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at 16:49 15 Jan 2022

Please can we get Evans off corners. I can genuinely take a better one.
How life changes...
at 12:01 14 Jan 2022

Madge and I are expecting twin girls in May!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and everything looks okay so far (touch wood). They're in their own seperate sacks so non-identical and the best type of twins to have from a medical standpoint.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be having twin girls I'd have laughed as I spent most of my 20's playing football and drinking too much at the weekends. Then I met Madge and life changed...

I didn't know how I was going to react, but I'm genuinely excited. One of my best mates has a wonderful 4 year old girl, so I'll be asking him for tips. We're already joking about us being over-protective Dad's when they get older.

It's going to be utterly mental!

On the flipside, my Mum is nearly halfway through chemo and struggling mentally with it all. The baby news seems to have given her a boost which was lovely to see. She should hopefully be done at the end of March.

I'm making sure I get all my sleep in now!
Let's go
at 23:12 17 Dec 2021

After drinking some beers all night and finishing on a 'good night Robbie' 9.5% beer, I'm all in on McKenna.Go on lad, give it your best shot.

I fully expect us not to reach playoff but if we do, well, I'll buy a TWTD member of my choosing a beer. I feel I'm on the same wavelength as illinoisblue, so it would have to be sent in the post.
[Post edited 17 Dec 2021 23:13]
Well... It's progress
at 16:55 11 Dec 2021

Awful game, performance not the greatest, but a point from behind against a top 6 team is progress.
Cook - Positives and Negatives
at 15:09 2 Dec 2021

Since Cook has come over this is what I think are both positives and negatives of his tenure so far (and some ugly thrown in):


- Pretty good track record at this level.
- Was given carte blanche to do what he wanted with the squad during the summer and on paper has brought in some decent players.
- A lot of the games we've drawn this season could quite have easily been wins if not for individual errors.
- We can put in a performance as shown against Pompey and Wymcombe (the caveat being that Pompey were utterly awful).


- Awful, awful start and arguably went backwards with Lambert's mess which were challenging for playoffs and not scoring against bottom 8 teams in the process.
- Comments like "The reality is we're not good enough" does nothing for team morale or fan morale. Also, saying that Morsy is basically a footballing messiah and we won't have lacklusture perfomances with him in the team. Massive pressure on Morsy, not a good message to other players.
- What do we do if we're stuggling in the game gaffa? We'll do what we always do lads, we'll play 4-2-3-1. I like 4-2-3-1 but sometimes you need a plan B.
- We buy Fraser who had decent stats with MK Dons and then proceed to play him in every position but the position he played when his numbers were good as he doesn't fit into the 4-2-3-1.
- Fragile mentality. Even when 2-0, we never look comfortable.

There's some things that can't be helped like Coulson being injured and Hladky going from being League 2 goalkeeper of the season, to being a literal doughnut with shots going through his middle.

Ipswich midtable in League 1 at the start of December is a massive failure whichever way you look at it. The vast majority of our squad have years of Championship experience between them and we're languishing in mid table rolling over to Rotherham, having them tickle our tummy.

We're reaching a tipping point. There's still a lot of people who want Cook to stay but we have to be taking at least 4 points in the next two games and put in a half decent performance.

It's just frustrating as we all thought we'd be flying this season but it's just been tough to watch at times.
Celina yellow?!!?
at 16:21 20 Nov 2021

How on earth was that a yellow. Should have been a yellow for the Sunderland player for the worst fake injury I think I've ever seen.
at 21:48 2 Nov 2021

Third choice left back, but arguably has looked the best. Might have just played himself into that position there.
Louis Barry?
at 21:09 30 Oct 2021

In a game where we're short on wingers, Barry still not in the squad. Back to Villa in January to free up a loan position?
Underrated players
at 10:03 27 Oct 2021

I just stumbled across a Facebook post of underrated football players. It would be interesting to see the players people rate who never seemed to have got the plaudits they deserved.

I'll start with one who I never get seen mentioned and that man is Sami Khedira. World Cup winner, Champions League winner, Bundesliga winner, Seria A winner, La Liga Winner, numerous domestic trophies, and under 21 success. Over 100 games for Real Madrid, 99 games for Juventus and 77 games for a decent Germany side is not to be sniffed at.

Injuries perhaps robbed him of an even better career and that's saying something considering the amount he won.
Edmondson and Hladky
at 21:50 16 Oct 2021

Edmondson in the games Hladky has played, has been giving him massive rollickings over various things. Looked like he wanted to smack some sense into him today.

What is keeping Walton out?

Do the club need to look at the goalkeeper coaching? Defensive communication seems fractured at the moment.
What on earth happened?
at 18:03 16 Oct 2021

40 minutes of decent football, then some awful defending followed by a second half that was so frustrating because we could all see it coming.

Hladky again unfortunately failing to impress. Edmondson and Hladky especially seem to have some major communication issues at the back. I've seen them berating each other in previous games. Edmondson looked on the verge of giving Hladky a slappping when Hladky came flying out for a ball he was never getting near to. The alternative at the moment being Holy lol. Is Walton now in the purgatory that is Injured ITFC?

Back four look like strangers. Wouldn't be suprised if we try and offload Wolfie or Nsiala come January and try to get an experienced loan in (terminating Louis Barry's loan). Constantly conceeding goals that a Sunday league footballer would be annoyed at.

Everything was going well in that first 40 minutes and then the game management just went out the window.

Second half was just awful. Time and time again we fail to hold on to a lead. We were crying out for an extra body in centre midfield and with Harper on the bench we had the perfect person to fill the role. Nope, let's replace all the attacking players like for like even though we're massively struggling with the Cambridge setup.

The frustration for me is that we can play well. That first 40 we were well on top. But time and time again we shoot outselves in the foot.

Cook has to find an answer to this constant capitulation at the first sign of pressure as we're weak as p1ss at the moment.
at 11:36 6 Oct 2021

I'm working from home today, doorbell goes so I pick the dog up as she goes mental at the door. Turns out it's Madge as she's not well. Straight away I can smell dog poo, so I check the dogs backside (dog is in my arms) - nothing there. Definitely can smell dog poo though. So I go hunting around the house and every room smells of poo. But there's no poo. What's going on?

Turns out, our dog has trod in crap, and then had a zoomy around the house. Poo prints everywhere and my Ipswich training top covered in poo and mid-cleanup I realise I have an online meeting so I have to sit in a dogpoo smelling room until the meeting is over.

Dogs - got to love them!
[Post edited 6 Oct 2021 11:36]
Have we ever beat a team in the top 6?
at 17:14 25 Sep 2021

Genuinely not sure we have beat a team sitting in the top 6 when we've played them throughout our time in League 1...
[Post edited 25 Sep 2021 17:15]
Hug your loved ones and talk
at 23:24 24 Sep 2021

I've had some polar opposite news this week which I won't go into but...

Just a reminder - hug the ones you love and let them know how much they mean to you.
[Post edited 24 Sep 2021 23:24]
Midfield two when all available
at 20:43 18 Sep 2021

Morsy and Carroll for me. Carroll impressed me with his use of the ball today.
Similar start to Paul Hurst...
at 17:18 11 Sep 2021

6 games, three points, usual cup knockout, only now it's in League 1...

Chant from the game
at 22:04 14 Aug 2021

Funny one - was the chant about someone being a speccy twit about the ref?

Madge's Brother in law was loving it lol.
Falling... Back in love with football?!
at 09:34 29 Jun 2021

Towards the end of last season I'd lost my love for watching the game. Ipswich games were a borefest, players were falling over when brushed and the game felt hollow without the crowds.

Suddenly ITFC are signing exciting looking players on paper and our squad looks younger and fresher.

The Euro games are showing an intensity not seen for quite a while. The refereeing for the most part has also been brilliant. Less pandering to players falling over and trying to play advantage ends up encouraging players to try to stay on their feet. I really hope this type of reffing continues. The Argentine last night was exceptional.

And of course, the crowds being back in some sort of form has hugely added to the atmosphere and intensity of games.

It's a wonderful game when things are done right.
at 20:15 6 Jun 2021

Live games continuing for next season?
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