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Heartfelt thanks to all the real fans
at 17:03 4 May 2024

As someone who only goes sporadically these days, thank you to all who travelled this year to those grim weekday away games, those who sacrifice family time to turn up every week, those who bring the noise.

You did this.
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Save Whitton Utd
at 10:44 30 Dec 2023

Not sure if this has been mentioned.

If you can get past laughing at the 'famous' victory bit, it's an interesting piece on the mighty Whitton Utd who a young Mookamoo played for in his youth.

Didn't Dozzell snr play for them, or am I mis-remembering?
Win a Signed ITFC Pennant
at 15:32 28 Nov 2023

My friend Donna does Facebook live raffles for Stowmarket ASD Saturday clubs and this week's prize is a signed town pennant.

The main FB page for the club is this:
Edmundson vs Burgess
at 10:08 4 Oct 2023

Wasn't at the game last night - Can anyone summarise what Edmundson was able to do last night that Burgess hasn't been able to offer?

I've seen lots of chatter praising McKenna for the switch, but nothing as to what Hull were going to do that required a tactical adjustment. Was it just a just a case of looking more solid at the back at home?

How much did the Clarke / Williams switch have to do with it?
at 15:32 22 Aug 2023

How is Nbada getting on?

Caught the highlights of Kilmarnock beating Celtic and he was getting himself about a bit. Looked like they were playing him left back, or left in a back 3.

I'm thinking that might have an influence if Leigh is being allowed to leave. We might not buy a replacement but look at a loan with the idea of assessing him at the end of the season.

Davis is so integral to how we play, we're not going to find a back-up to replace him like for like, so maybe we'll look at someone who can cover LCB and LB
Thread Main Header Image
at 14:26 10 Aug 2023

This is a thing of beauty. It's a Caravaggio scene.

Renaming Portman Road
at 11:14 27 Jul 2023

How do people feel about selling the naming rights to Portman Road?

Dearest Edward has been a great sponsor, but I can see us signing up for a new bigger, longer term deal next year. I'm going for the Mediterranean Shipping Company Arena.

Cobbold stand is rebuilt over the top of Portman Road in 2027 and what is left is eventually renamed Mick Mills Way in 2049 to celebrate his 100th birthday.
Free drum workshop
at 10:49 18 Jul 2023

Anyone in and around Stooomarket who have kids that need something to do next week - a shout out to We Drum who are offering free drum workshops at the John Peel Centre.

They get the young people to suggest tracks to drum to and then jam and see where it goes.
October General Election?
at 10:47 29 Jun 2023

Sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is now ruled as illegal. Inflation struggling to come down.

I think they'll try and catch Labour off-guard and call and earlier GE knowing they'll likely miss Rishi's 5 pledges.

The Rwanda ruling will be appealed so they can campaign on the ideas it is all those others that are stopping them stopping the boats. Inflation will be at about 7.5% so they'll argue it will have been below 5% at the end of the year.
First goal scorer
at 09:07 14 Jan 2023


Grotty day. Free kick whipped in and Burgess buries it from 5 yards.
Crap 90s Football
at 13:21 7 Dec 2022

Tis' a top Twitter account to follow. Blessed us with this moment of pure beauty today.

Weekend's 2 minutes silence
at 11:22 14 Nov 2022

I stopped and observed the 2 minutes silence on Friday - 11th hour and all that.

It's all kicked off on our local Facebook group that our village also didn't observe a 2 minutes silence on Sunday as well. The church seems to have made the grievous mistake of having their 2 minutes silence during their Sunday morning service at 9:30.

Is it now a thing you have to do both?
LGBT Fans have to show respect and 'compromise'
at 14:43 26 Oct 2022

Compromise what exactly? Qatari homophobia? LGBT fans very right to exist?

I for one will not be watching one minute of this World Cup. Absolute farce.
Has this financial crisis got a name yet?
at 11:41 28 Sep 2022

2008 was The Financial Crisis or Great Recession and we had Black Monday etc - what is this one called?
Bankers, the lot of them
at 09:23 15 Sep 2022

This is of course where the priority is.
Warm Up
at 19:11 13 Sep 2022

All players, home and away wearing Marcus Stewart T Shirts.
Mr Ovo has solved the energy crisis
at 13:36 1 Sep 2022

Short-term plans

Bring forward the £400 energy rebate - well yes, that would be a start...

Increase funding for debt advisory charities - Should someone not have the foresight to consider this already? No, of course they haven't because we have a sack of onions still in charge

Set up a fuel Poverty Task Force to identify households most at risk - would be easier to identify those not at risk. What absolute guff and what about businesses?

Medium-term plans

Abolish the prepayment meter "penalty", which sees prepayment customers paying more than those on direct debit - Why is that still a thing?

Subsidise bills though a Tariff Deficit Fund, which would be repaid over several years - Mr Fitzpatrick just want to make sure he gets his money, or at least a debt he can bundle and sell on. He is just getting twitchy about the amount of people defaulting

Abolish the standing charge that customers pay - Hmmm - why is he saying that? Friend just had a wood burner installed, which involved moving the electricity supply wires away from the chimney - that was covered by the standing charge. Without it she would have faced a bill of £2000. I'd like to see if this move favours the suppliers in the long term.

Mobilise a national effort to insulate UK homes - Again, should already be underway. Commission cost effective solar panels and ground source heating and get them mass produced at a subsidised cost to households. Ramp up production as if we're on a war footing, which we should be.

Long-term plans

Establish a single strategic buyer for all the UK's energy needs. - What? Like a Nationalised energy supplier?

Bring back the Department of Energy and Climate Change - Yep, the one canned my Theresa May.

Introduce a carbon tax - Not sure that would help reduce the cost of energy to households. Thats just something to write on the end of a list to make the list look bigger.
at 10:20 23 May 2022

Wouldn't want to be a Burnley supporter at the mo. They're going to do a Derby and just spiral.

Too close to Manchester as well. Went to a couple of games up there a few years back and there are more Man City and Man Utd shirts in the town centre before kickoff than home shirts.
Sizewell D
at 16:16 7 Apr 2022

Look like Sizewell D is being planned even before Sizewell C is officially given the green light.

The East Anglia 1 and East Anglia 2 offshore windfarms have now been approved. This will mean a pretty big facility at Friston to connect this all up to the national grid, plus it all has to come ashore somewhere. Plus Europe's largest solar plant is planned just east of Barton Mills.

Little old Suffolk is going to go through a fair amount of change in the next few years.
Plan B here we come
at 14:27 8 Dec 2021

Might as well work from home. The offices I've been in do very little in December anyway.
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