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at 08:06 17 Jun 2022

Madge and I have started watching AEW on ITV4. We needed something easy to watch when feeding the twins so stuck it on one night. It's the most fun I've had watching wrestling since WWE went all PG.

Yes, it's daft athletic pantomime, but when done right, it's good fun.

Nostalgia overload perhaps as I grew up with the attitude era and a beer-drinking Stone Cold Steve Austin in his prime haha!
Stream account sharing
at 21:43 6 May 2022

My friend has shared my Disney+ account for the past couple of years. It renewed near the end of March to which I told my friend the cost - we've always gone 50/50 no problem (full direct debit on my card and he will pay me half) . There's no ongoing financial issues with either of us. He can be a bit tight.

Well he doesn't pay this time, so I mention it again and get a non committal response. Wait another week and say bank transfer or PayPal is fine. No response.

Said I was going to remove him if he didn't want to continue. No response.

Well, its now May, still nothing so I changed the password so we could put Disney+ on our second TV (Disney+ has 4 logins - we had two each, but Madge's sister uses one of ours). With the twins coming home soon, we want a separate kids login.

After about 6 hours I got a reply asking if I still wanted to go halves.

I feel like a bit of an arse for now not wanting to, but on the flip side, gave him ample opportunity to pay up and it stinks that I only got a reply when I changed the password. Now am I the arse hole here?
Van Dijk
at 12:53 28 Apr 2022

Best premier league centre back ever? If not, who would be your choice?

VVD is probably the best CB in world football at the moment as well.
at 21:19 9 Apr 2022

Madge had to have a c section on Sunday due to pre eclampsia meaning the twins were just over 32 weeks when born. We also both had covid so I had to stay away. Well, today Madge asked about when I could see them and one of the midwives, God bless her, made it her mission to get me in to see my children. I was sat in the car park when Madge phoned in floods of tears saying I could finally see them. I sat for hours with both of them asleep on my chest. Words can't describe the feelings. They're going to be having some extra care, but everything is moving in the right direction. We hope that it continues to do so.

It's been a much need boost to both Madge and I after the past week.

Never thought I'd be a parent and now I've got two!
So sloppy today
at 16:44 2 Apr 2022

I've lost count of the amount of relatively simple passes that have been underhit or passed to the wrong place today.

Just seems a real off day.
Match Thoughts
at 20:54 26 Mar 2022

Very good, assured display today against a decent Plymouth side. They tried to play passing football to be fair to them, but we just swarmed them and won the ball back quickly and efficently.

- Walton again looks a divison above (at least). Not much to do in the way of saves, but the confidence to claim crosses and his starting position is always spot on.
- The defence again are making defending look easy.
- Burns on another day could have had about 10 assists.
- Thompson has started to go forward more. Thought he was solid at the back too.
- Morsy was quality today. Bakinson was good but still has a little lapse at times with his passing. Good technical player but just needs to make sure of some passes.
- A shout out to Celina who gets through a shedload of unsung work like filling in for Morsy if he goes forward. Clever player too.
- Aluko was also good.
- Norwood got into some good positions today and his hold up was okay. Good assist for the goal.
- Chaplin and Bonne both busy too.

In the past two games we've been the comfortably better team against two of the top six (and should have had 6 points). We played some very nice stuff today. Fine tune Burns' crossing, get in a couple of strikers that know how to score and we'll be well on our way.

[Post edited 26 Mar 20:55]
Wes Burns' touch there
at 15:53 26 Mar 2022

My word. Beautiful.
Sweet Serenity
at 14:17 25 Mar 2022

I've just had an utter moment of serenity. Finished my meeting and went out with the dog down to a lovely riverside walk with woods and hills. Expected it to be busy with other dog walkers. The 45 minutes I was out I didn't bump into a soul and all I could hear was birds, the wind and my dog running around. It probably helps that the sun was shining and that the dog was behaving well.

Made me really appreciate where I live.
Match review
at 21:06 19 Mar 2022

I had a lovely day out with my mate and his Oxford season ticket owning Dad. The generll consensus from both was that we were one of the best ball playing teams they had seen at the Kassam this season. A direct quote was "They played like Oxford try to play, but do it better".

- The goalkeeper and defence again look like a solid unit.
- Bakinson had what I think was his best game for us. I think he's more suited to the type of game where it's less physical and the other teams tries to play a bit. Carroll was also fine today.
- Thompson was fine again. Better at the back than going forward,
- Burns was again on form and some Oxford fans were signing his praise.
- Celina was creative and got his goal and Chaplin was busy although lacks a little quality on the ball at times.
- Now for the elephant in the room... Pigott. He's just not up to it as it stands. Genuinely looks like a non-league striker. We quite simply won't get promoted unless we have strikers that can score goals. Bonne at least is half decent in the air.

Ultimately we played pretty well and made Oxford resort to long balls that Burgess and Wolfie ate up.

The equalizer came from something we've missed - an absolute quality delivery from a corner and their biggest player getting on the end of it. Very hard to defend. Very annoying for us.

Getting into the playoffs is looking more difficult after each passing game, but what I'm seeing from us with Mckenna in charge is so far ahead of what Cook had us doing.
What do we need?
at 17:06 26 Feb 2022

We dominated again today but again have only got a draw.

- Thompson unfortunately is not the LWB solution. We miss Penney going forward, but he's suspect going backwards. Coulsen would have been a good option.
- Our strikers are simply not doing the job. Bonne, Norwood and Piggot especially. Jackson has at least looked busy.
- Celina needs to play and be told to go and get the ball.

We're not far off. This team with a Murphy would be flying.
at 15:04 8 Feb 2022

How on earth did we manage to get him?

Looks so assured at the back; actually claims crosses and his starting position is generally very good.

It's no surprise to me that since he's been in, the back line look much more settled than under 'random punching' Hladky.

I think he could easily be in any Championship squad and would be number 1 for at least 70% of the teams in that league.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a bid for him if we don't go up.
Sometimes a news story makes me question humanity...
at 22:13 7 Feb 2022

That poor woman and her family. Could potentially be out in 10 years?! What the actual...

Think I'm going to stay off the news sites for a while.
Who can go further?
at 15:12 1 Feb 2022

Out of our current squad, who is one player you think will end up in the premiership?

The obvious one is Walton. What he's doing in League 1 is an absolute mystery to me.
Library cards
at 00:06 23 Jan 2022

Madge and I have just joined our local Library. I had no idea that with our Library cards we can access Press Reader, which has access to loads of e-newspapers and e-magazines which you can read online for free.

If I pick the Daily Mail as an example newspaper, you could buy the paper each day of the year which would cost you around £250+, or you just get your Library card, link it to Press Reader and read it for free!

Join your local county Library folks!
at 16:49 15 Jan 2022

Please can we get Evans off corners. I can genuinely take a better one.
How life changes...
at 12:01 14 Jan 2022

Madge and I are expecting twin girls in May!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and everything looks okay so far (touch wood). They're in their own seperate sacks so non-identical and the best type of twins to have from a medical standpoint.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be having twin girls I'd have laughed as I spent most of my 20's playing football and drinking too much at the weekends. Then I met Madge and life changed...

I didn't know how I was going to react, but I'm genuinely excited. One of my best mates has a wonderful 4 year old girl, so I'll be asking him for tips. We're already joking about us being over-protective Dad's when they get older.

It's going to be utterly mental!

On the flipside, my Mum is nearly halfway through chemo and struggling mentally with it all. The baby news seems to have given her a boost which was lovely to see. She should hopefully be done at the end of March.

I'm making sure I get all my sleep in now!
Let's go
at 23:12 17 Dec 2021

After drinking some beers all night and finishing on a 'good night Robbie' 9.5% beer, I'm all in on McKenna.Go on lad, give it your best shot.

I fully expect us not to reach playoff but if we do, well, I'll buy a TWTD member of my choosing a beer. I feel I'm on the same wavelength as illinoisblue, so it would have to be sent in the post.
[Post edited 17 Dec 2021 23:13]
Well... It's progress
at 16:55 11 Dec 2021

Awful game, performance not the greatest, but a point from behind against a top 6 team is progress.
Cook - Positives and Negatives
at 15:09 2 Dec 2021

Since Cook has come over this is what I think are both positives and negatives of his tenure so far (and some ugly thrown in):


- Pretty good track record at this level.
- Was given carte blanche to do what he wanted with the squad during the summer and on paper has brought in some decent players.
- A lot of the games we've drawn this season could quite have easily been wins if not for individual errors.
- We can put in a performance as shown against Pompey and Wymcombe (the caveat being that Pompey were utterly awful).


- Awful, awful start and arguably went backwards with Lambert's mess which were challenging for playoffs and not scoring against bottom 8 teams in the process.
- Comments like "The reality is we're not good enough" does nothing for team morale or fan morale. Also, saying that Morsy is basically a footballing messiah and we won't have lacklusture perfomances with him in the team. Massive pressure on Morsy, not a good message to other players.
- What do we do if we're stuggling in the game gaffa? We'll do what we always do lads, we'll play 4-2-3-1. I like 4-2-3-1 but sometimes you need a plan B.
- We buy Fraser who had decent stats with MK Dons and then proceed to play him in every position but the position he played when his numbers were good as he doesn't fit into the 4-2-3-1.
- Fragile mentality. Even when 2-0, we never look comfortable.

There's some things that can't be helped like Coulson being injured and Hladky going from being League 2 goalkeeper of the season, to being a literal doughnut with shots going through his middle.

Ipswich midtable in League 1 at the start of December is a massive failure whichever way you look at it. The vast majority of our squad have years of Championship experience between them and we're languishing in mid table rolling over to Rotherham, having them tickle our tummy.

We're reaching a tipping point. There's still a lot of people who want Cook to stay but we have to be taking at least 4 points in the next two games and put in a half decent performance.

It's just frustrating as we all thought we'd be flying this season but it's just been tough to watch at times.
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