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Chambers: We're Letting Boss Down
Monday, 23rd Jan 2017 06:00

Skipper Luke Chambers says he and his team-mates have let boss Mick McCarthy down with their recent performances, admitting that confidence is low at present. The Blues were beaten 2-0 at Huddersfield on Saturday at the end of a week in which they were knocked out of the FA Cup by Vanarama National League leaders Lincoln.

“When things aren’t going well there is always going to be a lack of confidence but it’s all in the head,” Chambers said.

“You’ve got to take the opportunity when it comes, you’ve got to make the right decision on the pitch and off the pitch.

“We are paid to play football and we should take the rough with the smooth and we've just got to learn we are all very good footballers or else we wouldn’t be playing at this level.

“It is a lot in the mind at the moment and when things are tough that is when you see people’s true character and we need to show a bit more at the moment.”

Chambers, 31, admits the players need to put in improved displays to reduce the pressure on manager Mick McCarthy.

“We all want what is best for the football club so the boys are doing everything effort-wise but the quality has not been there,” he added.

“We are letting him down at the moment in terms of the performances we are giving in a 90-minute spell, so we need to be doing more for him.

“It is difficult when things aren’t going well but we’ve got another game coming round in a week’s time, we’ve got work ourselves on the training pitch and start believing in each other and each other’s ability.

“He’s not the only manager in the division where things are tough at the moment, teams are going through tough, tough runs and we are involved in probably the bottom 10 at the minute who are not playing well, not having the rub of the green or not playing well and are lacking that bit of quality.”

Town, who are 14th, nine points off the bottom three, are next in action on Saturday at Preston, who are 10th with 40 points, six more than the Blues.

Photo: TWTD

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Chondzoresk added 06:04 - Jan 23
What about us, the fans? Hello? Earth calling Ipswich Town?

GiveusaWave added 06:04 - Jan 23
Fans will get behind the team IF we can see that maximum effort is being given on the pitch. Too many heads down at the moment, especially when the opposition scores. Best player on the park last game was a player who hasn't played in 8 months, and he gave his all. That's the commitment and effort we want to see.

Sir_Bob added 06:06 - Jan 23
You don't need to come out & say this to get in MMs good books, you'll get a game every week no matter what. You've been one of the biggest culprits week in, week out.

Chondzoresk added 06:07 - Jan 23
How about the team/Dino thick Mick apologizing to those poor fans who went to Lincoln and Huddersfield?Not a jot. I am fuming even more.

GiveusaWave added 06:09 - Jan 23
Didn't even notice he didn't mention fans.....

christiand added 06:10 - Jan 23
We have a new player every week saying the same thing at this time on Monday, not much is changing so you can't be that bothered about MM!

Benters added 06:10 - Jan 23
What about the fans you are letting down !

MickCuresInsomnia added 06:23 - Jan 23

flyingdutchman added 06:34 - Jan 23
(Quality) you cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear

ernie added 06:40 - Jan 23
"We are all very good footballers"....errr really?!

BrettenhamBlue added 06:42 - Jan 23
Nothing there about fans????

LimitlessBlue added 06:56 - Jan 23
thanks Luke, poor Mick.
Screw the fans hey?!

Penguinblue added 06:56 - Jan 23
Was wondering which brown noser would be put up to defend the indefensible. Respect to those who refused

Suppose it had to be the captain - not least because his position would be very vulnerable under a football manager.

McCarthy OUT

bedsitfc added 06:58 - Jan 23
Yes individual mistakes is letting MM down, but tactics are letting the players down aswell.
If we wasn't so negative we wouldn't be under so much pressure which in turn causes individual mistakes.
When the ball goes loose to our back line it is pumped forward and 9times out of 10 we lose possession again. We never have a midfield player dropping deep to get on the Ball.

Benters added 07:00 - Jan 23
PJewellisaGod,Its another joke of a press release by the club isnt it.What he should have said is " We are letting everybody down linked with the club" and i would say the fans make up a big part of the picture wouldnt you ?!

MicksZzzTactics added 07:00 - Jan 23
Fair enough :-) .... ohhh but hang on a minute there cause what about something about you players "Lettings the fans down" TOO .... especially those fans who for dubious reasons only known to themselves lol still continue to part ways with their hard earned money on you SORRY lot game after game???

You might very well be a tru passionate 'proper bloke' Chambo, clearly meaning the best and all .... but by the end of the day you wearing the by-all-means demanding Captain's Armband *generally speaking* no longer actually display 2 Shillings worth of genuine "Leadership" on the field imho, especially when the 'Going Gets Tough' as for instance when your beloved boss the Dino McCarthy's 1-dimensional 'Plan A' turns out not to work on any given day/opponent or simply when it get's shattered by us failing behind, not the least if we do so early on!

Just in the recent months there have been plenty of examples of nearly the whole team (with 1-2 exception maybe) running bewildered and clueless around on the field -- again especially when facing some form of serious adversity ... sort of like headless chickens actually, and imho your on-the-field "Leadership" is often freakin' NOWHERE to be seen particular on these occasions!!!

Ohhh and don't get me started on reciting your OTHER well documented football short-comings too btw!

And while I obviously don't expect you as Captain to throw particular your boss under the proverbial bus, I still have to say: Sorry Chambo, but I don't really appreciate this here article nor it's underlying agenda.... somewhat similar but albeit much more strongly to how I merely felt "somewhat skeptical" about the ehmmm *perfectly* timed and APPARENTLY sincere & and made all on your own lovely accord single-page long article "commendable-only" :-) interview with EADT's Stuart Watson .... which TWTD then subsequently for somewhat strange reasons opted to cut up and present in no less than 5 separate article???!!! for what could be construed as for maximum KA/appeasing exposure!

lightingblue added 07:01 - Jan 23
Do then if your letting mm down then what you going to do about it? Your letting mm down, the fans and the club down. If I performed like you guys do on a consistent basis I'd either have a second one drilled into me or I'd be given the bullet. I don't think you guys quite realise how fortunate you are. Living what most people could ever dream of doing and making a very good living in a job which you also get really looked after. If your not happy in this career leave and find another career path

therein61 added 07:04 - Jan 23
We must do better than this for he manager we are letting him down, in other words please don't sack him as no other manager in his right mind would select us(under performing favourites!!)

DurhamTownFan added 07:18 - Jan 23
Bedsitfc spot on: the boss is letting the whole club down by ordering everyone to smash it long every chance they get. some people say we've made an effort to pass t a bit more lately but we saw absolutely NONE of that against Lincoln, a side three leagues below us...

KiwiBlue2 added 07:19 - Jan 23
Luke's comment suggests a level of myopia, i.e. he cannot see the embarrasment of Town fans at present. This myopia is contagious also extending to the field where it appears that the backline cannot see the midfield and it in turn struggles to pick out the strikers with consistent passes. It is notable how many of our efforts on goal relate simply to an individual taking matters into their own hands (usually Lawrence)but I suspect that the promising looking Spence was frustrated and decided to just have a go himself........ Rather than putting in 4 bids of 1m I think that we could be much better looking to just get 2 proven midfield playmakers in even if they cost 2m each. It is quality that makes a difference rather than just quantity......

Swn98 added 07:28 - Jan 23
Full respect Chambers now put it right!!

dirtydingusmagee added 07:38 - Jan 23
Kiwi, I may be wrong but think the four 1mill offers are hoping to secure one player for a million,I don't think there will be any intention of spending 4 million .

blue75 added 07:39 - Jan 23
Are you letting McCarthy down or have you had enough of him as well?

evansblue added 07:44 - Jan 23
Comments on here make me laugh. The fans the fans the fans. Are you lot really that upset that the fans aren't mentioned in a snippet of news???
If Ipswich town is making you that upset and angry at everything going on at the club then walk away. It will be better for your health and well being.

thundercat600 added 07:51 - Jan 23
How many so called "supporters" comment on here compared to the number that go to watch town week in and out, small I would say.
If the majority were realy not happy with whats going on,they would not all go in protest now would they. So to you people who know better than MM on how to select and run a football club, start being possitive and supporting your club through thick and thin

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