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at 09:11 19 Sep 2019

Lambert seems to have brought in a decent keeper at this level who seems to be improving as games go on. His kicking distance is ridiculous and I'd almost forgot that goal kicks can actually stay in play (as much as I love Bart, he was a rubbish kicker).

A slightly shakey start, but I feel he's really grown (no pun intended haha) into the role. Norris is going to have a tough time breaking into the starting line-up.

For a free at this level, I'm not sure we could of got much better. Same with Norwood - crazy that we paid nothing for him.
Mortgages and Gambling
at 20:16 3 Sep 2019

The Mrs and I are looking at getting a mortgage in the near future. The slight issue is that my last 3 months show quite a lot of betting activity and she went into her overdraft for approximately 10 minutes haha!

Both our accounts are generally very healthy and we have at least a third of a deposit depending on house price and can comfortably repay. We both have jobs which are very stable.

Are we screwed for a few months?
Oxford United
at 08:37 20 Aug 2019

They've signed some decent players. They've just got George Thorne on loan who is a bit like Huws in that he's been injured a lot but is quality if fit. Matty Taylor has come in on loan from Bristol City as well who should get 15+ goals in this league. Ben Woodburn from Liverpool is no silly loan, Alex Gorrin who we were apparantly linked with, Tariqe Fosu signed from Charlton, Elliot Moore on loan from Leicester. They've also got Jamie Mackie's experience.

The result against Blackpool at the weekend (2-1 Blackpool) was supposedly fortunate in Blackpool's favour with the manager even stating that they were very fortunate. He said that the chances were being created but that they needed a goalscorer which he's tried to rectify bringing Taylor in.

They really should be pushing top 6. Robinson is doing a pretty good job. Roll on November where I may be able to get some free tickets for the Kassam!
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Ankle instability
at 09:26 1 Jul 2019

Anyone experienced it? My right ankle has started to get worse over the past few months. GP first or straight to a sports physio/therapist?
The worst miss of all time...
at 00:06 8 Apr 2019

We have a winner:

Foreign teams you like
at 10:44 6 Mar 2019

Following on from Ajax's win last night, what non-English teams have you taken a liking to?

I've always liked Ajax so was delighted for them last night. Tadic's turn has given me ideas for 5 a side tonight as well (get ready for my 'I got injured last night' post tomorrow haha!).

Atalanta (Serie A) are another that I've really enjoyed watching in recent years. They seem to play some good stuff at the moment.

One positive for iFollowers
at 16:48 1 Jan 2019

YES! Match Thoughts...
at 17:18 15 Dec 2018

We needed that. Poor match, not a great performance but we grinded out a win! Hopefully the salvation job is on!

Gerken - Good save from the free kick. Some questionable decisions. What on earth was he doing with the keepie-ups?! Still prefer him to Bart at present.

Spence - Fine. I'd say he's improved under Lambert.

Chambers - Solid. Tried to play more on the floor than normal which was good to see.

Pennington - Again, solid. Him and Chambers won pretty much everything in the air today.

Knudsen - Awful on the ball today. He struggles to wrap his foot around the ball when passing down the line. Nearly cost us near the end when he needed to just hoof it into the crowd. Wigan missed a trick by not attacking him more.

Chalobah - Not his biggest fan but did okay today. Makes himself available. He seems to be improving. Slowly winning me round but needs to cut out the simple errors.

Downes - The game seemed to pass him by a bit today. He'll have better games. Didn't do much wrong in fairness but didn't really excite.

Nolan - Annonymously tidy. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. Probably a bit of both.

Lankester - Didn't come off for him today. Love his positivity but struggled today.

Roberts - Works very hard. Does an alright job of bringing others into the game. An upgrade is needed.

Sears - Good'ol Freddie. Solid forward player. Work horse. Helps Knudsen out so much.

Subs: Edwards rightly came on for Lankester and did okay; nothing spectacular. Dozzell on for Downes. Felt that Dozzell wasn't seeing enough of the ball. I'd like to see him demanding passes to him more. Jackson came on late. Didn't have time to do much.

The referee was pretty shoddy. Good tackles being counted as fouls and buying into the usual Garner antics.

Target man obviously needed and we really needed a second option at left back.
Jon Nolan
at 14:08 16 Nov 2018

As I'm fed up of Brexit and 'Ipswich Town players as types of potato crisp duck legged obese giraffe testicles' I'm starting a Jon Nolan thread.

Do we think he can improve under Lambert? When I've seen him I see a tidy player that almost seemed scared to take a chance; safe balls galore. Had he reached his glass ceiling at Shrewsbury?

I've said before that I think he needs to add a little 'swagger' to his game. Chalobah, although not my favourite, has footballing swagger in abudance - almost too much at times. No one particualy stood out in Hurst's tenure apart from maybe Edwards. In less than a week Lambert has got Jordan Roberts doing reasonably well up top. Can he do something similar with Nolan in the midfield?
at 17:04 10 Nov 2018

My God does that man run. I think he may be the hardest worker I've seen in a long time.
Napoli vs PSG
at 21:31 6 Nov 2018

Really good second half. PSG look like they've taken a solid punch this second half. Napoli are playing such lovely football. Neymar isn't diving about either. Great game to watch.
Under 23's
at 10:49 30 Oct 2018

Who's going to push through under Lambert? McLoughlin is a hopeful for me. Captain of the U23's as well?
That minutes silence...
at 15:04 27 Oct 2018

I guess people become idiots these days.
Wow! Lots of thoughts on U23's...
at 21:09 20 Aug 2018

Well that was a pleasure to watch from an Ipswich perspective. Quick movement along with quick sharp passing. Hull were poor but we were very, very good. I was writing stuff down during the game. Here's what I have:

Harry Wright - Not much to do but made a quality save to keep his clean sheet.

Josh Emmanuel - He's like Iorfa. Leggy and athletic. Today he was the good Iorfa which is a compliment.

Bailey Clements - A very calm, assured performance.

Emyr Huws - Never got out of third gear and never needed to. He has a certain quality where he offloads the ball at the perfect time. What I mean by this is the opposite player just starts to go to tackle and the balls gone. He always wants the ball.

Chris Smith - I think he's a really decent centre back. Very calm, reads the game well, passes to midfielders (!).

Corrie Nbada - Again, another good player. A loan move and I can see him being around the first team in the not too distant future. If him and Smith keep improving imagine them as a CB pairing in 4-5 years!

Jack Lankester - Hard worker with a trick or two. Caused loads of problems for Hull.

Idris El Mizouni - I thought he played really well. Quick passing and then he's gone and in space somewhere else. Don't know much about him but was impressed.

Ben Morris - Carries on scoring. Let's actually try to keep one of our hot striking prospects.

Danny Rowe - Good wing play and 3 (?) goals? Decent play and stuck some wicked crosses in. The only negative is that the short passing can sometimes be awry but that's a very small blight on an otherwise very good performance.

Shane McLoughlin - My MOTM. So good on the ball. His first touch allows him to play quick forward balls most of the time. He hit one ball in the second half where the defender had read it and went to cut it out... only Shane Put some 'swaz' on the ball so it curved the other way straight into the winger. It was a unseen little bit of quality. I've got 'forward thinking' written down next to his number and 'uses the ball very well'.

Ben Folami - Interestingly, I've wrote next to him, "Quality when he has no time'. When he's under pressure instinct kicks in and he produces quality. When he had time to think sometimes he dawdled a little. Improve the decision making and there's a quality player in there.

The other lads that came on looked busy, but the game was already won by that point.

I'm looking at our first team and that left wing spot is up for takes at the moment. Ward/Sears vs Rowe/Morris/Lankester/McLoughlin can play there (he's our John O'Shea). What a positive game though! Now, let's replicate that on Saturday!

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