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Peterborough United v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Ground entry
at 14:25 10 Aug 2019

Trains canceled, not getting to ipswich till half time, can I get in still??

If that bothers coming
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Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
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Burton Albion v Ipswich Town prediction logged
at 23:11 18 Sep 2018

Firstly he was average today, imo he did not stand out as terrible and does not warrent the abuse based on today.

It is no wander why he didn’t have the best of games though, with many abusing him around me before he had kicked a ball. Sure what he did at Hull was unacceptable under any circumstances, he played alright vs Norwich. One of the many embarrasing things our toxic ”support” did. Good luck Blue Action on Sat, we really need you right now..

He has made as many terrible mistakes leading to goals as goals himself or assists. If he is going to score more than others do, for me he gets more patience. Lets see if Donacien scores this year, I can’t see it personally.
Would you take any Norwich players over ours? + match comments
at 01:02 3 Sep 2018

Based on today I would take none of the Scum’s team instead of ours. I feel our players match or better them in every position and have more potential to improve too. Norwich seem to lack personality, every player blending into one, nobody standing out for ability or fight, a bang average-poor side. We also have options throughout the team, they do not so will only take a few injuries and they will be right down there.

I think we played well, even if still a bit goal shy. Pennington was my MOTM especially after coming straight in on a days training, he was faultless. Edwards again a handful. Walters will be dangerous for us. Feel we missed Skuse after half time, defensively, as we did vs Sheff Wed. Hopefully he will be ok for Hull. Chalobah is good and will be great, just misses an experienced head at times. Graham and Nolan were poor, Graham went missing and Nolan just cannot shoot but hopefully will turn good, I am hopeful.

Feel Gerken deserved a chance and he stepped up. We have to decide if we want wonder-saves but accept there will be mistakes (inc flapping and poor set pieces) and soft goals (Bart) or consistency and few mistakes but will make few wonder-saves (Gerken). In the present moment we need to stop the soft goals so Gerken works well, even if not the option long term. Hopefully Bart now gets his head down and bounces back to his best after a wakeup call. Good we have competition, in all areas.

Only heard two chants from Norwich all game after they had scored, they were absolutely embarrassing as so called ‘fans’. After today it is clear they lose all bragging rights to comment on our fanbase.

Our fans were great, the atmosphere was great and as many said was a good day out and a point overall was about fair. Always some idiots who can’t help themselves... re- Fashanu chants after the game. I just don’t understand some people.

After having some truly incompetent refs recently, credit where credit is due, todays ref was really good and managed the game well as a whole.

Feel Hull is now a vvv important win, hopefully after a rest and actually training together as a team we will start to see improvements with results. This will be the first game of the league season I have missed- not having my away record curse over us then! Going to feel like forever till 15th, really got the bug for Ipswich matches, even with the results so far.
19 away games, 1 win 2 draws 16 losses.
at 19:08 25 Aug 2018

Inc Rotherham, Derby and now Sheff Wed this year. Should I bother anymore? More for the team's sake rather than my sanity (thats being tested..) 😑

The win was at Wednesday last year so was hoping it was my lucky ground but wasn’t the case.

Not going to the next away game- Hull away so lets be expecting the 3 points there!

I don’t understand why our bad luck and why the refs are this bad. Really really bad.

Lets beat the scum Sunday! COYB
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When will we win?
at 23:57 21 Aug 2018

When Bart’s mistakes stop and we start making better opportunities- I can’t see Harrison getting more than 5 goals this year and Nolan, although great, can’t hit a barn door with a pea when shooting.

My Derby mate said we were dirty today, seems Hurst disagrees!

Never understand other home fans, similar to Forest’s, high in number, low in volume and literally only sing when they are winning and even then we still managed to out-sing them at times. Really shows how much we take our fans for granted, as a whole. Sure we don’t get 25k, far from, but it sounds like double what derby had today.

I feel when we get one win more will follow, will that be Wednesday on Sat, Norwich, 10 games time, 20 games time, who knows. Lets hope it’s sooners rather than later!
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A rallying cry to any supporters feeling negative
at 01:18 12 Aug 2018

If you take a step back and let it sink in, it is not the end of the world after 1 point from the first 2 games. Sure it could and should have been better but there are sooo many postives. If we play like today the rest of the season there is surely no way we get near the bottom. Sure up RB, take our chances and we will be dominating games.

If you look at our next few games we actually DO NOT have a tough run and it comes quick and fast which is what we need. Exeter next gives a chance for some to prove themselves to Hurst, get some goals and some confidence. Aston Villa who chucked everything at it last year and will have an inevitable play off hangover- at least to begin with. This could be the perfect time to play them! Derby who like us (sure of bigger names and likely more quality) have a whole team of new players in their squad (pretty much) which will take time to bed in. Remember their game vs Reading- first game of the season, absolutely dire. We have played well/not got results. Sheff Wed, they were terrible last year and have many players coming back who haven’t played regurally last year alongside a transfer embargo and loosing some solid players, yes including scummer Rhodes.

I am/was absolutely fumming after todays game, I didn’t feel like going to another game after being sooo excited for this season. Lets loose the next 4/5 in a row before starting to get concerned as I think many will be surprised. I hope so anyways. Going to Derby and Sheff W games, lets continue the fantastic support today and lift the team into confidence as they learn eachothers games. Don’t give up hope yet. Keep numbers high and voices ready.

Just remember, Naaawwrich are still below us and they aren’t over reacting as bad, trust me.
Comments on today
at 22:17 11 Aug 2018

Nsilala looks great, saved us from definite goals 3/4 times! Nolan also very good, if a little goal shy (understandable on debut).

Donacien is terrible, truely would prefer Iorfa and I thought he was the worst RB we have played in my lifetime.

Unsure about Harrison, he needs to start scoring and quick.

Bart needs to step up, he has been poor these last two games.

Their #5 CB Ajaji was incredible, amazing game from him, please please please sign him! 🙏🏽

So mad about today, not really cause we lost, more because of our next few opponents and chances vs them. Gunna be a long season but need to stick by the boys, lots of postives just need to score more and defend better as a whole.

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Man United vs Leciester on sky 1 atm
at 20:04 10 Aug 2018

You don’t need sky sports

Just saying because I didn’t know
For those worried about ‘lack of championship experience’ like myself
at 13:12 10 Aug 2018

Our most experienced champ 11

Bart 156
Spence 120
Chambo 454
Knudsen 117
Kenlock- 36
Bish- 60
Skuse- 470
Sears- 162
Huws 84
Adeyemi 112

Ok sure I used Wikipedia which shouldn’t be done but is normally pretty accurate for games played to a degree. Some have played many more than I had thought. This is total championship games, not exclusive to us.
at 17:07 8 Aug 2018

I wander what Chelsea’s requirements are to how many games he gets. I believe that’s why in the past we haven’t got top tier loanees as you have to play them X amount of games. It could mean if switching to 1 CDM we have no choice but for it to be him over Skuse, even if we wanted to and we might have to continue playing him when Chalobah goes through a more sour patch as many young players do, (Maitland-niles for example, even if he was younger) especially as Chalobah has only played 1 senior game now. All interesting things to consider.
Raw Jackson
at 12:38 8 Aug 2018

Never seen him play but anyone else view his goals from last season and a little underwhelmed (especially when compared to Windass')? I know it is hard to judge through clips but I think he will take time and needs patience to adjust and adapt to the champ unlike examples such as Edwards and Nolan who will take to it more easily as they are more experienced- more games at a higher level than Jackson. He won't start every game so we need to accept this one is more of a project, even if the fee may be high. At least there will be enough quality around him so he doesn't have to perform 8 or 9/10 every week which will take the pressure off him. I can see him lower on the goals but will excite fans when he shreds some defenders with his undoubted pace. This is all many of us want this year. Hopefully Hurst has judged this one well and obviously Janoi has given a good word about him too so we don't have to worry about him being a bad egg. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops and will be the first one to put my hands up if he bangs in 20 and is a hit.
@Stuart Watson twitter
at 03:21 7 Aug 2018

Confirming Jackson to us and could be in suffolk today! Exciting

No link soz
Thoughts on team, Emmanuel at RM and song idea
at 01:24 7 Aug 2018

Not posted since the end of last season so feels a bit weird posting on here again but never left and have been checking and refreshing what seems every 5 mins to see the latest transfer news as you are all very much on the ball.

Saturday was good, everyone was in good spirits and it was good to see so many numbers back for the new season. Many positives along side negatives that have been done to death but now looking forward to Rotherham Saturday! Might do a game review too as used to love doing them. Does anyone think this might sell out?? New signings look decent especially Chalobah and Edwards. Hoping we don’t over pay for Jackson as I think he will be good but not worth as much as 2m.

Anyways, I would like to see Josh Emmanuel tried as RM (any formation) as he is skillful, quick and not the best defender ever, this could work well by putting Edwards to the left to share with Sears, Ward and Emmanuel can battle out the RM, and Spence and Janoi for RB. No loans needed.

Also, it seems like people were looking for new songs. I am not a song writer and wouldn’t be surprised if this is seen as terrible but this came to my head at about 5am last night. It is using the first 45ish seconds of Tinie Tempah’s song Frisky featuring Labrinth.
More modern than some would like and we would probs need to be winning for it and both Bart and Skuse (kinda) have songs... but it would go something like....

We just love the feeling
Winning home and away
We love how we’re feeling
Bartosz’s here to stay................ (or Knudsen’s)

We might hurt your feelings
But we’ll win anywayyy
However good your playing
You’re not defeating us today

Ooooh chalobarrr arrr
Chalobarrr arrr
Ooooh chalobarr arrr

Ooooh chalobarr arr
Chalo-barr arrr
Ooooh chalo-barrr arrr

Could just do the chorus if it’s too complex or thats the bit everyone joins in with. Also very flexible lyrics and player names. Just an idea, just don’t get me to start it!

Edit- fixed the link!
[Post edited 7 Aug 2018 2:50]
Don’t click the link
at 21:01 11 Apr 2018

Earlier I was scrolling through some TWTD posts on my Ipad and this opened-

‘Congratulations!Google Benutzer!
Your IP Address: (Which was wrong)
You are selected to win today’s prize:Iphone 7, £ 500 Amazon or Samsung Galaxy S7!

Please click OK to win your prize before we give it to someone else’

No option to click off and had to close the app.

I am not a expert on viruses etc but surely that isn’t something you would want to click?

Has anyone else had this before?

Just thought I would make people aware not to click it and should also close their app if they get it
Warning to fellow TWTD’ers
at 20:47 11 Apr 2018

Earlier I was reading through some posts on my ipad and this popped up-

A internet address of
All words no action
at 22:45 13 Mar 2018

So how many of you left at 47th min? Nope didn’t think so. Going to be such a melt down when we take his two year contract extension! Oh how so much can change in a week.
[Post edited 13 Mar 2018 23:47]
My first EVER Town away win! Sheff Wed review
at 21:42 8 Mar 2018

Tenth time lucky! Fans were decent. Can’t beat the feeling of a win when having to travel home. Really got the bug for away games, adding a few extra to my list before the season ends.

Meeting the whole squad in a deserted Sheffield tops the day off- I could meet them 100 times and would still be star-struck every time. Although hard to tell in a short time, Carayol wasn’t limping and walked quickly along with the rest of the team. I reckon he won’t play Sat or Tues as a precaution but will be back likely for Bristol city a week Sat. Waghorn looked totally drained, understandably after a big shift. I can see Garner coming back in with Waggy swapping to the bench.

Short overview of performance- Too many long balls in first half with no hold up player to make the most of them. Bart made a worldy, Carter-Vickers really good/strong, Webster had a mare. Connolly fantastic. Two great goals from Waggy. Sears had a good game too, chased down everything, nobody clapped when he was subbed on- he is a good squad player as he showed.

Play offs are possible, hopefully the run can continue! COYBs
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