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at 20:15 6 Jun 2021

Live games continuing for next season?
Glad Bishop is still with us
at 19:19 10 May 2021

I think with better players around him and providing he stays fit, he'll be quality in this league. If Connolly comes in, then those two plus one will be a very interesting midfield.

Exciting times whatever happens!
Think I broke the poo thread... (Phil, Help)
at 12:13 5 May 2021

Sorry, went to post a gif and posted the wrong bit of code and now the thread doesn't seem to load properly.

Sorry fellow poopers! Hopefully Phil can save the day.
6 games and no goals...
at 22:44 24 Apr 2021

Ipswich Town 0 - 0 AFC Wimbledon
Northampton Town 3 - 0 Ipswich Town
Charlton Athletic 0 - 0 Ipswich Town
AFC Wimbledon 3 - 0 Ipswich Town
Ipswich Town 0 - 0 MK Dons
Rochdale 0 - 0 Ipswich Town

Look at the calibre of teams we're playing ffs. You could play a non-league side against that lot and they'd have scored at least one. How the fudge have we got worse under Cook than what Lambert was offering up?

Big changes needed and If we're not top 6 by October then I can't see Cook lasting. The only positive I can see at the moment is the summer is going to be a laugh with the amount of players we're going to bring in.

I feel genuinely sad, as Madge said yesterday, "What time do we need to be back from our walk tomorrow, as you'll be watching the football won't you?". I said "Nah, it's rubbish, it'll be 0-0 and the manager will say the players are rubbish. Let's go see your friends new dog instead". Lo and behold...
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at 20:48 20 Apr 2021

So we have 4 big blokes in Mcguiness, Wolf, Hawkins and Drinan and we play a short corner. Just what the actual ****.
What the hell is going in?
at 15:12 2 Apr 2021

This is... good! It's actually good!
Cold call increase?
at 14:52 19 Mar 2021

Has anyone else been getting loads of cold calls recently? I'm probably getting 5x more since the start of this year.

I ignore most of them but occasionally pick up to see what they're trying to sell me, accident I've been in, tax fraud I've committed etc etc.
I miss Bart
at 13:04 19 Mar 2021

On my lunchbreak just browsing Youtube and some of Bart's highlight reels came up. He wasn't the best kicker, and a bit flappy with crosses, but my word was he a terrific shotstopper.

So glad for him that he seems to be doing quite well at Milwall.

It also shows that if you scout around, you can get some very good players at low prices... But then we signed Simon Dawkins lol.
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What happened tonight :(
at 21:56 16 Mar 2021

I think that ITFC were possessed by Paul Lambert and Paul Hurst's love child tonight.

The most Ipswich thing I saw in this game was Cole Skuse picking the ball up 40 yards in our own half, driving into the Fleetwood half, turns around, passes 20 yards back to Dozzell, who then turns around and passes 20 yards back to Wilson. Sigh. And Kenlock reverted back to Ken Barlow tonight which is a shame as he's been decent in recent weeks.

There's so much deadwood and pointless loans. Parrott is the one playing the most out of them but I think I'd rather have an actual Parrot up front.

Out of the current squad, I think at least 12 players who have played first team this season are going to be gone in the summer. That's just not right.

I keep telling myself that Cook needs the summer. His track record is generally good and he's inherited the worst sqaud in my lifetime. So there's hope... again.

It's actually gets me down a little bit at times (in the footballing sense). Even Bluefish's rambles are starting to make sense to me. Perhaps Bluefish is the one, the oracle, the Neo of Ipswich Town. Edwards is just a quick donkey. Bluey, you were right all along.
A constant battle with hope
at 15:05 6 Mar 2021

Yes again it's the hope. We've been playing okay and have finally got rid of Lambert. Cook comes in and has a pretty good track record. And then we get schooled by Steve Evan's Gillingham. Sigh.

Holy - Three goals conceeded and he barely moves for any of them. Needs to work on his footwork in the goal when facing potential shots. Good footwork outside and around the box though.
Chambers - Good goal. Not much else.
Nsiala - Looked shakey today. Let the ball bounce loads.
Wilson - Best player for us in my opinion. Which when we lose 3-1 is saying something.
Kenlock - Looked a bit leggy today.

Dozzell - Not at the races today.
Bishop - See above. Marginally better than Dozzell.
Harrop - Has not impressed me at all since his loan. Looks slow and bar a good free kick delivery, offered nothing.

Bennetts - Has speed and skill but can't use them at the same time. Needs individual coaching to improve.
Parrott - Looks like a very fit amateur footballer. Gives the ball away so much and not just this game. I can see why he wasn't getting games at Millwall.
Norwood - Wants to play like Diego Costa but ends up playing like a discarded Costa coffee cup. So many silly fouls given away.


Downes - Never really got into the game.
Jackson - See above.
Edwards - Edwards? EDWARDS? Has anyone seen Gwions Edwards? Annonymous when he came on today.
Sears - Got into the game too much for all the wrong reasons lol. Terrible.

There was so many simple errors today that it was actually laughable.
Over to you Steve Cook...
Thoughts from yesterday
at 19:05 10 Jan 2021

Same old, same old but now against so-called lesser teams. I think the only player to get any credit out of that game would be Norwood who actually showed some desire to run at the Swindon defence.

Goalkeeper - Beaten 3 times, but not sure he was at fault for any. Communication with the back line looks visibly iffy at times.

Defence - We always look like we'll concede, but I'm more concerned about the fullbacks than the 2 CB's.

Midfield - Awful. Really awful. Dozzell was fine up until about 70 minutes when he started passing like my arsehole. Huws plods along like the lovechild of Johnathan Douglas and a chest of drawers. And bless Judge, he doesn't stop running, but some of his passing is Sunday League standard. Simple passes which are about a yard out which means the player has to go backwards. At least Downes got stuck in when he came on.

Up top - Dobra was alright but faded. Should have tried out Caddis much more. Jackson was rubbish and Drinan was so isolated that he probably thought he was the last an on earth. Norwood was a refreshing change of pace when he came on.

We look disjointed. As much as a Lambert problem this is, there's definite blame attached to the players for yesterday too.
Working from home - How do you setup?
at 13:43 5 Jan 2021

I have two places I'll work when at home: either on the main computer in the living room or at the table in the living room on my work laptop. Madge and I will alternate depending what's going on with respective works.

I've made a conscious effort to not take my laptop to either the sofa or the bedroom. It's meant that those spaces still remain chillout spots which I've found to be hugely beneficial from a mental standpoint.

Stay safe everyone and keep talking.
Nydam's injury
at 10:54 11 Dec 2020

What was his injury in the end - just a break? 18 months out is a long time!

Andre Gomes broke his ankle and was back in about 4 months.

This isn't a dig at any of our medical staff either. I know joints can be a pain in the arse.
What are you reading? December edition.
at 16:00 4 Dec 2020

Currently reading Lois Theroux's autobiography. It's very Lois in how it's written, and I'm a big fan, so enjoying it!

I started reading Salem's Lot by Stephen King on the bus, but I've parked it. Not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because it's a book I want to binge over a long afternoon. The feeling of something not right going on is brilliant. I tried reading some King when I was late teens early twenties and never quite got it. Maybe being older and slightly more cynical helps haha!

Still trying to make my way through Wheel of Time book 7. Chapter here, chapter there. I think when I'm finished with the series, I won't be taking on another fantasy behemoth for quite some time.
[Post edited 4 Dec 2020 16:00]
World class players since 2000
at 17:01 26 Nov 2020

Further on from the Maradona vs Ronaldo/Messi thread, who would you have as exceptional players since 2020? Not including Ronaldo and Messi as they've been on a level of their own.

I'm going to start with a three:

Pirlo - Oh my word. There was about 4 years where he was playing on another level with his forward passing. Wonderful player to watch.
Phillip Lahm - Absolute German efficiency.
Iniesta and Xavi - Counting them as one as together they were brilliant.

Loads more that I've missed. Give us your best!
[Post edited 26 Nov 2020 17:02]
Today's game
at 01:32 25 Oct 2020

Replace the names with some of ours and voila!

iFollow long term
at 13:16 29 Sep 2020

Obviously not a substitute for the matchday experience, but an adequate alternative for people like myself who can't get to many games.

If game streaming carried on being available I know I'd personally watch the vast majority of games and would probably spend more money that I do going to games.

Do we think that there would be a dip in attendances if iFollow was a more permanent thing or would the allure of the matchday negate that?
[Post edited 29 Sep 2020 13:30]
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