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Thoughts from yesterday
at 19:05 10 Jan 2021

Same old, same old but now against so-called lesser teams. I think the only player to get any credit out of that game would be Norwood who actually showed some desire to run at the Swindon defence.

Goalkeeper - Beaten 3 times, but not sure he was at fault for any. Communication with the back line looks visibly iffy at times.

Defence - We always look like we'll concede, but I'm more concerned about the fullbacks than the 2 CB's.

Midfield - Awful. Really awful. Dozzell was fine up until about 70 minutes when he started passing like my arsehole. Huws plods along like the lovechild of Johnathan Douglas and a chest of drawers. And bless Judge, he doesn't stop running, but some of his passing is Sunday League standard. Simple passes which are about a yard out which means the player has to go backwards. At least Downes got stuck in when he came on.

Up top - Dobra was alright but faded. Should have tried out Caddis much more. Jackson was rubbish and Drinan was so isolated that he probably thought he was the last an on earth. Norwood was a refreshing change of pace when he came on.

We look disjointed. As much as a Lambert problem this is, there's definite blame attached to the players for yesterday too.
Working from home - How do you setup?
at 13:43 5 Jan 2021

I have two places I'll work when at home: either on the main computer in the living room or at the table in the living room on my work laptop. Madge and I will alternate depending what's going on with respective works.

I've made a conscious effort to not take my laptop to either the sofa or the bedroom. It's meant that those spaces still remain chillout spots which I've found to be hugely beneficial from a mental standpoint.

Stay safe everyone and keep talking.
Nydam's injury
at 10:54 11 Dec 2020

What was his injury in the end - just a break? 18 months out is a long time!

Andre Gomes broke his ankle and was back in about 4 months.

This isn't a dig at any of our medical staff either. I know joints can be a pain in the arse.
What are you reading? December edition.
at 16:00 4 Dec 2020

Currently reading Lois Theroux's autobiography. It's very Lois in how it's written, and I'm a big fan, so enjoying it!

I started reading Salem's Lot by Stephen King on the bus, but I've parked it. Not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because it's a book I want to binge over a long afternoon. The feeling of something not right going on is brilliant. I tried reading some King when I was late teens early twenties and never quite got it. Maybe being older and slightly more cynical helps haha!

Still trying to make my way through Wheel of Time book 7. Chapter here, chapter there. I think when I'm finished with the series, I won't be taking on another fantasy behemoth for quite some time.
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World class players since 2000
at 17:01 26 Nov 2020

Further on from the Maradona vs Ronaldo/Messi thread, who would you have as exceptional players since 2020? Not including Ronaldo and Messi as they've been on a level of their own.

I'm going to start with a three:

Pirlo - Oh my word. There was about 4 years where he was playing on another level with his forward passing. Wonderful player to watch.
Phillip Lahm - Absolute German efficiency.
Iniesta and Xavi - Counting them as one as together they were brilliant.

Loads more that I've missed. Give us your best!
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Today's game
at 01:32 25 Oct 2020

Replace the names with some of ours and voila!

iFollow long term
at 13:16 29 Sep 2020

Obviously not a substitute for the matchday experience, but an adequate alternative for people like myself who can't get to many games.

If game streaming carried on being available I know I'd personally watch the vast majority of games and would probably spend more money that I do going to games.

Do we think that there would be a dip in attendances if iFollow was a more permanent thing or would the allure of the matchday negate that?
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Going back to work - Flexibility is good!
at 13:40 2 Sep 2020

I've been back on site this week. However, work are being great in not forcing you to stay on site. I did all my on site stuff by 2:15pm, so decided to get the bus back home. Got home about 3:10pm. Grabbed a Coke Zero and then worked from home doing all my admin tasks.

I found it really nice being at home early, even though I started home-working pretty much straight away there's still a nice feeling of being in your own space as opposed to an office for a few hours. Really appreciating the flexibility and hope it can continue, or at the least, continue during the quieter periods of the year.

As undecided about this job as I was at the beginning, they've been good so far.
Lambert - Last chance saloon
at 16:26 26 Aug 2020

I'd be lying if I said I was happy with how things have gone since Lambert's arrival. Now granted, he came into what was a mess. Hurst and Doig's toxicity spread like wildfire. However, that being said, Lambert's initial record at Ipswich is near identical on a points basis to what Hurst managed during his games in charge. Hurst was out of his depth (which isn't that difficult when you're 5ft 4) and had supposedly lost the dressing room. Lambert comes in and the PR is fantastic. Surely we have to get better with all this positive energy... Right?

Well, no. We carried on struggling, picking up wins against Rotherham, Wigan, Bolton and Leeds (last day of the season, neither side anything to play for). So 2/4 of the teams also relegated with us.

A free hit as some put it, due to Hurst's ineptitude. We'd been spoiled by Mick's powers and most were aware of it. Time to rebuild and show us what you've got.

A little winning spree. Great, this is what we want to see. On closer inspection, you begin to realise that the Teams we were beating were occupying the bottom half of the table. Well you can only beat what's put it front of you.

I thought the 5 year contract was a bad decision seeing as though we still had to play the better teams in the league.

And then there we have it. We couldn't beat anyone in the top 8 bar a win against Fleetwood. We had 11 games in a row without a win, which is terrible in any league. 4 points from 9 games before lockdown. What on earth happened? Well a career-saving once in a lifetime lockdown happened which arguably saved Lambert.

Judging by pre-season, we're going back to a play out from the back approach. Now call me a cynic, but I'm getting some deja vu from when Lambert first started and had Dean Gerkin playing more like Pleberson than Ederson. I'm all for playing out from the back, but with some brains to play into the channels if need be.

We go again though. Pre-season is never a fair reflection - especially against premiership teams. Wigan, Bristol Rovers, Rochdale and MK Dons as the first four league games. We absolutely need a positive start after the debacle that was the end of last season.

I'm not convinced Lambert is the right man for the job, but time will tell and if he pulls it around then fair enough. Do I think he will... Well, you can probably guess the answer to that.

Roll on Sunday 13th! Stay safe all!
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Pint prices
at 12:06 18 Aug 2020

Myself and Madge went out for a bite to eat the other day. Generally pints are quite expensive round here but £5.50 for a pint of Red Stripe or Estella seems rather steep - local pub. It's made me not overly fussed to head back, when for a tenner I can get 4-5 bottles of nice Czech lager.

I guess it's a gamble of higher price but lower footflow vs lower price but more footflow, and with less footflow prices have been raised. Have anyone else noticed an increase?
iFollow next season
at 15:29 24 Jul 2020

Do we think that they'll be video streaming Saturday games in the UK from September?
Amateur retirement
at 22:43 21 Jul 2020

I think I've just retired from 11 a side at the grand old age of 33. I've been doing a bit of pre season with the local team and the body no longer seems to do what the brain says and I can barely get out of a trot because of what I suspect is tendinitis in my knee.

Two things kept playing over in my head earlier today in training:

- I don't want to be the one who holds back others.
- This one is going to sound a little weird. But I got a months free WWE Network subscription to see the Undertaker documentary. It was incredibly sad to see this man keep coming back for one last match, but not being able to perform at the level he used to. I don't want to be that guy. I'm happy going out on my own terms. The training has been a great catalyst for me to try to get fitter, but I can't play like I used to. I used to play in goal for years but shoulder injuries screwed that one up.

I think I've got a some years left in 5 a side but I think it helps that my 5 a side team are all of a similar age and we mainly do it for a bit of fitness and a laugh which is all I really want these days.

Oddly liberating. I'm sure others have experienced similar.
Youngsters breaking through - Next in line?
at 13:49 7 Jul 2020

The past few years we've seen the likes of Wolfie, Downes, Dozzell and Lankaster (albeit, fleetingly) massively involved in the first team.
More peripherally, we've seen Dobra, El Miz and McGavin used on the odd occasion.
And of course we've got Nydam coming back from injury.

Who's going to break through next season?
Losing a pet
at 13:31 27 Apr 2020

Our family golden retriever had been on the decline for a while. 14 so a good age for one. My mum had to make the decision to put him down today. We saw them on Saturday (walking distance and huge garden so social distance rules) and he didn't look good then and deteriorated on Sunday evening. Mum took him to the vet and they said he was not in a good way so she made the hard decision of euthanising him.

I knew it was coming. I spent most of my 20's on a Saturday early afternoon walking him with a stinking hangover. Without him I'd have just laid in bed nursing the effects. I'm gutted. He was the softest dog I've ever known and probably kept my sanity in check with all those walks. Was I walking him or was he there to walk me?

I'm stopping now as I can feel myself tearing up. Hope everyone stays safe.
Lambert and Evans' potential lifeline
at 08:29 10 Feb 2020

April onwards:

Sat 4 Apr 3:00pm Southend United H
Fri 10 Apr 3:00pm Bolton Wanderers H
Mon 13 Apr 3:00pm Shrewsbury Town A
Sat 18 Apr 3:00pm Rochdale H
Sat 25 Apr 3:00pm Doncaster Rovers A

Sun 3 May 12:00pm MK Dons

We've done reasonably well against sides in the lower half. The caveat here is these teams are going to be fighting tooth and nail to stay in the league. Interesting times.
5 years?!
at 22:11 1 Feb 2020

I can understand a contract extension. But 5 years seems absolutely ludicrous for someone who realistically has done nothing to convince me that he's done enough to deserve it. Loooking at results when he took over we only won against sh1te teams and a nothing game against Leeds. Then League 1 gives us wins against anyone not challenging and massively struggling against who is. Around the top of the league is good, don't get me wrong, but a 5 year contact stinks of someone who hasn't done anything exceptional and seems like a strange move to me. Frustrated at Evans' nativity, frustrated at Lambert. Sigh.
[Post edited 1 Feb 2020 22:12]
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