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Town Announce Needham Link-Up
at 15:24:32

the way we're declining it won't be long before they're loaning players to us
Ipswich Town 0-1 Coventry City - Match Report
at 19:22:30

So glad to hear we battled hard and tried our best to give mighty Coventry a game .......
Player of the Year Awards Tickets on Sale
at 16:40:46

how about we hold a limp, p1ss poor home perforamce of the season award there are more choices

ITFC 1 Peterborough 4 would get my vote but the following all have a strong case

ITFC 0 Rotherham 2
ITFC 0 Bristol Rovers 2
ITFC 0 Oxford 1
ITFC 0 Fleetwood 1

Cast your vote here !!!
Sears: You’ll Know By the End of This Week Where We’re Going to Be
at 10:51:54

I don't need to wait until the end of this week. i've known for weeks we're a sh1t show and heading nowhere fast.

How many times you can say "we dominated but didn't score and then they score with the only shot(s) they manage in the whole game" before you realise there is a serious problem that needs addressing ?

For me the biggest problem is the lack of wanting to find a solution other than saying "it'll change, it has to" and a different player coming out every week saying "we need to do this and we've got to do that" ....... they all seem far too comfortable with the wheels falling off around them, nobody wants to take ownership from Evans allowing it to continue indefinately to Lambert protecting the players saying theyre "giving him everything" and refusing to rip them a new ar$ehole to the players happily putting in these limp, p1ss poor performances week after week after week.

Until collectively they say "this isn't good enough" and actually do something then its not going to change.

Im seriously concerned we could end up in League 2 at the end of next season THAT is how worried i am - if only the club was that worried

Lambert Not Giving Up on Top Two Finish
at 11:44:04

4 wins in 22 doesnt inspire confidence that we can do anything other than continue to fall away in the limp way we gave since November.

The fact that Lambert wont stick a rocket up their ar$es means the players get the impression they're doing ok and if they dont perform well thats football.

I'm utterly embarrassed that we can get turned over by Accrington, Peterborough, Oxford, Bristol Rovers ETC and I say that with the greatest of respect to those clubs. The current set of players are a disgrace to the badge and the shirt.
Downes: We Should Be Coming to These Places and Winning
at 10:40:54

Yeah we should ..... but we don't.
Edwards: Posh Defeat Has Hurt Everyone at the Club
at 20:02:17

My only problem is PL coming out and defending these $hit show performances..."it happens" - well it bl00dy shouldn't simple as that.

I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing things are 'ok' , they arnt we are in danger of finishing mid table with the best squad in the league. I'm not going to blame anyone or point fingers because quite frankly I'm fed up of doing it. Collectively at ITFC there is a general acceptance of failure and thats why we will only talk about putting it right at Sunderland and then go up there and get turned over 3-0.

When these performances happen the manager should be ripping them a new ar$whole not making excuses for them and the players should be having a good long hard look in the mirror
Talks on Nsiala's Bolton Move Ongoing
at 13:53:52

Literally the worst footballer I have ever seen.... hes clumsy, cant control the ball, miskicks constantly and the number of times he is beaten and then fouls his man to stop them getting away is in double figures...... I'd rather have my mum marshalling the defence and shes 65, 5 foot 1 and scared of footballs
Lambert: Were There Some Harsh Words There? Yes, But Not Over the Top
at 21:42:11

"Norris has been great' .... has he ?? Looked dodgy against Gillingham and today. But then Lambert said "Toto Nsiala did 'great ' against Gillingham too when I counted him miskicking 8 times which you dont even get on a sunday league pitch. So I'm sorry PL but your idea of great and mine completely different.

Dozzell when are we going to see some of this hype that's been talked about since his 4th Birthday ?? I've never seen him do anything spectacular.

Alan Judge has scored once in 40 Games and is a supposed set piece specialist who cant get a corner off the ground.

Norwood and Jackson I feel for cos it wouldn't matter if we had Messi and Ronaldo upfront in this team cos they spend 90 minutes running around like headless chickens chasing hopeful long balls into the channels.

We cant defend as a team or individually- at the start of the season we had Kenlock at full back and Garbutt ahead of him, it worked so why have we disrupted it to try and anchor Alan Judge in somewhere ????

Nolan, Edward's... bring nothing. Donacien is crap as well

Toto Nsiala - I'm sorry but he shouldn't even be a footballer he is so uncomfortable and out of place that it looks like hes just been pulled out from the crowd he is dreadful, he is clumsy and an accident / mistake waiting to happen every time he plays.

Sorry but I've thought about this and while PL is not faultless these players are simply not performing and every week we get a different one coming out saying 'we've got to do this and we know we have to up it Blah blah blah" how about you stop talking about it and do it ?!!!
Bolton Boss Departs Ahead of Town Visit
at 08:01:28

Its horrible to see but from a purely selfish point of view I'm glad we're playing them while they're sitting ducks and not once their takeover has gone through and they have sorted themselves out and got some players in !!
Keane Delighted to Be Back
at 22:00:25

The big thing will be getting him fit, if we can superb signing - the deal works best for everyone if he does the business we can trigger the extra season and if he doesn't we can let him go. Win / Win
Town Reiterate Stance on Antisocial Behaviour After Racist Chants at Luton
at 12:38:43

Wish people would keep whatever political/ racial views they have to themselves- literally nothing to do with a football match.
Vincent-Young Bid Accepted Report
at 12:05:36

My in laws are all from Stoke on Trent so I saw this guy play for Colchester against Port Vale on the opening day of the season and I thought he was decent, hes quick, he likes to get forward, he has a bit of skill as well. I'd suggest the moaners at least give him a shot before they judge - hes only cheap because hes out of contract at the end of the season
Ipswich Town 1-1 Sunderland - Match Report
at 17:47:26

I was walking behind some Sunderland fans on the way back to my car and they literally couldn't believe they had got a point from this game and I couldn't agree with them more.

It comes down to not being clinical enough at both ends of the pitch. When I played in the under 11s I was taught 'when in doubt kick it out' how our 33 year old Captain doesn't do the basics is very worrying
Evans on Relegation, New Arrivals and the Promotion Challenge
at 11:49:13

We wanted to hear from him and get his explanation and we have. We might not like it or agree with it but that's the way it is.

I don't for one moment think Evan's is fantastic but I dont think he is a disaster either - fans of Bury and Bolton would kill for an owner than runs their club sensibly and to a budget
Lambert: Evans Should Tell the Fans What’s Going On
at 16:54:55

Considering Paul Lambert has gone out of his way to try and repair the clubs relationship with the supporters then I think this is the least Evans can do. I think the majority of fans would understand if he came out and said theres no money because of this and that but without that dialogue all we see in £4m in sell on fees coming in and being swallowed.

In terms of our squad I think we only need a couple of players - in terms of quality I don't think anyone else in League 1 can get near us but we need a couple of extra bodies to cover injuries
Ex-Walsall Defender Guthrie Training With Blues
at 20:21:08

Good age and has 200 appearances at League 1 level so has know how of the division, Free Transfer.... what's not to like ??
Former Lincoln Defender Wilson Training With Blues
at 17:50:32

I'm sure if some people on here were judges they'd have people carted off to the cells before they'd taken their hand off the bible !

This guy has been a regular in League 1 for the last 4 years with Oldham and a loan spell with Walsall so he knows what the league is about and has an International Cap so clearly not as useless as some are making out. He could be a decent squad player. IF he signs how about we give him a chance ???

I seem to remember David Mcgoldrick not getting in the Forest team, Berra wasn't getting picked for Wolves in his last season there ....

They turned out ok
Lambert: Performance-Wise I'm Really Pleased
at 17:16:47

Get Emyr Huws fit and we have the best player in League 1
EFL Trophy Draw Next Friday
at 08:00:31

I can barely contain myself .......
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