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Old Vlad
at 13:01 1 Apr 2022

Old Vlad he had a cunning plan
because he was in trouble,
"I'll shut the pipeline straight away
unless you pay in Roubles

The Germans having none of this
to them it wasn't fine,
They stood up straight, a sharp riposte
Alas from us it's Nein.

Old Vlad was mad
He'd had enough
Of Germany and the Merkel's
Forget the Dollar, Euro, Yen
I'll have it paid in Shekels.
Council Tax
at 15:30 11 Mar 2022

Just received my Council Tax bill for 2022/23 Up by 2.99%. What I cannot understand is the 4.2% increase to the Police. I think the last time I saw one in Needham Market was years ago. Wouldn't mind if they actually kept the neighbourhood safe. Actually I tell a lie, as I presume it's them that man the speed camera which can be either one side of the road or the other as you get into the 30 m.p.h. limit from Stowmarket. Pity they can't find something better to do than try and wring a few more shekels out of the already overburdened motorist. Not that I in any way agree with speeding . But I don't believe in many cases that cameras are there merely to reduce speed, but instead to increase revenue.
Priti Patel Pretty Awful
at 15:56 8 Mar 2022

Why is it that Poland can welcome the Ukrainians with open arms. Ready with food, clothing and any other needs these poor people need. Coaches ready to move them and people with little themselves welcoming them into their homes whilst Priti Patel seems incapable of doing anything bar talking a load of waffle but achieving nothing. Ukrainians are turning up at Calais being told to go to Lille and Paris to fill in paperwork to get to the UK. Does Patel think they have a car tucked away in their suitcase or backpack ? She should be sacked for incompetence.
A Poem From Putin's ex Wife
at 11:29 28 Feb 2022

Since leaving Vlad 9 years ago he gone from bad to badder,
On a scale or 1 to 10 he's 11 on the ladder
I left him for a Poet and since he's just got worse,
Invasion of The Ukraine has left him with a curse.
I'm living with the Poet now, for which I'm not averse,
My life is so much better now, I've gone from Vlad to Verse.
Don't Blame McKenna
at 09:01 23 Feb 2022

Anyone who blames McKenna or even the players if we don't reach the playoffs needs to go and support another team. The problem clearly lays with PC who had part of a season to get the old team going and then nearly up to Christmas to get the new group functioning. He did neither. No one can expect a team to win every game. Would be nice. But the pressure due to the number of games left is bound to take it's toll and McKenna hasn't had a transfer window as such because players were either shipped out, went back to their clubs or loans sorted until the end of the season. Some might say PC should have gone a few months earlier as it would have given McKenna just that bit longer to get us going. But I am sure we will keep going until it becomes mathematically impossible to get in the top six. Then maybe a few experiments with youth players and nailing down those who will stay and those who will go.
Have we given up ?
at 09:41 1 Feb 2022

In light of the recent goings is this a sign that although mathematically possible the club has given up on any hope of a top six place. I have a sneaking suspicion that the powers that be at PR have had a pow wow and decided that we won't be in the playoffs. Added to this maybe we are close to breaking Fair Play rules and should we have been in with a very good chance of the playoffs they would have pushed on. But now it's looking less likely they have reigned back and will assess what we have between now and the end of the season, get in who we need and go for it next season.
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