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at 11:01 20 May 2019

Gerken, Ward, Knudsen, Adeyemi, Dawkins, Collins, Spence, McKendry, Chris Smith and Ryley Scott all gone then.

I have to admit, I'm surprised that Pat Webber hasn't been released too
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Anybody able to offer anything?
at 11:45 13 May 2019

I've started actively looking for a new job as I've been in my current one for 3 years now (as of next month, anyway) and over the last couple of months I've lost the enjoyment that I once had from it and, in honesty, it's making me feel unhappy to the point where it now affects my evenings and weekends, wishing I wasn't going into work again the next day/week.

Ideally I'd like something Monday-Friday based in, or in the close vicinity of, Ipswich. My current job is in the IT industry, but I feel like a break from this would do me good from a mental health point of view.
I'm fairly open-minded in terms of what I'd be prepared to do; I'd love to get more knowledgeable and experienced working with cars, or else a role within the sports industry, or working as a tradesman/builder/labourer but any and all suggestions are welcome.

It's a long shot, I know, but is there anyone on here that's aware of any openings or vacancies anywhere?
Season Ticket Question
at 12:08 17 Apr 2019

Firstly, I'd like to start by saying a massive well done to Marcus Evans et al for an excellent pricing structure and the incentives that have been included along with it - as well as matchday ticket reductions.

The wording of one particular part has me confused as it could mean one of three things, I believe;
"If 12,000 season tickets are sold before the Early Bird deadline, prices will drop by an additional 10%.

If 13,000 sold - that will increase to a 15 % discount; if 14,000 are sold - that will trigger an extra 20 % drop."

Does this mean (using my renewal price as an example):

1) I'll pay £181 to renew my ST, but if 12,000 are sold before May 6th I'll get £18.10 back (10% of the original price), followed by another £9.05 back if 13,000 sell (5% of original price) and then another £9.05 back at 14,000? This is how I originally understood it.

2) Is it 10% back after hitting 12,000 (£18.10), then another 5% of the new price (£181 - £18.10 = £162.90, so 5% would be £8.14 back, then a further 5% back at 14,000 at 5% of £154.76, which is the price after both previous discounts).

3) Or alternatively, is it 10% off the original price @ 12,000 sold, so £18.10. Then a further 15% off the original price, so another £27.15 back at 13,000, then another £36.20 (20%) back at 14,000 sold. This seems the most unlikely,

Of course, option 4 could be a combination of 2 & 3, with the 10, 15 and 20% discounts being discounts of the reduced price.

Admittedly this does seem a stupid question, it's almost certainly option 1, but the wording and use of "further x discount" made me question myself
Youth Football Advert
at 11:46 18 Mar 2019

As of July, I shall be taking over the full management of Brantham Athletic Football Club Under 11's Imps and was wondering if anybody in this forum has or knows a child who may be interested in joining?
We're currently about 4 players short, including a goalkeeper,

The children will need to be year 5s currently, going into year 6 in September.

The current squad are a great bunch of boys and always having a laugh with each other, plus they're all at different stages of their development, so even if somebody is looking to play football for the first time then they'll fit right in.

If anybody is interested, let me know.
James Collins
at 17:19 6 Mar 2019

Not claiming this as def info, so don't shoot me down, but I heard Collins was only taken off as a precaution on Saturday and he's not actually injured again.

I've got about 90% confidence in it being true based on who I heard it from, although admittedly we're now down so it doesn't make a lot of difference either way.
Which is the designated football train on Sunday?
at 12:12 6 Feb 2019

Can't find any information on it. Hoping to get away without buying a train ticket as the last two years I took the train and never got checked for one so not wanting to waste another train fare.

Will the 10:30 be the busy one that they won't check or is the 9:30 my best bet?

Apologies if already discussed!
Travelling help required ASAP!
at 10:42 4 Feb 2019

I booked a holiday recently for myself and a friend. The surname that he uses/goes by on a day-to-day basis isn't the same name as on his passport (uses his step father's surname, rather than his biological father's, but this hasn't legally been changed so the name on his passport is his real father's surname).

I've queried this with the travel agency who claim that it will cost £140 to get this changed. The difficulty is that when I made the booking I remember making a point that the name I was providing wasn't his legal name and I'd need to check that, but the operator told me that it wouldn't matter.
The online support is now telling me that it needs to match the name on the passport as all of the bookings (flights, transfer and hotel) are in the name I provided.

My question is: firstly, will it matter than the booking name is different? When doing online check-in, if I provide the legal name will this be what is printed on the boarding passes or will it cause issues? I can't imagine that the transfer/hotel name being different will be an issue, so for the boarding passes will it be a problem?

Secondly, am I at fault? If I was then I'd admit I was in the wrong and pay the £140, it's not a big dent in my pocket considering the whole trip is a 50/50 split between the two of us, but I remember raising the point of it not being his legal name, so I don't feel at fault.

What are my options?
Would be good to get a few players off the books today
at 10:48 31 Jan 2019

Whether on loan or permanents deals. I think I read we have 44 players contracted to us, so some will need to leave.

Hopefully someone in England comes in for Knudsen so we can at least get a nominal fee for him. In terms of the defence I'd keep everyone else, apart from Cotter and Chris Smith who I'd like to see go out on loan as they're not going to get any game time for us this season, and Pat Webber I'd be happy to see leave on a permanent basis if anyone out there wants him.

Midfield options are fairly stacked at the moment, but with Chalobah going back to Chelsea next year, Ward and Adeyemi almost certainly being released, Huws may not be fit enough to make all of the squads (if any) so there's no point limiting our options here. Having said that, I'd not be against seeing Nolan go out on loan and McKendry going elsewhere on a permanent as he's never going to make it here.

And in terms of our forward options, I'd keep everyone we have other than McLoughlin who looks set to go to AFC Wimbledon and I'd loan out Aaron Drinan to the National League again if we can.

I think that leaves us fairly stocked and covered in most areas, but if we sign someone else (such as Pinto) it would leave more room for someone like Spence to depart, but of course all of this relies on other people seeing them as useful options..!
Help a guy out...
at 13:02 2 Jan 2019

On Friday I'm going on a 'first date' with this girl I've been talking to. I've met her before and spoken to her loads in person but we're not sure where to go.

Ideally somewhere in Ipswich, though the surrounding area (Felixstowe, Colchester etc.) isn't out of the question - I'm prepared to spend money but she's insistent on me not doing so, so suggested we we just find a spot to just sit and and chat for a bit.

Any suggestions on where to go with her?
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Red button tomorrow
at 12:53 25 Dec 2018

We have TalkTalk TV at home and I bought a 1 month Sky Sports subscription; I don't have all the channels but I have a fair amount.

Is it likely I'll be able to watch tomorrow's game or do I need the full Sky Sports package for that feature?

Merry Christmas all!
FA Cup 3rd Round Draw Generator
at 14:39 3 Dec 2018

Takes a while to type in all of the teams, but quite interesting to see who we get.

I drew Liverpool at home... gulp
Are we really bothered by Birmingham anymore
at 12:42 25 Nov 2018

Just watching the Villa v Brum game and wondered if anyone is particularly bothered by what Birmingham do anymore?
Obviously at the start of the season we wanted them losing games to keep them down at the bottom (after it was clear we would be too) but they're now looking a mid-table team.

Of course they may face a 15 point deduction though (more likely to be 6 or 9) which would temporarily bring them back into the relgation scrap but I think they'd soon find themselves in the clear again, so would we prefer they keep losing and bring another team closer to us in case we do get a run together, or do we expect the current bottom 6 or 7 to be down there and the rest to be nowhere near relegation?
Noel Hunt
at 10:18 13 Nov 2018

Assistant manager at Swindon Town. Big step up from Waterford, but interested to see how he gets on. Odd choice from Wellens.

In other news, Chris Sutton has managed to wind a load of people up again, mostly United fans, with his most recent comments.
Lambert's win percentage
at 09:45 27 Oct 2018

read earlier that PL has a win % of 38.4% from 500 games. Let's say for arguments sake he continues that here - with the number of games remaining (excluding today) how many points would that leave us on, just to get an idea of what we could realistically be looking at?

I'd do the maths myself but I'm about to jump in the shower and head to Millwall
Does Hurst get involved in the main squad training or does he often not bother?
at 10:28 23 Oct 2018

Just seems odd when I think about it that he wasn't aware of the situation with Bish.

I remember pre-QPR his update on Bishop was "I think he's been out doing some running with Chris Skitt today" when in actual fact Ted had been in full training that week and is resuming that this week, with a view of playing for the 23s on Monday. Surely he'd know he'd been with the squad all week, rather than thinking he'd been doing some running?
Non-League day
at 14:24 12 Oct 2018

As there's no Town fixtures this weekend and it's non-league day across the country, I was hoping to watch Whitton United on Saturday, and Ipswich Town Ladies on Sunday.

A couple of questions for anyone who's been to either before:

1) What is the entrance fee for Whitton United games?
2) As above, but for ITFC Ladies?

Just looking over this weeks fixutures
at 09:40 28 Sep 2018

And it's the perfect week to get our first win. A winnable game, gets some renewed belief back and confidence in the fans, manager and squad.

Not only that, looking at the fixtures of other teams in the bottom 10.

Preston (24th) v West Brom (3rd)
Millwall (22nd) v Sheffield United (4th)
Hull City (21st) v Middlesbrough (2nd)
Brentford (7th) v Reading (20th)
Rotherham (19th) v Stoke City (18th)
Bolton (15th) v Derby County (6th)

If we do our job, you'd expect at least 2 of those results to go our way, if not 3 or 4. Potentially moves us up to 21st (unless Reading take a hammering and we leapfrog them on GD).

I think we'd then all be a lot happier.

Then up to the international break, the bottom 6 teams have the remaining 2 games:

Preston: Aston Villa (A) & Wigan (H)
Ipswich Town: Middlesbrough (H) & Swansea (A)
Millwall: Forest (A) & Aston Villa (H)
Hull City: Leeds (H) & Sheffield United (H)
Reading: QPR (H) & West Brom (A)
Rotherham: Bristol City (H) & Birmingham (A)
Stoke City: Bolton (H) & Norwich (A)
Birmingham: Brentford (A) & Rotherham (H)
QPR: Reading (A) & Derby (H)
Bolton: Stoke (A) & Blackburn (H)

Lots of opportunities in there for us to climb the table. Win at Birmingham tomorrow is vital, I don't think 2 points from Boro and Swansea is unrealistic either. But all the teams around us have 1 tough game and lots of them also play each other, so points will be dropped at the bottom end. Big 5 or so games coming up for Town, you feel.
Why I'm still Hurst in - for now
at 15:59 25 Sep 2018

Lots of debate at the moment on whether Hurst should be backed or sacked. As I posted on SpruceMoose's thread, for now I'm a concerned 'Hurst inner'.

Looking back to the Blackburn game, we all went into it positively, hoping for a new, more enjoyable era of football and entertainment. 10-15 games was the touted mark at which we should reflect (not decide his fate) on what progress was being made. As we reach the former, this is my view so far.

Blackburn (H):
I went into this game with the attitude of "I want to win, but I'll be happy so long as we get a point. Don't lose and it'll be a good start."
Right from fixture release day, I said I wasn't a fan of our fixture list. We started against a very good Blackburn side who were far too good for League 1 and who I believe will be at least 16th, but more likely around 12th, if not higher this season. Not an easy game. Then we had newly promoted, full of confidence Rotherham - I'd have preferred playing them when they'd been on a confidence-draining run, not whilst on the crest of a wave. Then a few tougher games in Villa, Derby, Sheffield Wednesday and Norwich.
So back onto my initial point - I think we were all happy enough with the lineup. A couple of new signings, Flynn Downes starting with Woolfenden, Dozzell, Morris and Kenlock on the bench, it was exactly what we'd been asking for.
5 minutes in and the signs were good - a rejuvenated looking Freddie Sears put a very good ball into the box and new boy Gwion Edwards headed in to give us the perfect start under the new regime.
Unfortunately, we didn't hold on and shortly fell behind, but that's all a part of the learning curve for a new squad, getting used to a new manager's ideas in a largely unfamiliar league. Nonetheless, we got a point thanks to a somewhat fortunate late equaliser from Tayo Edun. There were also appearances for Luke Woolfenden and Ben Morris who both came off the bench, to further show that the youngsters would be given a chance.

Next up we went to Rotherham, where many expected we'd get our first win of the season. After dominating the game with 763 shots and 98% possession (apparently, I wasn't actually there to verify those figures) we came away with an unfortunate, last minute defeat after conceding from a set piece that shouldn't have been awarded supposedly. There was anger at this result, but what stopped me worrying was that this would even itself out over the course of the season. There'll be a top side who we unexpectedly beat, and/or a game we get battered in that we'll win and that'll have cancelled out this result - 9 times out of 10 we'd have won that game, this just happened to be that 10th instance. Additionally, we may have come away with 3 points had the referee given one of the two penalty shouts we had at 0-0. We'd have had something to hold on to, not committed so many men forwards and been less vulnerable to counter attacks, which was where their winning free kick came from. With more space behind a more attacking Rotherham, perhaps we'd have even scored two or three.
"Mick would have won us that game!!!!111!" I heard people stating - are you sure? He didn't get brilliant results against Rotherham, with just 1 solitary win in the last 5. 1W, 1D and 3L are the record we had under him over the last 5 games.
Unfortunately none of our youth prospects got any minutes in the game, which was another downside.

I was then one of the 350 or so fans who made the long midweek trip to Exeter in the Carabao Cup. Positive #1 of the night - we didn't play a rotated team (including in goal, though I thought Gerken should have started) which was something we all wanted to see. The players seemed to not take the game too seriously, however, as if we were too good to play Exeter so lowered our effort levels, which isn't down to Hurst. Nonetheless, we played some neat passing football and the ethos displayed in the Blackburn game was certainly still there, just looking unfamiliar which isn't an issue or shock 3 games in. We just about edged the first half on overall quality and went into half time deservedly 1-0 up, with Jackson's "goal" being very fortunate.
The second half was a bit of a mixed bag. Another positive from the game was the second half introduction of the returning Danny Rowe and Teddy Bishop. Both players looked comfortable. Rowe had direct running and pace, he looked a threat, whilst Bishop was calm on the ball and made one or two good defensive tackles before having a chance to snatch the victory late on when he couldn't quite connect with a back post cross.
Irritatingly, it was another Bart mistake and another set piece (the third in 3 games) that we conceded from. Poor goalkeeping, poor marking. The game went to penalties. Losing to anyone on penalties is always partly down to bad luck, so for me this isn't a criticism of Paul Hurst. The players let him down on the night. Did I have any issues with his post-match comments? Not particularly, although I appreciate some people may have preferred them to be kept private, but we'd have all moaned if he came out saying he wasn't too displeased.

Back to Portman Road and we had a tough game against big-spending Aston Villa. After playing more than half of the game with 10 men, to come out with a draw after going behind is a very creditable result and a real battling performance had renewed some of the positive mood within the fanbase. A platform to build from, arguably. Kenlock got some minutes under his belt, though admittedly not a great deal, whilst Downes was again on the bench. Another couple of positives from the game.

Many feel this was the turning point in the season, in terms of on pitch viewings and off pitch ongoings, which I'll get to later.

After the Saturday, the players were understandably going to be feeling it, then a journey up to Derby won't have helped. For the first half, we never looked like scoring other than on a couple of occassions, whilst we never seemed threatened by Derby either. In the second half, that all changed as Derby scored twice - both of those took deflections, both were set pieces (either directly or indirectly) and again Bart wasn't totally guilt-free. Luck had not been on our side once all season, and we just never got back into it. A result we probably expected, increasingly so under the circumstances. What was worrying was the ongoing inability to defend set pieces, Bart's form and the lack of an obvious goal threat.
Once again Downes played the best part of 45 minutes, whilst Kenlock was on the bench.

Next we faced a trip up to Sheffield Wednesday. We again had Downes and Kenlock on the bench (with the former coming on, the latter not).
Town had multiple chances to take the lead, with the final ball again the issue, be it the shot or the cross. For the first 15 minutes, if anyone was going to score, it was us. That was until The Owls won themselves a corner (shock!!) which we failed to defend (shock!!).
Despite that, our heads didn't drop and if there was to be a second goal it looked like coming to us after again creating a number of good scoring opportunities. Harrison, Edwards, Knudsen and Nolan all had chances to get on the scoresheet, but rather ironically it was Nsiala who did so, from a corner! From the same position, he almost did so again before half time, but going in at half time level wasn't a disaster nor undeserved.
We all know what happened in the second half. We pushed for a winner, ended up having a man incorrectly sent off, conceded from the resulting free kick and lost the game. Somewhat unjustly, in my opinion.
Yes, we should have taken our chances, not just in this game but all of the others, but you felt the ball wasn't quite dropping for us, it was always an inch out - a theme which is ongoing even 10 games in.

We all hoped our derby game vs Norwich, the last before the September international break, would be the game that brought us our first win - it was written in the stars, surely?
This was the first game that really brought concern in larger quantities. Our passing style had gone, it was more direct than we'd seen under Hurst before, the lineup was a big shock, including dropping Bart - a justified decision based on form and the fact Gerken hasn't let us down.
Walters hit the post, our defensive set pieces seemed improved, we were showing real attacking intent, with a threat from set pieces and even went in front. Sadly, that didn't last, both sides could have won it but a draw it was, maybe fairly upon reflection. The football wasn't pretty, we looked bang average, but in a derby game this can be forgiven, just don't lose. Downes and Kenlock remained unused subs.

Hull away was the first game after the international break and for me this was the turning point. A struggling side, a poor side, a side we should be beating. We didn't. We were awful from minute 1 to minute 90. We had seemingly gone backwards over the 2 week break rather than working on things that hadn't quite worked thus far. We didn't pass particularly well, we didn't score despite numerous good chances and we were poor at the back, only Gerken keeping the scoreline "respectable".
Add to that, Flynn Downes was the only homegrown player in the 18 and he started the game but didn't finish it; however Danny Rowe continued his comeback with another 15 minutes under his belt. Not many positives here, admittedly.

When you're on a run as poor as we were, having high flying Brentford 3 days later wasn't ideal and again controversy was rife upon seeing the line up. 5-3-2? No wingers? Two defensive midfielders? A lack of consistency in the formation and players is a bit worrying, especially as it's borne from desperation for a win. Hurst needs to stick to his ideas and philosophy, that's where his success has built from and what got him the job.
That first half, there's no hiding it, we were awful. Worse than against Hull. All progress seemed to have gone, we'd gone backwards. No identity, no ideas, no style.
Credit where it's due, his half time changes worked excellently. Returning to what we knew in 4-2-3-1, wingers getting involved and a real attacking threat. We deserved a draw from that half at least, but a win wouldn't have been undeserved. It's just frustrating we didn't start that way.
Only Downes was in the squad, in terms of academy players, but wasn't used.

Most recently we've played Bolton. A must win. Although admittedly all games are becoming that now. We played well overall against an average side who'll likely finish between 17th and 24th.
We did create a few chances and had a big advantage playing against 10 men once Bolton had a man dismissed, but a 0-0 was still the outcome. A wonder save denied us all 3 points, so again fine margins. They did to us what we did to Villa. But a clean sheet, Downes came on and Kenlock was on the bench, but again unused.

So my summary is this -

- Unbeaten at home
- More passing football than under MM
- Edwards, Jackson and Donacien look excellent purchases
- Downes is getting some minutes
- More excitement to our game
- Appears to be learning lately, with regards to his comments on making it difficult for the players to play and changing tactics at half time v Brentford.
- Improved on defending set pieces
- Nurturing Dozzell's comeback very carefully
- Loaned out Emmanuel, who's not good enough to start over JD but needs game time
- Loaned out Morris, who again needs games but wouldn't be starting for us
- One win can change everything
- Only fine margins holding us back, whether it's the ball bouncing an inch in the wrong place, hitting the woodwork, the chances are coming. We just need to be more clinical and goals will come.
- If Birmingham get a point deduction, we'll be in a much healthier position without kicking a ball
- We play Birmingham next, which is very winnable. Do so and we can be out of the relegation zone.

- Winless
- Lack of goals
- Lack of clean sheets
- Too much rotation
- Less passing and style in last 3 games
- Academy not being used as much as we'd liked/expected
- Loaned out Nydam and Woolfenden who could've played a part
- Apparent unrest in the club

For me, as we've not had any luck with decisions and we're only 1%/1 inch out in terms of the final ball, I'd say stick, rather than twist. Once we get a bit of luck and the ball falls right for us, the goals and subsequently results will come. Four points from the next 3 is achievable imo. Then hopefully Huws and Bishop will be closer to returning with the week off for international games.
Most of us would accept staying up by a last minute goal on the final day and building from there and we're not close to being that bad yet. See how these 3 games go. If we pick up 4/5 points, get a clear philosophy back and things look up, I think a lot more people will be more relaxed about the situation. I believe we'll stay up.
For anyone needing a live stream!
at 19:44 21 Aug 2018
League 1 & 2
at 12:31 26 Jul 2018

Who is everyone backing to win League 1 and League 2 this season?

Just putting an acca together at the moment, I have:

Wolves top half finish 11/10
Boro to win the Championship 8/1

League 1 is very tough. Sunderland are the bookies favourites but are a huge unknown with the appointment of Jack Ross, amount of deadwood, but also a few capable Championship players.

The same can be said of Barnsley. I know nothing of their manager but they have a very good squad for that level.

Portsmouth are my outside bet, I'd like to see them do it. Can't see Burton coming straight back up.

League 2 I am tied between MK Dons and Notts County. Tisdale is a very good appointment for the Dons and they have got a fair bit of financial backing, and only just missed out last year, I believe. But it's MK Dons - can I really back them?
Notts County lost to Coventry in the play-offs last season, who eventually went up in the final and have bolstered their squad well.
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