?”

Asked again whether he told the fans to f*** off, he reiterated: “Just emotions at the game.”

As for the game itself, McCarthy was pleased with the display if not conceding the late, late equaliser: “I thought we did well. It was a really good performance and we’ve just let our guard down in the 95th minute, wherever they came from.

“Of course [the goal] could have been prevented. We might have blocked the ball in the box, we might have won the first header, we might have followed him out instead of Bart following him, I think that was just a bit of confusion.

“That’s how goals come about. I’m sure they’ll look at ours and think somebody should have been marking Chambo closer, no pun intended.”

Did the game go to plan? “I thought it was a really good performance in the first half as an attacking threat, as an offensive threat.

“And I thought in the second half when it got really tough those players were blocking and tackling and working hard, and Bart made a couple of saves. And I knew that would be the case. I was delighted with my team’s performance today.”

Reflecting further, he added: “I was pleased with the team’s performance, all of them. Stephen Gleeson has not played that much football so that’s why he was replaced with Lukey Hyam who, to be fair, has probably got more legs than he has and we needed that in the midfield. I was pleased with them all, I think they played well.”

He was pleased with the way Cole Skuse too care of James Maddison in the first half, although the Canaries youngster made more of an impression after the break.

“I thought in the first half certainly,’ McCarthy added. “Second half, he’s a very good player and you’ve got to take care of him.

“And pretty much we did, he had two freekicks he hit the target with but overall, up until the 95th minute, a job well done.”

Regarding the change to a 3-5-2 system, he said: “It was for today, might be for Wednesday and it might be for Saturday, but the system and the tactical changes worked today.”

The switch allowed him to get both Adam Webster and Cameron Carter-Vickers into side but equally means other players have to miss out.

“It does but it gets Santie out and it gets somebody else out, so there are the dilemmas. You can’t play everybody.”

Despite the criticism aimed towards him by Town fans, it was pointed out that the Blues are still ahead of Norwich on goal difference.

“We are, I think if I’d been given £100 million over the last three years I think I could have been languishing in 13th as well,” he added.

Norwich manager Daniel Farke felt the match was “a typical derby”.

He said: “Much aggressiveness, many duels. Some crazy things happened and then a lot of emotions with conceding what looked a determining goal and then the celebration in the 95th minute. There was an explosion at Carrow Road.

“To be honest, after this second half normally it is ridiculous to have one point. I thought it was a close first half but in the second half we had 75 per cent possession, we had 13 shots on goal to their one shot, one header that went in for them.

“We had James Maddison with two freekicks, Nelson Oliveira with three shooting chances, Timm was two metres out and missed his kick. Normally you must be sad just to have a draw.

“Sometimes small things make the difference. We gave away a freekick in the 88th minute with a young player who was a bit naïve. Ipswich is the best team on set pieces in the league. From the freekick came the corner and from the corner the goal.

“I just can’t praise the reaction and the mentality of my boys enough. It feels like a bit of a winner. So important for our club and supporters and us as a group.”

Photo: TWTD

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iaintaylorx added 15:29 - Feb 18
Not a massive fan of Mick and I hope he does step aside this summer, but in all honesty, that looked passion to me and like before, he has told Norwich players to “eff off”, so who is to say that wasn't the same today? I may be wrong, but a bit unfair to tell off that!

As for the result, tough to take such a late goal but ah well! S**t happens!

mtfa_blue added 15:31 - Feb 18
Disgraceful behaviour from our manager - simple as that - he has to go, now!

poldark added 15:31 - Feb 18
Don't care who McCarthy aimed his foul mouthed tirade at he is a total disgrace and should be sacked NOW

braveblue added 15:32 - Feb 18
The clip above somewhat contradicts his comments.

schenkermental added 15:32 - Feb 18
Not only is he foul mouthed but he is a liar too. Hyam has more legs than Gleeson , really !

midastouch added 15:33 - Feb 18
You say you do your job as you see fit but sadly you're just not fit to do the job!

tallguy6767 added 15:33 - Feb 18
You liar !! Absolutely you aimed it at town fans because that's the type of guy you are Mick !! No one will see it any other way !! Get out of our club !!!....Now !

yungblue added 15:33 - Feb 18
Don't insult the fans intelligence. Watching that footage makes me cringe. It's 100% evident who that was aimed at. The travelling ITFC fans.

Can agree the first half display was good, but do not agree that second half was good enough. It looked like an FA Cup match, a Premier League team vs a League 2. Resorted back to long balls o nobody, inviting wave after wave of attack.

Mick McCarthy's should be over first thing in the morning. Time is up.

Hamish1979 added 15:34 - Feb 18
I've got no problem if he did tell the fans to f off. If you're chanting negative things during a derby game, you shouldn't be there anyway. We played really well in the first half. It was a performance to make a town fan proud. Some of our 'supporters' need to accept their part in our general malaise.

muccletonjoe added 15:36 - Feb 18
I don't think any sane person can deny that tirade was directed at the away fans. Sad situation for the club. A lot of bridges need to be built and fast.

havinit69 added 15:38 - Feb 18
It gets worse the more you see it.

Me and my boy will not be going to any more games whilst he is in charge. Have lost the tiny bit of remaining respect I had for him.

cat added 15:39 - Feb 18
This is a first, McCarthy being dishonest and lying through his teeth. As someone who has aimed the odd foul mouthed comment towards McCarthy, it would be hypocritical of me to berate him on this subject, however, a lot of the fans on the receiving end of the foul mouthed dinos cussing & fist pumps certainly don't deserve it. I'll just have to take the comfort from the fact it's another nail in the Dinos coffin.

Farmerpiles added 15:40 - Feb 18
Now traveling back on coach, felt like we lost. Amazing when we scored, away section went mental. Soon as ball hit the net I looked at our bench, MM was already up punching the air & Def looking towards us. Could see he was mouthing something, too far to tell but I've seen video online & it's obvious it's for us. I couldn't care less if he did, what bothers me is how game swung their way when garner came off for Didz. Like playing with ten men.

jas0999 added 15:40 - Feb 18
My opinion is it was very much aimed at the fans. But we can't prove it either way. Bottom line is the relationship between him and the fans is toxic. His behaviour, not for the first time this season, is unacceptable. It's surely time to go.

SheptonMalletBlue added 15:42 - Feb 18
Spewing bile from his horrible mouth, your a disgrace McCarhthy!!!!!!!!

bluemike1969 added 15:46 - Feb 18
So you are a total liar aswell. Footage clearly shows you aiming your abuse at the fans. Do the honourable thing please and empty your desk in the morning, get on a train and go far away from IP1

TimmyH added 15:46 - Feb 18
Aimed at the doubt, he's denying it so he doesn't have to get Evans to make a decision to terminate his cushy contract and possible extension of near £2M on the next couple of seasons with little to show in return.

philwhelansdegree added 15:49 - Feb 18
So all these "supporters" calling Mick a disgrace for swearing have never ever sworn inside a football ground in their lives? I'd rather a manager who shows passion when we score what, at the time, we all thought was an 89th minute winner away from home in a local derby then one who just stands there showing no emotion.

Swn98 added 15:49 - Feb 18
Having viewed today's game on tv you miserable so called fans who slag mm off should be careful what you wish for you might end up with it.

BanksterDebtSlave added 15:51 - Feb 18
He isn't even looking far enough to his left, only just slightly left of half way line.......but you all go on hating if it makes you feel better !

Hamish1979 added 15:53 - Feb 18
Farmerpiles, can you really see someone mouthing something from 50 metres? How sad that the first thing you did when we scored was look about bench!

pennblue added 15:54 - Feb 18
It clearly was aimed at the fans, but then if you had some lot sing your football is sh*t each week, with the budget you had, you would probably feel the same.

RickOShea added 15:54 - Feb 18
MM is totally right, he does not say F off, he says F you.

baxter7 added 15:55 - Feb 18
It was aimed at us fans the man's a total liar saying it wasn't time to get rid of this foul mouth dinosaur if he is still here on Wednesday I am sure the fans will return the favour

hancockingoal added 15:55 - Feb 18
Emotion or not the arrogance of the man is contemptible! In truth he never really wanted to come here, he thought he as worthy of a bigger club, he still does! Wake up and smell the coffee McCarthy you are well beyond your sell by date, walk away and enjoy the fortune, you have been very fortunate to earn!

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